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Recent hand-picked WWII news and articles

Devil`s Slide WWII bunker in California, when military personnel scanned the coastline waters for the coming of the Japanese
There is a rocky and steep coastal rock formation off Highway 1 between Montara and the Linda Mar District of Pacifica. It has been named the Devil`s Slide due to its dramatic appearance. On top of the Devil`s Slide stands an abandoned WWII concrete and steel relic. It was a bunker that served as a triangulation and observation station. The lonely bunker atop the Devil`s Slide alongside five other `fire control stations` was part of the Little Devils Slide Military Reservation, a control and observation station built by the US Army. The threat from Japanese naval attack on North America during the Second World War was more than real.

30 Vintage Photos of Beautiful Female WWII Partisans and Resistance Fighters
Role of women in organized opposition to the German occupiers of France and the Vichy Regime during World War II. The French Resistance, in which women played an integral role, consisted of various forms of opposition to Nazi and pro-Nazi rule in occupied and Vichy France during World War II. Resistance against the Nazis and their collaborators took many forms. Besides armed combat, resisters collected and disseminated information and resistance-oriented news; they protected and hid fugitives and downed Allied pilots; and they obtained and transported messages, weapons, and news, planted explosives, assassinated Nazi officials, and provided support and logistical services.

Shipwreck Scavengers Are Dumping The Bodies Of Lost WW2 Soldiers
Indonesia`s Java Sea is a gold mine for WW2 shipwrecks, meaning it`s also a haven for scrap metal scavengers. Metal scavengers are dumping the bodies of soldiers and sailors in mass underwater graves. Thousands of Dutch, British, US, Australian, and Japanese sailors died during the Battle of the Java Sea in 1942. In 2016, Dutch divers headed to the Java Sea with the plan of placing commemorative plaques on the shipwrecks, but they were nowhere to be found. It turned out these ships were among the dozens of wrecks that had been dismantled and sold off by organized rackets of salvaging thieves. A contractor for one of the scavenging rings told that they have regularly come across human skulls, hips, hand bones, and ribs during their work.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include Axis Balkan Campaign, D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, and the Battle of Bulge. In addition to WWII some other time periods include Korean War, American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War. The more complex campaigns like Operation Sea Lion, Invasion of Norway, and Invasion of Japan 1945, include Naval element and handling logistics of supply flow.
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Arkady Waispapir, the last known survivor of Sobibor death camp dies, aged 96
Arkady Waispapir, who survived the notorious Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland, has died in Ukraine at the age of 96. He became one of eight main organizers of a resistance group that planned an uprising in October 1943 in which nearly a dozen guards were killed. Half of the camp`s 600 prisoners managed to escape from the camp, of whom 100 were recaptured immediately. Two hundred managed to make it further, but only 47 of them, including Waispapir, survived the war.

Germany to end decades-long search for WWII missing: Fate of one million still unknown
The fate of more than one million people will likely remain a mystery, said the head of tracing service. The missing persons program was tasked with finding more than 20 million people in the wake of World War II.

The absurdity of Poland`s Holocaust law
Poland to criminalize the term "Polish death camps" and other expressions implying that the Polish nation was responsible for Auschwitz and other camps built by German Nazis. There were individual Poles who did terrible things to Jews during the war and afterward, just as there were individual Poles who did heroic things. The debate about how much Poland, as a nation, bears responsibility for these individual crimes has gone on for a long time and has had depressing, as well as uplifting, aspects.

Louvre displays art looted by Nazis, hopes to find owners
The Louvre Museum is putting 31 paintings on permanent display in an effort to find the rightful owners of those and other works of art looted by Nazis during World War II. The Paris museum opened two showrooms last month to display the paintings, which are among thousands of works of art looted by German forces in France between 1940 and 1945. More than 45,000 objects have been handed back to their rightful owners since the war, but more than 2,000 remain unclaimed, including 296 paintings stored at the Louvre.

Novel Swastika Night Imagined a Nazi Future, Before WWII Even Began
The most remarkable thing about the book Swastika Night is the fact that it was published in 1937. Neville Chamberlain was still pursuing a policy of appeasement toward Germany, and war was still a couple of years away. But British writer Katharine Burdekin was already imagining a future 700 years after the Nazis had triumphed and the world was divided into spheres of German and Japanese influence. In this future, Hitler is considered divine, and women are considered less than human—little more than `talking animals`. Writing under the pseudonym Murray Constantine, Burdekin laid out the dangers of racial and male superiority, not just for non-Germans and women, but for even the most privileged men.

