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Latest hand-picked World War II news and articles

British commandos blew up Nazi shipyards in this crazy daring op
The French port as St. Nazaire held one of the largest drydocks in the world. The British decided to destroy them with a commando raid. There was just one problem, the Special Operations Executive believed the mission would require more explosives than they could carry into the dock. And all the Navy ships that could destroy the facility were too heavy to get into the Loire Estuary. So they decided to make one giant floating bomb. The SOE decided to strip a Royal Navy destroyer, making it light enough to slip into the estuary and up the River Loire. After stripping it for weight, the ship would be packed with explosives. The plan was for the commandos to board smaller ships and disembark. Once in the facility, they would set explosives elsewhere in the complex, then blow them up.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
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The Secret Ex-Nazi Army That Guarded West Germany during Cold War
If the Soviets had invaded West Germany in the early days of the Cold War, they would have found more than a hodgepodge of NATO troops waiting for them. They would also have confronted a secret army of Hitler’s former soldiers, waiting to settle scores with the Communists. Considering the brutal, take-no-prisoners warfare on the Eastern Front in World War II, former German SS troopers fighting vengeful Red Army troops—again—would have been the height of savagery. The German magazine Der Spiegel discovered a file buried for years in the archives of the BND, Germany’s spy agency. The documents reveal that in 1949, some 2,000 former officers of the SS and the Wehrmacht formed a secret paramilitary army that might have numbered as many as 40,000 fighters in the event of war.

Dinner With Himmler: An American Paratrooper’s Bizarre Encounter With One of the Third Reich’s Top Officials
Eugene Metcalfe of the 82nd Airborne’s 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment was the last man to jump from his C-47 in the opening wave of Operation Market Garden, the ill-fated Allied invasion of the Netherlands. As the fire fight raged in the darkness, the 22-year-old private from DeKalb, Illinois was knocked unconscious by a round from a German “Eighty-Eight” anti-tank gun. Left for dead, Metcalfe was picked up by enemy troops and dragged into the bowels of nearby Belvedere castle in Nijmegen. There he found himself in a rectangular-shaped room flanked by machine gun-toting SS guards.

Hitler’s Lost Uranium: The Search for WW II Nazi Uranium Cubes
A mysterious object led two American physicists to investigate Hitler’s failed quest to build a working nuclear reactor. Back in 2013 Timothy Koeth, an associate research professor at the University of Maryland, received a birthday gift: a little cloth lunch pouch containing a small object wrapped in brown paper towels. As Koeth peeled back the layers, his eyes grew wide with astonishment. He asked, “Where did you get that? Inside he found a heavy metal cube and a crumpled message, a provocative note wrapped around a stone that came crashing through the window of history. It read, “Taken from Germany, from the nuclear reactor Hitler tried to build. Gift of Ninninger.”

Hitler`s telegram saying he refused to flee Berlin
A telegraph dubbed `Hitler`s suicide note` in which the Nazi leader refused to flee Berlin in order to be seen as a valiant leader just days before taking his own life is up for auction. The German chancellor sent the historic memo to one of his favourite commanders, Field Marshal Ferdinand Schörner, who had urged him to flee the besieged capital. It states: `I shall remain in Berlin, so as to take part, in honourable fashion, in the decisive battle for Germany, and to set a good example to all those remaining. I believe that in this way I shall be rendering Germany the best service. For the rest of you, every effort must be made to win the struggle for Berlin. You can there help decisively, by pushing northwards as early as possible.`

Kurt Gerstein: There Was a Spy Inside Hitler`s SS. Here`s What He Did to Stop the Nazis
Kurt Gerstein`s official mission: improve the service of our gas chambers. His personal mission: opportunistic sabotage.

Eva Braun: life with Adolf Hitler
Eva Braun (1912–1945) was the long term companion of Adolf Hitler. The pair married on 29 April 1945 – just one day before they both died by suicide. Here, German historian Heike B Görtemaker – author of Eva Braun: Life with Hitler – answers some of the key questions about the Nazi leader`s and wife. Was she truly in love Hitler? What was her role in the Nazi party? And just how aware was she of Nazi atrocities?

The last horse charge of American cavalry was in World War II
While Poland is sometimes mocked for sending horse cavalry against tanks in World War II (it was actually horses against an infantry battalion, but still), the U.S. launched its own final cavalry charge two years later, breaking up a Japanese attack in the Philippines that bought time for the cavalrymen and other American troops.

Oskar Schindler possessions sell for $46,303
A collection of Oskar Schindler’s personal possessions sold for $46,303. Schindler was a German industrialist credited with saving nearly 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his factories. Among the Schindler items included in the sale; his Longines wristwatch, a compass, a 1938 Sudetenland Medal, two fountain pens, and a business card.

The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt: The World War II Plane That Did Everything
The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt proved itself an outstanding warplane in multiple roles during World War II.

How Japan carpet bombed India with posters against Britain during World War II
“During the Second World War, the British and Japanese governments fought a fierce propaganda war in South Asia to influence mass opinion in their favour,” said Parthasarathi Bhaumik, assistant professor of comparative literature at Jadavpur University and a British Library Chevening Fellow. “They exploited all available media—wireless, film, print and live performances… The aim was to discredit the opponent and to project their own side as the true friend of South Asian people.”

The Hidden War in Argentina: British and American Espionage in World War II by Panagiotis Dimitrakis
In The Hidden War in Argentina: British and American Espionage in World War II, Panagiotis Dimitrakis explores the clandestine warfare enacted in Argentina by both the Allies and the Axis powers. This expert analysis succeeds in illuminating the often underappreciated and supremely consequential stakes of covert operations in Latin America during World War Two.

