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Death of Desert Fox Erwin Rommel

End of the Third Reich and the Nazi Leaders

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Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

Erwin Rommel

Field Marshal - Commander of the Afrika Korps.

Date of death: 1944-10-14, age 52.
Cause of death: Suicide - Forced to commit suicide by Cyanide to protect his family.

Erwin Rommel had a secret child by a teenage girlfriend. The girl's mother committed suicide when Rommel later married another woman and had a second child. The existence of his second family has emerged in a collection of 150 letters and photographs, kept for decades by his illegitimate daughter Gertrud Pan. The letters only emerged after Gertrud's death.

Operation Flipper was a allied plan to kill or capture Rommel on his headquarters in the Libyan desert. The small raiding party achieved total surprise but due to poor intelligence there never was a chance of killing or capturing the General - he was in Rome at the time and in any event had never stayed in the property.

1944-07-17 Canadian air force pilot named Charley Fox wounded Germany’s greatest field marshal, the Desert Fox. Fox flew over Normandy three times during D-Day, while "looking for targets". He spotted a car carrying Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and a number of his aides.

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