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Latest hand-picked World War II news and articles

How Deadly or Accurate Were Nazi Germany's V-1 and V-2 Rockets?
By June 19, more than 500 V-1s had hit southeast England. Great Britain tried fooling the enemy by reporting the bombs were landing farther north, when they were not. It fooled no one since honest news reporting revealed exactly where the Buzz Bombs were coming down. The worst single death toll occurred on November 25, 1944, as 168 persons died when a V-1 exploded amid a crowded Woolworth store in New Cross. The pluck and resilience of British public spirit were being severely tested. Meanwhile, Goebbels raised his propaganda level. He proclaimed: In London, life has practically come to a standstill as the rain of secret weapons continues almost without interruption.”

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Churchill ordered the French Resistance to KILL RAF hero who was shot down over France a month before D-Day
Winston Churchill secretly ordered the French Resistance to KILL RAF hero Sir Ronald Ivelaw-Chapman who was shot down over France a month before D-Day, rather than let him fall into enemy hands and reveal Operation Overlord secrets, records reveal.

Wings of Freedom B17 crashes at Connecticut airport, multiple deaths reported
Multiple people are dead after a World War II-era B-17 bomber crashed into an airport de-icing facility while trying to land at Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport. The plane belonged to the Collings Foundation. A “Wings of Freedom Tour,” featuring the B-17 and other aircraft, was scheduled to take place from Monday to Thursday at the airport.

Polish 18th Pomeranian Uhlan Regiment carried successful cavalry charge against German 76th Infantry Regiment
The 18th Pomeranian Uhlan Regiment found the Nazi German 76th Infantry Regiment, comprised of 800 armored recon vehicles along with 30 heavy guns, waiting to advance on the free city of Danzig. The 76th was part of the left wing of the XIX Panzer Corps under Gen. Heinz Guderian, which had been slowed across the line by Polish resistance. In order for the Poles in the area to get to the secondary defense of the River Brda, the 76th would have to take heavy losses, which would cause a delay for the entire motorized division on the Nazi left flank. What would a cavalry unit do in a situation where the enemy is sitting around, waiting for orders? Charge, of course. The Poles took the enemy by surprise with a heavy cavalry charge of two squadrons, consisting of 250 angry Poles on horseback.

36 pictures from the Battle of Britain Air Show at Duxford
36 pictures from the Battle of Britain Air Show at Duxford

The Hetzer: The Weirdo Looking Nazi Tank That Was a Killer
By 1943 it was obvious to the Germans that their tank production could not keep pace with battlefield losses. One of their efforts to expedite weapons production was the conversion of old, outdated tank chassis into tank destroyers, or Jagdpanzers. Early efforts demonstrated the rushed and sometimes rough mating of a small, old tank with a large, powerful gun. The Marder series especially appeared cumbersome and top heavy. The most successful conversion was the Jagdpanzer 38(t), commonly referred to as the Hetzer.

Case Green: Nazi Germany's Plan to Invade Neutral Ireland During World War II
Irish PM Éamon de Valera made his policy clear: the Republic of Ireland would remain strictly neutral. In June 1940, London even offered to support the principle of reuniting British-ruled Northern Ireland with the South - if only Ireland, in exchange, joined the beleaguered British Empire in its conflict with the Axis powers. Most of the Irish Republic’s leadership had fought the British in the Irish War of Independence two decades earlier. The Republic’s small army (only 8,000 personnel) was even told to prepare for possible British invasion. Some British commentators did suggest that the UK should consider taking back by force three strategically valuable deep-water treaty ports transferred to Irish control in 1938.

Argentina's Museum of the Holocaust has displayed a trove of seized Nazi relics that it plans to add to its collection
The relics were originally confiscated by Argentine authorities in 2017 during a raid on a private collector of illegal art and archaeological artifacts. After proving the authenticity of the objects, with the help of experts from Germany, authorities decided to give the museum custody over them. The institution opened in 2001 and is the only Holocaust museum in Latin America. Currently under renovation, it is set to reopen in December when the Nazi collection will be displayed.

The Mystery Behind RAF Museum Dornier Do 17 World War II German Bomber
As of 2019, the Goodwin Sands Dornier Do 17 has still to reveal its true identity.

How Did the British Take Down German Tanks In World War II? Really Big Rifles
The British Mark 1, Mark 1*, and Mark 2 Boys Anti-tank rifles were typical of the breed. Originally to be dubbed the Stanchion Rifle, instead the weapon received its name from the designer, Captain H.C. Boys, the Assistant Superintendent of Design for the British Small Arms Committee. Captain Boys died only a few days before his weapon was adopted into British military service in 1937, and the antitank rifle was renamed in his honor. It was often misspelled as Boyes.

Rise and fall in the Third Reich: Nazi party members and social advancement
We found that members of Nazi organisations – whether they were early joiners who signed up in the 1920s or those who joined the party in the 1940s – were more likely to come from high-status backgrounds and had higher levels of education, with people from a higher-status background almost twice as likely to join the Nazi party as someone from a lower-status background. We also confirmed that Catholics were less likely to be members of all Nazi organisations.

Scotland’s Secret WW2 Fuel Depot Could Hold 32 Million Gallons
During WW2 the Storage and distribution of fuel was vital. One of the facilities put to that use was the Inchindown Fuel Depot in Scotland. It’s located 4 miles north of Invergordon and was constructed 1939-1942. It was built by the Royal Navy, and was connected to the Royal Navy dockyard, port, and fuel depot at Invergordon by way of underground pipelines, which made it bombproof. It was one of five such installations located around Scotland at the time, and their purpose was to provide fuel to the Royal Navy in the event that the country’s known fuel depots were blockaded by the Germans.

