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Recent hand-picked WWII news and articles

Conflict-Series: A highly rated strategy game series for Android
If you love classic PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, Invasion of Poland 1939, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, the Battle of Bulge, and the Battle of Berlin 1945. In addition there are American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War scenarios available.
(available on Google Play & Amazon App Store)

The Battle for Hell`s Island` - Book on Guadalcanal battle focuses on Navy dive-bombers
The Battle of Hell`s Island: How a Small Band of Carrier Dive-Bombers Helped Save Guadalcanal. By Stephen L. Moore. Guadalcanal was one of World War II`s biggest slugfests, a battle fought in the skies, in the seas, and in the malarial jungles of the Pacific. For the Japanese, Guadalcanal served as a foothold in the nation`s quest to expand its defensive perimeter, one that followed the disastrous naval defeat at Midway in June 1942 that had cost four aircraft carriers. American war planners, in contrast, viewed the island as a vital means of keeping communication lines open between the U.S. and its ally Australia.

Documentary Hitler`s Olympics takes a look back at the most controversial Olympics of all time
Hitler`s Olympics, a documentary by Daniel Kontur, profiles the 1936 summer Olympic games, which were hosted in Berlin under Hitler`s regime. The film, which is now available on Netflix, discusses the temporary pause on the persecution against Jewish people in order for The Olympics to take place. This was a necessary concession for Hitler and the rest of the Nazis as The United States nearly pulled their involvement from the games, which would have resulted in the cancelation of The Olympics. Originally, Hitler was against hosting The Olympics — because they promoted international goodwill, of which he was not interested — but was persuaded into hosting when advised on the opportunity for Nazi propaganda.

Secret Japanese Military Maps Could Open a New Window on Asia`s Past
These maps were captured in the waning days of WWII as the U.S. Army took control of Japan. American soldiers confiscated thousands of secret Japanese military maps. The maps covered much of Asia, and they went far beyond the local topography. They included detailed notes on climate, transportation systems, and the local people. It`s the kind of information that could be used to plan an invasion or an occupation, and some of it was gathered by spies operating behind enemy lines. To the Japanese, these maps are known as gaihōzu—maps of outer lands. To the Americans, they were a valuable source of intelligence, not just on a recently defeated foe, but also on a newly emerging one—the Soviet Union.

Deadly Sky: The American Combat Airman in World War II
`Deadly Sky: The American Combat Airman in World War II,` takes an in-depth look at the dog fights that took place in the clouds above the European and the Pacific theaters of World War II. The book shares many personal accounts of American combat airmen between 1941 and 1945. Military historian Dr. John C. McManus conducted both archival research and in-person interviews to shed light on training, living conditions, planes, combat missions, getting shot down and leadership in the face of war.

War Brides of Japan To Take Focus in New Documentary
Journalist and filmmaker Yayoi Lena Winfrey is looking for more Japanese "war brides" to interview as she completes the filming for her feature-length documentary film, "War Brides of Japan." With many of these women in their mid-80s, Winfrey said that time is critical to document their stories. With interviews already scheduled for 11 and their adult children in eight cities and three states this month, Winfrey hopes to find more women and families to interview along the way.

Members of secret WWII Australian military unit will finally be publicly commemorated
The unit called, the Z Special Unit, conducted missions in the Pacific and South East Asia, but their achievements were classified for decades. And today, years after being hidden from public knowledge, they will be revealed and recognised at the Australian War Memorial. Senior historian at the memorial Dr Karl James said members of the unit conducted some of the most courageous and extraordinary acts of the Second World War. `It is only given the passage of time say from the 1980s onwards, the wartime records relating to Z Special Unit have been cleared and opened, that we are now able to talk about some of these pretty remarkable exploits.`

Photos reveal the US military equipment dumped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean because it was too expensive to bring home
It`s called Million Dollar Point - an apt title for a treasure trove of US military equipment left dumped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean after the Second World War. Amazing pictures have revealed the stash - and huge waste - of vehicles and other apparatus in waters off the island paradise of Vanuatu. The US military had been using Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, as a base to launch attacks on the Japanese. The wreckage includes, bulldozers, jeeps, trucks, semi-trailers, fork lifts, tractors, clothing, corrugated iron and even Coke bottles.