Classic wargaming: Spanish Civil War 1936 released by Conflict-Series
In this classic war game, modelling Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, you are in command of the armed forces of the Nationalistic Faction, which after its semi-failed coup finds itself in control of two separate areas inside Spain, while the biggest cities of Madrid and Barcelona stay loyal to the left-leaning Republican side. While most countries choose a non-interventionist policy, the Communist Soviet Union gives its support for the Republic which also operates International Brigades, while Germany and Italy provide support for the Nationalist side. Can you navigate the chaotic and dispersed setup of your forces (from weak under strength Militia to battle-hardened Army of Africa) to consolidate enough area under your control to entice more support from abroad to continue the struggle for the full control of Spain?
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WW2 Ace Pierre Le Gloan fought for both sides of the Second World War
There have been thousands of pilots who achieved ace status, many whom have racked up far more than five downings. None, however, have ever managed the singular feat of becoming a fighter ace on both sides in the same war. That is, none except one. Pierre Le Gloan, from Brittany, joined the French Armee de l`Air in 1931 as soon as he was old enough to enlist. Before his death in 1943, he achieved ace status in both the French Air Force and under the collaborationist Vichy regime after the fall of France in 1940. With 18 kills to his name and as France`s fourth-highest-scoring ace of World War II, he remains the only pilot in history to become an ace on both sides of the same conflict.

Nakajima Kikka: Could This Japanese Jet Fighter Have Won the Pacific War?
The most well-known Japanese jet—and the only one that saw combat—was the Okha, a rocket-propelled and human-piloted kamikaze. But another Japanese jet actually flew before the war ended, and would have seen combat had it continued: the Nakajima Kikka. Japanese scientists had actually studied jet engines as far back as the 1930s, but it wasn`t until the summer of 1944, when U.S. B-29 bombers began to pound Japan, that the Japanese Navy asked for the Kokoku Heiki No. 2, or Kikka ("orange blossom").

Sevastopol: The Shocking Dogfight between Russia and Nazi Germany
In June 1942, the Black Sea port of Sevastopol on the Crimea was the scene of some of the fiercest fighting of WWII. Commanded by Generaloberst Erich von Manstein, the German 11th Army was dispatched in an attack to seize this stronghold. Throughout the battle, a stiff but uneven air war raged between German Messerschmitt Me-109 fighters and a handful of Soviet airmen based inside Sevastopol. Due to the limited geographic area, the same fighter aces on both sides met in combat each day. Hauptmann Gordon Gollob, Oberleutnants Anton Hackl, Heinrich Setz, and Feldwebel Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert were among the most prominent protagonists in German Fighter Wing 77 (JG 77), as were Kapitans Mikhail Avdeyev, Konstantin Alekseyev, and Boris Babayev in the Soviet naval 6th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment—6 GIAP/VVS-ChF.

The time a Nazi submarine captain nominated his enemy for the Victoria Cross
The tale of Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Gerard Roope is quite amazing – particularly given that it was a Nazi, Hullmuth Heye, who recommended Roope for the Victoria Cross, the United Kingdom`s highest medal for gallantry in combat. But Heye wasn`t the only Nazi to recommend a Victoria Cross for a foe.

Robert de La Rochefoucauld: Aristocratic French Commando Who Escaped the Nazis Twice
When the Nazis invaded, Robert de La Rochefoucauld escaped to England, where he trained as a commando and saboteur, went back home and quickly became a hero of the Resistance.

Inside the Osówka underground city: How Nazis hollowed out a mountain
Lurking just outside the Polish village of Sierpnica is a relic of Nazi ambition. The Osówka complex is the largest and most accessible remnant of the huge Project Riese, an effort to create an underground city capable of housing 20,000 or more Nazi troops and workers. The scope of Project Riese would likely cause even the bravest James Bond writer to receive a stern ticking-off from a producer concerned about cost and believability. Work began in 1943, and while it doesn`t take an evil mastermind to guess the reason why the tunnelling came to an abrupt halt in 1945, the actual purpose of the sections dug at Osówka, in the Owl Mountains, remains a little unclear.

