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WWII Dragons teeth sea defences to be removed from beach near Lowestoft UK
Work is under way to remove a series of Second World War tank defences from a stretch of beach. The coastal defences had been planted to prevent enemy landings during the Second World War at Kessingland beach, near Lowestoft. But after being uncovered by erosion over recent years the ‘dragon’s teeth’ defences - consisting of vertical iron spikes that were installed as a tank landing deterrent - were being removed this week.

The deepest shipwreck discovered to date is a WWII destroyer 6,500 meters underwater
October 25, 1944. The Fletcher-class destroyer USS Jonhston (DD-557), which was fighting in the Battle of Samar in the Philippines, was sunk after being exposed for three hours to intense combat against a fleet of Japanese destroyers, including the Yamato. The ship sank at sea and was discovered in 2019, at a depth of 6,456 meters. Today, finally, it has been possible to reach it, record it, photograph it and examine it thanks to a manned submarine.

Swiss museum restores German 1944 'King Tiger' tank to working order
A Swiss museum is restoring a rare King Tiger tank used by Nazi Germany’s 506th Heavy Tank Battalion on the Western Front and hopes it will become the second driveable King Tiger left in the world.

Tortoise: The Heaviest British Tank of World War II
Despite having one of the most powerful main guns of the war, and an impressive amount of armor protection, the Tortoise heavy tank design was a failure.

Texel: Europe’s last battle of the Second World War
As Britons celebrated VE Day, German troops were engaged in pitiless clashes on the Dutch island of Texel against rebel fighters – from Georgia. Eric Lee tells the story of the final battle of Europe’s Second World War.

Goebbels commissioned a stylish, mass-producible radio to channel Nazi propaganda into German homes
Joseph Goebbels understood the art of persuasion. As propaganda minister for the Nazis, he sought to exploit radio’s tremendous potential to broadcast Hitler’s messages. But first he needed a way for people to tune in. Introduced in 1933, the inexpensive Volksempfänger helped spread Nazi propaganda to an eager audience.

The Tallboy and Grand Slam Earthquake Bombs: More of Barnes Wallis’ Crazy Inventions
When it came to destroying reinforced constructs, normal WWII bombs were much less affective. Their thin skins offered little penetrating power, and most of the blast would dissipate outwards away from the target. This was especially problematic against German bunkers, which were renowned for their incredible durability and levels of protection. Some of these, like the submarine pens at Saint-Nazaire, were protected by an 8 meter thick steel reinforced concrete roof. Another complex in France named La Coupole was covered by a 55,000 ton concrete dome 5 meters thick.

Nazi Architecture Bros: The Young Men in Albert Speer’s Office
Appointed by Hitler, the general building inspector for Berlin and his colleagues enjoyed a working environment with virtually limitless budgets and power.

US and German intelligence protected Gestapo general from holocaust prosecution
Franz Josef Huber, responsible for deporting tens of thousands of Jews, escaped punishment with U.S. backing and went on to work for West German intelligence, newly disclosed records reveal.

Listen to This Remarkable Recording of Radio Chatter Aboard a Lancaster Bomber


The surprising ways 3 women secretly fought the Nazis in Poland
More than one-third of the fighters who rose up in the Warsaw ghetto were women. Many were active in Jewish youth movements before the war. Ghetto girls defied the typical image of WW2 partisans and used Nazis' misogyny to their advantage. They blew up an Auschwitz crematorium with gunpowder smuggled in a teaspoon at a time in their bosoms. Their courage and sacrifice has remained in the background of resistance histories. A new book by Judy Batalion, "The Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler's Ghettos," recounts how the war's most unassuming combatants fought Hitler's Final Solution.

The Other Nuremberg Trials, Seventy-Five Years On
Failures in prosecuting the businessmen who profited from the Nazi war machine show just how far postwar Europe and America were willing to go in the Cold War quest to protect capitalism.

