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WW2 Movies & Films

WW2 Movies & Films -- From classic WW2 films to the latest epics.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: RC tanks, Nazi Movies, Hitler Movies, WWII Documentaries, WW2 Footage, WWII Medals: Most decorated soldiers.

Film: 13 Minutes - How Georg Elsner almost killed Hitler in 1938
What if Hitler had been assassinated shortly after his armies invaded Poland to start World War II? The question is not answered directly in the German film `13 Minutes.` But the movie, based on an actual, lone-wolf plot to kill the Fuehrer that nearly succeeded, is both a classical thriller, pitting one man against the system, and an exploration of how minute circumstance can affect the fates of millions. `13 Minutes` is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, who is perhaps best known for `The Downfall,` which re-created Hitler`s last days in a Berlin bunker. At the heart of the film`s plot is Georg Elsner (played by Christian Friedel), a 35-year-old carpenter. He`s a communist sympathizer — but not a party member — who observes with growing concern how his village gradually transformed during the early years of Nazi rule.

7 must-see Second World War films
Rife with drama, tragedy and danger, the Second World War has inspired – and continues to inspire – countless filmmakers across the world, generating a huge catalogue of action movies, thrillers, animations and romantic dramas. Here, we highlight just a few of our favourites.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
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Uwe Boll's controversial new film "Auschwitz" depicts a "normal" day in a concentration camp (interview, trailer)
Uwe Boll's trailer from his latest film "Auschwitz" has been called tasteless and exploitative (it shows a Nazi guard standing in front of a gas chamber as victims die inside). In this interview the German director sets some of the facts about his film - which aims to show a "normal" day in a Nazi death camp - straight.

Uwe Boll: "Every single movie about the Holocaust concentrates on one character, stories of survivors, heroes, whatever. I wanted to show the Holocaust for what it was. In Auschwitz, more than 50% of people who went there were dead in two hours... this is how it was, in reality."


Two films and one documentary to explore The Battle Of Los Angeles
On March 11, 2011 and March 15, 2011, two very different Hollywood sci-fi films will tackle the mysterious battle which took place over Los Angeles on February 25, 1942. "Battle: Los Angeles" is a big 100 million dollar production while "Battle Of Los Angeles" is more of a class B film. Additionally, a documentary film - "The Battle of Los Angeles" by Jose Escamillas - will be released soon, but unfortunately it seems to be a bit biased production.

Over a million people watched as the U.S. military fired 1,440 rounds of anti-aircraft ammunition at something that hovered over Culver City California for more than an hour and a half. Explanations offered by both eyewitnesses and authorities vary greatly, covering everything from weather balloons and wartime nervousness to mystery airplanes and UFOs.


Saving Private Ryan and two other WWII films finish on top in the Most Memorable Battle Scene poll
The opening scene from Saving Private Ryan has been voted the most memorable movie battle scene - seizing 46% of the votes in the poll by TV provider Freesat. Pearl Harbor took the second place with 13%, while A Bridge Too Far was third with 9%.

WW2 film "Army of Crime" - about French resistance fighters - is based on true events
At the beginning of the World War II film "The Army of Crime," a roll call of resistance fighters who died for France does not include many French names. That's because much of the guerrilla warfare was carried out by foreigners, like Jews from Eastern Europe and communists from southern Europe who had fought the fascists in the Spanish civil war. This true story - exploring the events surrounding the Affiche Rouge ("red poster") affair - does a great service by honoring the memory of 22 fearless men and women and by dramatizing the internal conflicts within the French population.

15 best World War II movies
(11) Catch-22 (1970): Alan Arkin, Jon Voight, Buck Henry, Anthony Perkins, Martin Sheen, and Orson Welles star in this WW2 film of a guy who pretends he's insane to get out of the war, but as the name of this black comedy reveals, it's a no-win situation. --- (8) The Longest Day (1962): many consider this WW2 film (featuring John Wayne, Richard Burton, Sean Connery, Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum) being a better story than overly sentimental Saving Private Ryan. --- (1) Das Boot (1981): This WWII film about a German U-boat captures the claustrophobia of submarine existence in a captivating story.

