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Recent hand-picked WWII news and articles

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German U-boat given to Japan during WWII found in sea after 72 years
A German U-boat that was gifted to the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II has been discovered intact off Kyoto Prefecture more than 70 years after it was scuttled by the Allies in 1946. The 77-meter-long U-511 was built in 1941 by Nazi Germany. It was later renamed the Ro-500 when it was given to the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1943 after it was used to transport confidential documents to Japan.

Never-before-seen photos of Hitler`s Reich Chancellery has emerged for sale
Never-before-seen photos of Adolf Hitler`s Reich Chancellery have come to light which reveal how the opulent Nazi HQ looked before and after it was decimated by Allied bombers.

The battle of Kursk 75 years on
The human and material toll of the world’s largest tank battle was horrendous as the Wehrmacht’s tactical edge was overwhelmed by superior means of destruction.

Never-before-seen photos showing Winston Churchill cheering up British troops in Normandy shortly after D-Day go up for auction
Never-before-seen photos showing Winston Churchill cheering up British troops in Normandy shortly after D-Day go up for auction

How three Spaniards discovered a Nazi submarine in Galicia
Finding a wreck at the bottom of the sea is no easy feat. For Spanish researchers Anxi González Roca, Eduardo Losada and Yago Abilleira it was a process that took almost a decade. After years of research and failed diving expeditions, the trio finally found the remains of the U-966 Nazi submarine Gut Holz.

The US`s best tank in World War II rarely saw combat - M-26 General Pershing
Sometimes, a good weapon system never gets a chance to shine. In some cases, there simply aren`t any conflicts through which the gear can demonstrate its worth (the B-36 Peacemaker comes to mind). In other cases, a piece of technology may mark an important milestone but end up virtually obsolete by the time the next war rolls around, as was the case with USS Ranger (CV 4).

How GIs trained to take out Japanese tanks
American troops in World War II didn`t just face enemy tanks in the African and European theaters. German Panzers get much of the attention when it comes to WWII-era armor, so it might surprise you to learn that Japan also used tanks in both the Pacific and China-Burma-India (CBI) theaters. That being said, there`re good reasons why Japanese tanks haven`t enjoyed the same level of hype as their counterparts from Nazi Germany.

The Influence of Railways on Military Operations in the Russo-German War 1941–1945
In common with much of the historiography of the Russo-German War of 1941–1945, there has been extensive study of the role of railways in the war, with either side concentrating on different aspects of the subject. But to date there has been little attempt to make a comparative study of the railways on both sides and to gauge the effect of differences in capacity on military operations and their outcomes. Yet the ubiquitous nature of railways for travel and transport in Russia, due to the large size of the country and the inability of motor vehicles to support operations beyond 300–400 km, meant that every military operation of the war was dependant on railways, and the way in which they were used was a key element in their success or failure.

Photos: In search of American WW2 pilots missing off Corsica
Divers from the French navy are working with a US agency to recover the remains of American World War Two pilots from the seabed off the east coast of the French Mediterranean island of Corsica.

No compensation for Lebensborn children abducted by Nazi SS
Children regarded as "racially pure" and abducted by the SS are not entitled to compensation, a German court has ruled. Up to 200,000 children were kidnapped and forcibly Germanized during the Nazi occupation of Poland.

Tom Neil , one of the last surviving RAF aces who fought in the Battle of Britain, dies at the age of 97
One of the last surviving RAF ‘aces’ who fought in the Battle of Britain has died at the age of 97. Wing commander Tom ‘Ginger’ Neil died peacefully, just two days before his 98th birthday. The RAF hero was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) and Bar and Air Force Cross (AFC) for his extraordinary bravery during the dark hours of 1940. He flew a total of 141 combat missions during the Battle of Britain and was credited with 13 ‘kills’.

Secret camp housed men who refused to fight in World War II
Portraits of the Past: Secret camp housed men who refused to fight in World War II. First in a series about New Raymer`s Buckingham Side Camp for conscientious objectors.

13 Roles Soviet Women Filled in WW2 - From pilots to snipers
As they started running out of manpower, many nations in the Second World War turned to their womenfolk to staff their war machines. In most countries, their roles were limited. They mostly held supporting jobs such as nurses, drivers, and factory workers. But in the USSR, hundreds of thousands of women served in both front line and supporting roles.

Anne Frank`s family tried to escape to US but couldn`t overcome restrictions: study
Bureaucracy, war and suspicion prevented Anne Frank`s family being able to emigrate to the US from their home in Holland during World War II.