Germany drops case against former Nazi guard deported from the US
The United States deported the 95-year-old German man last month, but prosecutors in Germany have not found sufficient evidence to prosecute him.

US and Germany: How to deal with the last Holocaust perpetrators
The case of former Nazi guard Friedrich Karl B. underlines the disconnect between how the US and Germany deal with Holocaust perpetrators. The 95-year-old will now live out the rest of his days in Germany.

Japanese I-400 series submarines were capable of traveling around the world
Lieutenant Commander Stephen L. Johnson had a problem on his hands. His Balao-class submarine, the Segundo, had just picked up a large radar contact on the surface 100 miles off Honshu, one of Japan’s home islands, heading south toward Tokyo. WWII had just ended, and the ensuing cease fire was in its 14th day. The official peace documents would not be signed for several more days. As Johnson closed on the other vessel, he realized it was a gigantic submarine, so large in fact that it first looked like a surface ship in the darkness. The Americans had nothing that size, so he realized that it had to be a Japanese submarine.

Odd Looking German Light Armored Cars in 19 Images
The Treaty of Versailles, which limited Germany’s military production, made no specific mention of armored cars, allowing Germany to design them at will. One group of cars made were the Leichter Panzerspähwagen series; light-armored vehicles intended for recon missions. The need for reliable and adaptable vehicles meant they could run on a various amount of different fuel grades, and worked well on many types of terrain. The first of these four wheeled vehicles, the Sd Kfz 221, entered production in 1935.

Photos: Downed Luftwaffe Planes During The Battle of Britain
History’s most famous and arguably most important air battle was the Battle of Britain, where the outnumbered RAF fought against a formidable enemy attempting to nullify British opposition in preparation for a full scale invasion. The Germans had launched air raids on Britain over the course of June and July 1940, but on August 8th, they unleashed the first of the intense raids that signified the battle.

This Is How These Amphibious Tanks Shaped The D-Day Landings
The realities of World War Two and particularly the Normandy invasion made the DD program critical.

Battle of the Philippine Sea – Inside the Naval Showdown That Shattered Japan’s Carrier Fleet
The two days of combat had savaged Japanese naval power to the point it would never recover.

Operation Husky – The invasion of Sicily
Many battles occurred prior to Normandy that were, if not as famous, certainly as important, battles like Operation Husky, the code name for the invasion of Sicily in July, 1943. Not only did the Allies successfully take this island back from the Germans, it forced Hitler to divert troops from the battle on the eastern front in the Soviet Union.

Josephine Baker's Daring Double Life as a World War II Spy
Using fame as a cover, the glamorous entertainer spied for the French Resistance against the Nazis.

Medals of Battle of Britain ace Peter Malam Brothers who downed 16 Nazi aircraft for sale
The gallantry medals awarded to one of the RAF's finest Battle of Britain aces are being sold by his family for £200,000. Air Commodore Peter Malam Brothers destroyed 16 enemy aircraft during the Second World War. He was a veteran of the Battle of France, the Battle of Britain, the Dieppe raid and D-Day. In his RAF log books, which are also being sold, he drew red swastikas to mark all his 'kills' and wrote the words 'Good Show' to describe the 1944 Normandy invasion.

Nazi-Fighting Women of the Jewish Resistance
They went undercover, smuggled revolvers in teddy bears and were bearers of the truth. Why hadn’t I heard their stories?

Book Review: Comrades Betrayed: Jewish World War I Veterans under Hitler
On September 15, 1935, enactment of the “Nuremberg Laws” stripped German Jews of citizenship, expelling them from the civil service and most occupations. In practice, decorated and war-wounded Jewish veterans, those married to “Aryans,” and converts to Christianity were exempted from strict enforcement. The situation worsened after Kristallnacht. Some Jewish veterans were sent to a “privileged” concentration camp at Theresienstadt but as the Red Army approached, the SS grew concerned that men with military experience were potential leaders for prisoner revolts, and most were shipped off to Auschwitz for extermination.

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