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Latest hand-picked World War II news and articles

Big Guns Named Winnie and Pooh Dueled Nazi Cannons Across the English Channel
When German Panzers rolled into the French coastal region in late May 1940, their crews could stare across the English Channel at the White Cliffs of Dover, just 20 miles away. The UK had not faced a hostile enemy across the Channel since the Napoleonic Wars. In that interval, the maximum range of heavy artillery had increased dramatically. Hitler was alert to the opportunity this affordedn. At Cape Gris Nez, the Germans mounted four intimidating 380-millimeter SK34 naval guns of Battery Todt in concrete casemates. Nearby were the four 280-millimeter guns of the Grosser Kurfurst battery. On Cape Blanc Nez, the beach immediately west of Calais, three 406-millimeter `Adolf Cannons` were installed in casemates shielded by 13 feet of concrete. These could lob one-ton shells up to a distance of 34 miles.

Conflict-Series: A highly rated strategy game series for Android
If you love classic PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, Invasion of Poland 1939, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, the Battle of Bulge, and the Battle of Berlin 1945. In addition there are American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War scenarios available.
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The lethal arsenal of James Bond-style hidden weapons deployed in WWII to allow spies to overpower guards if captured
A lethal arsenal of James Bond-style weapons used by World War Two spies behind enemy lines has emerged more than 70 years on. The covert tools were given by MI9, a department of the war office between 1939 and 1945, to Special Operations Executive agents. The chilling collection of `escape and evasion` items - including an assassination lapel spike and a fountain pen dagger - have been amassed by a collector of World War Two memorabilia over the years but are now coming up for sale.

The Naval Battle That Stopped Hitler from Building a Massive Battleship Fleet
At first glance, the Battle of the Barents Sea seems insignificant, a minor World War II naval battle in which a couple of destroyers were sunk. Yet the New Year`s Eve skirmish in frozen Arctic waters convinced Hitler that he should scrap all of his capital ships and had far-reaching consequences on the leadership of Nazi Germany. The reason why points to the dilemmas inherent to being an underdog in naval warfare.

Panzer Hunting: How the USSR`s ZiS-3 Anti-Tank Gun Took on the Nazi Wehrmacht
75 years ago this week, in February 1942, the Red Army concluded trials of the ZiS-3 76mm divisional field gun, a weapon that would become the most mass-produced artillery system in human history.

The fall of France: Hitler`s greatest gamble
Laurence Rees, a former BBC filmmaker who specialises in the Second World War, considers why the German drive into France in 1940 was such a risk and why it stopped short at Dunkirk…

Life on board the U-Boat: Rare photographs show how the men survived beneath the waves
Photo gallery: Life on board the U-Boat: Rare photographs show how the men who terrorised the high seas survived beneath the waves.

WW2 fighter pilot`s helmet snapped up for £50 in flea market on Costa del Sol
A helmet thought to belong to one of Britain`s most decorated WW2 fighter pilots has been discovered in a Costa del Sol flea market. An antiques collector snapped it up for just £50 after spotting it among bric-a-brac at the weekly market. Jose Fernandez thought he had chanced upon an authentic war relic when he first saw it. But it was only when he got home and found an original document with the initials of fighter ace John Braham on it inside the helmet, that he realised he could have something really special between his hands. Last night Jose said he was intending to try to authenticate the item - which comes complete with its oxygen mask and audio system - by speaking to the Royal Air Force and antiques experts in the UK.

Forgotten images of female pilot who flew spitfires during the Second World War
Forgotten images of a female pilot who flew spitfires during the Second World War have been released two weeks after she celebrated turning 100. Mary Ellis was one of the `Ata-girls`, the select gang of female pilots who flew Britain`s fighters during the war. Originally from Oxfordshire, she had her first flying lesson in 1938 and flew for pleasure until 1941 when she heard a BBC radio appeal for women pilots to join the auxiliary service and so release male pilots for combat duty.

Watch as two men explore a long-forgotten WWII bunker hidden in Dover
Two explorers have shot a remarkable video of a long-forgotten bunker hidden at an undisclosed location in Dover. The two men – part of exploration group IKS Exploration – tour the underground site armed with flashlights and a camera in a 20-minute video. The bunker is believed to have been built before World War Two as a water main – it was later enlarged to provide shelter during air raids. One of the men, dressed in a green army jacket and cap, said the tunnels could provide shelter to 850 people with access to electricity, water and flushable toilets.

