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World War II Jeeps

World War II Jeeps - History, discoveries, restoration, and showcases.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Battle Tanks, Military Vehicles, Scale Models.

Vintage WWII jeeps still most popular cars in Yala village
Old World War 2 vintage jeeps are still so popular in the daily lives of the people of Ban Tachi that community leaders are considering setting up a group for the conservation of the ubiquitous workhorse, which has become a symbol of the town. Anantapong Kositpokinan, the kamnan of tambon Tachi, said there were now about 200 working vintage jeeps in the village. Nearly every household used one. They had become the symbol of Ban Tachi. Mr Anantapong said new visitors to the area were astonished by the number of old jeeps on the roads.

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Pearl Harbor jeep stolen from Imperial War Museum Duxford
A Jeep used by an American Marine stationed in Pearl Harbor during World War Two has been stolen while on display at a Cambridgeshire museum. The 1944 Willys Jeep, belonging to a 73-year-old from Surrey, was taken from a car park during a show at Imperial War Museum Duxford. Officers described the stolen vehicle as a "rare military jeep" of "great sentimental value" to its owner. Its registration is AMB644 and "USA 20497753-S" is painted in white on the bonnet.

Ronnie Guin restores WWII Jeeps in Alabama for parades, car shows and other events
Ronnie Guin is part of a little-known army devoted to keeping alive the vintage WWII vehicles. Guin has restored 3 military Jeeps that he keeps in running condition for antique car shows, veterans' parades and other events. His three running Jeeps were used by three different branches of the U.S. military: one Army, one Navy and one from the Marine Corps. American Bantam Car Co., Willys-Overland Motors and Ford Motor Co. all manufactured Jeeps for the U.S. Army. "The Jeep was the first worldwide vehicle. I feel like I'm restoring something that's got history and patriotism behind it."

A 1942 Willys Army Jeep finds new home at Northfield's VFW Post 4393
In 1946, Howard Hong left Northfield for war-ravaged Europe. The young philosophy professor, who would later become known as a scholar of the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard, had spent the war working at POW camps in Missouri and Iowa. When the war ended, he was called to service as senior field officer for the Refugee Division of the World Council of Churches. 1946-1948 he helped to resettle 250,000 war refugees. During that time, Hong also became the owner of an iconic 1942 Willys Army Jeep, a veteran of the Normandy invasion, which he purchased at a U.S. Army auction in Paris.

70 years ago Willys-Overland Co. signed a contract with the U.S. War Department to build the first production military Jeeps
It was 70 years ago, on July 15, 1941, that the Willys-Overland Co. signed a contract with the US War Department to begin producing the first production military "Jeeps." The little green go-anywhere, do-anything 4x4 vehicles soon began rolling off the assembly line at the Willys-Overland plant in Toledo by the tens of thousands, and became an instant friend to Allied soldier. While the original Jeep Parkway plant has been demolished, 2,300 men and women still work in Toledo at Chrysler's Toledo Jeep Assembly Complex making Jeep's modern descendants, the Jeep Wranger, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Jeep Liberty, and Dodge Nitro.

Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival on August 12-14, 2011 in Butler, Pennsylvania
Plans are currently in progress to make Jeep history in Butler, Pennsylvania, once again. Butler is the birthplace of the jeep, and now the community is planning an event called the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival, to take place on August 12-14, 2011. The 3-day event includes a Jeep parade, exhibits about the Bantam jeep, a Jeep Show 'n Shine, an off-road Jeep Playground, a World War II timeline and encampment showcasing 20 original jeeps.

1945 Willys Jeep to be auctioned off by the city of Clearwate
The city of Clearwater is auctioning off a World War II-era Jeep it obtained the Jeep in 1963 from Pinellas County Civil Defense, now known as the Department of Emergency Management. The rusted 1945 Willys Jeep will go under the hammer at Tampa Machinery Auction.

Duncan Rolls built replica of a Rare World War II jeep, Bantam jeep prototype
Duncan Rolls was direct when years ago he met a girl named Kim, warning her: "I like jeeps. I really like jeeps." She fixed him with a stare and told him she had a classic M38A1 military jeep. "She was crazy, too," Duncan said. Good thing because Duncan spent 4 years building a replica of the Bantam jeep prototype - the grandfather of the classic military vehicle. Now the one-of-a-kind jeep will be on display - among the tanks, trucks, jeeps, amphibious vehicles and other vintage military vehicles - during the Military Vehicle Preservation Association's annual convention at the Kansas Expocentre.

