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Latest hand-picked World War II news and articles

Eichmann`s Right-Hand Man Alois Brunner died in Syria in 2001
One of the world`s most wanted Nazi war criminals died in 2001 aged 89 after spending more than a decade incarcerated in a dilapidated Damascus basement, a magazine has said. The Revue XXI magazine reported that SS commander Alois Brunner spent his last years living in squalid conditions. It said he remained a fervent anti-Semite right up to his death. Brunner is accused of deporting more than 128,000 Jews to death camps. He was in charge of the Drancy internment camp outside Paris where Jews rounded up in France were held before being sent to the death camps. For many years there has been uncertainty as to whether Brunner is still alive, although the chief investigator pursuing him told in 2014 that he believed Brunner died in 2010 in Damascus.

Conflict-Series: A highly rated strategy game series for Android
If you love classic PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, Invasion of Poland 1939, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, the Battle of Bulge, and the Battle of Berlin 1945. In addition there are American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War scenarios available.
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The female reporter who discovered WWII thanks to a freak gust of wind has died
It was August 1939, and a 26-year-old British journalist on her first assignment for the Daily Telegraph was driving on a German highway near the Polish border. She saw a fleet of German motorcycle messengers speed past her car. And then, as she watched, a gust of wind lifted the flaps of massive canvas barriers erected along the road. Visible beyond were hundreds of tanks and weapons, ready to roll into Poland. That`s how Clare Hollingworth, who died Jan. 10 in Hong Kong at the age of 105, broke the story of World War II.

Nazi Germany`s V-3 Super Gun: The Ultimate Terror Weapon?
Nazi Germany famously used V-1 cruise missile and V-2 ballistic missile `Vengeance Weapons` to bomb London in retaliation for the Allies` strategic bombing campaign of Germany. However, a third Vengeance weapon—the V-3 super cannon—was also developed and even briefly used in action, though not against its intended target. The concept behind the V-3 had its origin in the German Kaiser Wilhelm guns that entered action in March 1918, during World War I. The massive Krupp guns could shell the French capital from seventy-five miles away, and were the first weapons capable of shooting a projectile into the stratosphere.

Six Amazing Female Agents Who Helped the Allies Win WW2
Despite having lost her left leg from the knee down after a 1932 hunting accident, Baltimore-born Virginia Hall carried out missions for both the highly secretive British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Fitted with an artificial limb, which she nicknamed `Cuthbert,` Hall worked early in the war for the SOE in occupied France. --- Gun-toting Nancy Wake is perhaps best known for planning and leading a raid on a Gestapo headquarters that left almost 30 Germans dead or wounded. -- Betty Pack, the 29-year old wife of an English diplomat, was already a British agent in Warsaw when war broke out. Prior to Hitler`s 1939 invasion of Poland, the native of Minneapolis, Minnesota supposedly slept with a Polish official there in order to learn what that government knew about the German Enigma code machine.

China rewrites history books to extend Sino-Japanese war by six years
China`s government has ordered that all Chinese history textbooks be rewritten to extend the second Sino-Japanese war by 6 years. The conflict, which has been known in China as the `eight-year war of resistance against Japanese aggression`, is usually recorded as starting in 1937 and ending in 1945. However government renamed the conflict the `14-year war of resistance against Japanese aggression` and has ordered that textbooks be revised to record it as lasting from 1931 until 1945. The decision means China officially considers that the second Sino-Japanese war started in autumn of 1931, when the Imperial Japanese army invaded Manchuria, rather than six years later during the Marco Polo Bridge incident, when Japanese and Chinese troops fought along a rail line south-west of Beijing.

12 Top American Comics With Nazis
Here`s a look at some of the more unusual World War II stories from the comic book bin.

Rare glass penny made during World War II sells for £57,300
You might think that dropping it could cause a few issues but there was a time when the US looked at switching to glass coins. And now one of the rare pennies, which were made experimentally as an alternative to copper, has just sold for $70,500 (£57,300) at an auction in Fort Lauderdale. The coin was made during World War II when copper was needed for ammunition so the US Mint authorised uncirculated tests using other metals, but also, plastic, rubber and glass.

A replica of Hitler`s bunker in Berlin Reveals an Uneasy Phenomenon: Hitler Sells
Most landmarks of Nazi rule in Berlin were demolished long ago, but a commercial firm has now re-created one of them as a tourist attraction: the bunker where Hitler committed suicide in 1945. The new bunker was built about a mile from the original site by Historiale, which also runs the Berlin Story Museum next door. Like the museum — a mishmash of memorabilia — the bunker tour seems to appeal to a public appetite that several experts have recognized. Hitler sells.

