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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

Recent hand-picked WWII news and articles

Hermann Goering: Things You Didn't Know About One Of History's Biggest Monsters
Aside from serving as commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering was in charge of Germany's economy throughout World War II, and along with the plundering of Jewish architecture and property, it made him one of the wealthiest—and most abhorrent—men in Germany.

The Not So Phoney War: There Was No Shortage of Bloodshed In WW2’s Supposedly Quiet Opening Weeks
The first six months of World War Two are often remembered as a relatively tranquil phase of the conflict… It was hardly uneventful.

As Britain’s War Cabinet Considered Making Peace with Hitler in 1940, Churchill Remained Defiant
Asked once later in life what moment he would most like to relive if he could, Winston Churchill replied without hesitation: “The summer of 1940. The summer of 1940, every time.”

Bletchley Park’s contribution to WW2 over-rated says official history of UK spy agency GCHQ
Code-breaking hub Bletchley Park's contribution to World War Two is often over-rated by the public, an official history of UK spy agency GCHQ says. The new book - Behind the Enigma - is based on access to top secret GCHQ files. "Bletchley is not the war winner that a lot of Brits think it is," the author, Professor John Ferris of the University of Calgary, told.

Nazi torpedo test site could become floating monastery
A Nazi torpedo test station in the Baltic Sea may have a future as a retreat for Franciscan monks. Set on sunken caissons more than 300 metres off the Polish coast, the ghostly skeleton is all that remains of a German station opened in 1942 to test torpedoes. Now, a bold architectural project has won Poland’s leading student prize for recasting the wartime construction off the city of Gdynia as a sea-bound oasis for monks to live and worship. The monastery, designed by Pawel Lisiak, an architecture graduate from Wrocław University of Technology, was chosen as this year’s top student project by the Association of Polish Architects, who lauded it for “confronting the sacred with the profane”.

Video-Pics: The largest naval battle of WWII, possibly ever, began 76 years ago
On October 23, 1944, the largest naval battle of World War II — and by some measures, the largest naval battle in recorded history — began in the Leyte Gulf off the coast of the Philippines. The Battle of Leyte Gulf saw units of the U.S. Navy’s 3rd and 7th fleets and Royal Australian Navy elements battle with the Imperial Japanese Navy. The three-day naval battle was actually a series of engagements around the Philippine islands of Leyte, Samar and Luzon.

Nine Ingenious Weapons of the Polish Underground
In August 1944, 20,000 fighters from Poland’s underground Armia Krajowa (AK) or “Home Army,” launched a series of assaults on Nazi forces. The offensive, which targeted Wehrmacht and SS units stationed in and around the Polish capital of Warsaw, was the capstone to months of unrest that had rocked German-controlled areas like Lublin, Zamość, Wilno, and Lwow. Yet despite the abruptness of the attacks, the campaign, which was dubbed Operation Tempest, was a long time in the making: the 400,000-strong Home Army had been secretly stockpiling weapons and ammunition for the onslaught for more than a year.

How Cinema Under the Nazis Distracted Germans From the War - and Survived Until the End
On May 8, 75 years ago, the Germans surrendered and WWII was over. Yet, even right until the end of the war, Germans were still going to the movies, enjoying films commissioned by the Nazis.

Non-Jewish couple who sheltered filmmaker Roman Polanski during WW2 named Righteous Among the Nations
A non-Jewish couple who risked their lives to help shelter Jewish filmmaker Roman Polanski during World War II have posthumously been named 'Righteous among the Nations' by Israel's World Holocaust Remembrance Center.

Globe-Themed Bar From Hitler’s Yacht Is Being Sold for $75,000
On October 29, Alexander Historical Auctions in Maryland will sell off an item that comes with a mandated starting bid of $75,000: a self-contained bar and five bar stools that once sat on Adolf Hitler’s yacht, which was called Aviso Grille.

Handwritten speeches by Hitler fetch over $40K at Munich auction
Handwritten speech notes by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler sold at auction in Munich. The Hermann Historica auction house defended the sale of the manuscripts, all dated before the outbreak of World War II, saying they were of historical significance and belong preserved in a museum. A 9-page manuscript by Hitler outlining his speech to new military officers in Berlin in 1939 about eight months before the beginning of World War II fetched the top price of 34,000 euros ($40,300).

The SS Officer’s Armchair: Uncovering the hidden life of a Nazi’ stationed in Prague, part II
British historian Daniel Lee is a specialist in the history of Jews in France and North Africa during the Holocaust. His latest book, The SS Officer’s Armchair: Uncovering the hidden life of a Nazi, is the story of a German lawyer named Robert Griesinger who joined the Gestapo, served in the Wehrmacht, and then in occupied Prague. In the first part of this interview, we learned how a cache of Griesinger’s documents, found hidden in an armchair, compelled Daniel Lee to research the life of this “ordinary Nazi”, to better understand the inner workings of the Third Reich.