Italy`s World War II Battleship Fleet: Super Weapon or Paper Tiger?
Italy`s Regia Marina was one of the busiest navies of the interwar period. Four old battleships were rebuilt so completely that they barely resembled their original configuration. This helped Italy achieve what was really, by the late 1930s, significant ship-to-ship superiority over the French Navy. The reconstruction of these ships helped generate ideas as to what their new battleships should look like. The new ships were to have enough speed to catch Dunkerque and Strasbourg (a new pair of French fast battleships), and enough firepower to destroy them.

Chilling images from SS officer`s photo album reveal the Nazis` rapid rise to power as Hitler basks in the adulation of his supporters
The previously unseen images from an SS officer`s photo album date from 1931 to 1935 and cover the period of the Nazis` rise to power and the first two years of the dictatorship. The disturbing album was recovered by US Army officer Philips Parks Ramsey at the end of the Second World War and had been in his family ever since. His direct descendants have now decided to put it up for auction and it is tipped to sell for £1,500.

Head Deep into the WWII Stockport Air Raid Shelters
The crash of bombs. The crackle of flames consuming homes. The screams of the wounded and the eerie silence of the dead. In late 1938, this was the dreadful soundtrack of the future so feared by the Stockport town council. As part of Greater Manchester, the town was likely to be targeted by Luftwaffe bombing raids when war finally came. Desperate to avoid mass-casualties on an industrial scale, the local authorities scrambled to build a vast network of bomb shelters, capable of housing tens of thousands. The result: a deep underground air raid complex (extending for nearly a mile) almost unparalleled in wartime Britain.

SAS founder was dazzled by Third Reich and fell in love with NAZI socialite in run-up to WW2
He was the brave co-founder of the world`s most famous combat unit. But before the outbreak of WWII, Lieutenant Jock Lewes was "deeply impressed" with the Third Reich, a new documentary reveals. Lewes, who helped to create the Special Air Service (SAS), socialised with Hitler and fell in love with an "enthusiastic Nazi" in the years before the war. He struck up a relationship with German society beauty Senta Adriano - a Nazi Party member - before popping the question. However, he later broke off their engagement after witnessing the "true nature" of Hitler`s regime on Kristallnacht - or the Night of Broken Glass.

70,000 people in the Greek city of Thessaloniki evacuated because of 500lb WWII bomb
At least 70,000 people in the Greek city of Thessaloniki are being evacuated so that a 500lb World War Two bomb can be defused. It is thought to be one of the largest wartime bombs to be found in urban Greece in addition to being one of the largest mass evacuations. Officials say it is too degraded to tell if it is German or an Allied bomb. Residents within a radius of about 2km (1.2 miles) of the bomb will be compelled to evacuate.

Reporting on Hitler: Rothay Reynolds and the British Press in Nazi Germany
Put foreign correspondents together, beer in hand, and chatter will soon shift from the news of the day towards the casual brutality of editors; their failure to spot the significance of a story, their talent for inserting precisely the wrong word in a crafted text.In the 1930s a remarkable bunch of aggrieved reporters met at a Berlin Stammtisch — a pub table reserved for regulars. The men from the Daily Express and Daily Mail were saddled with intrusive proprietors who thought Adolf Hitler was exactly what Germany needed.

Simon Says Comic Tells the Unbelievable Story of a Real-Life Nazi Hunter
Simon Says: Nazi Hunter, a comic book by writer Andre Frattino and artist Jesse Lee, is currently nearing its fundraising goal on Kickstarter. It`s based on the life of Simon Wiesenthal, a Holocaust survivor who escaped death because of his artistic skill (he was ordered to paint Swastikas on Nazi trains). After the war, Wiesenthal spent decades collecting information on former Nazis to try and bring them to justice, as well as protecting Jewish refugees and finding information on their missing families.

Executive order that incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II turns 75
Roughly 120,000 Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans were sent to camps across the West because the government claimed they might plot against the U.S.

