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Recent hand-picked WWII news and articles

Tlingit code talkers recognized by Alaska Legislature for their efforts during World War II
The Alaska Legislature adopted a citation recognizing the contributions of Tlingit code talkers during World War II. Any history buff would know of the Navajo code talkers that developed secret battle communications for the U.S. military. But until recently, few people knew that Tlingit soldiers also used their language to pass along secret information during WWII.

Ex-Nazis gave Mossad the edge in Six-Day War
Israel was able to launch its surprise attack against Egypt and Syria at the beginning of the 6-Day War thanks to information provided to Mossad by an intelligence network of former Nazis, according to a book by an Italian who claims to have played a role. Adriano Monti fought, aged 15, in a division of the Waffen SS and was recruited into a postwar intelligence organisation founded by General Reinhard Gehlen. Gehlen had run German army espionage efforts against eastern Europe during the war and worked closely with the CIA after it. His “Gehlen Organisation” became the backbone of West Germany’s foreign intelligence organisation, the BND.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include Axis Balkan Campaign, D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, and the Battle of Bulge. In addition to WWII some other time periods include Korean War, American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War. The more complex campaigns like Operation Sea Lion, Invasion of Norway, and Invasion of Japan 1945, include Naval element and handling logistics of supply flow.
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Holocaust: How Spanish `Angel of Budapest` Sanz Briz saved Jews
Thousands of Holocaust survivors and their descendants escaped the Nazis thanks to a Spanish diplomat nicknamed "the Angel of Budapest" - yet the late Angel Sanz Briz is hardly known in Spain today.

Swiss vintage Ju-52 planes banned from commercial flights
Swiss carrier Ju-Air will no longer be able to operate commercial flights with its three historic Ju-52 planes because of safety issues. The decision comes after an August 2018 crash involving a Ju-52 plane operated by Ju-Air in which 20 people died.

Forbidden city of Zossen: Inside Germany’s abandoned Nazi command centre
A huge abandoned military complex, once headquarters to the Nazis and then the Soviets, lies hidden inside a fenced-off pine forest in eastern Germany – but one man keeps the memories alive. Werner Borchert grinds out a cigarette with his leather boot, zips up his jacket and unlocks a rusty door with a sign reading “Do not enter”. He’s entering anyway. Borchert is stepping into the heart of the forbidden city in the Wuensdorf neighbourhood of Zossen, 25 miles south of Berlin.

Why Didn`t Nazi Germany Build Aircraft Carriers?
The bone of contention between Grand Admiral Dr. Erich Raeder of the Kriegsmarine (Navy) and Reich Marshal Hermann Göring, commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe (Air Force) was the creation of a naval air arm that the admiral wanted and that the air minister was determined to prevent. Göring had always argued that his planes were being misused in guarding the big ships, and now he had gotten his way. Raeder resigned. In 1945, the Graf Zeppelin was scuttled by the Germans, only to be raised by the Soviets, taken home to Russia, and sunk in pieces during target practice—an ignominious end to Nazi Germany’s aircraft-carrier program.

The Spanish Civil War: How it all started and its aftermath
The Spanish Civil War (La Guerra Civil Española in Spanish) took place from 1936 to 1939. On the political left side were the Republicans fighting the Nationalists, who were on the political right. The war was mostly a struggle between democracy and fascism. Ultimately, the Nationalist front won, and Spain was ruled by Francisco Franco’s dictatorship until 1975, when Franco died. The Spanish Civil War was one of the worst atrocities in Spanish history, so how did it all start?

You Can`t Sink Hitler`s Battleship: Why It Was So Hard to Kill the Bismarck
On May 23, 1941, the Battleship Bismarck was on a roll. The largest and most powerful ship in the German Navy, the mighty Bismarck had broken out into the Atlantic Ocean, sunk a Royal Navy battlecruiser, badly damaged a battleship and was poised to add its guns to a naval blockade that threatened to strangle Great Britain. Ninety-six hours later, heavily damaged, the battleship was on the bottom of the North Atlantic

Battle over Berlin: How Nazi Me-262 Fighter Jets Battled B-17 Bombers
During the last great air raid over Berlin in March 1945, it was Me-262 jet fighters vs. B-17s. Survivors tell the story of the loss of Skyway Chariot.

The MG42 Machine Gun, Hitler’s Buzzsaw
The MG42 emerged from demands to improve upon the successful MG34. While the MG34 continued to be manufactured almost until the very end of the war, the MG42 was simpler to produce than the MG34. It took less time and material to manufacture. What set the roller lock MG42 apart though was its reliability. Whereas the MG34 was a finely machined, hand-finished gun, especially in its early stages of production, its design contributed to its reliability problems under harsh conditions. Something new was needed. That something new was the roller-locking mechanism of the MG42.

Isoroku Yamamoto: 10 Fascinating Facts About Japan’s Most Famous Admiral
Yamamoto was against war with America. He had long recognized that a confrontation with the United States would be un-winnable. But if Tokyo was bent on conflict, he maintained, only a massive pre-emptive strike on the U.S. fleet would give Japan a fighting chance. Even now though, with his warplanes raining destruction down Pearl Harbor, he secretly feared the worst.

