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Nazi Memorabilia (Controversial Sales and Auctions)

Nazi Memorabilia (Controversial Sales and Auctions).
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

A high school principal in Taiwan resigned after his students threw a Nazi parade
Last week, Hsinchu Kuang-Fu High School, a private high school in Taiwan, was relatively unknown; by the weekend, its name was splashed across the world. The sudden fame arose from a parade the school held on Dec. 23, in which students dressed as Nazis complete with uniforms, swastika banners, and cardboard tanks. A group of students had been asked to commemorate a historical figure of their choice; after two rounds of voting, they settled on Adolf Hitler. Photos of the event spread rapidly across social media, prompting outrage—from countries all over.

Nazi memorabilia openly sold at a flea market in the Ukrainian city where Euro2012 matches are played
Several stalls offer an SS soldier's helmet for just under £100. Also on sale at the Pushkin Boulevard market in Donetsk were swastika brooches at just £4 each and Iron Crosses. There were also sew-on patches of the death`s head symbol of the SS - the paramilitaries who spearheaded Hitler's attacks on the Jews.

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National Library of Wales criticised for accepting a gift of £300,000 from a Frenchman who served in the Waffen SS
The National Library of Wales has been criticised for accepting a gift of £300,000 from a Frenchman who served in the Waffen SS in the Second World War. Louis Feutren was a member of the Bezen Perrot (Perrot Unit) from Brittany which fought with the Nazis. Heritage Minister Huw Lewis said he was disappointed the library had accepted the bequest, which includes "material of significant historical importance".

Man importing Nazi memorabilia arrested in Israel, authorities try to track down his clients
The Israeli Tax Authority arrested a 41-year-old man from the town of Hatzor Haglilit on suspicion he imported Nazi memorabilia, which is illegal in Israel. The man is also accused of lowering the value of German WW2 militaria in order to avoid importation taxes. Authorities - who suspect the man sold the items to militaria collectors around the world - are trying to track down the suspect's clients, including a top soccer player in Britain.

Republican Party House Candidate dressed in a German Waffen SS uniform
Rich Iott, the Republican candidate for Congress from Ohio's 9th District, had to explain why he has for years taken part in Nazi re-enactments in a German Waffen SS uniform. He was involved with a group that calls itself Wiking, whose members re-enact the feats of a real Nazi division, the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, which fought mostly on the WWII Eastern Front. Iott confirmed his involvement with the re-enactment group over a number of years, explaining that his interest in Nazi Germany was historical and he does not support Nazism. [Article includes a Wiking recruitment video]

Over-sensitive and ridiculous? UK Museum covers up Nazi flag after complaints
Organisers of a village museum's WWII exhibition have covered up a swastika on a Nazi flag after complaints. The Nazi banner, seized from the Berlin Olympic stadium in 1945 by a local soldier, was one of the most eye-catching exhibits in the Cawthorne museum. But after "one or two people" complained that it showed a lack of respect to villagers who perished in the war, the museum covered the swastika flag with a Union Flag. The move has been called "ridiculous and over-sensitive." William Walker, a Battle of Britain pilot, said: "It's absolutely ridiculous. You have got to face reality, it's part of history."

Nazi memorabilia on sale (and popular) in Tel Aviv - Would it be any other country everyone would yell 'anti-Semitism'
"If you buy this Nazi medal, I'll throw in the Hitler postcard at half price." At a flea market in Tel Aviv, among the antique collectables, I spot a portrait of Adolf Hitler on a stamp. Next to it are postcards sent by SS officers in the 1940s. Then I see medals, coins, banknotes – all authentic from the Third Reich. I ask if he sells SS paraphernalia. He drags out a suitcase with Nazi collectors' items: An SS first aid kit to be attached to a motorcycle, Nazi officer's watch... Overpriced? "Of course they are. The Third Reich is the king of collectibles. These are collectors' items."

Grandson of Rudolf Hoess tries to sell SS memorabilia to Yad Vashem
The offices of Yad Vashem got an infuriating proposal. The grandson of Rudolf Hoess, the commander of the Auschwitz death camp, offered to sell some of his grandfather's personal items. The letter to the museum, entitled "Rare objects, Auschwitz, Commander Hoess," was short: "These are several objects from the estate of Rudolf Hoess, the commander of Auschwitz: A massive, fireproof box with official insignia – a gift from Henrich Himmler, the commander of the SS... slides from Auschwitz that have never been seen publicly, letters from his period of imprisonment in Krakow. I would be very grateful for a brief answer. Sincerely, Reiner Hoess."

