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Hitler Pics

Hitler photographs and pictures - Photos and the latest discoveries.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

Hitler`s portrait of alleged French lover to go up for auction, expected to fetch $74,000
An oil portrait believed to have been painted by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler of a little-known former lover will go under the hammer next week with an asking price of 60,000 euros ($74,000), a German auction house said on April 5. The 63 x 48 cm painting, signed A. Hitler, 1916, depicts Charlotte Lobjoie, a Frenchwoman whom Hitler met while serving in France during World War I, according to Werner Maser, a leading Hitler scholar who died in 2007.

Archive of 400 pictures is unearthed showing the Nazi leader's Third Reich rise to power
A picture archive that charts the rise of Hitler believed to have been documented by a fan of the Fuhrer has emerged for sale. The collection of propaganda photographs show Hitler on a charm offensive in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of the images try to show a rose-tinted version of the Nazi leader, with him feeding a small deer and accepting a bouquet from a young girl. Others show the hype that surrounded him - rows of people performing the Nazi salute, a young boy beaming as Hitler signs an autograph for him and a group of girls giggling as they chat to the party leader. The 400 pictures are accompanied by a handwritten notebook documenting what each picture shows.

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Photo album found in Eva Braun's bedroom drawer reveals never-before-seen shots of Adolf Hitler relaxing
A photo album containing never-before-seen shots of Adolf Hitler relaxing during WWII has been unearthed 72 years after a journalist took it from Eva Braun`s bedroom drawer. The remarkable images show the Nazi dictator and his henchmen during the Second World War. There is one snap of a grinning Hitler offering a salute outside his Berghof headquarters. Two more show him smiling in front of a crowd of children who are saluting him. Other images depict evil SS chief Heinrich Himmler smiling at the camera, Joseph Goebbels - the architect of the Holocaust - being wildly cheered by a crowd of Germans and portly Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering climbing into a car.

Never before seen photos show Hitler attending wedding of Hermann Fegelein and Gretl Braun who he had executed a year later
A previously unseen photo has emerged showing Hitler celebrating the wedding of his future 'brother-in-law' - who he had executed a year later. The picture shows the Nazi dictator congratulating SS officer Hermann Fegelein and bride Gretl Braun at a reception in Salzburg, Austria. 11 months later, Hitler ordered the execution of the groom for the crime of deserting his post. The photo was found in an album of 12 black and white snaps of the wedding reception that lasted for three days and was organised by Eva Braun, the elder sister of Gretl and Hitler's mistress. The fuhrer was one of the witnesses to the marriage along with SS chief Heinrich Himmler and Martin Bormann.

The never before seen secret pictures of Adolf Hitler he wanted destroyed
The until-now secret collection of images were taken during the Nazi dictator`s private speech rehearsals. Photographer Heinrich Hoffmann disobeyed a direct order by the then 34-year-old Führer to bin the photos after he claimed they were `beneath one`s dignity`.

Hitler rehearsing in 1925: The Nazi dictator wanted these pictures destroyed
Photos of Hitler rehearsing in 1925: The Nazi dictator wanted these pictures destroyed.

Hitler wearing a Japanese Kimono in a rare photo
In this rare picture, at first glance, the evil tyrant looks like a bad pantomime dame, but is actually sporting a Japanese kimono. The Fuhrer is seen donning the swastika-emblazoned traditional dress in the 1930s. Bizarrely, before the start of WWII, from when he was sworn in as chancellor in 1933, it was quite common for Germans to buy novelty nick nacks bearing an image of the Fuhrer, such as this. Its exact origin is not known, but it is speculated it was taken to commemorate the signing of the international pact between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan on November 25 1936.

Photos of Young Hitler Were Discovered in a California Attic
Recently, Bridget Harris`s mother was telling her a story about how her grandfather smuggled a secret stash of World War II photos during the war that feature a young Adolf Hitler. After Bridget`s grandfather, Staff Sgt. Paul T. Lipari, survived D-Day, he escaped Europe with snapshots of the infamous Führer. Surprised to hear such a tale, Bridget asked to see the photos that have been stored in Bridget`s parents` California home with other knick-knacks for decades. The images are ultimately Nazi propaganda that depict the dictator as a kind and respected leader — particularly a photo that shows Hitler petting a baby deer.

Signed Adolf Hitler photo, discovered in the ruins of fuehrerbunker, to be sold in Cheshire
A signed photo of Adolf Hitler "discovered in the ruins" of his bunker in Berlin after his death is to be auctioned in Cheshire. The framed picture belonged to war reporter William Forrest, who witnessed the Normandy landings and the crossing of the Rhine during World War Two. The photo was taken in 1925, a year after Hitler was sentenced to five years in Landsberg prison for treason for attempting a coup in Munich, and eight years before he became chancellor of Germany.

