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Metal detector finds

Latest hand-picked World War II news and articles

Conflict-Series: A highly rated strategy game series for Android
If you love classic PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, Invasion of Poland 1939, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, the Battle of Bulge, and the Battle of Berlin 1945. In addition there are American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War scenarios available.
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50 German Focke-Wulfs that disappeared after WWII found buried under an old Turkish airport
A Turkish military enthusiast has claimed he has found the resting place of 50 German WWII fighters donated by Hitler in 1943 in a bid to encourage Ankara to join the Axis powers. The Focke-Wulf FW-190s were handed over to the Turkish air force who had only 300 pilots at the outbreak of hostilities. Turkey, in the early 1940s, attempted to avoid antagonising either side, with pilots receiving training in Britain despite accepting aircraft from the Nazis. One Turkish historian believes that of the 71 aircraft, some 50 were buried at a military base at the end of the war.

Austria Says It Will Likely Redesign Hitler`s House, Not Tear It Down
A day after the Austrian government said it was planning to tear down the house where Adolf Hitler was born, the interior minister now says it is likely to be redesigned. The idea is to prevent the property from being a pilgrimage site for neo-Nazis. The minister says the plan is to give it an architectural makeover that would render it unrecognizable from its current form. This comes after a long fight with the current owner, who for years has rejected the government`s attempts to purchase the property located in Braunau, near the German border. The government hopes to eliminate any association between the building and Hitler.

More Nazis in German justice department after WWII than during Third Reich
Germany`s post-World War II justice ministry was infested with ex-Nazis hell-bent on protecting their former comrades, according to a new official study. Fully 77 percent of senior ministry officials in 1957 were former members of Adolf Hitler`s Nazi party, a higher proportion even than during the 1933-45 Third Reich, the study found.

Alone in a burning tank in WWII, Herbert Hoover Burr kept fighting
Herbert Hoover Burr, a Kansas City house painter, went to Europe in World War II and received the Medal of Honor and several other medals. After Burr`s tank was hit, he got in the driver`s seat and took out a German 88 mm antitank gun by running it over, and then he led medics to wounded comrades.

7 Bizarre World War Two Mysteries Involving Nazi Germany
(1) Who Were the 17 British Prisoners Recorded at Auschwitz? (6) What Really Went on Inside Castle Wewelsburg? (7) What Was the Thule Society Really About?

Lost Nazi weather station unearthed in Arctic
A weather station with the tell-tale name `Schatzgraber`, or `Treasure Hunter` in English, was rediscovered on Alexandra Land, a Russian island located less than 700 miles from the north pole. 500 artefacts were found at the WWII era meteorological station in August by an expedition to the Russian Arctic National Park, including pieces of military uniforms, ammunition, household objects, meteorological equipment, and, of course, some Nazi swastikas. According to archives, the station was operated by the Nazis from 1942, transmitting regular meteorological reports

What if Hitler had Developed Nukes in WWII?
In the early years of World War II, it looked as if Germany might have the luxury to spend its time developing a new generation of super-weapons. The Nazis haphazardly pursued the idea of building an atomic bomb, with an eye toward eventual conflict with the United States.

Mercury from WWII submarine wreck pollutes sediments off Norway
The German submarine U-864 was sunk in World War II off the Norwegian island of Fedje, loaded with 67 tons of metallic mercury. When the wreck was discovered in 2003, some of the mercury was found leaking from broken containers. Now, researchers show that this material has contaminated sediments surrounding the wreck. But surprisingly, the scientists think the marine food web may not be substantially affected by the pollution, based on their analysis of crabs sampled near the sub.

How the Nazis Sold the Third Reich: Hitler understood that people could not be bullied into the Nazi fold - They had to be persuaded
Hitler was the prime mover in the propaganda regimen of the Third Reich, its editor and its first author, at the center of the propaganda process. Many historians perhaps unwittingly imply a propaganda order where Goebbels was the brilliant practitioner and dictator. This was never true except perhaps in the final year or so of the war. But Hitler was in no sense an innovator—the ideas were always second-hand and even the symbols themselves had a pre-existing life as nationalist icons or signs from earlier ideologies, or as images and rituals borrowed from the Italian Fascism of Benito Mussolini. Hitler`s expertise was as a synthesizer, fashioning from the accumulated mass of forms and ideas, the historic debris and labyrinths and byways of the German mind, a modern and ravishing éclat articulated through deftly managed symbols and rituals.

The Spanish role in the French Resistance
The story that France constructed for itself after World War II goes like this: the country was liberated by the Resistance with some help from the Allies, and save for `a handful of wretches,` to use the words of General Charles de Gaulle, the rest of France`s citizens behaved like true patriots. But nothing could be further from the truth. In his new book, Fighters in the Shadows: A New History of the French Resistance, British history professor Robert Gildea deconstructs this rhetoric, drawing up a detailed portrait of the occupation years with a critical eye.

Gallery: When Pro-Nazi youth camps infiltrated America
Image Gallery: When Pro-Nazi youth camps infiltrated America

Army dentist, killed 98 Japanese soldiers during the Battle of Saipan before he was killed – after being shot 76 times
Benjamin Lewis Salomon joined the 102nd Infantry Regiment. After a while, he proved to be a superb shot and he won awards as an expert rifle and pistol marksman. He was a natural soldier and his commanding officer said that he was `the best all-around soldier` in the regiment. It took him only a year to become a sergeant, and he was in charge of a machine gun section. In 1942, the American Army offered him a lieutenant`s commission in the Dental Corps. He worked on soldiers teeth in the morning and in the afternoon he taught infantry tactics. Captain Salomon went ashore on Saipan with the 105th Infantry Regiment in June 1944. As a regimental dentist, Salomon didn`t have much work, so he volunteered to replace a wounded surgeon. Captain Salomon was running a field hospital 50 yards behind the front line when the Japanese attacked, he ha.

Adolf Hitler was true author of 1923 book hailing him, author says
In the early autumn of 1923, when Adolf Hitler was still mostly known for his speeches at Munich beer halls, a slim biography was published that lauded him as the saviour of the German nation and even compared him to Jesus.The book, Adolf Hitler: His Life and His Speeches, was credited to Baron Adolf Victor von Koerber, a German aristocrat and war hero. Scholars have said that Hitler sought von Koerber out for the biography because he needed a conservative figure without links to the Nazi Party to help legitimise him as a leader. However, new research says Hitler penned the work himself.

Hitler`s True Drug Habits Laid Bare By Norman Ohler In Blitzed: Drugs In Nazi Germany
History has long informed us that Adolf Hitler was a regular user of Class A drugs. But now the true scale and escalation of Hitler`s drug addiction has been laid bare in Norman Ohler`s tome Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany. Ohler has gone through existing archives with a fine toothcomb and has narrowed down the Fuhrer`s drug use to three distinct stages of intoxication. Sourcing his material from the notes of Hitler`s personal physician Dr Theo Morrell, Ohler reveals that 1936-1941, Hitler favoured vitamins and glucose intravenously in high dosages. In 1941 Hitler turned to steroids and hormone products.

Along Germany`s Coast, A Nazi Resort Becomes An Upscale Destination
A government-sanctioned plan for a Third Reich landmark is sparking a public outcry: a commercial exploitation of the biggest Nazi relic on the Baltic Sea coast. It`s a resort Hitler built between 1936 and 1939 along sandy, white beaches for working-class Germans, one that was grandiose even by Nazi standards. Concrete dormitories that are six-stories high and 550-yards wide were erected side by side over 2.8 miles of pristine coastline on the northern island of Ruegen. The cornerstone of the Prora resort was laid 80 years ago by then-Labor Front Chairman Robert Ley, who called it "a monument to the German people" and predicted it would still be standing 1,000 years later.

The WW2 mad Scots piper who remains a hero in Italy
A bagpiping war hero has become a celebrity in the Italian town he helped liberate during the Second World War - despite dying in obscurity in his native Scotland earlier this year. As part of Operation Tombola, and dressed in a kilt, he parachuted behind enemy lines in Italy and provided the stirring soundtrack to a raid on Nazi forces in the town of Albinea. Vitally, his music also gave the impression that the attackers were a solely British force when in reality dozens of Italian freedom fighters were participating.

Otto Rahn was an author, poet, medievalist, SS officer, Grail-seeker and the inspiration for Indiana Jones
Otto Wilhelm Rahn was a German author, poet, medievalist, SS officer, Grail-seeker, and the inspiration for the fictional character Indiana Jones. Most of his published work is about the Holy Grail, which he believed was real and could be found. His ideas perfectly suited the Nazis; while he worked as a First Lieutenant of the SS in the South of France, there was speculation that they might have uncovered the Grail.

The Secret History of World War II: Spies, Code Breakers, & Covert Operations
The Secret History of World War II: Spies, Code Breakers, & Covert Operations by Neil Kagan and Stephen G. Hyslop, is a richly illustrated account of these secret missions of World War II, which transports readers behind the battle lines and deep into the undercover war effort that changed the course of world history. From the authors who created Eyewitness to World War II and numerous other best-selling illustrated reference books, this is the shocking story behind the top-secret activity that shaped the outcome of the world`s greatest conflict—and the destiny of millions of people.

Heil Honey I`m Home: A sitcom about Hitler was taken off the air after the first episode
Heil Honey I`m Home! was a British sitcom written by Geoff Atkinson and produced in 1990. It was broadcast by the then-young British Satellite Broadcasting Company in 1990 on its Galaxy comedy station. On September 30, 1990, British Satellite Broadcasting aired a single episode of Heil Honey I`m Home, a Nazi-themed sitcom featuring fictionalized versions of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. They live next door to a Jewish couple, Arny, and Rosa Goldenstein. The show spoofs elements of mid-20th century American sitcoms and is driven by Hitler`s inability to get along with his neighbors

Nazis passed a number of really strict animal protection laws in 1933
The Nazis will always be remembered for their cruelty so it`s strange to hear that they treated animals with respect. When the Nazis came to power, they passed laws to protect animals. In 1933 the Nazis passed laws regulating the slaughter of animals. Hermann Goering announced an end to the `unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments` and it was said that anyone who treated animals as inanimate property would be sent to a concentration camp. Among other things, the law forbade any unnecessary harm to animals, banned the inhumane treatment of animals in the production of movies, and outlawed the use of dogs in hunting. Cutting the tails and ears of dogs without anesthesia was also banned, and livestock were supposed to be killed humanely.

Australian army blows up 10 tonnes of second world war munitions in the Solomons – video
Under the Australian-led Operation Render safe, Australian defence personnel, as well as others from the Solomons, Canada, New Zealand and Britain, have blown up more than 10 tonnes of munitions left over from fighting in the Solomon Islands during the second world war. The Solomons was the scene of bitter fighting between US and Japanese forces – including the battle of Guadalcanal – and remains littered with thousands of unfired and unexploded grenades, bombs and shells that still pose a risk to civilians

Battle of Leyte Island 1944 - Classic Strategy Game for Android from Conflict-Series
When withdrawing from Philippines in 1942 General Douglas MacArthur made a promise: The US would be back! In Octobor 1944 American forces made a bold amphibious landing on the island of Leyte, surprising the Japanese defenders who were expecting a safe landing on one of the southernmost islands. The surprising timing (before Monsoon season) and location (Leyte is located in the middle of Philippines) guaranteed U.S. forces easy first weeks. However, Japanese HQ made the decision to settle the fate of Philippines on the Leyte and started transporting in all the reinforcements they could spare from the nearby islands. The combat on Leyte escalated into massive battle requiring U.S. to commit all their reserves to stay true to their promise.
(Google Play)

World War Two spy`s row with wife almost ruined D-Day
Spaniard Juan Pujol helped convince the Nazis the landings would take place in the Pas-de-Calais, not Normandy. But after being confined to their London house to protect his identity, his wife, Araceli, threatened to go to the Spanish embassy in June 1943. She said she would tell all about one of Britain`s top double agents unless allowed to visit her mother.

How the SAS secretly hunted down Nazis after the war with the help of a rogue Russian prince and a Ouija board
The story of how the post-war SAS secretly hunted down Nazis with the help of a rogue Russian prince and a Ouija board has been revealed in a new book. It details how the organisation played a role behind enemy lines during the Second World War, including carrying out `executions in cold blood`, before carrying on clandestinely despite being officially disbanded after the defeat of Nazi Germany. A small fragment of the regiment, seen as a `rogue unit` operating `secretly, unofficially and possibly illegally`, was financed secretly by Captain Prince Yuri Galitzine, a Russian of royal blood who worked in the War Office.

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