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A Soldier`s Vivid, Candid Diary of What It Was Like to Fight in WWII
Keeping the telephone lines intact and the radios working is not the hardest part of Communications. The greatest difficulty is saying the right thing. Two or three days after the landing the Division Commander ordered that there would be no reports of disasters or extraordinary successes. An example accompanied the edict; in case the enemy should throw some of its weight against us, the news would be transmitted not as a `counter-attack,` but as `enemy enthusiasm.` By the same token, if one of our regiments should succeed in breaking through the German defenses and advance 4-5 miles, the achievement would be termed something like `good progress.` Nothing extreme, no matter what.

World War II Veteran Retells The Story When He Discovered He Was A European Legend
World War II veteran Vince Speranza retells the intriguing story when he served in Bastogne, Belgium fighting the Nazis. While helping tend to the wounded, he was asked by a hurt soldier for a drink. Incredibly, he found a broken down tavern nearby that had beer on the tap still. With no glasses or bottles around, he used his helmet to carry the beer to his friends. He never imagined that his beer serving technique would become a European legend later in life.

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Inside Hitler`s German beach resort that has never had a single guest after being abandoned 75 years ago
This is the 10,000-room hotel that has never had a guest. Situated on the island of Rügen in Germany, the Prora beach resort was built by Adolf Hitler between 1936 and 1939 as a striking show of Third Reich architecture. Yet the project was halted, with eight separate buildings having been erected, when the Nazi leader decided to focus on building more planes and war infrastructure. Prora was constructed on the Baltic island of Ruegen by the Nazi `Strength Through Joy` leisure organisation over a six-year period and occupies 3 miles of beachfront. It was meant to provide holiday entertainment for 20,000 of Hitler`s hordes at any one time.

Second world war British propaganda posters – in pictures
A huge collection of British propaganda posters, featuring everything from Spitfires to Hitler, is to be sold at auction. They illustrate just how the war touched the lives of everyone, both on the home front and in the armed forces. They come from the collection of commercial artist, E Bendell-Bayly, a partner at the Bayly-Souter Studio, where the posters were produced, and include some original artworks. The collection will be auctioned by David Lay on 6 November

How U.S. intelligence agencies used 1,000 Nazis as Cold War spies - then covered it up
Historians have revealed that J. Edgar Hoover`s FBI and Allen Dulles`s CIA hired at least 1,000 Nazis - if not more. Bits of the story have been reported in the past, but the full scope of the operation has now been reported in Eric Lichtblau`s new book, The Nazis Next Door. "U.S. agencies directly or indirectly hired numerous ex-Nazi police officials and East European collaborators who were manifestly guilty of war crimes. Information was readily available that these were compromised men," University of Florida professor Norman Goda explained.

Photos: Exploring Mussolini`s Secret Bunkers - Villa Torlonia now offer tours inside the dictator`s hideouts
A typical visit to the Villa Torlonia in Rome involves a picnic and a stroll along pine and palm tree-dotted grounds. Now tourists can also explore the secret hiding grounds beneath their feet that Il Duce built for himself. Built in the early 20th century, the Villa Torlonia housed Benito Mussolini and his wife and children from 1925 to 1943. In 1940, one year into World War II, the Italian dictator had an old wine cellar at his Neo-Classical estate turned into an air-raid shelter. Since a trip from the mansion to the former wine cellar involved a brief sprint outside, Mussolini also ordered construction of a separate bunker, connecting to an underground kitchen that sealed itself off with anti-gas, double-steel doors. A third bunker, 20 feet underground, was still being built at the time of the dictator`s removal from office.

Hitler`s personal copy of Mein Kampf sells for almost £19k at auction
Adolf Hitler personal copy of his autobiography – Mein Kampf – has fetched almost £19,000 at auction. The evil Fuhrer`s 1932 version of the book sold for nearly $30,000 (£18,800), but fell short of the £62,000 estimate. The book was discovered in the cruel dictator`s Munich apartment in 1945.

Nicholas Winton honoured by Czechs for saving 669 children from Nazis
A British man who saved 669 children, most of them Jews, from the Nazis has been awarded the Czech Republic`s highest state honour. Sir Nicholas Winton was 29 when he arranged trains to take the children out of occupied Czechoslovakia and for foster families to meet them in London. The 105-year-old was given the Order of the White Lion by the Czech president during a ceremony at Prague Castle. In a speech, he thanked the British people who gave the children homes: "I want to thank you all for this enormous expression of thanks for something which happened to me nearly 100 years ago - and a 100 years is a heck of a long time. I am delighted that so many of the children are still about and are here to thank me."