Hitler`s Olympic Village: The 1936 Summer Olympics site is a crumbling remnant
Little known to most tourists and even Germans, on the edge of Berlin lie the chilling abandoned remains of `Hitler`s Olympic village,` built for the so-called Nazi Games of 1936.

This is one of the most bizarre World War II photos of a Nazi submarine we`ve seen
In the below 1944 photo, colorized by Marina Amaral, US Army troops examine a one-man submarine that washed up on the Anzio beachhead in Italy. According to The National World War II Museum, the submarine was converted from a torpedo, with the warhead chamber replaced with a cockpit. US troops captured the 17-year-old Nazi pilot when the beached unterseeboot, or U-boat, was found in April 1944.

Eagle that once adorned Hitler`s private train recovered by Wisconsin historical center
A chromium eagle that once adorned the train of Adolf Hitler will be on display in the new acquisitions case until late in the fall, said Bob Fuhrman, director of the Bong Center. The Douglas County Historical Center donated the lost and recovered war trophy to the center that shares military history with the public. The eagle with a Nazi swastika beneath its talons was donated to the Douglas County Historical Society in 1946. The artifact vanished from the society`s collection. It was recovered when DCHS director, Tony Tracy, spotted the artifact last August on Craigslist while scrolling through antiques. Tracy notified Superior police of his suspicions about the artifact — that it could be one missing from the historical society`s collection.

Top 10 German flying aces of all times
If success is to be measured according to the number of aerial victories, top ten of the most successful fighter pilots in history all served under the Third Reich. These unbelievable flying aces, nevertheless, failed to prevent their country from losing the war.Here`s a quick recap of their extraordinary achievements. (1) Erich Hartmann. (2) Gerhard Barkhorn. (3) Günther Rall.

Enigma before Bletchley: the German spies who betrayed Hitler
Written by Paul Paillole, the head of French Secret Services in the Second World War, The Spy in Hitler`s Inner Circle tells the story of Hans-Thilo Schmidt, France`s German spy embedded in the very heart of the Third Reich. The intelligence he provided helped to decode the Enigma machine at Bletchley and ultimately contributed to the collapse of Hitler`s Third Reich.

America`s Submarine War: How the Silent Service Quietly Brought About the Downfall of Japan
While conventional wisdom holds that the atomic bombs ended the Pacific War, it was America`s blockade of Japan that brought the empire to its knees.

Wild Rides – Seven of the Strangest Bomber Raids of WW2
Both the Allies and Axis would conduct a number of unusual bombing runs during the course of the Second World War.

Outrage as Nazi camp in Lithuania has been turned into a party venue
Nestled in a hillside and topped with lush grass and flowers, it`s easy to see why this venue is popular for weddings. But Kaunas` Seventh Fort in Zaliakalnis, Lithuania, an 18-acre complex which dates back to 1882, happens to also to harbour a dark history as a Nazi concentration camp where up to 5,000 Jews died. It was purchased by Lithuanian non-profit organisation Military Heritage Centre in 2009, and is now available to hire for parties, conferences and kids` camps - a move which has been described as `shocking and disgusting` by a Holocaust commemoration group.

New Book Sheds Light on Ravensbrück Concentration Camp
Ravensbrück was the only concentration camp built by the Nazis specifically for women. Located 50 miles north of Berlin, it opened four months before the start of WWII, in May of 1939. It was liberated by the Russians in 1945. During that time, over 130,000 were sent there. At its busiest, there were 45,000 women living there. The death toll was up to 90,000. Little is known about this camp because the Nazis burned most of the prisoners` files and then threw in a nearby lake days before liberation. If Auschwitz was the Nazi center of crimes against Jews, Ravensbrück was their center of crimes against women. That`s the argument author Sarah Helm makes in her book If This Is a Woman – Inside Ravensbrück: Hitler`s Concentration Camp for Women. In it, she rescues Ravensbrück from obscurity with intensive research and interviews.