Unseen pictures of Hitler on tour in Naples found in Virginia thrift store
Photography enthusiast Matt Ames was pleased to find some rolls of old film among the usual collection of discarded bric-a-brac lining the shelves of a thrift shore in Virginia. But what Ames didn't realise was that he'd stumbled upon a piece of Nazi history. For among the 400 negatives on the 35mm nitrate films, he was shocked to uncover previously unseen photos of Hitler touring Italy at the height of his powers. In one of the forgotten photos, Hitler is pictured sitting next to King Emmanuel III of Italy during a parade in Naples in 1938 after the Fuhrer had viewed fellow fascist leader Benito Mussolini's naval fleet in the Mediterranean.

Photographs of Hitler show the dictator rehearsing his orating techniques for the camera
Photographs that Adolph Hitler wanted destroyed show the half-crazed Fuhrer rehearsing his persuasive hate filled speeches. Published in photographer Heinrich Hoffman's memoir, the behind the scenes photos show the dictator rehearsing emphatic gestures while listening to recordings of his speeches. Hoffman willfully ignored Hitler's wishes and the photographs managed to survive through the years in various different archives.

U.S intelligence prepped for Nazi leader fleeing by creating images of Hitler in disguises
By 1944 Hitler's image - with his trademark mustache and dark hair slicked into a side parting - was known by the world. However, U.S intelligence officers feared the Nazi leader would be able to flee from Germany by assuming a disguise and ordered his portrait to be cloned. The pictures shown here, released by the U.S. National Archives, show head shots of Der Fuehrer in numerous guises. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) asked Eddie Senz, a New York make-up artist, to produce the altered portraits after D-Day on 6 June 1944. Photos of Senz's re-imaginings of Hitler were circulated to Allied Commanders during the War but were not seen by the public until Der Spiegel published them in the 1990s.

Hitler at 50: Rare color photographs of a dictator's birthday
Rare color photographs of Hitler's birthday: Swastika flags and Nazi parades.

Photos of Hitler rehearsing for his speech using hand gestures and posing in an SA cap
The method behind the madness of Hitler's speeches has been revealed in an album of extraordinary photographs. The pictures show the dictator rehearsing for his monologues using a range of bizarre expressions and hand gestures. The nine photos were taken by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann to give the 'showman' Fuhrer an insight into how he looked to the German public. Another image has him staring at the camera wearing an SA cap - which he never wore again upon seeing the ridiculous pictures. The SA (Sturmabteilung) were Hitler's storm troopers, also known as brownshirts, which later became overshadowed by the SS.

Hitler at home: Color photos show rooms where the Fuhrer spent his quiet time
Gallery of color photos reveal rooms where the Fuhrer spent his quiet time.

Hitler and his schoolgirls: Color photos by Hugo Jaeger show Nazi leader celebrating his 50th birthday
The party atmosphere of the colourful photographs offer a chilling facade for the horrors perpetrated under the Nazi regime. The rare images were captured by German photographer Hugo Jaeger from the rise of fascism in Germany in the Thirties until the end of World War 2. He was given unique access to Adolf Hitler at public rallies across Europe and also in more intimate moments with colleagues. In one picture, Hitler cozies up to a bunch of schoolgirls while they crowd around him in awe. Jaeger was an early pioneer of colour photography, something which pleased the Nazi leader, who once told Jaeger: "The future belongs to colour photography."

Photographs of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler celebrating Christmas in 1941
Pictures of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi officers around a Christmas tree in 1941 have emerged after years hidden in a glass jar underground.

Rare set of Hitler colour images to be auctioned off
Rare colour pictures of Adolf Hitler in the years leading up to WWII are expected to spark fierce bidding among collectors when they go under the hammer at a major militaria auction by Dreweatts in London. One shows Hitler as Reich Chancellor being welcomed at his Eagle's Nest mountain-top retreat at Berchtesgaden in Bavaria in 1932 by members of his Sturm Abteilung 'Brown Shirts'. Another shows him in a blue suit and tie with a hunting party in traditional costume in Bavaria. The colour pictures are included in three bound volumes of cigarette card images taken 1932-1935, charting Hitler's rise to Fuhrer.

Adolf Hitler's Private World - A look inside Hitler's apartments (photos)
A LIFE-magazine gallery featuring photographs inside Berghof and the New Chancellery.

Hundreds of unseen Adolf Hitler photos shot by Heinrich Hoffmann fetch £30,000 at auction
A collection consisting of hundreds of previously unseen photographs of Adolf Hitler has sold at militaria auction for £30,000. Hitler's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann took the images - used for postage stamps, postcards and posters - during the Nazi party's rise to power. It's difficult to say what is more amazing: the fact that WWII-related discoveries of this magnitude are still being made 70 years later, or the ceaseless demand for everything Hitler related.

800 negatives and 600 stills, including some never-before-seen photos of Hitler, taken by Heinrich Hoffmann for sale
Hundreds of never-seen-before photographs of Adolf Hitler -- 800 negatives and 600 stills taken by the Nazi leader's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann during the Nazi Party's rise to power in the 1930s before the war -- are estimated to fetch a 6-figure sum when they are auctioned off on January 18, 2011. (See 4 of photographs here)

Famous 1914 photo showing young Hitler in the crowd supporting WW1 faked by the Nazi Party?
The famous 1914 photo showing Hitler in the middle of the crowd at a WW1 rally was most likely faked. Historian Gerd Krumeich has studied the picture and its history and concluded that Hitler was superimposed into the picture to promote the image of the Nazi leader as a patriot and a man of the people. The photo was taken by Heinrich Hoffmann at a rally in support of war in Munich's Odeonplatz in 1914. But it was not published until March 12, 1932 (in the Illustrierte Beobachter, the Nazi party newspaper) after Hitler's patriotism was questioned because he escaped from Vienna to Munich to avoid military service in Austria-Hungary.

8 color photographs of Hitler by his personal photographer Hugo Jaeger
Adolf Hitler laughing with pals at afternoon tea, mingling with adoring girls during a school visit and hanging around on the deck of a cruise liner. These color photos of the Nazi dictator were taken 1936-1941. They show the Fuhrer waging charm offensives at Party receptions. The rarely seen pics were taken by his personal photographer Hugo Jaeger, who even photographed Hitler's 50th birthday at the Eagle's Nest, where the Führer was presented with a car by Ferdinand Porsche. After the war ended Jaeger feared for his life, and kept his photos hidden for years before selling them to Life magazine.

Adolf Hitler portrait photographs
This Axis History Forum -thread includes several Adolf Hitler photos, portraits and images.

Never-before-seen color photographs of Adolf Hitler taken by photographer Hugo Jaeger
1936-1945 Hugo Jaeger was granted access to Adolf Hitler: traveling and chronicling the Fuhrer and his entourage in color. Here LIFE presents photos from Jaeger's collection, including: Hitler attends the launching of the battleship Tirpitz (1939); Hitler Reviews the Troops (1938); Hitler at a Nazi Christmas Party (1941); Commemorating the Beer Hall Putsch (1938); Hitler tours the 1939 International Auto Exhibition in Berlin (1939); Julius Schaub, Hitler's personal aide and adjutant; Hitler salutes German troops in Adolf Hitler Platz, Nuremberg (1938); Adolf Hitler chats with young women on a promenade of the cruise ship Robert Ley (1939).

Tony Beitel looted photographs from Adolf Hitler's Berghof house
During WW2 Tony Beitel drove a truck towing a 105 mm howitzer for the 242nd Field Artillery Battalion, which was among the first US units to seize Adolf Hitler's Eagle's Nest. "I was in Hitler's house. It didn't look fancy outside, but it was fancy inside. Soldiers were taking everything out of that house. That house was stripped. There was nothing left. They even tore tile off the bathroom wall and sent them back home." Beitel still has a few WW2 keepsakes, including black-and-white pics taken from Hitler's photo album: Hilter addressing soldiers, Hitler marching, Hitler doing his salute, Hitler smiling while talking on the phone.

Man selling a signed photo of Adolf Hitler overwhelmed by would-be buyers
A Crewe man was flooded with calls after advertising a signed photograph of Adolf Hitler for sale in the Chronicle. Roger Woodworth says would-be buyers were offering well over the asking price of 2,000 pounds for the 1939 colour photo of the Nazi leader. He had sold it by 8.45am on the day the paper came out - and had to disappoint over 80 other people who called later that day. His parents got the photo from a German officer who worked on their farm at Barthomley as a POW. "It was only a small advertisement. I can't understand all this interest in it. Hitler was a tyrant."

Never-before-seen photographs illuminate Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia
Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, never-before-seen documents and photos have been discovered. The new materials shed further light on Adolf Hitler's invasion visit. The pics, small contact prints forgotten in the Prague City Archives since the end of the war, were rediscovered by historian Dr. Jan Uhlir as he prepared to write a book on the subject of the invasion. During his research he also came up with files illuminating events that took place during the invasion, memories that had long been forgotten, such as the memoirs of the deputy to the German legation, Andor Hencke.

Nazi sticker book, with photographs of Adolf Hitler skiing, up for auction
A 'Panini' style Nazi sticker album full of positive photos of Adolf Hitler - to be collected by Nazi Youth - is being auctioned off. The images from 1930s Nazi Germany portray the Nazi leader in both a powerful and caring light. The full album, with an introduction from Joseph Goebbels, is made up of 138 pictures and has a cover inscribed with the words "Adolph Hitler" in gothic type-face. Included are pics of the smiling Fuhrer with Goebbels' young daughter Helga, Hitler skiing, reading a paper and engaging in other daily activities. But he is also pictured with Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering and Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

Unseen photos of French surrender published for first time, auctioned off
World War II photos of the moment France surrendered to Adolf Hitler have been published for the first time. The pics were taken by a high ranking Nazi officer who accompanied the ceremony at Compiegne. Hitler is shown at the peak of his confidence. In one of the photos Hermann Goering shakes Hitler's hand. In others he can be seen inspecting a group of high ranking German officers. They are being auctioned by Mullock's Auctioneers in Ludlow. Historical Documents Expert Richard Westwood-Brookes: "The photographs provide a vivid record of the most important event in the early stages of the War, the fall of France, which was also Hitler's highest achievement."

330 largely-unknown full color images from the world war II
Of the hundreds of thousands of color photographs that were taken by American, British and German photographers during the World War II, many have been forgotten or were never published. A collection of these pictures has now been unearthed and collected by Der Spiegel. "Pictures of the Second World War," published by editor Michael Sontheimer, reveals 330 mostly color photos of the war that have so far not been given their public due. [Flash required to see online selection of photos]

Tale of Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler's favourite photographer, can finally be told
The recollections of Adolf Hitler's favourite photographer Heinrich Hoffmann have been published in book "The Hitler Picture". He made a small fortune from photographing the Führer, but his saving were seized by the Allies and he died in poverty in 1957. Before his death, he gave a series of interviews to Joe Heydecker, who died 10 years ago with instructions that the conversations were not to be published until now. Hoffmann, more than any other, helped creating the myth of the "Führer Superman". Hoffmann recounts how he first met Hitler in 1929 and was one of few who knew of his relationship with Eva Braun.

Unseen photos of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis - Found in Derby, to be auctioned
They are unseen photographs of Hitler and Nazis - and a view into the brutality of the Nazi regime in its final days. But mystery surrounds how these snaps ended up in Derby in possession of Eliza Smith. The photos are believed to have been taken during the summer of 1944 in Belgium. In one of them, the Fuhrer is visiting Brussels while troops stand to attention and give the Nazi salute. The German leader is also pictured flanked by generals while another picture shows German soldiers in goosestep march. The most striking is a photo of 5 citizens hanging from a balcony while 2 Nazi officers gaze up at their bodies.

Never before published photos of Hitler's 1942 visit to Finland found   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Arja Sirkiä bought a photo album which included never before seen photographs of Adolf Hitler's visit to the 75th birthday of Finnish Commander-in-Chief Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. She recognized the persons in the pictures and bade 20 euros, and won the auction. Photos are most likely excess photos of an official war photographer, since they are taken from such a short distance. Fuehrer's visit to Finland is famous, because Thor Damen secretly recorded Hitler and Mannerheim in a private conversation. This is the only known recording of Adolf Hitler not speaking in an official tone, since Hithe ler never granted recordings of himself off-guard.

Rare colour photograph of Adolf Hitler at his 50th birthday party
As an arch propagandist, Adolf Hitler was happy to see his life immortalized in shades of grey. The Nazi leader thought that black and white photos best highlighted the nature of his regime. Now, however, a more colourful view of the Fuhrer has came out. Over 62 years after his death in a Berlin bunker, images from a Paris archive show Adolf Hitler relaxing with children in the Eagle’s Nest, during his 50th birthday party on April 20th 1939. The shiny-faced Ayran boys and girls are dressed in bright pastel colours. All likely the sons and daughters of Nazi party VIPs. Hitler never had any children of his own, but liked passing time with other people's.

An official photograph of Adolf Hitler by Heinrich Hoffmann discovered
An official photograph of Adolf Hitler, captured by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, has turned up in Cleethorpes, UK. The print appears to show the 'Hoffmann' stamp on the back and belonged to Frank Priest from Lincolnshire who died in 1978. Frank served in the Navy during World War II during which time he was sent to a POW camp in Italy. "How he came across it I don't know," said Frank's son Ian who is now on a mission to find out more. Hitler's official photographer Heinrich Hoffmann was arrested after WWII and sentenced to prison as a Nazi 'profiteer'. He died in Munich in 1957.

