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Buyer spends more than €600,000 at Nazi memorabilia auction, including Hitler`s jackets
A buyer who said he came from Argentina has spent more than €600,000 (£465,000) on Nazi memorabilia, including one of Adolf Hitler`s jackets, at an auction in Germany. The mystery buyer spent €275,000 (£210,000) on the jacket and €3,000 (£2,320) on a set of Hermann Göring`s silk underwear in his purchases of more than 50 items. The top bidder also bought the brass container that held the hydrogen cyanide that Göring, chief of the air force and founder of the Gestapo, used to kill himself hours before his scheduled execution in 1946 in Nuremberg.

Reinard Heydrich`s 1938 Mercedes Cabrio Looking To Occupy A New Home
Provenance can contribute to a classic car`s value. But while a vehicle`s history may be interesting, it`s not always pleasant – particularly when it comes to WW2-era German automobiles. Like this 1938 Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet B, for example. One of only 34 of its kind ever built, this particular example was the only one made at Mercedes` Mannheim factory, and equipped with just about every option in the catalog. It also happened to have been the property and chosen mode of transportation of one of the most evil men ever to talk the earth - Reinard Heydrich - who was the target of one of history`s most daring assassinations.

US submarine USS Herring sunk by Japan in WWII found by Russian expedition
A US submarine that sank during World War II has been discovered on the bottom of the ocean near Matua Island in Russia`s Far Eastern Kuril archipelago by a joint expedition of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS) and Defense Ministry. The records suggest that the vessel is USS Herring, which was sunk by Japanese coastal artillery on June 1, 1944.

Hitler`s Soldiers: The German Army in the Third Reich by Ben H Shepherd
On February 3 1933 Adolf Hitler gave a speech at the Berlin home of one of Germany`s most prominent generals. After what might have been billed as a `getting to know you` dinner with some 20 senior military personnel, Hitler tapped his glass and talked for more than two hours. He offered some insights into his political and strategic thinking. Marxism was to be eradicated, he said, and the `cancer of democracy` was to be removed; in military matters, he noted, the conquest of `living space in the east` was the primary goal. In the aftermath, only one — the host, Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord — resigned in protest. It was the start of the Nazi seduction of the German army.

René Rossey, one of the last surviving French marine commandos who stormed ashore on Sword Beach, dies
René Rossey, who has died aged 89, was one of the last surviving French marine commandos who stormed ashore on Sword Beach, Normandy, on D-Day to initiate the liberation of their homeland. Rossey was part of the 177-man French Kieffer Commando, part of Britain`s 4 Commando and the 1st Special Service Brigade commanded by Brigadier Lord `Shimi` Lovat, who had made the political decision to let the French commandos land on the beaches ahead of the British commandos.

Former Auschwitz guard Reinhold Hanning convicted
A 94-year-old former guard at the Auschwitz death camp has been sentenced to five years in jail. Reinhold Hanning was found guilty of being an accessory to the murder of at least 170,000 people. He was an SS guard at Auschwitz from 1942 to 1944. He has said he knew what was going on at the camp but did not act to stop it.

Call for New Zealand Government to honour elite unit
Families of a forgotten WWII crack commando unit are calling on the New Zealand Government to officially recognise their behind-enemy-lines feats more than 70 years on. There were 22 New Zealanders who signed up to the ultra-secret Z Special Unit which caused mayhem waging a guerrilla war against the Japanese in the Pacific. But after the war, they were silenced by 30-year secrecy agreements. Many died before they could tell anyone - even their families - exactly what they did in the war. In August, a memorial plaque recognising the unit`s remarkable feats will be unveiled at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Forgotten Weapons: The Spy Pistol Used to Resist Nazi Occupation
The Welrod is one of the best-remembered pieces of real-life James Bond gear manufactured by Special Operations Executive. SOE was a clandestine department set up in 1940 in the UK to assist resistance movements in occupied Europe, and they came up with some very interesting gadgets. SOE`s Station IX specialized in weapons R&D, and was located in the small town of Welwyn, just north of London. The devices created in Welwyn were all code-named using the name of the town for the first three letters. There was the Welrod, of course, and also the Welbike (a tiny folding motorcycle), the Welpen (a pen gun), the Welgun (a 9mm submachine gun), and more.