Hitler`s red personal telephone from Fuhrerbunker up for auction
Hitler`s personal telephone, which he used to send millions to their deaths is up for auction. The red phone, which has the dictator`s name engraved on it, was recovered from the Fuhrerbunker, Berlin, by Brigadier Sir Ralph Rayner in May 1945. It is up for auction in Chesapeake City, Maryland, next month and is estimated to go for £400,000. The Siemens phone also has a swastika and NSDAP eagle inscribed above Hitler`s name and is `unequaled in historic importance`.

Brunhilde Pomsel, secretary to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, dies at 106
Brunhilde Pomsel, a secretary to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, has passed away in Munich at 106. Her death was confirmed by Roland Schrotthofer, a director of "A German Life," a documentary drawn from dozens of hours of interviews conducted with Pomsel when she was 103. Pomsel was one of the last surviving members of the Nazi hierarchy`s most intimate staff, but she spent all but the final years of her life in obscurity. She became widely known only after the premiere of the documentary. The film, directed by Schrotthofer, Christian Krönes, Olaf S. Müller and Florian Weigensamer, presents an arresting portrait of an ordinary German swept into the Nazi apparatus in her youth, then left to reflect for more than seven decades on her complicity, if any, in its crimes.

Tokyo Rose: an American woman forced to broadcast WW2 propaganda by the Japanese
Radio propaganda was a prominent part of World War II and perhaps no on-air propagandist was more well-known than Iva Toguri, also known as `Tokyo Rose.` Toguri was trapped in Japan when the war started and convinced to get behind the microphone to read scripts meant to lower the morale of American soldiers in the Pacific. Toguri has always said that she was a loyal American citizen who was forced onto the radio. After the war, though, she was convicted of treason and put in jail for several years.

Poland puts database of Auschwitz guards online (9,000 names)
The names of Nazi SS commanders and guards at the Auschwitz death camp in German-occupied Poland have been put online by the country`s Institute of National Remembrance (INR). It has been hailed as the most comprehensive list to date. About 9,000 names - nearly all German - are on the Auschwitz garrison list, some with photographs attached. It includes information about SS commanders and guards who worked at Auschwitz-Birkenau, their names, place and date of birth, nationality, military service and where possible, a photograph.

Allies` Secret Mustard Gas Cargo Made the Attack on Bari an Even Worse Disaster
On December 2, 1943, Germany launched an air attack on the Italian town of Bari on the Adriatic coast. The town was important strategically as it was a major shipping port. It was a carefully planned surprise attack involving more than 100 aircraft of the German Luftflotte 2. The planes, which were fast moving Junkers Ju 88 bombers, hit their targets. In the raid which lasted just over an hour, they sank 27 ships, both military and civilian including transporters and cargo ships as well as a schooner. The port was put out of action for over a year as a result of the damage. An unintended consequence of the attack was a large number of causalities suffering from mustard gas poisoning. Unfortunately, one of the wrecked ships contained a secret cargo of mustard bombs, and the poisonous gas was released into the air and sea as the ship broke up.

Nazi Sub Portrayed in Raiders of the Lost Ark Discovered in the North Atlantic
German researchers have discovered the wreck of U-581, a Nazi sub that sunk near the Azores in February 1942. The 220-foot-long VIIC U-boat—the same type of sub featured in the classic films Das Boot and Raiders of the Lost Ark—was found broken in two, and at a depth of nearly 3,000 feet. Researchers with the German Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation found the wreck last September, but chose to withhold the finding until the identity of the sub could be confirmed, and because they wanted to make the announcement public on the 75th anniversary of the ship`s sinking.

The Nazi Ratlines: The system of escape routes for Nazis fleeing Europe at the end of WWII
WWII was ending, and Germany was at the end of a severe trashing. During the height of the war, the atrocities committed at the hands of the Axis alliance members were well known, and justice was needed. With the sight of Germany on its knees, Axis members involved were ready to run. But where, how, and to whom? As the Allied forces circled around and the net of justice closed in, numerous escape routes popped up. These routes, known as the `ratlines`, provided the answer for war criminals who were looking for a new home. Among the ruins of the fallen Reich there sprung new hope for those looking to escape, many of whom ran off to South America to build a new life.

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