Russian Tank Commander Dmitry Lavrinenko was Top Allied Tanker in WWII with a Score of 52
It is inevitable that in any armed conflict scores are kept and one person is declared the winner. So it was with tank commanders during WWII and ratings of the number of tanks destroyed by various tank commanders were kept. Men such as Michael Wittmann, who destroyed 132 Allied tanks, Otto Carius who destroyed 150 Allied tanks, and Kurt Knispel who destroyed 168 Allied tanks. Such men head up the overall list of successful tank commanders. Within the Allied forces, the honor of being the most successful tank commander goes to Dmitry Lavrinenko, a Russian tank commander who destroyed 52 Axis tanks in the amazingly short time period of just two and a half months.

Reinhard Hardegen, the Last World War II U-Boat Commander, has died at 105
Four months after the Pearl Harbor attacks, Kapitanleutnant Reinhard Hardegen decided that Americans should see for themselves what war with Germany was going to look like. He began with Florida sunbathers. On April 11, 1942, Hardegen`s submarine, U-123, torpedoed the tanker SS Gulfamerica off Jacksonville. He maneuvered U-123 around the flaming wreck and surfaced between the SS Gulfamerica and the beach. He sank it with U-123`s deck gun.

Himmler`s daughter worked for Germany`s foreign intelligence agency in 1960s, officials admit
Heinrich Himmler’s daughter worked for Germany’s postwar foreign intelligence agency, it has been revealed. Gudrun Burwitz, the daughter of the architect of the Holocaust and a fervent Nazi until her death last month, was employed by West Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) – the Federal Intelligence Service – from 1961 to 1963, the agency has confirmed. She worked as a secretary at the BND’s headquarters in Pullach, near Munich, but used a different name.

What would the Home Guard have done if Hitler had invaded?
During the summer of 1940, British industry had done an amazing job of turning to the production of weapons and equipment for the regular forces – they still had a way to go, but they were getting there. Even the Home Guard were now receiving weapons from the US – perhaps only one rifle between three men, but there were Molotov petrol bombs and a variety of other homemade weapons as well. The Home Guard`s job was simple: as well as sending information, they were to hold up the enemy as long as possible.

Bomb Romania: Russia declassifies secret files from first days of Germany’s attack on USSR
Russia has published secret WWII documents to mark the 77th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the USSR. The files include an order from the Soviet command on June 22, 1941, which called for the bombing of Axis member Romania. Special attention is given to a 3-page document signed by Georgy Zhukov who served as the Chief of the General Staff. The order, signed 3 hours after the start of the Nazi invasion, makes a call “to attack the enemy forces by all means and destroy them in areas where they have violated the Soviet border.” It also states that Soviet troops shouldn’t hit the territories of Finland and Romania “until special instructions” are given. However, on the back of the last page there is a postscript from Zhukov himself: “Bomb Romania!”

Young Hitler: The Making of the Führer by Paul Ham
The collapse of any society brings forth monsters. In this sense, there was nothing uniquely German about the Nazis. Hitler and the National Socialist party he created could have happened anywhere. It is fair to say that had America, Britain, France or any nation for that matter, been left in the brutalized state of Germany in 1918-19, they may have found their own Führer, preying on their humiliation and social chaos, and blaming it all on a defenseless minority.

101st Airborne D-Day Attack: Parachute Behind Enemy Lines Under Nazi Attack
Despite the mission’s ultimate success, things did not go as planned at all: Pilots were scared flying through all the anti-aircraft fire. They did not slow down to let the paratroopers out. Many guys had equipment ripped off before they jumped. Some guys did not have anything when they landed. Many troops wound up landing in marshy areas between Utah and Omaha Beach, 20 miles away from the objective in some cases.

How the Soviets ruined the life of a German soldier who warned them about the Nazi invasion
On June 21, 1941, at 9 pm, German soldier Alfred Liskow swam across the Bug River, the natural border between the Soviet Union and the Third Reich. He informed the Soviet Border Guards that the next day, June 22, at 4 am, German armies would attack Soviet territory. However, his unexpected conflict with the Soviet leadership cost him his life.

The Hetzer: The Killer Tiny Nazi Tank You Never Heard Of
The Hetzer provided lengthy service on all fronts where the German Army was engaged during World War II.

Cutlery made for Hitler to celebrate his 50th birthday sold at auction for 12,500 Pounds
Cutlery made for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to celebrate his 50th birthday has been sold at auction for £12,500. The formal pattern silverware was discovered during a house clearance in Dorset, having belonged to a senior military officer. The two knives, three spoons and three forks, which were created for Hitler`s use during formal occasions, had been expected to fetch up to £2,300. Sherborne`s Charterhouse Auctioneers said they were "a big part" of history.