Hunters Discover German Saboteur Caches From WWII
A group of treasure hunters stumbled upon five large tubes which contained weaponry and explosives meant for the future use of German soldiers. The Legenda Club was traveling in a forest in Latvia when they made the discovery. Their metal detectors alerted them to something large buried beneath them. When they opened the tubes, they realized they had just discovered saboteur caches from WWII. The caches contained a knife and a French M1892 revolver with a substantial amount of ammunition. They also harbored two different types of grenades and several different forms of explosives.

The strange tanks that helped win D-Day
When allied forces landed on the Normandy beaches on D-Day, they did so alongside a fleet of bizarre tanks with special roles – brought into life by an eccentric British commander. The tanks were known, collectively, as Hobart`s `Funnies`. On the British and Canadian beaches where they were used – Gold, Sword and Juno – the landings were a massive success. Percy Hobart had realised that an invading force would need a lot more tank support – and they were most vulnerable when they were coming to shore. `If you put all your tanks in one landing craft, and that gets hit – how do you spread the risk?` The result was the Sherman DD (Duplex Drive) – the `swimming tank`.

America Nearly Attacked Japan With Chemical Weapons in 1945
In April 1944, the U.S. Army started cooking up special chemical compounds to destroy or otherwise damage crops. A year later, the ground combat branch was hard at work getting the weapons ready for a possible campaign on the Japanese home islands. Had the conflict continued, the U.S. military might have decided to devastate Japanese farmlands in a massive chemical assault.

U.S. flag from D-day invasion, marred by Nazi bullet, is auctioned for $514,000
The U.S. flag flown on the stern of the boat that led the first American troops onto Utah Beach on D-day was sold for $514,000 at auction in Texas. Heritage Auctions spokesman Noah Fleisher says the 48-star flag from the guide boat was sold during a live auction in Dallas. Fleisher identified the buyer as Dutch businessman Bertram Kreuk, who said in a statement that he wanted to `make sure that the important story this flag represents will be kept alive.` The pre-sale estimate for the flag was $100,000. The banner has one bullet hole, blamed on a German machine gun, according to the Dallas-based auction house.

Major collection of Nazi-confiscated posters to be sold at auction
Major collection of Nazi-confiscated posters to be sold at auction. Hans Sachs was a German Jewish dentist who began collecting posters as a hobby in 1895. Sachs recognized the beauty and value of what was considered a less prestigious form of art than paintings and sculptures. As his hobby morphed into a passion, Sachs founded the first international poster collecting society in 1911, and later founded the poster magazine Das Plakat. By 1938, he owned more than 12,000 posters, the largest collection in Germany. His poster collection went on display several times during the 1920s, and 1930s, but it also drew attention from the Nazis.

Steve Pisanos Dies at 96: Famed Decorated WWII Fighter Pilot
Spiros `Steve` Pisanos — decorated by four nations beginning as a World War II double ace — has died. Flying his first mission in his P-47 `Miss Plainfield` out of Debden Aerodrome with the 334th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, Lt. Pisanos, `The Flying Greek,` scored his first shootdown on May 21, 1943, when he targeted a German FW-190 over Ghent, Belgium. By Jan. 1, 1944, he had become an ace with five confirmed downings. On March 5, 1944, he obtained his 10th shootdown and while returning from that B-17 escort mission to Limoges and Bordeaux, France, Pisanos experienced engine failure in his P-51B and crash-landed south of Le Havre. For six months he evaded the Germans and fought with the French Resistance and the American OSS, sabotaging the German war machine in occupied France.

Italian newspaper Il Giornale criticised for Mein Kampf giveaway
Italian newspaper Il Giornale has come under fire for offering free annotated copies of Adolf Hitler`s Mein Kampf with one of its supplements. The paper argued the move would educate readers about the evils of Nazism. The newspaper also stressed that the version it was giving away was annotated with critical commentary by an Italian historian.

Last surviving member of the Home Guard reveals what it was like being in the real life Dad`s Army
For many of us, watching re-runs of Dad`s Army is nostalgic – not to mention funny – but for Peter Blackburn, the show brings more than just laughs. As the last surviving member of the Pulham Market Home Guard, there`s no one more qualified to talk about what it was like to be in the real-life Dad`s Army. "I signed up to the Home Guard in the British Army as soon as I turned 17, and two days later, I was on my first training mission. Truthfully, I really wanted to get into the Guard because I always loved shooting."