Sometimes WWII veterans break into tears in the presence of a restored Jeep
The Jeep was thought up in the 1930s as a light, rugged "reconnaissance car" to provide speedy movement of key personnel and equipment in the rear and on the battlefield. The U.S. Army vaguely envisioned something bigger than a motorcycle, and smaller than a truck. During the Second World War, the Jeep's possibilities quickly eclipsed its capabilities. Its versatility was matched by the imagination of the American G.I.s who used it. The Jeep - sometimes called Blitz Buggy - was a nimble and wide-ranging scout car: It became a platform for machine guns and bazookas.

Understanding Jeeps Model Code
Most people know what a CJ is. Some have heard the term TJ. Not too many have heard of a VJ, not to mention XJ, YJ, ZJ... BRC-60: Bantam pilot jeep prototype, built 1940. Includes the company's "Old Number One" pilot vehicle: the first jeep ever. --- MA: Willys-Overland pre-standardized jeep, built 1941. Most collectible of all the early jeeps since just 1,555 were built. --- GPA: Ford floating flattie, built 1942-1943. A WWII jeep with a body shaped like a boat and a propeller in the rear. --- CJ-2: Willys-Overland Agri-Jeep, built 1944-1945. Willys took the MB, stuck PTO attachments to the T-case, added farm tires and a tailgate, and sold them to farmers.

10 World War II jeeps in one Biggin Hill square mile
What is the probability of finding 10 people all living within the same square mile and each owning a World War II jeep? Not likely, but 10 residents in Biggin Hill are the separately registered owners of jeeps that date back to the early 1940s. The group of military vehicle enthusiasts are all members of the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS), and think they have a world record. Nick Cowles, secretary of the society's Weald area branch, said: "We just discovered a few weeks ago that we had 10 jeeps in one square mile. If we were to extend that outwards for 2 miles, we would be looking at maybe 14-15 jeeps."

Philippine firm restores old World War II jeeps back to life
The Willy Jeep has been given a new lease of life by a small factory in Manila reproducing the iconic World War II vehicle for a raising global market. The company, MD Juan, exports 95% of its Jeeps to collectors primarily in the U.S. and Europe, who treasure the vehicle which was the backbone of the US army during WWII. Roberto Cruz says American collectors want their jeeps as authentic as possible: complete with imperfections and outdated materials such as wood and rubber instead of longer-lasting plastic. MD Juan moves around 1,500 units a year, and a fully-restored jeep sold recently for 30,000 USD.

Restored World War II Jeep to be on display at 6th Cavalry Museum
Restoring Jeeps has been Matt Fox's hobby forever, and now he makes a living doing it as owner of Quarter Ton and Military Restoration Parts. His latest project involves donating labor and parts to restore a WW2-era Jeep for the 6th Cavalry Museum. The museum's board had planned to buy a Jeep, but Fox told them he could do better and turn over an authentic product. "It has to be correct or it's not worth anything. This one is correct. It's about as original as you can get it." Executive director Chris McKeever explained: "You can show visitors weapons... you can show them uniforms, and now we’ll be able to show them a 1944 Jeep."

Postwar Jeep was jaunty sports car
The most famous machine to come out of WWII was the Jeep. Designed by Willys-Overland, 600,000 were built during the war. But, while Willys-Overland prospered making military Jeeps, it was worried about what it would do after the war, deciding to cash in on the Jeep's reputation with a civilian version. Willys-Overland replaced the olive drab military colour with brighter hues, marketing the Jeep CJ (Civilian Jeep). Sales of this military model converted for civilian use inspired Willys to expand its lineup: Jeep all-steel station wagon in 1946, pickup and panel trucks in 1947, the Jeepster in 1948.

Flying Jeep - Rotabuggy by Raoul Hafner
The work of the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment at Ringway on the Rotachute from 1940 onwards led to the suggestion that the free-wheeling autogyro principles could also be applied to larger loads. Raoul Hafner suggested the Rotabuggy, a Jeep ("Blitz Buggy") with rotors, and the Rotatank (modified Valentine tank). Preliminary tests involved loading a Jeep with concrete and dropping it from 7 ft., proving that the vehicle could survive intact from impacts of up to 11g. The Rotabuggy, camouflaged, carrying RAF roundels and a prototype "P", was tow tested and reached gliding speeds of up to 65 mph.

