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Recent hand-picked WWII news and articles

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include Axis Balkan Campaign, D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, and the Battle of Bulge. In addition to WWII some other time periods include Korean War, American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War. The more complex campaigns like Operation Sea Lion, Invasion of Norway, and Invasion of Japan 1945, include Naval element and handling logistics of supply flow.
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List with some of the most incredible footage from World War 2 caught on tape
Argunners Magazine has compiled a list with some of the most incredible footage from World War 2 caught on tape. This list includes rare (color) footage or extraordinary events caught on tape.

Why the Panzerfaust was one of the best weapons against tanks
As World War II progressed, tanks got beefier and beefier, forcing infantrymen to find new ways to wreck panzers. They eventually turned to an idea first pioneered in the 1880s by German and American scientists. The Panzerfaust had limited range, limited stopping power, and required brave troops to draw deeply into a tank`s range to kill it, but it was still one of the more effective tank weapons of the war, and they instilled fear in Allied tank crews forced to drive against it.

Guernsey WWII bunker with German murals opened years after being sealed
A World War 2 bunker in Guernsey has been opened after years of being sealed. The last time the 631b bunker near Richmond Kiosk was accessible was in the early 1980`s and members of the Festung Guernsey Archive group have unsealed it to a record a digital archive of it. The footage from Steve Powell shows just what good condition the murals are in. Plans to go down to the privately owned bunker were in place 2 years ago but it is only now that members of the archive have been able to venture inside.

Librarians And Researchers Are Finally Making Strides Returning Nazi-Looted Books
During the 1930s and 1940s, Alfred Rosenberg, the leader of the Nazi’s Office of Foreign Policy led the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg task force in pillaging over 6,000 archives and libraries across Europe. Now the group’s record keeping is helping to reunite these stolen books with their owners and their heirs, a task that has been sidelined for decades in favor of valuable works of art. Mirroring similar efforts by art institutions, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, the World Jewish Restitution Organization and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have cataloged an online list of titles based on Rosenberg’s accounts. These organizations rely heavily on the groundbreaking work of Patricia Kennedy Grimsted of the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard who began her hunt for stolen books with Rosenberg’s documents in 1990.

WWII Panzer III replica spotted in Russian Stary Oskol (video)
A replica of the German WWII medium tank Panzer III was spotted in Russian Stary Oskol. The Panzer III was made from scratch by two enthusiasts – brothers Mikhail and Aleksander Sheptayevs. “We turned to Kubinka museum in Moscow which is now called Park Patriot. People there granted us access to the [German] tanks where we used a tape-measure to measure the sizes,” said Mikhail Sheptayev. Aleksander Sheptayev added that they have plans to build a copy of T-34 tank.

One Of The Last Navajo Code Talkers Dies At 94
One of the last remaining Navajo Code Talkers, who relayed messages that were never decoded by enemies in World War II, has died at age 94. As a boy, Alfred Newman attended a boarding school that, like many schools at the time, forbade Indian students from speaking in their native tongue, Dine. That complex language proved to be vital to the United States during World War II. As the Japanese cracked classified U.S. military codes, armed forces turned to members of the Navajo Nation. The messages they transmitted in the Pacific Theater were impenetrable to enemies.

World War II veteran receives 50,000 cards for his 96th birthday
Wanting her father to receive more than just bills in the mail, Sue Morse went online and asked friends if they would send him a card for his birthday. Duane Sherman, a World War II veteran living in Southern California, turned 96 on Dec. 30, and the well-wishes started flooding in before his birthday, and have yet to let up. He`s received more than 50,000 cards and letters, from 10 countries and every U.S. state.

The Kriegsmarine and compound war at sea in WWII
The Kriegsmarine nearly broke Britain through its use of aggressive surface action groups (SAGs) and irregular commerce raiders. The Kriegsmarine entered a war it was ill-suited for, well before it was prepared to fight, but by employing a form of maritime compound warfare it nearly disrupted Allied sea control which would have starved Britain and the Soviet Union of seaborne supply. Germany’s near victory demonstrates the potential of compound war at sea.