Belgium concern as WW2 Nazi collaborators get German pensions
Belgian survivors of Nazi persecution appealed to the government to stop the payments, and Pensions Minister Daniel Bacquelaine "shares their indignation", adding that Germany manages the payments and "we have no official figures" for the recipients. Belgians who served in the SS were made Germans by an Adolf Hitler decree. After the 1945 liberation, 57,000 Belgian collaborators were convicted. The Memorial Group, lobbying the Belgian government, estimates that as many as 2,500 ex-collaborators are receiving German pensions.

Austrian historian claims parish records show Adolf Hitler had a disabled younger brother
Adolf Hitler had a disabled younger brother named Otto, an Austrian historian has claimed. It had been thought Adolf Hitler, born in Branau am Inn in April 1889, was his parents` fourth child after Gustav, Ida and Otto, who all died in infancy. But Florian Kotanko, the chairman of the Branau historical association, now claims parish records show Otto was born in June 1892, having lived just seven days. Kotanko said this discovery might mean the then three-year-old Adolf was aware of his mother`s pregnancy and his disabled brother.

WW2 Myths - 5 Bizarre Ways Everyone Gets World War II Wrong
#5. Hitler Was In Undisputed Control Of The German Military #4. Nazi War Prisoners Got What They Deserved #3. World War II Was A ... Well, A Big, Worldwide War #2. The Axis Were The Ones Committing War Crimes, While The Allies Tried To Stop Them #1. The Atomic Bomb Was The End Of The War

11 Otherworldly Pictures of Abandoned WWII Bunkers
11 Otherworldly Pictures of Abandoned WWII Bunkers

FDR ordered American military forces to shoot on sight months before Pearl Harbor
In 1941: Fighting the Shadow War: A Divided America in a World at War, historian Marc Wortman depicts how President Franklin Roosevelt led America into war long before Pearl Harbor while the nation remained deeply divided over its role in World War II. By September 1941, American `Neutrality Patrol` ships were sailing deep within Hitler`s declared Atlantic Ocean combat zone. Violent confrontation between the U.S. and Germany was inevitable. The first shots of the `undeclared war` were fired on September 4, 1941.

machine used to send coded messages between Hitler and his generals sold for £10 on eBay
One of the machines used to send coded messages between Adolf Hitler and his generals sold for £10 on eBay after being discovered in a shed in England. Researchers at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park saw a "telegram machine" for sale on the auction site for £9.50, and believed it may have actually been a Lorenz machine, used by the German army to send top-secret coded messages. To investigate further, Wetter travelled to the town of Southend where he found the machine, which resembles a typewriter, on the floor of a shed, covered "with rubbish". "We said `Thank you very much, how much was it again?` She said `£9.50`, so we said `Here`s a £10 note - keep the change," he added.

WWII Veteran, Who Fought To Expose Secret Mustard Gas Experiments, Dies
Charles "Lindy" Cavell could never forget what the U.S. military tried to hide. Cavell fought to bring to light the secret WWII mustard gas testing program he had participated and for VA compensation for the test subjects. Cavell was featured prominently in an NPR investigation last year that found the Department of Veterans Affairs failed to notify mustard gas test subjects of their eligibility for compensation, and denied help to those who qualified for it. Cavell was a 19-year-old Navy recruit fresh out of boot camp in 1945 when a commanding officer offered the chance to participate in a "special program." The officer gave few details, but said volunteers would get two weeks` vacation and an award in exchange for participating.

Soviet tanks in WWII: Correcting the errors of the first 2 years
Following the German invasion of June 1941 it took a long time for the USSR to recover from the miscalculations made in the pre-war years, and it cost the country vast losses in infantry and materiel. But by the third year of the war many of the errors had been fixed, and the Red Army had got rid of its massive unwieldy machines, leaving it with a 100-percent modern mechanized force. But while the tank divisions could now boast better motorization and better-trained crews, problems still remained, the most important of which concerned tactics for using the armored forces. Here the Soviet generals still had a lot to learn.