Mmemorial to deserters from Wehrmacht has been unveiled in Vienna, Austria
A memorial to deserters from the Wehrmacht has been unveiled in the centre of the Austrian capital, Vienna. It follows a decision by Austria`s parliament in 2009 to rehabilitate thousands of soldiers criminalised by the Nazis for desertion. Historian and campaigner Thomas Geldmacher says around 20,000 Austrians are believed to have deserted from the Wehrmacht, many in the last chaotic days of World War Two. It is thought that around 1,500 Austrian deserters faced the firing squad. Those who survived were regarded as traitors until 2009, when the Austrian parliament agreed to rehabilitate soldiers criminalised by the Nazis.

Latvian musical celebrates life of Nazi commander Herbert Cukurs
A musical which celebrates the life of an alleged Nazi war criminal has been condemned by the Israeli government. Cukurs, Herbert Cukurs, which premiered in Latvia in 2014, is about a Nazi pilot who was deputy commander of Arajs Kommando, a unit which killed around 26,000 Jews. Many Latvians see Cukurs, who was assassinated in 1965 by a Mossad agent in Uruguay, as a hero for resisting the Russian invasion and occupation during the Second World War. Israel`s Foreign Ministry released a statement saying: `Israel strongly condemns the production in Latvia of a musical that honours the memory of Latvian Nazi war criminal Herberts Cukurs.`

Sunken World War II German U-boat U-576 and freighter found off coast of Cape Hatteras
The U-boat skipper, Hans-Dieter Heinicke, had a crippled submarine and was headed home when he spotted the allied convoy off the coast of North Carolina. Heinicke saw the 19 merchant vessels of convoy KS-520 plodding south at 8 knots as a chance to redeem himself. About 4 p.m. on July 15, 1942, 30 miles off Cape Hatteras, U-576 attacked. In the ensuing free-for-all, the sub sank one ship and damaged two others but was assailed by aircraft and escorts, and sank with all hands. Recently researchers discovered the wreck of U-576, as well as the wreck of the sunken merchant ship, and hailed the find as a rare snapshot of a little known chapter of World War II.

Panzerkampfwagen VI: Tiger`s reputation may be in need of a rewrite
`The experience of GIs in Europe has created this mythology of the invincible Tiger tank,` observes Steven J. Zaloga, author of dozens of books on tank combat and strategy. `The Tiger has become part of public consciousness.` Yet the Tiger`s reputation may be in need of a rewrite. While Tiger cut an impressive silhouette on the battlefield — weighing in at 55 tons thanks to massive 100 mm-thick frontal armour and a huge 88 mm gun — it was also difficult to transport, greedy on gas and difficult to maneuver in close combat.

Graf Spee bronze Nazi statue is giving Uruguay a splitting headache
War trophies don`t come much more imposing than the solid bronze statue that once adorned the prow of the Graf Spee, a notorious Nazi battleship that sank numerous Allied merchant vessels. Weighing 700 pounds and with a wingspan of nearly 9 feet, the statue is a rare surviving example of the ultimate Third Reich symbol of an eagle perched atop a swastika. It is also causing the Uruguayan government a headache after local businessman Alfredo Etchegaray had the statue salvaged from the wreck of the Graf Spee in shallow waters just off Uruguay`s capital of Montevideo in 2006.

Former Nazis collectively received millions of dollars in Social Security benefits from the U.S.
An exhaustive two-year AP investigation concluded in which it was determined that dozens of former Nazis collectively received millions of dollars in Social Security benefits from the United States. Worse yet, according to the report, once these former Nazis were discovered, payments continued after they were expelled from the country in a bid to encourage them to leave the United States peacefully.

No One Wants to Rent Hitler`s Birthplace in Austria
The Interior Ministry of Austria is having a hard time finding a renter for Adolf Hitler`s birthplace in Braunau. The rent for the 8,600-square-foot home where one of history`s worst villains was birthed in 1889 has become hard to keep up–at 4,600 Euros-per-month–since the building`s last tenant left in 2011.