Hermann Goering’s daughter Edda dies at 80, is buried in secret
Death of Hitler’s goddaughter in December was not publicized; she had spoken highly of her Luftwaffe-commander father, sought to get a portion of his looted assets

The Invisibles Review: Unbelievable Documentary About 4 Jews That Hid in Berlin During WWII
In May of 1943, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels declared Berlin was ‘free of Jews.’ Little did he know that during WWII there were 7,000 Jews who were in hiding in Berlin at the start of the war. ‘The Invisible’ is a German documentary that profiles four German Jews who hid in the city, some in plain sight, during WWII. The Jews of Berlin that hid wore disguises, changed the color of their hair and stayed in secret hiding rooms or just continually walked the streets at night to escape detection. The film tells the story of four individuals using interviews with them, combined with recreations and also actual footage from the time period.

List of 121 Japanese women held as POWs in Soviet labor camps after WWII discovered
A list of Japanese women who were held in Soviet labor camps after the end of WWII was located in Russia in what could be the first discovery of its kind. The list contains information such as names and years of birth for 121 women who were likely nurses assigned to a military hospital in what was then Manchuria. It also includes the names of three German women believed to have been the wife of a German envoy and her attendants. Japan’s government estimates that 575,000 Japanese were detained in the Soviet Union and that 55,000 of them died in Siberia and Mongolia, many from starvation or exposure to the cold.

15 people in Sweden, including 6 Swedish citizens, receive a war pension from Germany
The people, who are aged between 82 and 101 years, receive the equivalent of between 1,500 kronor (140 euros) and 10,000 kronor (950 euros) monthly. Around 200 Swedish volunteers joined the German war effort during the Second World War, and were thereby promised lifetime pensions. Approximately 100 fought in battle. According to German authorities, the persons who are currently receiving the pensions were not members of the Waffen-SS, the armed wing of the Nazi Party`s SS organisation.

Vatican to open archives of WWII pope Pius XII in 2020
Pope Francis said that the Vatican is to open the secret archives of Pius XII in March next year. They could shed light on the pope`s actions during World War II.

Nazi-era mass grave discovered on building site in Belarus
Construction on the site of a former Jewish ghetto has unearthed the bones of over 700 people shot during WWII. The mass grave was discovered in the city of Brest, near the Polish border.

Battle of Peleliu 1944 - The latest strategy game by Joni Nuutinen
Operation Stalemate II called for the capture of the island of Peleliu to secure MacArthur’s right flank during the US advance towards Japanese Home Islands. Major General William Rupertus, commander of the 1st Marine Division, predicted the island would be secured within 4 days: The resulting 2-month fight against battle-hardened Japanese 14th Imperial Division was so fierce that the 1st Marine Division remained out of action until the invasion of Okinawa. The National Museum of the Marine Corps called the Battle of Peleliu the bitterest battle of the Second World War for the Marines.
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Forgotten Tanks and Guns of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s
The period between the wars offered up all manner of oddities as governments and companies attempted to develop fighting vehicles that would be numerous, effective and cheap to construct. The tankette concept is synonymous with the time. We start with a look at Japanese heavy tank designs, a subject that befits the book title. It is made apparent how difficult it was for the Allies to gather intelligence on Japanese tank development because it was well nigh impossible to penetrate security. The Japanese were clearly making some progress with tank development but the nature of the war they were fighting alongside the effect of an ever-decreasing lack of essential materials pushed tanks to the back of the queue.

Photos taken by a Nazi soldier show hundreds of mangled armoured cars and tanks left by fleeing British Army in Dunkirk
Never-before-seen photos reveal the desolation at Dunkirk as witnessed by a German soldier after British troops escaped. Images of UK forces massed on the beach, desperately awaiting a boat back home, have come to define the daring evacuation of 1940. But now the other side of Operation Dynamo has been revealed by a cache of unseen photos from a private collection in Germany.

Sailor from World War II kissing photo dies at age 95
The ecstatic sailor shown kissing a woman in Times Square, New York City spontaneously celebrating the end of World War II has died. George Mendonsa was 95.

How Stan Hollis Won Britain’s Only Victoria Cross on D-Day
On the night of June 5, 1944, the greatest armada ever to set sail was on the seas, heading for the Calvados Coast of Normandy. Operation Neptune, the amphibious component of the Allied invasion would deliver tens of thousands of British, Canadian, American and Free French soldiers onto the beaches of France to begin the deliverance of Occupied Europe from Nazi Tyranny. One of those troops about to go ashore was Stanley Elton Hollis.

Why Germany was always the underdog in World War II
While the German military was one of the most feared and successful in the late 1930s and early 1940s, the Third Reich had a severe weakness that would hamper the military at any turn: economics.

America`s Worst World War II Weapon: The Mark 14 Torpedo
From duds to deadly, the Mark 14 torpedo was troublesome in the beginning for American submariners.