Jewish Cousins Who Thought The Other Was Killed By Nazis Reunite After 75 Years
A heartwarming video shoes the moment Morris Sana, 87, and Simon Mairowitz, 85, came face-to-face in Tel Aviv, Israel, after decades of believing each other was killed in concentration camps. They were reunited after their relatives realised the childhood friends were still alive after finding them on Facebook.

Erich Hartmann: Nazi Fighter Ace with 352 Kills
By May 8, 1945, Germany was in the act of surrendering, so occupying Red Army troops in the German town of Brunn were not expecting to witness what may have been WWII’s last dogfight over Europe. They were watching as a Red Air Force pilot flying Yakovlev Yak-9 entertained them with a one-plane air show. Suddenly, a lone German Messerschmitt Me-109 dove on the Russian, riddling his Yak with machine-gun bullets and 20mm cannon shells and sending it spinning toward the countryside. As the stunned soldiers gathered around the oily bonfire that seconds earlier had been a lethal flying machine, the Luftwaffe pilot banked westward toward his final landing. Erich Hartmann, aerial warfare’s supreme ace, had just scored his last kill—number 352.

The Story of the First Kamikaze Attack in World War II
In October 1944 the U.S. Navy had won such overwhelming victories that, had it faced a different enemy, the war would have been over. However in the moment of apparent victory, the US Navy confronted a horrifying new enemy tactic. At 1053 hours on the morning of Oct. 25, 1944, an A6M5 Zeke deliberately hit USS St. Lo (CVE-63), survivor of the Battle off Samar. The kamikaze had arrived.

The US kamikaze plan to end the Nazi nuclear program
For months, the Allies worked to destroy the bunker, called the Fortress of Mimoyecques, that might be developing the V-3 rocket, one that was capable of guiding a nuclear weapon over London. Time and again, the U.S. would conduct a bombing operation over the site, but like clockwork, the resupply trains would be back the very next week. It seemed like nothing could be done using conventional explosives. So the USAAF turned to the unconventional: Operation Aphrodite. The plan was for a remotely operated, obsolete bomber to be packed with the bare minimum of machinery and equipment. The rest of the plane was filled with high explosives. Two men would be aboard a ticking time bomb as it took off for enemy territory and would have to bail out shortly after.

WWII gunner who took out 5 panzers gets Bronze Star he forfeited for giving German kids bubblegum
A WWII veteran described as “the most lethal American tank gunner in World War II” received a Bronze Star nearly 75 years after his service. Clarence Smoyer is credited with destroying five German tanks during the time he served, including in 1945 when he took out a Nazi super tank beneath the Cologne Cathedral, allowing U.S. forces headed to Berlin to overtake a key bridge. Smoyer, “the hero of Cologne,” was told he would receive a Bronze Star during the war, but days later he was spotted talking to German children and scouring his pockets for bubblegum to give the kids. He was charged with fraternization with the enemy and forfeited his ability to receive a medal of valor.

Bomber Command’s Battle of Berlin was the First Electronics War in Aviation History
There were two key questions that needed answering if Bomber Command was to achieve success in the Battle of Berlin. First, could it mark the target accurately and concentrate the bombing effort; and second, could it keep the Luftwaffe at bay and maintain a loss rate of below 5 per cent?

Winston Churchill's Nightmare: Why Didn't Hitler Invade Great Britain?
: On September 7, intelligence warned that a German invasion was near. Tide and light conditions would favor the enemy between September 8 and 10. The Royal Navy put all its small craft and cruisers on immediate notice and stopped all boiler cleaning. The RAF moved from Alert 2 invasion in three days, to Alert 1 invasion imminent within 12 hours.

When Poland was lost: The Soviet invasion 80 years ago
Only 16 days after the Nazis invaded Poland, the Soviet Union followed suit and marched into Poland on September 17, 1939. The event burdens Polish-Russian relations to this very day, and reconciliation is not in sight. Eugeniusz Sajkowski was in his mid-20s when the Soviets invaded Poland on September 17, 1939. "When I saw the Germans coming from the West and the Russians from the East, I thought to myself that this was probably our end."

WW2 fuel depot: Beneath the hills of the Scottish Highlands lies one of the largest underground structures ever built by man
Across Easter Ross it is known simply as The Tunnel. Built between 1938 and 1941 for use during World War Two, the Inchindown oil storage facility is comprised of six monstrous tanks - 778ft (237m) long, 30ft (9m) wide and 44ft (13m) high. The now-empty tanks are accessible by two tunnels - providing you can stomach the stench of oil vapour while navigating your way through complete darkness. Photographers Simon Riddell and David Allen were thrilled at the prospect.

Russia Creates World's Biggest World War II Diorama
A state-funded exhibition in St. Petersburg recreates the battlefields of World War II in brutal detail.

Land Battleship: Russian T-35 Heavy Tank Was a World War II Dud
Recently, a Russian military museum in Sverdlovsk unveiled a moving replica T-35 tank, recreating one of the largest tanks ever to see combat, though only very briefly. Indeed, a few dozen T-35s charged straight into the largest tank battle in history—and none came back. Overtaxed transmission and faulty clutches proved a greater nemesis than armor-piercing shells.

Nazi intelligence documents for Operation Sea Lion plan to invade and conquer Britain go up for auction
Nazi intelligence documents which would have been used to support Hitler's Operation Sea Lion, a plan to invade and conquer the UK, are to be put up for auction today. The original documents, which are valued together at around ÂŁ7,000, contain detailed information on the UK that was so sensitive, copies of the documents were initially seized by British intelligence after their existence became known. Now, almost 80 years later, their pages will be made available to one discerning buyer.

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