How the world loved the swastika - until Hitler stole it
In the Western world the swastika is synonymous with fascism, but it goes back thousands of years and has been used as a symbol of good fortune in almost every culture in the world. As more evidence emerges of its long pre-Nazi history in Europe, can this ancient sign ever shake off its evil associations? In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, swastika means "well-being". The symbol has been used by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains for millennia and is commonly assumed to be an Indian sign.

The design of The A-10 Warthog, the favorite plane of American grunts, was inspired by the Nazis
The U.S. Air Force`s A-10 is an ugly, low-flying, slow-moving beast of an aircraft known affectionately by the troops as the Warthog. But even as the flying tank gets ready to shred ISIS terrorists to pieces over Iraq and Syria with its massive 30mm cannon—firing depleted uranium shells the size of a Coke bottle—it hides a dark secret: an unrepentant Nazi fighter pilot helped to develop the ungainly warplane. Engineer Pierre Sprey, a former Pentagon procurement official who helped design the A-10, confirmed to The Daily Beast that none other than legendary Luftwaffe Colonel Hans-Ulrich Rudel was consulted to develop the Warthog.

American dossier shows Hitler took 74 different drugs, but debunks claim that he lost a testicle in battle
Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was addicted to crystal meth, a released American Military Intelligence dossier shows. The 47-page document reveals that Hitler, often described as a lifelong hypochondriac, took 74 different medications including crystal meth – believed to be a remedy for fatigue at the time. The report claims that the Fuhrer took the drug before meeting with Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in the summer of 1943, when he "he ranted non-stop for two hours." He also reportedly received nine injections of the drug during his final days in a Berlin bunker. The American dossier was based on Hitler`s medical records and interviews with doctors who treated him, including his personal physician Dr. Theodor Morell.

Honor for nurse heroine who slept with Nazis to give them STDs in `vengeance` after she was assaulted
A femme fatale who divided a Czech community by sleeping with Nazi soldiers to give them STDs has had a plaque erected in her memory. Locals in the south Bohemian town of Trebon said the nurse, who worked in a local hospital, decided to get revenge on the Nazi invaders after she was violated shortly after the occupation in 1938. It was the Gestapo who eventually got to Trebon`s mystery nurse, after they sent an agent to find out what was happening to their soldiers in the town.

Bones of 20 Nazi soldiers who died in the Battle of Seelow Heights in 1945 unearthed
They were among the last German troops to die as the Second World War neared its end. Killed as Soviet forces pushed towards Berlin in April 1945, their remains lay forgotten for nearly 70 years. Now the bones of 20 Nazi soldiers who died in the Battle of Seelow Heights – along with their helmets, boots and guns – have been unearthed by archaeologists. The volunteers, from the Association for the Recovery of the Fallen, marked the site with a wooden cross, topped with a soldier`s helmet. The bodies had lain buried in the mud of the battlefield at Klessin, some 50 miles east of Berlin, since mid-April 1945.

Remains of WWII dive-bomber Stuka found off the coast of Croatia
The remains of a well-preserved Stuka dive bomber, an aircraft that struck terror into Allied forces during the Second World War, has been discovered lying on the seabed of the Adriatic. The lichen-encrusted wreckage of the Stuka, a ground attack plane known as the Junkers Ju 87, was discovered by divers more than 70 years after it was shot down. The two-man aircraft was found at a depth of around 90ft off the coast of Croatia, close to the island of Zirje. Although German-made, it is believed that it was being flown by the Italian air force and that it may have been shot down by a Yugoslav warship in April 1941 when the country was invaded by the Axis powers.

Wrecked German World War Two U-boat found off Seaham coast
Scientists have discovered the wreck of a German U-boat off the coast of Seaham. The latest satellite and computer technology has revealed the scattered parts of the submarine on the bottom of the North Sea. The U-boat was destroyed with depth charges by an RAF aircraft near the end of the Second World War.

Inside story of the abduction of Nazi general Freidrich-Wilhelm Müller in Crete
Appalled by the ruthless reprisals of Major-General Freidrich-Wilhelm Müller against the resistance in Crete, the British Special Operations Executive was ordered to kidnap him. On the night of April 26, 1944, Major Patrick Leigh Fermor, Captain ‘Billy` Moss and a handful of Greek soldiers carried out a daring and successful abduction — except that they brought back Major-General Heinrich Kreipe, a principled classicist who had replaced Müller shortly before the SOE operation. In an exclusive extract from a new book, Abducting a General, Leigh Fermor reveals for the first time how they did it.

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