Where Eagles Dare - A 1968 World War II film (review, trailer, clips)
Where Eagles Dare is a 1968 World War II action-adventure spy film - based on Alistair MacLean's novel and screenplay - starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. Plot setup: In the winter of 1943-1944, U.S. Army Brigadier General George Carnaby, carrying the plans for the invasion of Normandy, is captured by the Germans. He is taken to the Schloß Adler (The Castle of the Eagles), a fortress high in the Alps. A special team of mostly British commandos is assembled to parachute into the area and save General Carnaby before the Nazis can interrogate him.

Norwegian WW2 movie Max Manus details the life of brilliant wartime saboteur   (Article no longer available from the original source)
In recent years smaller nations have begun making their WW2 films - it was a world war, after all. The 2005 documentary film "The 11th Day" tells of civilian resistance against the Nazis on the Greek island of Crete. 2008's "Flame and Citron" took its title from the code-names of two Danish freedom fighters. Now "Max Manus" tells of one of Norway's best wartime saboteurs. With a budget of $8-million, it was both huge by Scandinavian standards and tiny on the Hollywood scale. Manus, who penned two books after the war, was granted Norway's War Cross medal two times.

10 older World War II series
McHale's Navy (1962-1966): McHale didn't exactly run a tight ship. --- Combat (1962-1967): King Company in an embattled foreign land far from home. --- 12 O'Clock High (1964-1967): Story of a WWII US Air Force group based out of England. --- Rat Patrol (1966-1968): Allied soldiers fight the Nazis in North Africa. --- Broadside (1964-1965): Women run a motor pool on Ranakai Island, a South Pacific Navy outpost. The series went MIA after 1 season. --- Baa Baa Black Sheep (1976-1978): Marine Corps Major Greg Boyington makes a group of misfits into the most fearsome fighter pilots in the Pacific.

HBO World War II-series to focus on Pacific "Band of Brothers"
"Band of Brothers" -series won praise for its sobering account of World War II battles in Europe. Now the same executive producers (Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks) take on a different part of the same war with The Pacific. "By and large the European war ... was the last war... in which great armies fought and decided when they began. In Europe, an enemy soldier could throw up his hands; his war would be over. The war in the Pacific was more like the wars we've seen ever since: a war of racism and terror, a war of absolute horrors, both on the battlefield and in the living conditions," Hanks said.

Winter in Wartime (Oorlogswinter) by Martin Koolhoven -- Dutch WW2 movie reviewed   (Article no longer available from the original source)
"Winter in Wartime" bears resemblance to another Dutch WW2 movie, "Black Book." The time is January 1945, and food is scarce in Nazi-occupied Holland. A 14yo, Michiel wants to play his part in the Resistance. After he sees the shoot-down of an RAF pilot, he sets out to help the pilot, getting more deeply involved in the Resistance, endangering his family. Michiel dislikes of his father, the mayor who tries to gain the good will of the Nazi leaders, and idolizes his uncle Ben, a Resistance fighter. The strength of the movie is the way in which a more complex worldview slowly reshapes Michiel's fantasies.

10 Nazi-busting WW2 films
In The Dirty Dozen (1967) criminals have a mission is to take out as many Nazi senior officers as possible. Their reward is a temporary amnesty and possible pardon, if they make it alive. --- In Kelly's Heroes" (1970) a group of American soldiers set out to grab $16 million dollars in gold bullion from behind German lines: Buildings collapse, jeeps explode and the Nazis die. --- "Enemy at the Gates" (2001) is a World War II film full of spectacle about a breathless duel during the Battle of Stalingrad. As battalions clash and die, viewers get a stomach-churning portrayal of 20th Century warfare that ultimately focuses on a single gunfight between two snipers.

