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Metal detector finds

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Hunt for the Japanese WWII Gold

Hunt for the lost/hidden Japanese World War II gold.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

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On hunt for wartime Japanese treasure - Lost WW2 gold
After first lifting a curse and using sonar to sweep for booby traps, villagers from East Nusa Tenggara Province have started digging up a cave they think contains Japanese treasure buried during World War II. Rambu Kristina was the first person to report that Japanese forces stationed on Sumba Island may have buried treasure before leaving. With the Japanese army's defeat at hand, she said, based on testimony from her late father, soldiers ordered 50 locals to bury gold in a cave near the village. To keep the secret safe, the soldiers then killed all the villagers except for two people.

Millions in silver coins dumped in Manila Bay to keep it from the Japanese
Before being ordered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to depart from Corregidor by PT-Boat in March, 1942, General Douglas MacArthur talked with President Manuel Quezon about what should be done to prevent millions of dollars worth of currency, coin and bullion from falling into the hands of the advancing Japanese. Overhead Japanese bombers were bombarding the surface. The paper currency on Corregidor would have to be burned - as it had been in Hawaii. Sometime between 12 March 1942 when MacArthur left and 6 May when 16,000 troops surrendered Corregidor, the thousands of pounds of silver Pesos and minor coins were dumped to the depths of Manila Bay.

What happened to WWII gold of the Asian nations pillaged by the Japanese army
John Bavender tells the story of his quest to find out what happened to the treasures of the Asian nations that were looted by the Japanese army during World War II. "Hey You AU (Secret) Gold" recounts his journeys in the Philippines and his face-offs with local citizens there who had gold for sale. The gold was often available only in very large quantities and had to be sold rapidly. The most discouraging aspect was attempting to make arrangements with the Filipino people to buy their gold: "Once the Filipinos realize you have an interest in their gold... they seem to disappear back into the mountains."

Japanese Submarine I-52 had 2 tons of gold and other valuable cargo   (Article no longer available from the original source)
"Battleground Atlantic: How the Sinking of a Single Japanese Submarine Assured the Outcome of World War II" by Richard Billings tells the story of the I-52, and the salvage efforts by Paul Tidwell. The I-52 carried with it the hopes of bringing victory to Japan. The cargo (gold and liquid opium) was to be used as payment for Nazi engineering that would help bring the Japanese submarine fleet up-to-date, and to bring back to Japan technology for a superweapon - thought to have been a radiological bomb. Billings cites decoded inventories that show uranium oxide aboard the I-52 to back up his argument that Japan was close to launching such a bomb against American targets.

Hunters of Yamashita treasure leave trails of destruction in Mt. Banahaw
Hunters of the legendary Yamashita treasure are leaving trails of destruction in Mt. Banahaw and are hindering efforts to restore the mystical mountain. Saying the "real treasure" is Banahaw itself, Sally Pangan appealed to the believers of the Yamashita treasure to stop their bootless search. She said she had yet to hear any reports of breakthrough. Legend has it that before his surrender, World War II Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita ordered the burying of treasures plundered from Asian temples in different parts of the country. Recently 22 people believed to be engaged in unlawful treasure hunting were arrested.

3 treasure hunters find death in tunnel
Two brothers, Apolinario Samiano and Bonifacio Samiano, died of suffocation while their companion Percival Delgado fell to his death in a tunnel they had dug in Biñan town to look for supposed treasures buried there by Japanese soldiers during the Second World War. When the brothers reached a depth of 30 meters, they collapsed due to lack of oxygen. Delgado tried to rescue his two companions by lowering himself with a rope tied to a portable water pump. With Delgado halfway through the tunnel, the portable pump snapped out from its base and fatally hit him on the head.

Military men arrested after treasure hunt of WWII gold   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A new rush for gold and other treasures believed to have been left behind by Japanese soldiers during World War Two has led to the arrest of a retired air chief marshal and two captains. But more than 10 people fled into the jungle and escaped capture. Police seized a four-wheel-drive vehicle and digging tools as evidence, and found that wide areas of the mountain had been excavated. The area has long attracted Second World War treasure hunters because there are several caves, some of which house monasteries. Local villagers told someone found three gold bars in a cave about 10 years ago.