Why a Nazi Nuclear Bomb Never Happened
The most nightmarish of World War II alternative history scenarios is the one in which Nazi Germany acquires atomic weapons. In fact, by the spring of 1945, when America’s massive nuclear program was reaching its culmination, the Nazi atomic program consisted of one experimental reactor in a cave in southern Germany, operated by scientists who lacked a clear conception of how to build an atomic weapon. Even if the German scientists had known what they were doing, they still lacked suitable radioactive material to produce a weapon. One of World War II’s most remarkable and controversial stories is just how the Nazi atomic program came to this sorry pass.

The Horten Ho. XVIII: The Flying Wing Bomber Nazi Germany Planned to Use to Bomb New York
In 1942, German air force chief Hermann Goering sketched out the requirement for the Amerika bomber—a strategic bomber capable of making 7,200-mile round-trip across the Atlantic. Earlier in 1938, Goering had stated: “I completely lack the bombers capable of round-trip flights to New York with a 4.5-tonne bomb load. I would be extremely happy to possess such a bomber.” German manufacturers built three different prototype heavy bombers to perform the task: the Junkers Ju-390, the Messerschmitt Me-264 and the Heinkel He-277.

Rare WWII Anti-Submarine Boat MASB-27 Restored For D-Day
The Motor Anti-Submarine Boat 27, the only one of its kind in a seaworthy condition, has been restored in time for D-Day. It will join fellow coastal defence veteran vessels in its first cross-channel journey to Normandy since the war to mark the commemorations. `D-Day Revisited` started the project to save her in 2016, moving it by road to Hawarden Airfield, just outside of Chester. She is currently in the marina on the River Hamble in Hampshire.

How The Allied Powers Won The Fight For The Sky In World War II
In the online course, “The Second World Wars,” Professor Victor David Hanson discusses the technological advances in air power made by German, American, and Japanese forces throughout the course of WWII, and how one side slowly achieved air supremacy. Before 1941, there was a clear pattern to the victories achieved by German forces. Germany invaded Poland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Holland, Norway, Belgium, France, and Yugoslavia. Each one of these victories was against an unprepared neighbor and a surprise attack.

Japan`s World War II Kamikaze Fighter Jet: Could It Have Won World War II?
The most intriguing question, of course, is whether Japanese jets could have changed the outcome of the Pacific War had they been fielded in time. The best answer is to look at what happened to Germany, which produced 1,400 Me-262s, some of which saw combat between November 1944 and May 1945. Though quite disturbing to the Allies, the jets didn`t save the Third Reich. There were too many Allied aircraft, the Anglo-American air forces mounted standing patrols over airfields to catch the Me-262 during their vulnerable take-off and landing runs, and Nazi Germany was being overrun Allied tanks.

Rudolf Hess: The Forgotten Deputy Führer
Among the many men who joined the Nazi movement during its rise to power, the name of Rudolf Hess is one that stands out. He was the number three man in Hitler’s Germany, although his eventual escape to Scotland sparked controversy around both his intentions and his mental condition.

The SS Iron Crown has been found 77 years after it went missing after an attack
An Australian freighter sunk by a Japanese submarine during WWII has been located after 77 years. The SS Iron Crown, a 100-metre long ship was discovered by CSIRO maritime archaeologists onboard research vessel the Investigator. The freighter was carrying manganese ore through the Bass Strait when it was torpedoed in June 1942 and sunk within 60 seconds. There were 43 members on the Australian Merchant Navy at the time, of which 38 lost their lives. Maritime archaeologist Peter Harvey said the discovery would bring closure to the families of those who lost their lives.

The Simple Reason Nazi Germany Smashed France During World War II
Though Germany eventually lost World War II and France again ended up on the victorious side, the leadership traits demonstrated before and during the battle in 1940 are textbook examples of what makes for great leadership—and what kind of leadership leads to defeat.

Teenage Audrey Hepburn Helped Dutch Resistance During WWII Nazi Occupation
Legendary actress Audrey Hepburn volunteered for the Dutch Resistance movement during World War II after the Germans invaded, according to a new book. Robert Matzen`s "Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II" included details about the young Hepburn`s actions to help the Netherlands while it was occupied by Hitler`s Nazi military.

Falaise Pocket 1944 - The latest WWII strategy game by Joni Nuutinen
In August 1944, after two months of fighting, the Allies were finally breaking out from Normandy. Germans threw their tired troops in one last risky attempt to push deeper into Allied zone to cut off the supply lines of the advancing Allied troops. The only one thing was sure: At the end of this maneuvering either several German or American armies would be cut off. Can you hold the German onslaught and lead Allied divisions into crushing victory.
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Journal of Hans Baur offers the pilot’s account of the dictator’s last moments in April 1945
The journal of Lieutenant-general Hans Baur, one of Hitler`s most trusted members of staff, offers rarely seen pictures of the Führer as well as an account of the dictator`s last moments on April 30, 1945. Brought together in his re-released memoirs titled `I was Hitler`s Pilot`, the book details what it claims to be the Nazi leader`s emotional last words to Baur. `Hitler came up to me and took both my hands in his. "Baur, I want to say goodbye to you. The time has come. My generals have betrayed me; my soldiers don`t want to go on and I can`t go on."`

Wolf`s Lair: Hitler`s infamous bunker in Poland faces its past
A complex of crumbling former Nazi bunkers in a northeast Poland forest became a Disneyland for selfie-stick wielding tourists. Also the site of an assassination attempt on Hitler, it`s now getting a facelift.

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