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Recent hand-picked WWII news and articles

Inside the Riese project - a tunnel complex built by Nazis
Between 1943-45 the Nazis used forced labourers and prisoners of war to build a series of fortified tunnels near the Polish town of Walbrzych. The tunnels measure 9km (5.5 miles) and are known as the Riese ("Giant") project. The surviving documentation is inconclusive but some say the tunnels, which were never completed, were designed to be a new headquarters for Hitler, while others believe they could also be used as an underground weapons factory. Some of the tunnels are now open as a tourist attraction.

Conflict-Series: A highly rated strategy game series for Android
If you love classic PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, Invasion of Poland 1939, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, the Battle of Bulge, and the Battle of Berlin 1945. In addition there are American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War scenarios available.
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Facing Down Panzerfausts Was Downright Terrifying
To Allied tank crews during World War II, the Panzerfaust was one of the German army`s deadliest weapons behind the static 88-millimeter cannon, the rocket-propelled Panzerschreck and — most of all — other tanks. The shoulder-launched Panzerfaust, or `tank fist,` propelled a shaped charge warhead around 45–60 meters per second over a distance of 60-100 meters — depending on the Panzerfaust 60 and 100 variants. But it was always a short range weapon, requiring German troops to sneak up close to their targets before depressing the firing mechanism.

The Nazis Kept a List of Powerful American Friends in Los Angeles, Including the Co-Founder of UCLA
In 1945, the FBI raided a warehouse in Los Angeles that was used for storage by the German Consulate. Among the files, they found a collection of 3x5-inch cards kept by the Nazi regime containing contact information for important people in LA. The cards included the names, addresses, and phone numbers of people in the entertainment industry, academia, and industry. And it serves as a terrifying reminder that the normalization of the Nazis in the 1930s provided cover for some very powerful people in the US to be friendly with genocidal maniacs.

British second world war shipwrecks in Java Sea destroyed by illegal scavenging
Three British ships and a US submarine that sank in the Java Sea during WW2 have been destroyed by illegal scrap metal scavengers. The UK`s Ministry of Defence said it condemned the `unauthorised disturbance of any wreck containing human remains` and requested Indonesian authorities investigate and take `appropriate action`. The commercial salvaging of war wrecks has caused significant upset among veterans, historians and governments who want to preserve the final resting place of sailors who went down with their ships. A preliminary report from an expedition to document sunken ships, seen by the Guardian, shows that the wrecks of HMS Exeter, a 175m heavy cruiser, and destroyer HMS Encounter have been almost totally removed.

The Nazi Aircraft Fueled by Coal
While World War II raged on, oil began to run low and more unconventional means of fuel were needed to replace them. The Nazis then came up with the P13a, a plane which would be powered by coal. Originally a wire mesh basket filled with coal was going to be attached behind the nose air intake, where it would then be ignited by a gas burner. The P13a was a top secret plane; it was a ramjet-powered delta wing interceptor that was designed by Dr. Alexander Lippisch for the Nazis. The aircraft was supposedly never finished, but it was tested in wind tunnels and showed readings that it would perform perfect in Mach 3 speeds.

The Kitty Salon: a SS-run Brothel in Berlin during the Second World War
Soon after the fascist Nazis took the reign of the German nation in the 30`s, a whole host of covert activities spurred out to control every aspect of the social fabric and regulate everything and everyone that came into or went out of Germany. A famous brothel called `Salon Kitty` was one of those facilities. A high-class brothel in Germany under Nazi Intelligence`s watchful eye, Sicherheitsdienst (SD) used the women in the brothel for espionage purposes before and during the Second World War.

Site of worst POW massacre on US soil now a museum
It doesn`t matter how many times Dee Olsen walks through the old buildings, he can still feel the history. "Salina folks know nothing about it, had no idea what these buildings represented," said Olsen. Salina was once home to German WWII POWs. It`s a big reason Olsen and others restored the place into a museum. "Thank you for coming and especially for your support," Olsen told people who attended the museum`s grand opening. Entering the buildings is like stepping back in time to when World War II was all Americans were thinking about, he said. "A lot of good happened here, and then of course there`s the sad part," Olsen said. Shortly after midnight on July 8, 1945, U.S. Army Pvt. Clarence Bertucci started shooting German prisoners who were sleeping in tents.