The obscure journey of the Nazi tapestry commissioned by Goebbels in 1943
The German government seeks a new home for a Nazi tapestry commissioned by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. The tapestry is now property of the federal office for unresolved property issues after a court battle. The piece, about the Nibelungenlied, an epic 12th century story of dragon-slaying knights and stolen treasure, disappeared at the end of WWII. The carpet was sent to Ministry of Propaganda in 1945 in the last days of the war and fell into Allied hands - to turn up at an antiques dealer in Dresden. In the 1980s, singer Costa Cordalis bought the rug and smuggled it to West Germany - and in 2007 authorities seized the carpet from him.

Group suspends military analyst because of his German WW2 militaria collection
A human rights group has suspended its senior military analyst just because he is a collector of Nazi memorabilia. The group, Human Rights Watch, had at first given its support to Marc Garlasco, who has never expressed anti-Semitic views and whose hobby was inspired by a grandfather conscripted into Wehrmacht. Israeli government's attack on Garlasco - also an author about Nazi-era military medals - may have something to do with the fact that he investigated the use of white phosphorus munitions by the Israeli Army in Gaza. Israeli PM's policy director Ron Dermer stated: "We are going to dedicate time and manpower to combating these [human rights] groups."

British council candidate: I sell German militaria, but I'm not a Nazi
British National Party county council candidate Keith Beaumont, who buys and sells World War II Nazi memorabilia, plans to sue an anti-fascist campaign group for libel. "I run a small militaria business. I utterly refute any concoctions that I am or have any affiliations with neo-Nazi organisations. I am a British Nationalist and proud my father ... fought to save this country from Nazism. Just because I sell German and British WW2 militaria does not mean I am a Nazi. The BBC costumes and props department probably has the largest amount of German wartime militaria in the country. Does that mean the BBC is sympathetic to, or run by, Nazis?"

David Irving sells Nazi memorabilia online, including Hitler's hair and bones
David Irving has set up a website selling Nazi militaria which includes a piece of Adolf Hitler's bone and his hair ($180,000). Dubbed 'Naz-eBay' by some, the site also offers a walking stick used by the Nazi dictator and a baptising present given by SS leader Heinrich Himmler to Hermann Goering's daughter. Irving authenticates the Nazi relics and displays them on his website, taking a 15% commission. He is currently checking the bones of Hitler and Eva Braun for an American seller, who claims they were bought from a KGB agent in the 1980s. Dr Shimon Samuels, of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, called for a UK ban on the selling of Third Reich memorabilia.

EBay removed boardgame Escape From Colditz because of a swastika on the box
Boardgame Escape From Colditz has been removed from eBay auction because of a swastika on the box. Seller Paul Ramsier got an email stating the Nazi sign was "hateful and discriminatory" and could not be shown. The 1970s game, where players try to escape the Second World War POW camp, is collectable. After 6 days up for auction bidding had reached 20 pounds. Legal representative Mr Ramsier said: "It's ridiculous and political correctness gone mad." EBay said the swastika fell foul of their racial intolerance rules but if it was covered up on the box it could be auctioned.

Replicas of Spitfire, Hurricanes and Lancasters losing to Nazi planes in toy sales
For decades, replicas of British warplanes have outsold Nazi planes, but now kit sales of World War II German aircraft have passed those of the Allied forces. Sales of German tanks and ships have also outsold those of the Allies. Analysis by the model maker Airfix shows that in 2008, German kits have made up 55% of the sales of all WWII kits. 1.4 million German replicas were sold, compared to 1.1 million Allied kits. Modellers believe the rise in sales of the Nazi war machines reveals an interest in the more experimental technologies used by the Germans. Most popular models are: Supermarine Spitfire, Messerschmitt Bf 109E, De Havilland Mosquito, Focke Wulf 190D.

"Got Purge?" t-shirt, featuring Stalin, stirs up controversy
The History Students' Association (HSA) temporarily stopped the sale of one of several t-shirts amid controversy over its message. The shirt depicted Josef Stalin with the text "Got Purge?" The HSA's t-shirt is meant to satirise the "Got Milk?" series of ads, as well as reference the Great Purge that took place in the Soviet Union in the late 1930s. Sale of the t-shirts led to complaints directed towards the HSA, which argues that the shirts are not intended to offend, but are meant as a form of humourous satire.

Poland is the biggest producer and exporter of Nazi memorabilia   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Poland is Europe's biggest producer and exporter of Nazi memorabilia, Polska daily reported. Buying Nazi signs, symbols and militaria is against the law in many countries, but allowed in Poland - as law forbids promoting Nazi ideology, but not selling historic mementos, replicas or reproductions. SS emblems and swastika armbands can be purchased at markets in Polish cities. The online business is also flourishing, with one Polish auction website selling 600 items. A complete SS officer's uniform goes for 1,400 dollars, while iron cross medals cost 7 dollars and are in many cases sold in bulk.