Germany sees overwhelming sales of annotated critical edition of Mein Kampf
The German publisher of a special annotated edition of Adolf Hitler`s Mein Kampf says sales have soared since its launch a year ago. 85,000 German-language copies of the anti-Semitic Nazi manifesto have been sold. Publisher Andreas Wirsching said "the figures overwhelmed us". He is director of the Institute of Contemporary History (IfZ) in Munich. But the sales are well below those of best-sellers in Germany. It is an academic edition, costing 58 euros. At the end of January the IfZ will launch a sixth print run. The book contains critical notes by scholars. Unlike the Nazi-era editions, the IfZ`s Mein Kampf (My Struggle) has a plain white cover - without a picture of Hitler. The swastika and other Nazi symbols are banned in Germany.

The Mail Plane That Hunted Japanese Planes After Pearl Harbor
On the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, there was a plane with a unique story to tell. It is one of the few planes to have flown against the Japanese on that day. With its silver and orange-yellow paint scheme with a bright green tail and red trim, it wasn`t the most likely combat aircraft. It was designed to be a small airliner for transporting troops, mail, and photographers around Hawaii. It had a boat hull for landing and take-off in the water and big tires for landing and taking off on a runway. The plane was piloted by Ensign Wesley Hoyt Ruth.

There are heaps of WWII junk rusting in Greenland: and the photos are eerily beautiful
Hey America, you forgot a huge pile of junk in the wilderness. Abandoned by the US Air Force in 1947, Bluie East Two is one of several World War II and Cold War installations left to crumble in Greenland after the military lost interest in maintaining them. "Bluie" was military code for Greenland during the war with Germany. Bluie East Two was one of three aircraft bases maintained on the Danish territory in North America as part of the US Atlantic defense scheme of the period. Landscape photographer Ken Bower traveled to Bluie East Two to shoot the hulks of rusted equipment, aviation-fuel barrels, and collapsed buildings still strewn across the earth at the lip of great fjord. He said he hopes his images bring attention to the problem, along with a petition to clean up the site he`s circulated in hopes of catching the White House`s attention. Here is what he saw.

4 captured Nazi U-boats you can actually get into
During the course of WWII, the Third Reich employed more than 1,200 submarines or U-boats. The Allies managed to capture only six of them in action. Out of that number, five remain – four of which wait for us in American, British and German museums. Here`s a quick run through their at times stirring histories.

The DIY Spitfire: Enthusiast builds working replica fighter plane in his Reading garage
Like many other small boys Alan James`s childhood passion was to build aircraft models, inspired in his case by the ones he watched take off and land at the RAF base near his home in Reading. As a grown-up, he`s gone one better – and built a Spitfire plane in his garage. However, it took more than just a few bits of plastic and some glue to put together this version of the fighter plane which did so much to save Britain from German invasion during World War Two. Many hours and £18,000 later, he has fulfilled his dream, taking to the skies over England in his home-built Spitfire.

A Survey Of Imperial Japan`s World War II Small Arms
For 70 years Japanese firearms used in WWII have been denigrated. For example: a German K98k 8mm in good condition with all matching numbered parts will sell for about two grand. A comparable Japanese Type 38 6.5mm will sell for a few hundred bucks. A 9mm German Luger in good condition made during the 12-year Nazi era sells for thousands. An 8mm Japanese Type 14 pistol sells for hundreds. Without doubt, as the war turned against Japan, shortages of raw materials—plus a relatively small manufacturing base coupled with an increasing demand for more weapons—caused the quality of most Japanese firearms to decline. However, those made prior to their attack on Pearl Harbor—and for a time afterward—were of excellent quality.

OSS (Office of Strategic Services) granted Congressional Gold Medal
The World War II Office of Strategic Services (OSS), now called the OSS Society, was recently granted the Congressional Gold Medal through an act passed unanimously in the Senate and House of Representatives. Curtis Glenn, who served in the unit said, `We all should be well satisfied that the OSS will now be honored for their incredible (heroic) acts, which undoubtedly shortened the WWII war against Germany. It is quite an honor to be recognized. Many of my colleagues were lost along the way and are not here to see this." In addition, of the 1,300 members of OSS, there are fewer than 100 still alive today.