If the Battle of the Philippine Sea had played out differently, Japan`s navy might have been decimated by June 1944
The battle involved 15 American aircraft carriers deploying some 900 aircraft on one side and 9 Japanese flat-tops with 450 planes on the other. When the smoke had cleared, three Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) carriers had been sunk (two by U.S. submarines, the other by carrier aircraft), with barely over 30 aircraft left on the decks on the remaining six flat-tops. In stark contrast, the U.S. Navy did not have a single flat-top sunk or damaged and suffered combat losses of 30-odd planes. The Battle of the Philippine Sea is one of the largest naval encounters of World War II, but has often been overshadowed by other more illustrious fleet-on-fleet clashes, especially the Midway and Guadalcanal campaigns, and the Battle of Leyte Gulf following it.

Clothing Rationing in Britain During World War II
The necessity for food rationing during WW2 was accepted by the people of Britain, and while they found it difficult, they met the challenge head on. The surprise rationing of clothing, announced on 1st June 1941, was yet another war burden which had to be faced. Rationing of clothing became necessary as many manufacturing concerns had been taken over for war work. There was a huge demand for war-related materials such as wool, (for the manufacture of uniforms), and silk (for making parachutes, maps, and gunpowder bags), and raw materials were in short supply.

Unique Soviet T-34 tank recovered from river in south Russia
The solely survived Soviet T-34-76 tank produced at the Stalingrad Tractor Factory has been retrieved from the Don River in south Russia.The operation to recover the WWII Soviet tank was carried out near the village of Ukrainskaya Builovka in the Voronezh Region. The tank was retrieved by a BREM-1 repair and evacuation vehicle based on a T-72 tank from the 7-meter depth. The armored vehicle that had stayed at the river bottom for more than half a century endured the operation well.

Video: Blast From the Past: The Legendary Soviet `Katyusha` Rocket Launcher
The iconic rocket artillery system that helped win World War II celebrates 75th anniversary of its first combat deployment.

Hitler`s Kamikazes: Nazi Germany`s Suicide Aircraft
The Germans hoped that slamming a massed formation of ram fighters into a U.S. raid would destroy so many bombers that the Americans would suspend their assault.

Tour of World War II sites in Europe was life-changing experience
My recent trip to Europe, a tour of WWII cities and sites led by Jefferson High School teacher Bob Pittard, was definitely the trip of a lifetime. Over the course of 12 days, I got to know 25 peers, six teachers and the history of World War II better than I ever thought I could. The very first day, we drove through Paris, went to the Batterie de Merville (a German gun emplacement that was one of the first places to be attacked by Allied forces on D-Day); visited Sword Beach, where some Allied troops came ashore on June 6, 1944; and got to stay at the beautiful Hotel La Marine on Gold Beach, another place where Allied troops began turning the tide of World War II.

Austria to seize the house where Hitler was born in 1889 to prevent it becoming a site of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis
Austria`s government is to seize the house where Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 to prevent it becoming a site of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis. The owner, a retired local woman, has refused repeated offers to buy the house in Braunau am Inn in the past. However, there is disagreement over what to do with the house next. The interior minister wants it demolished but others say a museum or even a supermarket would more effectively "depoliticise" it.

Film explores hidden history of World War II: the rape of nuns
A new film focuses attention on a long-ignored war crime — the sanctioned and systematic rape of Polish nuns during World War II. `The Innocents` (`Les Innocentes`) tells the story of a young French doctor who is called to a Polish convent to aid a young novice in a breech labor. She discovers that Soviet soldiers, with the approval of their officers, raped dozens of the nuns during the occupation, leaving five of them pregnant. The story is based on real events. In 1945, 27-year-old Madeleine Pauliac, a doctor, was working with the Red Cross in Poland when she was called to the bedside of a nun in labor. According to her notes, the nun was from a convent where advancing Soviet soldiers raped 25 religious sisters, killed 20 more and left five pregnant.