Jeep restorer Le Cong Vang, King of the Jeeps, satisfies local and overseas demand   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Far-famed jeep restorer Le Cong Vang or Vang Le, who has been collecting and restoring jeeps for 4 decades, has become known as King of the Jeeps. He believes old jeep owners have a particular reason for their hobby. "They are witnesses of history, especially restored war vehicles." Last year Vang sold 10 restored jeeps, a number beyond his expectation. High local and overseas demand made his business a success. Film makers have used his jeeps in movies, giving his restored vehicles greater value. Many think jeeps will never be outdated because of their unique shape and history.

WWII utility vehicles: American Jeep, German Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen
One asset the Allied forces had was the 4-wheel-drive Jeep, a go-anywhere vehicle. By the end of the war 600,000 had been made, mostly by Willys-Overland. The German army also had its "Jeep," a light machine built in a VW plant. The little utility vehicle came in two versions: the 2-wheel-drive Kubelwagen and the amphibious 4-wheel-drive Schwimmwagen (with a retractable propeller driven off the end of the crankshaft). Because of the Kubelwagen's air-cooled engine it was effective in Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps campaign and on the Russian front. After WWII Willys-Overland released a civilian version of Jeep called the CJ, but Volkswagen stopped making its vehicles.

Bob Burdick restores WWII-era Jeep, travels European war route   (Article no longer available from the original source)
One of Bob Burdick's greatest regrets is that he never served in the U.S. military. But rebuilding a World War II-era Jeep and driving it from Normandy to Bastogne came as close as he could get. "It was the trip of a lifetime," said Burdick, whose passion for military history became the foundation for spring's road trip. It also was a tribute to fellow Civil War buff, Richard Tonelli, whose father Rudolph drove a Jeep through France, Belgium and into Luxembourg as part of General George Patton's 3rd Army in 1944-1945. He spent a week in Normandy, where he helped lower the U.S. flag at the military cemetery at the end of one day.

Restoring World War II military vehicles more than a hobby - an honor
Dave Wakefield found a 1942 Chevrolet World War II truck buried up to its axle in dirt in Ellensburg. For him restoring WWII vehicles is more than a hobby, it's an honor: "It's kind of an adventure. Like being an archaeologist and finding a historical treasure you can share with others." When he enters his 1943 Burma Jeep in parades, he dresses in military uniforms, which he also collects. A clean vehicle is out of the question: "I don't think there ever was a vehicle that was spotless." In one parade, he felt uncomfortable because the jeep was too clean. He found a mud puddle and splashed through it for a genuine look.

Amphibious Landing Vehicles of World War Two
Amphibious vehicles were a great asset in World War II for many reasons. A couple of the amphibious vehicles that were produced and that were popular during WWII are the Ford GPA, and the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen. One of the best designed amphibious automobile was the Volkswagen Type 166 - This 4-wheel drive could actually be driven in water. Not only is it known as the single most produced amphibious car but it also was very successful for use by the Germans. The Ford GPA was a later model from the Ford GPW Jeep - many of them sank because of the weight when any large waves happened to come by.

Restoration of World War II Jeep   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Bob Sokol took on a labor of love doing something he had never tried before, bringing back to life a rusted relic of trusty war horse that served the U.S. military for more than a generation. He brought the Jeep for $150 - and he had an old military Jeep manual, plus he obtained some advice from the New York-Penn Military vehicle Collectors Club, which he joined. While he did not know the history behind this vehicle, he learned it was a 1943 Ford GPW. Sokol pointed out how Ford put their insignia all over. Veterans just love the Jeep: Many have tears in their eyes and recount stories of their time in the Jeep.

1942 Jeep - Wartime military vehicle icon to go up for auction
It was designed to serve as a mule but the Willys Jeep performed so well in World War II that it has become an icon of military vehicle design. Several thousands were made and used in every theatre of war, but at the end of the conflict some were pushed into the sea as the allied armies disarmed. Around 1,500 are known to survive in running condition in the UK and one of those is to be auctioned. The 1942 model was found rusting away in the mid 1980s and was restored over a 3-year period. Since 1999 it has been in the hands of military enthusiast Peter Cottam, but he is now selling it to focus on a different project.

A WWII Jeep - Memorabilia and military vehicles   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Paul Dooling spends many of his hours toiling away in his garage, or what he calls his "clubhouse" - for big boys that's steeped in history and filled with memorabilia from World War II: including a rebuilt Army Jeep, old military magazines and newspapers, even a parachute that was used for carrier pigeons. I paid $4,000 for the Jeep. I had another one that I put together and last year sold it for $11,000. I also got this ammunition trailer that the Marines used in the Pacific in Iwo Jima in Kings Park. And when I was a mechanic, some of my customers gave me their WWII uniforms and some of the stuff in the trailer.