Nazis landed on British soil in a sabotage operation in WWII but commandos wiped them out
The German special forces who landed on the Isle of Wight expected to meet lightly armed members of the Home Guard. But they in fact faced crack British commandos who all bit wiped them out. And, for morale and propaganda reasons, the entire event was erased from, history. But now Dr Dietrich Andernacht has claimed he was part of a top secret operation to steal equipment from RAF St Lawrence radar station on August 15 1943, in a book by historian Adrian Searle. The official line has always maintained that no Germans forces made it onto British soil during the war, aside from the Channel Islands.

Germany`s Secret World War II Plan to Attack America with Submarine Missiles
In the closing weeks of World War II in Europe, American intelligence determined that a detachment of German submarines had been dispatched to launch a cruise missile attack on the East Coast of the United States. The U.S. Navy deployed forty-six ships and dozens of aircraft to annihilate the incoming submarine wolf pack. The battle that followed saw hundreds of lives lost at sea, and showed American intelligence services at their very best—and worst.

Photo mystery of Jewish assassin Herschel Grynszpan used by Nazis to justify Kristallnacht
His assassination of a German diplomat in Paris gave the Nazis the pretext for sanctioning Kristallnacht, the violent pogrom against Jews on 9 November 1938. Herschel Grynszpan, a Polish Jew considered a controversial figure to this day, was widely believed to have perished in a camp during the 1940s. But a photograph discovered in the archives of Vienna`s Jewish Museum now appears to show that Grynszpan survived the war. The snapshot, taken in Germany in 1946, shows the then 24-year-old in a gathering of displaced persons. Its discovery effectively clears up one of the most enduring mysteries of the Nazi era.

Anne Frank may have been discovered by chance, new study says
World-famous wartime diarist Anne Frank may have been discovered by chance and not because her hiding place was betrayed, a new theory suggests. The Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam believes the address could have been raided over ration fraud. Researchers say the police who found the secret annexe may not have been looking for the eight Jews there. Using Anne`s diary entries from March 1944, researchers found that ration coupon fraud and illegal working activities may have triggered the fateful raid.

Provocative posters and fake news: Inside America`s WWII Propaganda Machine
The United States was about six months into World War II when it founded the Office of War Information (OWI). Its mission: to disseminate political propaganda. The office spread its messages through print, radio, and film—but perhaps its most striking legacy is its posters. With bright colors and sensational language, they encouraged Americans to ration their food, buy war bonds, and basically perform everyday tasks in support of the war effort. In one, a woman carrying her groceries is compared to soldiers carrying guns. The poster implies that by walking instead of driving, she is doing her patriotic duty, since `trucks and tires must last till victory.`

Germany`s He 177 - the only mass produced long-range heavy bomber - Was a Big Mistake
Put yourself in the shoes of a German pilot during World War II. It`d be more than just a bit concerning if your assignment was to fly the `Flaming Coffin,` a.k.a. the `One Way Bomber` or `Volcano.` But the hot, flammable He 177 Greif, or Griffin, was Nazi Germany`s only long-range heavy bomber produced in appreciable numbers. The 35-ton machine — when fully loaded — was a mistake, and more importantly, contributed to the German defeat by sucking up valuable resources into an ineffective and compromised aircraft.

Marion Pritchard, Who Risked Her Life to Rescue Jewish Kids From Nazis, Dies at 96
Marion Pritchard, a gentile whose shock at watching Nazi soldiers storm a home for Jewish children in Amsterdam and load them into a truck for deportation inspired her to enter a clandestine world of rescuing Jews, has passed away at 96. `By 1945, I had lied, stolen, cheated, deceived and even killed,` Ms. Pritchard said in a lecture in 1996 at the University of Michigan, where she received the Wallenberg Medal, a humanitarian award given by the university in memory of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who rescued tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during World War II.

Pictures: Life and Death of the German Heavy Cruiser Admiral Graf Spee
Pictures: Life and Death of the German Heavy Cruiser Admiral Graf Spee

The National WWII Museum in the US to put thousands of oral histories online
It`s D-Days — that is, digital days — at the National World War II Museum, with historians seeking to storm the internet and move thousands of first-person accounts of the fighting online. Creating a vast online collection of 9,000 existing oral and written histories will take longer than the war was fought: 10 years and $11 million dollars. There`s more than 22,000 hours of audio and video to be handled, thousands of documents to be digitized and millions of words transcribed. Ultimately, all these firsthand accounts of Pearl Harbor, the D-Day invasion, Germany`s surrender, Hiroshima, the homefront and more will be online.

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