History takes holiday in Quentin Tarantino's WW2 film Inglourious Basterds
Quentin Tarantino fans will like his WW2 film "Inglourious Basterds" - filled with black humor, quirky characters and cartoonish violence - but history buffs are in for a shock, as Tarantino rewrites some World War II facts. "Holocaust movies always have Jews as victims... I want to see something different," Tarantino said. (Q) Was there a revenge squad of Jewish-American soldiers hunting down Nazis? (A) No. It's a product of Tarantino's imagination. However, journalist Kim Masters wrote that a secret group of mostly Jewish commandos did exist, though in the British military. Called the X-Troop, they carried out daring reconnaissance missions into Nazi territory.

Manhunt - 26 episode World War II drama series from 1970s finally on DVD
Manhunt WW2 series is set in Occupied France, airing weekly without break from January to June 1970 and hasn't been seen since then. The serial is fondly-remembered by many because it's quality stuff. The story opens in September 1942 with Jimmy, an RAF officer played by Alfred Lynch, bailing out over Nazi-occupied France. The plot follows his attempts to return to the UK with two Resistance leaders. The rivalry between the SS and the Abwehr (and the Gestapo) is one of the core elements in the series.

WWII movie "Flame and Citron" is based on real events of 2 Danish resistance fighters
For Bent and Jørgen, codenamed Flame and Citron, it's simple: they kill Nazis. As members of the Danish Resistance they also assassinate Danish Nazi collaborators. They don't have to select the names on the hit list. That's done by Winther, the head of a group of resistance fighters involved in espionage, sabotage, smuggling and assisting Allied troops, who gets his orders from the British Command. The two hitmen just carry out their tasks - until 1944, when Flame and Citron begin to have doubts about the targets they have been given to eliminate...

WWII film Defiance tells the story of the Bielski Partisans
Growing up in Brooklyn, Robert Bielsky soon learned the story how his father and uncles fought the Nazis and saved 1,200 fellow Jews by hiding in the woods. Now that tale is a WWII film called "Defiance" and Bielsky is still recovering from seeing Daniel Craig play his father, Tuvia Bielski. Bielsky said it was strange seeing his 22yo son Jordan playing a Nazi collaborator in the movie. "The director, Ed Zwick, wanted a real Bielski in the movie. He put my son on the wrong team." The release of "Defiance" comes as Jewish partisans under Soviet command have been accused of murdering Polish civilians in the villages of Koniuchy and Naliboki.

Czech World War II film "Tobruk" reviewed - Czechs are reevaluating the 1940-1950s
The film "Tobruk" follows a group of Czechoslovak soldiers who fought in the desert near the Libyan port of Tobruk, on the autumn of 1941, when the Czechoslovaks fought beside British and Australian units to guard the strategic port against German and Italian forces. At one point Czechs, who fought under the British Middle East forces, killed Czechs fighting with the pro-Nazi French Foreign Legion. Director Vaclav Marhoul walked with survivors of the battles and condemned the Communist government for putting down this page in Czech history, which was not useful to the Communist cause. "This is the first time a Czech film shows soldiers acting like real soldiers."

Miracle at St. Anna follows 4 black soldiers of the all-black 92nd Infantry Division
In "Miracle at St. Anna" 4 soldiers are trapped behind Nazi lines in Tuscany. Mainly set in 1944, this 160 minutes long Spike Lee film uses all World War II movie cliches. The early battle scenes are nothing much but they're better than the motionless scenes where the men, holed up in a village, connect with local partisans. Lee owes a great debt to everything from "Saving Private Ryan" to Roberto Rossellini's "Paisan," but the didacticism of "Miracle of St. Anna" is all his own. His motto might be: Don't dramatize a message - tell it. Whatever miracle took place at St. Anna never made it to the screen.

Film review: Hitler Kaput! - World War II spy comedy
The new addition to the list of Russian WWII movie heroes, a Soviet agent who has infiltrated the SS, has a habit of waving around his passport (stamped with "Working Spy of the Soviet Union" in gold letters) Pavel Derevyanko, the star of "Hitler Kaput!," dozes off while seizing secret documents, photocopying his face. He sings a sentimental rendition of Kalinka at a Nazi watering hole. While groping a busty radio operator, he runs over people with a tank. In short, he is an idiot. This would not be unusual in the US, but Russia is different: 27 million Soviet citizens perished in the Great Patriotic War.