Batch of legendary vintage Soviet T-34 tanks returns to Russia from Laos
30 vintage Soviet T-34 tanks have returned to Russia from Laos, where they have been in active service since 1987. The T-34 tanks Laos has returned to Russia will be used in May 9 V-Day parades in different Russian cities, for updating and expanding museum expositions and making films about World War II, the Defense Ministry said.

Sherman, T-34 and Cromwell: These Three Allied Tanks Won World War II
Allied tanks were engineered for mass production and to handle routine battlefield tasks well, rather than being over-engineered to survive the heaviest guns or penetrate the thickest armor.

Hitler`s plans for British invasion uncovered in top-secret dossier
The dossier, compiled from documents recovered from German naval archives after WW2, outlines the Nazi invasion of the UK. And it shows Operation Sealion that was to have taken place in September 1940 is remarkably similar to Operation Overlord four years later. Hitler identified five different sectors of the English coast to attack; from Ramsgate in Kent in the east to Selsey Bill in West Sussex in the west. The plan was to land 100,000 German troops, 650 tanks and 4,500 horses in the first wave of the “exceptionally bold and daring attack”. A further 500,000 soldiers would then have landed once a bridgehead had ben established and fought their way inland.

Bill Tiger Watson, WW2 hero of St Nazaire commando raid, dies at 97
One of the last surviving commandos who took part in the famed World War Two St Nazaire raid has passed away at 97. Bill, a second lieutenant with No.2 Commando, was among the brave band who took part in the raid on the Nazi-held French port of St Nazaire, dubbed “Operation Chariot”, on March 28, 1942. The dry dock was targeted because it was used to repair Third Reich battleships. With St Nazaire out of action, those ships would have to return to home waters to be worked on – and that would mean running the gauntlet of the Royal Navy fleet.

Operation Bernhard sought to flood the British economy with counterfeit bills
During the second world war the German army employed a novel type of espionage that they dubbed “Operation Bernhard.” The idea involved Nazi designers and imprisoned forgers creating elaborate printing plates that mimicked British currency, in order to flood the enemy economy with counterfeit bills. Vince Houghton, a curator and historian at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., describes this strategy as economic espionage.

Tuskegee Airman John Lyle Dead at 98
WWII fighter pilot John Lyle, a Tuskegee Airman, has died at the age of 98. The members of the nation`s first black fighter squadron won acclaim for their aerial prowess and bravery, despite a military that imposed segregation on its African-American recruits while respecting the rights of German prisoners. Lyle, who named his plane "Natalie" after his first wife, was credited with shooting down a German Messerschmitt. "We flew 500 feet above the bombers to keep enemy fighters from hitting our guys. I loved flying, being up in the clouds, the scenery. I flew 26 combat missions, from southern Italy to Austria and southern Germany, over the Austrian Alps."

Soviet `Night Witches` Flew Bombing Missions Against the Nazis
In 1995, now-retired Air Force Col. Martha McSally became the first female U.S. pilot to fly a combat mission, when she patrolled Iraqi airspace as part of an operation to prevent Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from attacking his own people. But McSally wasn`t the first woman to fly under fire, not by a long shot. A Turkish woman pilot, Sabiha Gökçen, became the first to fly in combat back in 1937, when she bombed rebellious Kurds in eastern Turkey. And in 1942, more than a half a century before McSally took to the air, Soviet Major Marina Raskova formed three combat air regiments composed entirely of female pilots, to aid in the desperate fight to repel the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

Why World War II veterans are returning captured Japanese flags
It`s not uncommon for troops who overrun an enemy position to take a photo with a captured enemy banner. It`s just as common for them to take that banner home as a souvenir. American troops have been capturing flags since the founding of the republic. So, why are these World War II veterans returning captured Japanese flags? The importance of a unit`s standard dates back to antiquity. Roman legions carried standards that took on an almost divine quality, representing the Legion, the Emperor, and even the Gods themselves. They would take extraordinary measures to recover a captured standard, even invading neighboring countries decades after losing the standards just to get them back. The Japanese had a similar tradition with their Yosegaki Hinomaru.

