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Metal detector finds

Tokyo Rose

Tokyo Rose: The Controversy of the English-speaking female broadcasters of Japanese propaganda.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

Story of Tokyo Rose Iva Toguri D`Aquino, And How She Became Known As a Traitor
Iva Ikuko Toguri d`Aquino, or `Tokyo Rose` as most people knew her was an American-born Japanese woman who famously hosted a Japanese radio program aimed at U.S. troops during World War II that was designed to broadcast propaganda. During World War II, American servicemen regularly huddled around radios to listen to the `Zero Hour,` an English-language news and music program that was produced in Japan and beamed out over the Pacific. The Japanese intended for the show to serve as morale-sapping propaganda, but most G.I.s considered it a welcome distraction from the monotony of their duties.

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Tokyo Rose: an American woman forced to broadcast WW2 propaganda by the Japanese
Radio propaganda was a prominent part of World War II and perhaps no on-air propagandist was more well-known than Iva Toguri, also known as `Tokyo Rose.` Toguri was trapped in Japan when the war started and convinced to get behind the microphone to read scripts meant to lower the morale of American soldiers in the Pacific. Toguri has always said that she was a loyal American citizen who was forced onto the radio. After the war, though, she was convicted of treason and put in jail for several years.

Remembering Tokyo Rose Iva Toguri   (Article no longer available from the original source)
J. Richard "Dick" Eisenhart was a young soldier when he asked "Tokyo Rose" for her autograph in a Japanese prison shortly after the end of World War II. The woman, Iva Toguri, was said to be one of a dozen female broadcasters of Japanese propaganda. Four years later, that autograph landed him in the witness chair at her trial. Eisenhart recalled listening to Tokyo Rose broadcasts during the world war II. She used her seductive voice in attempts to demoralize allied forces. She also played the latest American music. "We would laugh at the propaganda and enjoy the music. Virtually all of us wrote it off as a bunch of baloney."

FBI told us we would have to testify against Tokyo Rose or else
Iva Toguri D`Aquino, Tokyo Rose, remains the only US citizen convicted of treason and pardoned. When she was convicted few worried that the case rested on the word of two US-born men who worked on a Japanese propaganda station during World War II. Even the FBI would later admit that the broadcasts did little harm, and may in fact have raised US spirits. They "told us we would have to testify against Iva or else Uncle Sam might arrange a trial for us too - or worse. ...we was told what to say and what not to say two hours every morning for a month before the trial started," Kenkichi Oki told in 1976.

American soldier who escorted notorious Tokyo Rose   (Article no longer available from the original source)
As an American soldier in post-World War II Japan, Ivan Hambley was tasked with transporting the woman regarded as the most notorious traitor of WW2. Iva Toguri, known as Tokyo Rose for broadcasting propaganda battle reports to demoralize U.S. troops, died at age 90. Hearing the news caused Hambley to reflect on that day when he came face-to-face with her. He was called to duty and told to be heavily armed. He arrived at a Tokyo airport to meet a top military colonel who had a pretty young woman in custody. He accompanied them to a U.S. military compound. "She was pleading with the colonel to let her go. She was offering him money and sex."

Ex-`Tokyo Rose` propaganda suspect dies
Iva Toguri D`Aquino, who was convicted and later pardoned of being World War II propagandist "Tokyo Rose," has died. Tokyo Rose was the name given by soldiers to a female radio broadcaster making anti-American shows intended to demoralize soldiers fighting in the Pacific theater. D`Aquino was the only U.S. citizen identified among the potential suspects. In 1949, she became the seventh person to be convicted of treason in American history and served 6 years in prison. But doubts about her possible role as Tokyo Rose later surfaced and she was pardoned in 1977.