Film review - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas: A child's-eye view of the Holocaust
The basis of "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" is as grim as it gets: Bruno is the 8-year-old son of a Nazi officer, who is promoted from behind a desk to commanding a death camp in the middle of nowhere. Bruno can't understand the sudden tension between his parents, or why he is not allowed to visit the strange "farm" with the electric fences. There's a innocence about Bruno's attempts to unlock these mysteries that cuts both ways. His secret friendship with a friendly and starving Jewish boy Shmuel on the other side of the wire has the rhythm of a children's adventure, spiked by unspeakable adult truths.

How WW2 movies portray British feats as American ones
Objective, Burma! (1945) depicts a U.S. raid in the China Burma India WW2 Theatre. The real campaign was waged by Commonwealth troops. Winston Churchill was so angered that the film was not shown in the UK until 1952, with an apology. --- U-571 (2000) tells how American submariners seized the Enigma code machine from a Nazi U-boat. In real life they were British. --- Saving Private Ryan (1998) shows GIs facing the elite 2nd SS "Das Reich" Panzer tank division which in reality fought the British and Canadians. --- The Great Escape (1963): All Americans had been moved to another compound by the time of the escape, so no Americans were involved in the break-out.

Top 20 non-American war films
List of good war movies which did not involve the US at all, or war stories told from a different country's point of view: (20) The Eagle Has Landed (1976) - German paratroopers land in England and try to kidnap Winston Churchill. (16) Devils on the Doorstep (2000) - The Japanese invasion of China. (13) Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) do not need introducing. (12) The Counterfeiters (2007) tells how the Nazis tried to win WWII by ruining US and British currency. (8) Das Boot (1981) reveals the claustrophobic world of a German U-Boat. (5) Stalingrad (1993) follows a platoon of German Army soldiers. (4) Downfall (2004) is a grim account of Adolf Hitler's last days.

Female Agents - WW2 movie based on a true story [video clip]
Based on a real-life story, Female Agents follows a band of women, headed by Louise (Sophie Marceau), who are recruited by SOE (Special Operations Executive) to enter Nazi occupied France and save an English geologist who has secret information about the Normandy landings. Then they head to Paris where they must assassinate the chief of German counter-intelligence Oberst Heindrich (Moritz Bleibtreu). Its original title "Les Femmes de l'ombre" ("women of the shadows") gets closer to the essence of this fascinating synthesis of spy thriller and tribute to forgotten wartime heroines.

Best World War II movies
"Battleground" (1949) There's cowadice, heroism and pointless death in this realistic postwar film about the Battle of the Bulge. --- "Das Boot"(1981) Captures the tense and dirty world of underwater combat. --- "Forty-Ninth Parallel" (1941) Story of sailors from bombed German U-boat trying to make their way across Canada to the then-neutral United States. --- "Enemy at the Gates" (2001) The story of 2 snipers battling it out in the ruins of Stalingrad. --- "Lacombe Lucien" (1974) The tale of a boy who just wants to belong. When the French Resistance won't have him, he becomes a collaborator with the Gestapo.

Real To Reel: World War II In Film at The National World War II Museum
The crucial years of WW2 have influenced and inspired filmmakers, documentarians and the media for 60 years. To commemorate and reflect upon this era, The National World War II Museum in New Orleans will present "Real to Reel: World War II in Film, Documentaries & Newsreels", April 10-12, 2008. "WW2 has been the focus of many important and compelling film productions, including The Longest Day, Saving Private Ryan, Flags of Our Fathers, The Shooting War, and most recently, Ken Burns' THE WAR," said Gordon H. Mueller, President and CEO of The National World War II Museum.

Film about Wilhelm Gustloff: Women, children torpedoed by a Soviet submarine
A film about the sinking of a Nazi ship carrying thousands of German refugees at the end of World War II has lifted the lid on one of Germany's most painful memories. The film, Die Gustloff, tells the story of the Nazi cruise ship "Wilhelm Gustloff", torpedoed by a Soviet submarine on Jan. 30, 1945. 9300 people died, thought to be biggest loss of life on a single ship. Yet the tale of the Gustloff remains unknown outside the country due to the reluctance of postwar generations to probe Germans' WW2 suffering. Launched in 1937, Gustloff was named after the assassinated head of the Swiss Nazi party.

Miracle of Sant'Anna: Rewriting World War II history
4 companies of the 16th SS Panzer-Grenadier Division arrived in Sant'Anna before dawn on 12 August 1944. After a flare fired at 6am, SS men killed everyone they came across. In all 560 people died. A Spike Lee film - based on a novel The Miracle of Sant'Anna by James MacBride, a black WWII veteran - will document the atrocity, but some survivors think he is rewriting history. Lee's aim was "to restore the voice of black soldiers who ... fought with great courage... but back home they were still considered second-class citizens." But one scene in the film has convinced some villagers that he is going to depict the massacre as a reprisal for partisan attacks.

Film on Czechoslovak troops in WW2 North Africa - Tobruk in 1941   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Film director Vaclav Marhoul will start shooting the film Tobruk about Czechoslovak soldiers fighting in north Africa during World War II. The film will show an WW2 episode in which 650 Czechoslovak soldiers along with British, Australian, Polish and South African troops defended Libyan Tobruk - the last strategic port in the area controlled by the Allies - against Italian and German forces in 1941. The main role actors are undergoing hard training in WW2 uniforms with replica guns in the Vyskov military area separated from the outside world.

Black Book - Dutch Resistance to Nazi rule
Like Adolf Hitler in his bunker and the crew of a German U-boat, the Dutch had no hiding place in World War II. The Nazis and the geography of the Netherlands made sure of that; and Verhoeven captures the sense of fascist terror closing in not in Amsterdam, but in the political capital Den Haag. The movie presents both the resistance and the occupiers as penetrated by each other’s spies. Verhoeven’s picture of the Liberation, in which Dutch mobs exact terrible revenge on Nazis and their sympathisers, is open to debate. The scenes are ugly, and probably pretty accurate in terms of what happened.

The Japanese perspective "Letters From Iwo Jima"
Clint Eastwood wanted to make a movie about the way war destroys young lives, and in "Letters From Iwo Jima," youth is seen sacrificed in huge, bloody, burned numbers. "Flags" shone a klieg light onto the dark art of wartime propaganda, casting America's WWII leadership in cynical hues. But the Japanese made only rare cameos, mostly just to die, horribly. So he shot a second film, approaching the battle from the Japanese perspective. "Letters" is the view of combat from the carved tunnels of the other side, and it tries to bestow humanity upon soldiers that Hollywood has always treated as a faceless enemy.

The Top 12 World War II war films
With so many WW2 films and such variety to choose from, a best-of list is almost impossible. But here are 12 of the finest, covering combat, espionage, homefront and even the dreary boredom of war: "Patton" — George C. Scott was born to play General George Patton in Franklin J. Schaffner's portrait of a man who was scourge to the Germans in battle and both hero and villain to his own side. "Das Boot" — Wolfgang Petersen launched the greatest of submarine flicks, following a German U-boat on a mission. The film is available in the 2 1/2-hour U.S. cut and a 3 1/2-hour director’s cut. Fans should check out the 5-hour miniseries.

Film honours africans who liberated France from Nazi occupation
Yoube Lalleg expressed no regrets about leaving his village to liberate France from the Nazi occupation. He just wished more people knew his story. On August 15 1944, more than 100,000 African soldiers landed on the beaches of Provence and made their way up to the bloody standoff with the Nazis in Alsace. Despite being overshadowed by the Normandy D-day landings, the African assault was crucial in liberating occupied France. More than 23 nationalities from the French empire fought to liberate the motherland, and a new action film is about the forgotten, but mistreated, north African heroes.

Peter Jackson is working on WWII film The Dam Busters
Film director Peter Jackson is working on a spectacular £100million remake of the classic Second World War film The Dam Busters, complete with stunning special effects. Jackson will have to work with Sir David Frost, who last year bought the rights to Paul Brickhill's 1951 book about 617 Squadron's daring low-level bombing of German dams. Jackson, a selfconfessed 'war buff', has a lifelong interest in British military history after being inspired by a childhood visit to London's Imperial War Museum. He owns replicas of two WW1 fighters and a tank and spent £50,000 of his own money restoring the only film of Anzac troops at Gallipoli.

Film crew to document WWII training
There isn’t much about this military base that resembles the way it looked in 1942. The technology is new and the men who trained here with the First Special Service Force are mostly gone. But next week, a film crew will begin producing a documentary that chronicles the arduous training that shaped an elite group of soldiers 64 years ago. The outfit went on to achieve fighting fame in World War II and to serve as a model for the Army’s modern Special Forces. "We’re looking at recreating some of the training the First Special Service Force did at Fort Harrison and the Helena area back in 1942."

French movie rescues forgotten history of Africa's WWII soldiers
A handful of Allied troops stare at the barrels of Nazi panzers, hurling grenades that bounce harmlessly off the vehicles' armoured skin. The Germans aim squarely at the Allied hideout and fire. These soldiers, giving their lives to defend a deserted village, are Africans - and the subject of a new French movie. Les Enfants du Pays (Hometown Boys) is the story of the so-called Senegalese Infantrymen, soldiers from France's former colonies in Africa who fought in Europe's wars. Formed to bolster France's dwindling ranks, colonial men fought in both World Wars. 300,000 soldiers from French colonies fought in the WW2.

Battle for the Desert - footage from the frontlines of WWII
Some of the most famous battle footage from the frontlines of WWII is included in this five-hour marathon of newsreel and documentary film. The highlight of the first disc is Roy Boulting’s Oscar-winning 1943 morale-booster Desert Victory. Using footage shot in North Africa by cameramen of the Army Film and Photographic Unit (4 of whom were killed during the campaign), it tells the story of the Allied defeat of Rommel's Afrika Korps and climaxes with the Battle of El Alamein.

3 Leni Riefenstahl Alpine fantasies: S.O.S. Iceberg, White Hell of Pitz Palu, Storm Over Mont Blanc
Kino has released 3 Alpine fantasies, all directed by Dr. Arnold Fanck and starring Leni Riefenstahl. S.O.S. Iceberg (1933) was Leni's final acting part, before she filmed Triumph of the Will. This mountaineering epic is filled with calamity and tireless rescue, with Riefenstahl's heroine tromping up real glaciers herself. The stories may be stock, but the real-time grappling between actors and real icebergs, crevices and polar bears can be amazing. The White Hell of Pitz Palu (1929) and Storm Over Mont Blanc (1930) fill out the mold as well. Extras include a rare Fanck-directed short and a 2002 interview with Riefenstahl.

The film version of the hit(ler) musical, The Producers
My grandfather Lt. Joachim von Busack was fortunate enough to meet Gen. Heinz Guderian, author of Achtung! Panzer. It was on the Eastern Front in 1942. Granddad was looking a little chopfallen due to his wounds and the 15-below-zero weather. Suddenly, the general entered his bunker. Granddad leapt to attention, but before he could salute, Guderian noted his mood. Clapping him on his remaining shoulder, the general rumbled, "Cheer up, soldier! They'll probably make one of those verdamnt musical comedies out of all this." The Producers is a sick joke that is nearly 40 years old.

A nation shamed - Extent of French collaboration with the Nazis
The Sorrow and the Pity is one of the greatest films about the Nazi occupation of France. But when director Marcel Ophüls submitted the completed over 4-hour documentary in 1969, the station refused to screen it. Not because of its length, but because of its disturbing content. Network head told a government committee that the film "destroys myths that the people of France still need". The documentary painfully showed the extent of French collaboration with the Nazis.