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Death of Adolf Hitler

End of the Third Reich and the Nazi Leaders

What happened to the leading figures of the Third Reich? How and when their stories come to an end? And what kind of an end it was?

Last photograph of Adolf Hitler
Remains of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Führer (Leader) of Germany, Chancellor of Germany from 1933
Leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP).

Date of death: 1945-04-30, 3.30 PM, age 56.
Cause of death: Suicide - Shot to the head and simultaneously bit into a cyanide ampoule.
Remains: Burned and thrown into the river Bideritz on 1970-04-05.

Hitler married Eva Braun on April 29, 1945. Eva Braun (age 33) committed suicide with Hitler after being Hitler's wife for a night and a day.

There was gossip among the Führerbunker staff that Eva was carrying Hitler's child - there has never been any evidence to support this claim.

"But Hitler, unlike Il Duce, probably will ride the storm to the bitter end, wildly spilling oceans of blood in occupied countries and even in the Reich itself, and kill himself rather than follow Mussolini's example and resign."
- In his July 1943 report Pierre J. Huss (1) who had interviewed Hitler several times during the 1930s and 1940s

Hitler's remains were reburied 8 times: The first burial took place on April 30th, 1945 by Führerbunker aides. The Fuhrer, Eva Braun, and his two dogs were buried in the garden of the Imperial Chancellery. A Russian soldier Ivan Churakov found two unidentified corpses in a crater on May 4th. The Russians removed the remains but put them back into the ground on the same day. On May 5th the remains were dug out and moved to a clinic in the town of Buch. The remains were interred for the 4th time in a town of Finov, to which the department of SMERSH was re-deployed. The remains were inhumed for the 5th time on May 17th following data re-examination conducted by General Meshik. As the army headquarters changed locations the remains were laid into the ground two more times. Finally, the caskets containing the remains were laid in the grave in Magdeburg, near the house No36 in Westendstrasse. There Hitler's remains were annihilated on April 5th, 1970. The remains were destroyed by fire, reduced to ashes, mixed with charcoal, and thrown into the river Bideritz.

In March 1939 a book titled "The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler" (by the Macaulay Company) appeared. It alleged that Hitler had died of poisoning in 1938, shortly before the Munich Conference. The book's anonymous author claimed to be one of four doubles who had immediately taken Hitler's place.

(1) chief correspondent in Berlin for the International News Service.

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