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German Ahnenerbe - Nazi German think tank exploring Ancient History.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

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Otto Rahn was an author, poet, medievalist, SS officer, Grail-seeker and the inspiration for Indiana Jones
Otto Wilhelm Rahn was a German author, poet, medievalist, SS officer, Grail-seeker, and the inspiration for the fictional character Indiana Jones. Most of his published work is about the Holy Grail, which he believed was real and could be found. His ideas perfectly suited the Nazis; while he worked as a First Lieutenant of the SS in the South of France, there was speculation that they might have uncovered the Grail.

Franco collaborated with Nazis to prove Canary Islands were home to Aryan race
Spanish archaeologists cooperated with the Nazis to prove the theory of Aryan supremacy and justify their claims of racial superiority, tells a new book by history professor Francisco Gracia Alonso. Spain wanted to promote the idea that the Aryan race could be traced to the Canary Islands - all that remained of the lost continent of Atlantis. Scientists from the Ahnenerbe, ancestral heritage group set up by Heinrich Himmler, planned to travel there but they had to postpone the project when WWII began. They appointed archaeologist Julio Martinez Santa Olalla, a friend of General Franciso Franco, to do probes.

The Master Plan: Himmler's Scholars and SS Ahnenerbe
"Nazi Science": the phrase sounds absurd. But for Heinrich Himmler, the stargazing Reichsfuhrer who ran the SS, Hitler's elite praetorian guard, Nazi science was going to build a future world full of genetically pure Aryans. Himmler insisted that science had to serve the Nazi party. He set up the SS Ahnenerbe institute to scientifically prove Nordic racial superiority. Himmler brought together a motley collection of fanatics, madmen and opportunists under the auspices of the Ahnenerbe. In its early stages, the institute sent archaeologists to search the globe for documentation of the origins of Nazism in a mythical ancient Aryan civilization.

The Master Plan -The use of pseudoscience in the Third Reich   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A tale of scholarly detection illuminating a little-explored corner of Third Reich history: the use of pseudoscience in the service of ideology. Heinrich Himmler seemed an unlikely choice to command the elite praetorian guard called the SS. He had a knack for shoring up fragments of Nazi ideology with fragments of half-learning that seemed self-evident to true believers. Thus, Himmler established a think tank that he called the Ahnenerbe. In time, the institute would employ more than 130 historians, linguists, geographers, agronomists, folklorists and classicists with an eye to producing evidence that the so-called Aryan peoples were the font of civilization.

The Nazi Expeditions- Himmler's search for the remnants of the original master race
Himmler founded the Ahnenerbe, the ancestral heritage research foundation, whose specific purpose was to furnish a scientific underpinning for the Nazi doctrine of racial superiority. The Ahnenerbe was a vast organisation with thousands of staff: 100 researchers were employed simply to look at the role of the forest in German culture. Soon, sycophant scholars were falling over themselves to find proof of the Nazis' Aryan superiority.

History of Ahnenerbe-SS
The Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society, or Ahnenerbe Forschungs-und Lehrgemeinschaft, was founded in July 1935 by Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Wirth (a Dutch historian obsessed with Atlantean mythology), and Richard Walter Darré (creator of the Nazi "blood and soil" ideology and head of the Race and Settlement Office). There is some evidence that the Ahnenerbe existed as early as 1928, when Wirth set up the "Hermann Wirth Society" for teaching his theories. Another candidate for precursor of the Ahnenerbe was a research institute for "spiritual prehistory" created by the German state of Mecklenburg in 1932, when the state was governed by the NSDAP.
(Gil Trevizo, D R Festus Festerling)

The Nazi regime and occult beliefs
Under the influence of Haushofer, Hitler authorized Frederick Hielscher, in 1935, to establish the Ahnenerbe (Bureau for the Study of Ancestral Heritage), with Colonel Wolfram von Sievers as its head. Among other functions, Hitler charged it with researching Germanic runes and the origins of the swastika, and locating the source of the Aryan race. In 1937, Himmler made the Ahnenerbe an official organization attached to the SS and appointed Professor Walther Wüst as its new director. The Ahnenerbe had a Tibet Institut (Tibet Institute), which was renamed Sven Hedin Institute for Inner Asia and Expeditions in 1943.

Blood and mysticism - Ahnenerbe was the most secret service of the Third Reich
Ukrainian workers found strange graves in the south of Ukraine. At first, they thought that it was an ancient Scythian graveyard. Then, someone saw a medallion of a German soldier. Some of the human skeletons had little holes drilled in their cannon-bones. Someone was trying to find a “third eye” in the heads of several officers. Experts determined that the found graves were the vestiges of Ahnenerbe’s activities. Scythian fields are not the only place where Nazi mystics performed their horrid tests. First-class scientists took part in the research. They performed expeditions to Tibet, the Middle East, and Ukraine.

Nazi quest of the Holy Grail - True story from Allied interrogation transcript
Holding the transcript of the original interview, I still find its contents staggering: tales of expeditions to Tibet, searches for Atlantis and the quest for the Grail. What lay behind the ideas only came to light after the war, when Ahnenerbe staff were questioned. Among them was explorer Ernst Schafer's colleague Wolfram Sievers, who was the administrator of the SS Ahnenerbe, whose purpose was to furnish a scientific support for the Nazi doctrine of racial superiority. An amazing quantity of largely unseen footage has survived from the time: colour film of a German expedition to Antarctica in the 1930s, and footage of the 1938 nazi expedition to Tibet.