Book Review: The Oxford Illustrated History of the Third Reich
New Perspectives on the Rise and Fall of the Nazi State. Professor Gellately who has written extensively on European totalitarianism, opens this volume with an introduction in which he notes that historians “continue raising questions about the Third Reich, because of the unprecedented nature of its crimes, and the military aggression it unleashed”. Gellately then lays out the principal themes of the book: the centrality of Hitler to Nazism and the Third Reich, how Hitler and the Nazis leveraged democratic institutions in their rise to power, the Nazi “social vision”, and the importance of war and empire to its realization.

USS Indianapolis survivors recount harrowing battle for survival in new documentary
“You’d hear shipmates screaming for help — you really couldn’t tell where the screaming was coming from.” The horrors recounted by survivors of the July 30, 1945, sinking of WWII heavy cruiser Indianapolis are the subject of a new PBS documentary. It was recently screened with both those surviving sailors and the crew members’s of a littoral combat ship that will bear the famous warship’s name, once it’s commissioned. Narrated by Kyle Chandler, “The USS Indianapolis: The Final Chapter” highlights the 2017 shipwreck discovery of what remains the Navy’s single greatest loss at sea.

Holocaust survivor George Brady dies at 90
The Canadian of Czech origin survived the Theresienstadt and Auschwitz concentration camps during World War II. After moving to North America in 1951, he lectured from time to time about what he had witnessed.

Holocaust Saw 1.5 Million Jews Murdered In Hyperintense Killing Spree Over 100 Days
The Nazis killed more than a quarter of the Jewish people murdered during the entirety of WWII in a “hyperintense” period lasting 100 days, a study has revealed. During Operation Reinhard, 1942-1943, the Nazis murdered 1.7 million Jews in the “largest single murder campaign of the Holocaust,” according to Lewi Stone, the author of the study published in the journal Science Advances. The majority of the victims were killed in gas chambers at the Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka death camps, as Nazis attempted to wipe out the Jews of occupied Poland.

Clay, Cardboard, and Zinc: Altered Coinage of World War II
In the United States, the most dramatic effect that World War II had on our coinage was the steel penny. The composition of our nickels changed as well, but that wasn’t an immediately noticeable change in the appearance of the coin. Both changes are well-known by collectors today, but what about other countries? Coinage across the world was affected by the war, some in much stranger and far-reaching ways than steel pennies and partially-silver nickels.

Rare World War II-era penny flops at auction, went for a mere $204,000.
A rare penny that was expected to fetch $1.7 million at auction went for a mere $204,000. The 1943 penny was one of 20 accidentally pressed in copper that year — when the coins were made of zinc-coated steel because copper was needed for WWII shell casings — making it massively valuable, according to Heritage Auctions, which sold the cent. “This is the most famous error coin in American numismatics, and that’s what makes this so exciting,” the auction house’s Sarah Miller of Heritage Auctions told, estimating it could go for $1.7 million on the block. But it sold for $170,000, plus a 20 percent buyer’s premium.

WW1 German submarine UC61 emerges from French beach
A World War One-era German submarine has started to emerge from a beach in northern France. Historians say the UC61 was sunk by its crew after being caught laying mines in July 1917. The submarine started to become visible at low tide on the beach in Wissant, near Calais, in December. One tour guide, Vincent Schmitt, was lucky enough to stumble upon it at the right time. Schmitt told his discovery was "impressive" and noticed several months ago "that a piece of junk came out" but this time "the wreck was clearly visible".

Axis Crimean Campaign - The latest game by Joni Nuutinen
Plans for the Operation Barbarossa ignored Crimean Peninsula but after the Soviet Air Force operating from Sevastopol attacked oil fields in Romania, Germans changed their mind and decided to seize Crimea. The first attempt to break through the Perekop Isthmus to Crimean Peninsula was interrupted by the Soviet Counterattack breaking a Romanian sector of the main front line. This distraction allowed Soviet Navy to evacuate their Coastal Army from Odessa to Sevastopol, crushing German dreams of quick victory in the area. And if getting through the Perekop Isthmus required two attempts, the Axis forces faced the same exact frustration when trying to wrestle control of the Sevastopol: After seizing most of the Crimean Peninsula German offensives against Sevastopol were interrupted, multiple times, by the Red Army making amphibious landings in different parts of the Crimean Peninsula.
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