The US Navy designed this lethal one-man turret in World War II
When you think about turrets, you think about the big ones. Like those on Iowa-class battleships that hold three 16-inch guns. Well, in this case, you`d be thinking too big. Toward the end of WWII, the Navy was deploying a unique turret meant for the legendary PT boats. The purpose was to make them even more lethal than they proved to be in the Philippines and the Solomons. PT boats had become more than just a means of torpedoing enemy ships. By the end of the Solomons campaign, they were being used to attack barges — not with torpedoes, but with a lot of gunfire. Field modifications soon gave PT boats more powerful weapons, but there was a problem: PT boats didn`t have a ton of space.

45,000 Nigerians who fought in the British military against the Japanese
Britain enlisted the help of its colonies in fighting the Burma War in 1945, and of the 90000 soldiers that it recruited from across different countries, over half were Nigerian. Most of these soldiers were young adults, but a large percentage of them were teens as young as 16 who ran away from home to find meaning as soldiers of the British Amy.

Milestone to auction Hitler`s wartime desk, rare militaria, Jan. 27
Hitler`s custom-made oak and leather desk and chair from his Munich residence, a 1929 gift from Mrs. Elsa Bruckmann (nee Princess Cantacuzene of Romania) Accompanied by manufacturer`s hand-signed letter to Hitler advising him of the furniture`s completion, is to be sold at auction.

Files reveal 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after WWII
Fewer than 300 Nazis faced judgment in the Nuremberg trials while up to 9,000 Nazis by some counts were spirited away from Europe after World War II. Many found new lives in South America. By the late 1940s, much of South America was a haven for thousands of Nazis eluding justice. German prosecutors in recent years have estimated that Brazil accepted between 1,500 and 2,000 Nazis, Chile took in between 500 and 1,000, and Argentina welcomed up to 5,000 Nazis to their country.

The Crown Jewels were hidden in a biscuit tin reveals BBC documentary about the Queen
Gems from the Crown Jewels were hidden away from the Nazis inside a biscuit tin during the Second World War, as revealed in new BBC documentary The Coronation. Following orders from King George VI, the tin itself was buried underneath a secret passage at Windsor Castle, in case of enemy invasion. The Queen did not know the full details of the story until she was told by royal commentator Alastair Bruce, who presents the documentary due to be broadcast this Sunday.

Hitler`s Super Mercedes gets 7 million dollar bid, but doesn`t meet minimum price
A "Super Mercedes" said to have carried Adolf Hitler during the parades of Nazi Germany failed to sell Wednesday night after a $7 million bid didn`t meet the anonymous seller`s undisclosed minimum price. The rare car was up for auction by Worldwide Auctioneers in Scottsdale. The vehicle, a 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser Offener Tourenwagen, is one of five still around and one of three in private hands. The U.S Army seized the car in 1945, according to the auction house, after which it passed through numerous owners.

GCHQ kept post-war cache of Alan Turing`s bombe machines to beat Enigma again
Britain stored 50 devices used to beat Germany`s Enigma cipher machines in case the technology fell into the wrong hands after the war and messages had to be cracked again, it has been disclosed for the first time. The devices developed by Alan Turing at Bletchley Park to beat Enigma were believed destroyed at the end of the war when their job was completed. But documents recently rediscovered inside GCHQ now show 50 were kept by the government`s eavesdropping spy agency.

Nobody wants to restore Franco`s train carriage in which the Spanish dictator traveled to meet Hitler in 1940
Without power or furniture, tucked away inside an old train station in Soria province, in Spain`s north. That`s where you will find the train Francisco Franco traveled in to Hendaye in the deep southwest of France, for his historic meeting with Adolf Hitler in 1940. The train been waiting more than 30 years to be fully restored and has spent six decades abandoned in a decrepit state as promises of restoration have gone unfulfilled.

In 1942, the British planned on killing millions of Germans by dropping anthrax onto their pastures
In 1942, the British began planning Operation Vegetarian, which would have possibly wiped out millions of human lives, caused a crippling famine, and contaminated a large part of Europe. The course of the war prevented the operation from ever being put into action, but even the preparations caused some unplanned damage.