On quest to clear Rudolf Kasztner, historian ‘shocked` to prove Nazi collaboration
Most historians have a good idea of their central thesis even before they begin the laborious spadework of research. But for British Jewish historian Paul Bogdanor, his ambition to find material defending the controversial wartime Zionist leader, Rudolf Kasztner, was cruelly thwarted. Bogdanor was `extremely shocked` to find that everything pointed towards Kasztner`s having been `a collaborator` with the Nazis, and a `betrayer of the Zionist movement and the Jewish people.` Bogdanor`s new book, `Kasztner`s Crime,` published in October, sets out the case against the Jewish leader in damning detail. Even the most devoted defender might have second thoughts after reading his book.

Nazi WWII board game snapped up at auction
A Nazi board game encouraging children to conquer Britain through military might has sold at auction. The piece of WWII propaganda fetched $580 at Chiswick Auctions after it was put on the market by veteran collector John Meyer. The game, `Wir Fahren Gegen Engeland (We Drive against Britain)`, puts players on a map of the North Sea showing the UK and coasts of Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France and Norway. Players are represented by plastic submarines or planes and told to view the Allied Forces as the enemy as they move around the British Isles capturing spaces to conquer the countries and destroy the Royal Navy and RAF.

High Hitler: How drugs fuelled the Nazi war machine
The Führer and many other Nazis were addicted to meth, according to author Norman Ohler, and their inebriation and reckless decisions may have dragged on a war that could have been over in 1941

Did Nazi Germany Actually Try to Make a Stealth Fighter?
Northrop Grumman revealed this year it is developing a second flying wing stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider, to succeed its B-2 Spirit. However, it was a pair of German brothers in the service of Nazi Germany that developed the first jet-powered flying wing—which has been dubbed, debatably, `Hitler`s stealth fighter.` But maximizing speed and range, not stealth, was the primary motivation behind the bat-shaped jet plane.

Captured by the Germans, Russian soldier Ilja Buz lived thanks to bravery and luck
To explain his life`s philosophy, 96-year-old Ilja Buz tells the story of when, as a young Russian soldier in the Second World War, he was almost hit by a machine gun fired by a German plane. He`d been so nervous about being killed, he couldn`t eat or drink. But after escaping death so narrowly, Buz realized the truth of what a schoolteacher uncle had tried to tell him as a teenager — your destiny is written, and you don`t die until your appointed time.

10 Abandoned Wartime Structures Built for the Defence of Britain
The late 1930s and early 1940s saw an unprecedented level of construction in Britain. Across the land, pillboxes sprung up, defensive lines were dug, concrete bunkers and gun emplacements emerged and austerity airfields dominated rural regions as the entire nation was moved onto a war footing. At any moment, the tanks of Nazi Germany could roll over this green and pleasant land, and it was up to the British people to stop them.

Silly Ski-Armor Got Lots of Soviet Soldiers Killed
It`s no secret that the Soviet army was badly prepared to fight Finnish forces in late 1939 and early 1940, during the brief, bloody and — for the Soviets — catastrophic Russo-Finnish Winter War. One particularly ill-conceived weapon underscores just how unready the Soviets were. The armored sled. In essence, a pair of overburdened skis supporting an entirely-too-heavy metal shield that Soviet commanders hoped would help protect hapless infantry in the absence of tank and artillery support. The sled failed. Worse, it actually got a lot of young Soviet troopers needlessly killed.

Battle of Stalingrad, the Turning Point (November 1942)
As the surprise Soviet counter-offensive of the winter of 1941 petered out in the freezing snows of the Russian vastness the minds of the German war planners began to turn to the inevitable summer campaign ahead, their successive offensive against the bloodied but defiant enemy. Operation Blue, as the plan was named, though somewhat vague on its final objectives, envisaged among other things; reaching the Volga, bringing Stalingrad the large city on its banks under control and also gaining the oil rich Eastern Caucasus during the campaign. Again it was hoped that by menacing this vital area they could compel the Soviets to commit its precious reserves, presenting the Germans thus with an opportunity to force the issue.