Charles Turner: The last Englishman to photograph Hitler [photos]
"At the age of 12, I saw ... the first opera of my life, Lohengrin. In one instant I was addicted. My youthful enthusiasm for the Bayreuth Master knew no bounds." - Mein Kampf, Volume 1, Adolf Hitler. On July 26, 1939 the Fuhrer donned his dinner jacket, took flowers from Aryanlooking children, and mingled, while his guest, composer Charles Turner, photographed. The Fuhrer was pleased. It was the annual Bayreuth Festival, homage to composer Wagner, whose music symbolised the voice of Nazi Germany. Winifred Wagner was by his side, as was Joseph Goebbels (who had banned Wagner's Parsifal because it suggested pacificism as a desirable quality).

Unique photos of Hitler at leisure before WWII by MI5 spy released
Son of MI5 spy Charles Turner releases unique record photos of Nazis at leisure on the eve of WWII. They shared a love of Richard Wagner and were regulars at the Bayreuth Opera festival, so Adolf Hitler took secret agent Charles Turner for just another opera lover. Now the photographs that he took of the Führer in 1939 were made public for the first time. Dressed in a cream overcoat and carrying white gloves, Hitler is pictured leaving a performance. In one image, he is wearing a white tie and carries a ticket while flanked by SS bodyguard. On July 26 Turner had been granted unprecedented access to the Führer and his entourage of Joseph Goebbels and Rudolf Hess.

Photo album of Adolf Hitler's niece Angela "Geli" Raubal for sale
The photo album of Adolf Hitler's niece Angela "Geli" Raubal is up for sale and experts believe it could fetch more than 2,000 pounds. Experts believe many of the 35 intimate photographs were taken by Hitler himself. "Because of Hitler's kinky relationship with his young niece we have had enormous interest".

Francisco Franco and Hitler 1940 meeting photos were touched up   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Two photographs depicting a meeting between Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler in 1940 were touched up, in order to improve the Spanish general's public image. The photos were of a meeting between the two dictators in a train station in Hendaya a year after the end of the Spanish Civil War and a year into World War II. In one original, Franco is seen walking with a rigidly outstretched right arm and his eyes shut. The photograph which was distributed in 1940, however, showed him wide-eyed and his arm more relaxed. The two dictators discussed each other's military needs and Spain's entry into WWII on Hitler's side - No agreement was reached.

The Führer's Photographer -- The Eye of the Third Reich
On his 34th birthday Walter Frentz was accorded a special honor. Adolf Hitler's preferred photographer was allowed to sit next to the Nazi dictator in 1941. Although he never became a member of the Nazi party, Frentz played a unique role in Adolf Hitler's entourage during the Third Reich. For years he was trusted to film Hitler for the weekly newsreels and other Nazi propaganda. Wherever the Führer was, he was too. But most of the photographs he took were never meant for the public. A new biography, The Eye of the Third Reich, shows unpublished shots of Hitler and other top Nazis, like SS leader Heinrich Himmler.

An autographed photo of Adolf Hitler was hidden 70 years
The secret of one of Scotland's most famous museums has been revealed. An autographed photograph of Adolf Hitler was hidden behind a bookcase for more than 70 years. The only clue to how the portrait got to the museum is an inscription in German that reads: "To Sir Daniel Stephenson, Best wishes Adolf Hitler", dated October 23, 1933.

16 photographs from The Hitler No One Knows by Heinrich Hoffmann
The following includes 16 of the 100 photographs from The Hitler No One Knows: 100 Pictures of the Life of the Führer. The book was one of the first of the picture books on Adolf Hitler put out by Heinrich Hoffmann, who went by the title "Reichsbildberichterstatter der NSDAP." Heinrich Hoffmann made his fortune during the Third Reich as Hitler's photographer. A full account of his actions is in Rudolf Herz, Hoffmann & Hitler: Fotografie als Medium des Führer-Mythos. Even for those who don't read German, this book provides a wealth of photos of Hitler.

Album reveals the secret life of Hitler's wife, Eva Braun
The secret life of Adolf Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, was revealed after the discovery of a private photo album showing her in playful poses, relaxing in a swim suit and receiving a kiss on the hand from the Fuhrer. The leather-bound album of 100 pictures, traced by the German ZDF, is thought to be one of 5 made by Braun as Christmas presents in 1941. Eva Braun, Hitler's lover for a decade until their suicide in the Fuhrer's bunker in Berlin, lived hidden away at Berghof, the dictator's hideaway in the Austrian Alps. When important political guests came to visit, she was banished to her room.