Revisiting India's forgotten battle of WWII: Kohima-Imphal, the Stalingrad of the East
Even within the context of extraordinary WWII, there are amazing battles that have been forgotten. One such slice of history is the Battle for Kohima-Imphal, which was a decisive turning point in the war. It ended with the first major defeat suffered by Japanese forces in the Burma theater and thwarted their ambitious plans to invade India. In fact, in 2013 it was voted by the National War Museum as Britain's greatest battle ahead of the more celebrated engagements of D-Day and Waterloo.

Target Berlin: Inside the Forgotten Soviet Bomber Raids on Hitler’s Capital
At the start of WWII, German air force chief made a brazen pronouncement: If enemy planes drop a single bomb on Germany “you can call me ‘Myer,'” Hermann Göring joked. Not only was the Nazi Resichsmarschall soon proven wrong, as early as 1940, Berlin itself would find itself in the enemy crosshairs. Beginning with the first British raid on the Nazi capital, launched on Aug. 25, 1940, through to the last attacks leading up to VE Day, RAF Bomber Command dropped 45,000 tons of ordnance on the city. American planes were responsible for an additional 23,000 tons in the war’s last two years. In all, the western Allies launched more than 360 raids on the city.

Operation Gallop: How the Red Army Pushed Nazi Forces To the Brink After Stalingrad
With victory at Stalingrad close at hand, the Soviets launched Operation Gallop to liberate the Lower Don Basin.

A Call to Spy Highlights Virginia Hall, the Most Powerful Female Secret Agent in Modern History
The film A Call to Spy, showcases the life of Virginia Hall, a one-legged, prolific female spy who the Germans once called, "The most dangerous of all Allied spies".

Meet the Only Australian Destroyer To Survive World War II
The Australian destroyer HMAS Vendetta fought against Italy, Germany, and Japan during World War II.

Polish divers tackle massive British Tallboy WW2 bomb in Baltic
Polish military divers have begun a delicate operation to defuse a giant British WW2 bomb at the bottom of a Baltic Sea shipping canal. The Tallboy, or "earthquake" bomb, is 6m (19ft) long and weighs 5.4 tonnes, nearly half of which is explosives. The RAF dropped it in a raid in 1945 which sank the German cruiser Lützow. The bomb is embedded at a depth of 12m and only its nose is sticking out.

Nazi art on show: Is Germany ready to look again
Recently unearthed works by Hitler's favorite sculptor, Arno Breker, are now on show in Berlin. Is there a new readiness to address Nazi-era art in Germany?

Polish divers find wreck of German WWII ship in Baltic Sea
A team of Polish divers say they have found almost intact the wreckage of German World War II steamer Karlsruhe, which was bombed by Soviet planes and sunk in the Baltic Sea in April 1945, with the loss of hundreds of civilian and military lives. The 10-member Baltictech team say the wreckage rests 88 meters (290 feet) under the sea dozens of kilometers (miles) north of Poland’s coastal resort of Ustka. In the wreckage, they say they have found military vehicles, china and sealed chests in the ship’s hold, all in good condition.

Here's How the Nazis Put the First Manmade Object into Space
Nazi Germany, despite having what has been described as an corrupt procurement bureaucracy, was able to develop some of the most advanced weapons of war ever seen. From the first-ever jet fighter, the Messerschmitt Me 262, to Tiger heavy tanks, IR night sights, and piston-engined fighters like the Focke Wulf FW-190s, they were also able to produce the world's first ballistic missiles: the much-feared V-2. The V-2 Vergeltungswaffe 2 ("Vengeance Weapon 2") was the brainchild of one Werner von Braun, who would later prove instrumental during the U.S. space program during the Cold War.

Weapons of Last Resort: The Arms and Equipment of Hitler’s ‘Volkssturm’
Germany’s depleted armaments industry was still able to crank out a sizeable arsenal of makeshift firepower for the Volkssturm.

In 1942, a US Navy top-secret mission swam in the Sebou river to cut a steel cable
A US top-secret mission landed in Morocco in 1942 to cut a steel cable in the Sebou river. The operation was a crucial step of the North Africa landing carried out by the Allied forces against the Vichy France forces.

WASP: Remembering The Forgotten First Female Pilots Who Served During World War II
World War II may have been about the bitter truth of exacting power and authority at all cost, and the death of countless innocent civilians. But one aspect of the war that went completely unnoticed was the participation of women as pilots for the first time ever during the war. The one great thing about war is that it could be an excellent social leveller. And that is what happened at the start of 1939.