Card game "The Fuehrer Quartett", featuring the great dictators, stirring Germany
A card game featuring 32 great dictators is causing a stir in Germany. The creators said they wanted to 'make an ironic statement' about the dictators, but not everyone gets the joke. The Fuehrer Quartett is based on a popular German card game Quartett, but with a difference. Instead of cars the cards present pictures and info on figures such as Hitler, Stalin, Franco and Mussolini. Each card features one dictator, the country, his background and how long he ruled. For Augusto Pinochet of Chile the card says he demolished a democratic system with help from the U.S., but rebuilt another one later, only to be overthrew by it.

District Council bans WW2 militaria trader from selling Nazi memorabilia
Council chiefs have banned market trader John Stokoe from selling German WW2 militaria, because of fear of complaints. Robert McMullem said Stokoe can sell military collectables, as long as it was not Nazi militaria. "That is most of the stuff I sell. So there's no point being there without it," said Stokoe, who had run the stall for 2 years and had only one complaint: from a member of the council. There was only one SS flag and an armband with a swastika, among items like medals and books. Stokoe often attends memorabilia fares, where large amounts of Nazi militaria is on offer and his stall trade has not drawn criticism before.

For sale: Nazi memorabilia, like Nazi flags, in rural Australia   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Jewish holidaymakers venturing out of Sydney were aghast to come upon overt Nazi memorabilia on sale at 3 different venues in rural New South Wales. Along with Marilyn Monroe and Harley Davidson memorabilia, the BP Legends Cafe presents swastikas, Nazi flags and other "hate items" (or German militaria for some), all forming part of what the cafe's website calls "interesting" collectables and memorabilia. The owner told that the swastikas were "not in full view of the general public, but were in cabinets". He said that it is usually bikies who buy the swastikas, and he has been selling Nazi regalia for years and that he harbours no bias towards any group.

Jewish antiques dealer selling Nazi memorabilia like swastika banners   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A London antiques dealer has defended selling Nazi memorabilia, including German caps. Leon Shrier, who owns Leon's Militaria, said the Nazi militaria was "not my favourite", but they "show various aspects of the war" and that "hiding history or not explaining it doesn’t help" and "my customers are genuine collectors". He said that many other dealers sold Nazi items: "Today Wallis and Wallis are having a sale of German items, including silverware with AH on it... If you look at magazine such as The Armourer, you will see lots of adverts from dealers showing swastikas, Iron Crosses and SS stripes - my advert doesn’t."

Nazi chess sets on sale: Third Reich soldiers, Adolf Hitler as the king
The figures of Third Reich soldiers - Adolf Hitler as the king - were found in the Grand Bizarre of Istanbul by the holidaymaker, who told: "I was shocked, angry and outraged. ... much more sensitivity to the realities of the Holocaust and the evil symbolism of the swastika should be appreciated."

Newbury Nazi auction: SS uniform, Nazi daggers and officers swords   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A collection of Nazi memorabilia is going under the hammer at Donnington auction house Dreweatt Neate. The firm said it expected militaria collectors to approach the auction, which could attract worldwide interest. Bruce Cairnduff: "If we have upset some people we apologise. But if you are offended, then do not attend the auction. With WWII still relatively fresh in our minds, collectors approach items from the German Third Reich with slightly more trepidation." Nazi militaria include an SS officer's uniform and a formal silver service designed and manufactured for Adolf Hitler's personal use.

Israelis trade in Nazi memorabilia, SS uniforms and military citations
While Israel reels from the arrest of a neo-Nazi cell, an underground trade of Holocaust-era German militaria continues to thrive. Bravery citations, id papers, handguns, SS daggers, helmets and other wartime mementos belonging to Third Reich soldiers have been the highlights of secretive auctions over the past 10 years. An SS uniform can cost $1,500-$10,000, Third Reich medals and citations $100-$200 and helmets up to $1,500. The practice continues to be shrouded in silence and few are willing to share light in their hobby.

A watercolor by Hitler for sale on Ebay-Austria
A painting titled "Muenchen," (Munich) bearing the signature of the former Nazi dictator and described by the seller as a "rarity", was put up for auction at an asking price of 2,100 euros on Another watercolor by Hitler, titled "Bad Gastein," received at least 25 bids before selling for more than 4,500 euros. Austrian-born Hitler famously had ambitions to become an artist and was turned down by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. His production of paintings and sketches was prolific but experts see little artistic merit in them and major auction-houses shy away from them because of their author's bloodstained career.