Second World War hero Winkle Brown`s medals up for sale for £200,000
Legendary Captain Eric Brown, known as Winkle as he cheated death on a number of occasions, he was the first Naval pilot to land a jet on an aircraft carrier, and held the record for the most carrier deck landings at 2,407. He also survived being sunk by a U-boat in 1941, and later being shot at and injured by a German long-range bomber.

Oskar Schindler`s Abandoned Factory Will Become A Holocaust Memorial
A dilapidated factory that Oskar Schindler once used to save more than 1,000 Jews from Nazi death camps during World War II will be restored into a Holocaust memorial, Czech officials have announced.

That One Time Nazi Germany Helped China Fight Japan
Most people who stayed awake for at least half of their high school history class knows that the Axis Powers in World War II consisted of Germany, Italy and Japan. But few know that German tactics and weapons—not to mention some actual Germans—helped the Chinese Nationalists stall Imperial Japan`s conquest of China. For about a decade, German soldiers advised Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek in his campaigns against Chinese Communists … and also against Germany`s future allies, the Japanese.

A pair of silk knickers worn by Eva Braun go up for auction
Almost every inch of Hitler`s life has been dissected by historians over the years but a new insight into the Nazi dictator can now be revealed - his taste in underwear. A pair of silk frilly knickers worn by his mistress Eva Braun to make herself attractive to the him have been uncovered after 70 years and will go under the hammer this week. The pair of lilac undies have Braun`s monogrammed initials embroidered on the front of them as proof they were hers. They were liberated by an American serviceman who found them in an abandoned bunker in the Platterhof Hotel next to Hitler`s Berghof home in the Bavarian Alps.

British Commandos Spent a Month Driving Across France, Killing Nazis
The Western Allies` invasion of German-occupied France in 1944 began with the largest seaborne assault ever. Germany`s armies reeled backward, opening gaps in their lines which the Allies were eager to exploit. And it was an opportunity for the UK to send in the famed Special Air Service behind the German lines to inflict as much damage as possible. The SAS had already grown into a battle-hardened unit during campaigns in North Africa and Italy. But for the Roy Farran of C Squadron, 2nd SAS Regiment, the invasion had denied him an opportunity — as the British Army left him and his commandos behind in Scotland while other SAS men rampaged in Northern France.

More than 2,000 women served as snipers in the Red Army in WWII
During World War II, the Soviet Union suffered from a dearth of manpower because of the terrible casualties on the Eastern Front. In response, 7.75 million women were recruited for industry and the military. 800,000 of these served in the armed forces. 2,000 were snipers. Female soldiers were also trained in infiltration, surveillance, reconnaissance, camouflage and target location skills. They used the Mosin-Nagant 1891 rifle with an optical PU Scope. It fired 7.62×54 cartridges, armor piercing B-30s, tracer bullets or P3 calibrated incendiaries. Soviet snipers were most successful during the defensive stage of the war with Germany (1941 – 1943).

In pictures: Adolf Hitler`s bunker recreated in Berlin
A replica of Adolf Hitler`s bunker, where the German dictator spent his final days at the end of World War Two, has opened in central Berlin inside a former Nazi air raid shelter.

The SAS: Who Dares Wins
What is a hero? The word has been so overused as to be almost meaningless. A person `admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities` is one dictionary definition. For Ben Macintyre, the author of `Double Cross,` `Agent Zigzag` and other best-selling books on World War II espionage, the founding members of Britain`s Special Air Service (SAS) meet conditions like these handsomely. It is the story of their exploits in World War II that he tells in `Rogue Heroes.`

German Assault Guns and Tank Destroyers 1940-45 (Images of War)
The Images of War series from Pen and Sword just keeps on growing! Historians and modellers, it seems we have an ongoing appetite for this series of, primarily, photo books. In this case, author Anthony Tucker-Jones has turned his attention to the German Assault guns and Tank Destroyers. These weapons were built and used in large numbers during WW2 and proved to be a valuable addition to the inventory of AFV`s available to the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS.