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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

Anne Frank: Diary of Young Girl

Anne Frank: Diary, museum and controversy.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: WWII, Nazi Memorabilia, Teaching Holocausts, British Fascists: Royal Nazis, D-Day Invasion.

Amsterdam's Anne Frank House remodeled for younger public
The famous museum draws more than a million visitors a year but, more and more, they lack knowledge of the historical context of Anne Frank's story.

Anne Frank's family tried to escape to US but couldn't overcome restrictions: study
Bureaucracy, war and suspicion prevented Anne Frank's family being able to emigrate to the US from their home in Holland during World War II.

Son of Dutch resistance member says Nazis were alerted to Anne Frank’s secret chamber by Jewish collaborator
A new book has provided what it claims is fresh evidence that Anne Frank and her family were betrayed by a Jewish woman who was executed after the second world war for collaborating with the Nazis. The involvement of Ans van Dijk, who was executed in 1948 after admitting to collaborating in the capture of 145 people, including her own brother and his family, had been previously claimed. Fresh claims have now been made in a book by Gerard Kremer, 70, the son of a member of the Dutch resistance of the same name, who was an acquaintance of Van Dijk in Amsterdam.

Dirty jokes revealed on mystery pages of Anne Frank's diary
Mystery has swirled around the two pages of Anne Frank's diary where brown paper was pasted over the writing. But today it was revealed what lay behind the covered up pages. Thanks to modern image processing technology, the writing from 1942 was uncovered, and four "dirty jokes" appeared. "I'll use this spoiled page to write down 'dirty' jokes," Anne wrote on September 28, 1942, just two months after she went into hiding.

Anne Frank may have been discovered by chance, new study says
World-famous wartime diarist Anne Frank may have been discovered by chance and not because her hiding place was betrayed, a new theory suggests. The Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam believes the address could have been raided over ration fraud. Researchers say the police who found the secret annexe may not have been looking for the eight Jews there. Using Anne's diary entries from March 1944, researchers found that ration coupon fraud and illegal working activities may have triggered the fateful raid.

Rare Anne Frank poem fetches euro 140,000 at Dutch auction
A very rare handwritten poem by Anne Frank was sold for €140,000 (NIS 575,000; $150,000) to an unnamed online bidder, fetching more than four times its reserve price. Frank wrote the eight-line poem, dated March 28, 1942, in a friendship book belonging to the older sister of her best friend only three months before she and her family went into hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam. A series of letters between Anne and her sister Margot with American penpals sold for $165,000 in 1988.

Publisher claims Anne Frank`s diary was ‘finished` in 1986 in royalties manoeuvre
The publisher of Anne Frank`s diary, famously written at the height of the Second World War, has become embroiled in a royalties battle after claiming that an edition published in 1986 is the definitive work - so maintaining their $1.2 -1.5m per year income from the book. Despite being published 41 years after Frank`s death in Bergen Belsen at the age of 15 The Anne Frank Fund names her father Otto as a legal co-author to stretch copyright protection a further couple of decades into the future.

Video: Anne Frank's stepsister Eva Schloss: life after Auschwitz
Anne Frank's stepsister Eva Schloss has been describing how she survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, "The human spirit is amazing, hope is amazing - I was one of the few lucky ones". She told BBC how her mother went on to marry Anne's father Otto and how he helped her to overcome her bitterness at the world. Talking about her new memoir After Auschwitz: A Story of Heartbreak and Survival, she described how she also felt a sort of jealousy at the attention focused on her dead stepsister.

Anne Frank waxwork unveiled at Berlin Madame Tussauds‎ - Just yards from Hitler
Madame Tussaud's in Berlin has unveiled its latest waxwork - a smiling statue of Anne Frank - sitting just yards from Adolf Hitler. The Jewish teenager is displayed writing in her diary in what is supposed to be the attic room in Amsterdam in which she and her family hid from the Nazis for 25 months during the Second World War. However, just a few feet away sits the Nazi leader responsible for the persecution. Frank died in 1945 at the Bergen-Belsen camp in Nazi Germany aged just 15.

SS officer Karl Josef Silberbauer, who arrested Anne Frank, worked for BND after the war
The SS officer responsible for the arrest of Anne Frank was one of many Nazis employed by Germany's Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) foreign intelligence agency after World War Two. Karl Josef Silberbauer worked as an informant and recruiter for the BND, according to evidence found by journalist Peter-Ferdinand Koch in US archives. Silberbauer, a feared interrogation specialist, worked several years for the BND and the Organisation Gehlen (a forerunner of the BND). During the war, he worked both in the Gestapo and the SD, holding the rank of SS-Oberscharführer.

Up to 200 former employees of RSHA (the main Reich security office) worked for the BND after the war. In addition, members of the SS Totenkopfverbände, the units charged with running the concentration camps, also worked for the BND.


Anne Frank's surviving classmates to tell their story in a new book
The international rights to a book telling the stories of 6 classmates of Anne Frank, who unlike her survived the Holocaust, went up for sale at the 2010 Frankfurt Book Fair. Of the 21 kids in Anne Frank's school class in Amsterdam, 11 survived the Second World War and 6 are still alive. One of them, Theo Coster, who hid during the Nazi occupation and relocated to Tel Aviv where he became an inventor of games and gadgets, collected the memories of the other classmates.

Tree immortalised in Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl toppled by storm
Hit by winds and rains, damaged by rot and moths, the Anne Frank tree fell down, breaking through its iron supports, and crashed into a courtyard in Amsterdam. The 150 years old chestnut tree - a symbol of hope - gave comfort to Anne, who could see the tree from a window in the attic of the secret annex. She wrote about the tree in "The Diary of a Young Girl" 3 times. On April 18, 1944: "Our chestnut tree is in leaf, and here and there you can already see a few small blossoms." On May 13, 1944: "Our chestnut tree is in full bloom. It's covered with leaves and is even more beautiful than last year."

A graphic novel based on the diaries of Anne Frank released
The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam hopes a graphic novel format will lead more youngsters to discover Anne Frank's story. An English-language version of the graphic novel - based on the famous diaries - will be published in North America in September 2010. The 160-page graphic novel - by writer Sid Jacobson and artist Ernie Colond (with oversight by the museum) - starts with the Anne's birth in Frankfurt and ends with the return of Otto Frank from a Nazi concentration camp. In Holland, the biography will be sent to secondary schools with a special teaching package.

3D virtual tour of the Secret Annex in which the Frank family lived
To mark the 50th anniversary of the Anne Frank House, the museum has set up 3D virtual tour of the Secret Annex in which the Frank family lived.

Complete originals of Anne Frank's diary on display for first time
To mark the 50th anniversary of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, the museum has opened a new "diary room" to display Anne Frank's complete, original diary in the house where it was written. Other parts of the diary have been on display in the house since it opened in 1960, but additional notebooks and loose sheets of paper - which were located at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation - have now been moved to the Anne Frank House.

A U.S. public school stops teaching the definitive edition of Anne Frank's diary because it is too sexual
Culpeper County public school has stopped assigning a version of Anne Frank's diary after a parent complained that the book is too sexual. "The Diary of a Young Girl: the Definitive Edition" will not be used in the future, stated James Allen, director of instruction. The diary documents the daily life of a Jewish girl in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. "The Definitive Edition" includes passages left out from the original edition. Some of the extra passages cover Anne Frank's emerging desires, others include unflattering descriptions of her mother and other people living together.

Miep Gies, who saved Anne Frank's diary, passes away at 100
Miep Gies, who saved the diary of Anne Frank from the Nazis, has passed away. She was one of the Dutch citizens who hid the Frank family in a secret annex in Amsterdam. She worked as a secretary for Otto Frank, in the front side of the same Prinsengracht building. The family hid in the secret room from July 1942 until August 4, 1944, when they were arrested by Gestapo after being betrayed by an informant. Two of Gies' team were arrested, but she and Bep Voskuijl were left behind - and found Anne Frank's diary. "And there Bep and I saw Anne's diary papers lying on the floor. I said: 'Pick them up!'"

Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife by Francine Prose
"Anne Frank: The Book, the Life, the Afterlife" analyzes the artistry, ambition, and enduring influence of Anne Frank's classic, The Diary of a Young Girl. Approved by both the Anne Frank House Foundation and the Anne Frank-Fonds (run by the Frank family) this work of literary criticism explores the complex story of the diary and makes the case for it being a work of art from a precociously gifted writer. During her last months in hiding, Anne Frank revised and edited her work, crafting a piece of literature that she had hoped would be read by the public after the war - And read it has been: Few books have been as influential for as long.

Museum publishes only known video of Anne Frank on Anne Frank YouTube channel
The only known film footage of Anne Frank has been released for the first time to a worldwide audience. The black-and-white images show the then 12-year-old schoolgirl leaning out a window in Amsterdam at the height of the Second World War in July 1941. In spite of smiling, she looks vulnerable and alone as she stares out on to the street. Now the Anne Frank House, a museum dedicated to her legacy, has set up a YouTube channel as part of a virtual museum about her life. The channel also includes an interview with Anne's father Otto Frank - and a series of interviews with people who knew Anne Frank.

Fire destroys Anne Frank's barrack in Dutch transit camp Westerbork
In the Netherlands an important WWII relic - the barrack where Anne Frank last worked as a slave laborer in 1944 - has burned down, most likely as a result of arson. The barrack in Dutch transit camp Westerbork made headlines when the Westerbork Holocaust Memorial Center declared that it would restore Barrack No. 57, where Anne Frank and her sister Margot worked removing carbon from old batteries, in August and September 1944, before they were put on the last train from the Dutch transit camp to Auschwitz. The sisters perished of typhoid and starvation in the Bergen-Belsen Nazi camp in 1945, shortly before the Allies liberated the camp.

Anne Frank museum to place her actual diaries, writings on permanent display
The Anne Frank House museum will put Anne Frank's diaries and other writings - kept in an archive at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation - on permanent display. The museum maintains the "Secret Annex" - the apartment where the Frank family hid. Frank's works include the autograph book where she wrote her first diary entries in June 1942 (on display at the museum now). She also used 2 school exercise books as diaries. There is also a small ledger she filled with citations, and an account book she used to write short stories in. Then there are 360 sheets of paper that she used to rewrite the diaries when it became clear that Third Reich was losing the war.

Anne Frank remembered, commemorated on 80th anniversary of her birth
If her father had not published her diary after WW2, Anne Frank would have just been one victim among millions murdered by the Nazis. But the Diary of Anne Frank lifted the young girl from the anonymous mass of victims and made her the face of the Holocaust. First published in 1947, the book has sold 25m copies. Otto Frank's publication of Anne's diary in 1947 sparked interest, but it wasn't long before questions were raised over it's authenticity. It took a few years before an authenticated version was published. "Before that passages that were anti-German had been cut out," explained Nicolas Berg from the Simon Dunow Institute for German-Jewish history.

Miep Gies, rescuer of Anne Frank's diary, marks 100th birthday
Anne Frank called them the Helpers. They supplied food and books while her family hid from the Nazis in an attic apartment. The last living helper, Miep Gies, marks her 100th birthday, saying she has won more accolades for helping the Frank family than she deserved: "This is very unfair. So many others have done the same or even far more dangerous work." It was Gies who picked up Anne's papers and notebooks after the shelter was raided by Gestapo in 1944. She locked them, unread, in a desk drawer to await her return. Anne died in Bergen-Belsen, so Gies gave the collection to Anne's father Otto Frank - the only survivor of the 8 people who hid in the attic.

Anne Frank 1937 greetings card found in an antique shop
A greetings card signed by Anne Frank has been discovered in an antique shop near Amsterdam. The card, addressed to one of her best friends Samme Ledermann, was sent in 1937. The Anne Frank museum has authenticated the card, which wishes "good luck for the New Year". Paul van den Heuvel was browsing through items in his father's antique shop in Naarden, near Amsterdam, when he came across the card. "I just found it in a box, which probably came from an Amsterdam flea market." The card had been sent from Aachen, Nazi Germany, where Anne Frank was visiting her grandmother.

First photo of Peter Schiff, boy Anne Frank fell in love with, discovered
In her famous diary, Anne Frank admits she was in love by a boy named Peter, but no picture of him has been found - until now. On 7 January 1944, Anne Frank confessed her love for a boy she had been smitten with for years. His name was Peter Schiff and it is clear from her diary that he was rarely out of her thoughts when hiding in the secret annexe behind her father's office. On 6 Jan. 1944 she wrote that her image of him was so vivid that she didn't need a photo, but anyone who has read her diary may be eager to see what he looked like. Until now, no portrait of Peter Schiff has come to light...

Viktor Kugler: The Man Who Hid Anne Frank
"If you associate with them, you will hang with them." With those words Schutzstaffel (SS) Oberscharfuehrer Karl Silberbauer of the Gestapo arrested Viktor Kugler on Aug. 4, 1944, for hiding Anne Frank from the Nazis. But Kugler did not perish in Adolf Hitler's death camps as Anne Frank. He spent months as a slave labourer, before getting away on a bicycle during an allied air raid. Kugler, "Mr. Kraler" in the Diary of Anne Frank, left the horrors behind in 1955, moving to Toronto. "It would not have happened without Kugler," said Rick Kardonne, who co-authored "Viktor Kugler: The Man Who Hid Anne Frank" with Eda Shapiro.

Helene Berr's war diary - France finds its own Anne Frank
The Journal of Helene Berr begins like any other young woman's diary: with a description of hobbies, classmates and trips to the country - but it ends with the words: "the horror, the horror, the horror". With her family, Berr, died in the concentration camps, among the 70,000 Jews exiled from France in World War 2. Helene Berr was 21 when she started her journal, which runs from 1942 to 15 Feb 1944. In one passage she tells about the first time wearing the yellow stars. Later: "People are speaking about suffocating gas that they use on the convoys which arrive at the Polish frontier. They are rumours but there must be some truth in them."

New pictures of Anne Frank emerge - Thousands of letters, photos
Anne Frank's cousin Bernhard "Buddy" Elias gave up custody of thousands of letters, photographs and documents that archivists say will reveal details about the background of the diarist who became a symbol of the Holocaust. He had kept the materials for decades in his attic before permanently loaning them to the Anne Frank House - the museum incorporating the apartment where the family hid during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands - to mark the 60th anniversary of the first publication of The Diary of Anne Frank. With Mr Elias's collection, the Amsterdam museum holds nearly all known historical material about the family.

Rare photos in Anne Frank House: 60th anniversary of diary publication
Relatives of Anne Frank will loan photographs and letters to the museum housing the Jewish teenager's hiding place during WW2 to mark 60th anniversary of the publication of her diary. The material, from the Anne Frank archive in Basel and from Anne's cousin Buddy Elias, includes photos of Anne, her sister, Margot, her mother Edith and her father Otto, that have rarely or never been on public display. Father, the family's only survivor, recovered the diary after the war and published it in Dutch on June 25, 1947, as "Het Achterhuis," or "The Annex." It was translated into English in 1952 as "The Diary of a Young Girl," which later became "The Diary of Anne Frank."

Indifference, hysteria in U.S. may have sealed Anne Frank's fate   (Article no longer available from the original source)
This may be Anne Frank's last lesson. This girl who has become the iconic image of horrific nazi-era. Until now, the millions who read her story had one reassurance: While her story was tragic, no one could have saved her, certainly not Americans. By the time Otto Frank was writing his last desperate letter in 1941, trying to get visas to the U.S., American attitudes toward Jews had erupted into wartime hysteria. "In that rapidly growing hysteria in early 1941, many in Washington and even President Roosevelt himself were saying that the best defense was to keep aliens and refugees out," historian Richard Breitman said.

Men Who Burned Anne Frank's Diary and U.S. Flag face trial
A German man admitted to publicly burning a copy of Anne Frank's diary, at the start of a trial against 7 suspected right-wing extremists. Lars Konrad said that he had tossed a copy of the Anne Frank's Diary onto a bonfire at a summer solstice party. But he said he was not making a statement about the Nazis' mass slaughter with his actions. Another suspect admitted to throwing a US flag into the fire. The suspects, aged 24-29, stand accused of inciting racial hatred and disparaging the dead. They face up to 5 years if convicted. The case sparked outrage, fuelling fears that neo-Nazi ideology is spreading through the declined former East Germany.

A man ordered to read The Diary of Anne Frank apologized   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A man ordered to read "The Diary of Anne Frank" as part of his sentence for threatening a Jewish attorney told a judge he learned a lot from the story of the 13yo girl and her family who are forced into hiding by the Nazis during World War II. Kevin Wisby said he and Anne Frank were both imprisoned, although unlike her, his came as a result of his personal actions. Wisby, 39, apologized to Edward Felson. Judge John Burlew was impressed with Wisby`s remorse and released him. "Thank you for making me read the diary. I am leaving here a much smarter man," Wisby said.

In pictures: Anne Frank family papers
Researchers have discovered a cache of papers related to Anne Frank, one of the most famous victims of the nazi percecution. The documents show that Otto Frank tried to get his daughters Margot and Anne out of Nazi-occupied Europe before it was too late. He wrote to a friend in the US for help. All efforts failed, and they went into hiding in 1942. They were discovered and sent to nazi concentration camps. Only Otto Frank survived.

Anne Frank’s doomed American dream - U.S. closed borders
Newly discovered letters reveal the desperate efforts by Anne Frank’s father to get his family out of Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. Otto Frank sought the help of a rich friend in New York to obtain a US visa. "I am forced to look out for emigration and as far as I can see USA is the only country we could go to. Perhaps you remember that we have two girls. ... Our own fate is of less importance." "The Frank family probably could have gotten out of the Netherlands even during much of the year 1941. that time, the American Government was making it harder and harder for foreigners to get in," said Richard Breitman.

The many faces of Anne Frank - Museum photos
"It's an odd idea for someone like me to keep a diary, not only because I have never done so before, but because it seems to me that neither I - nor for that matter anyone else - will be interested in the unbosomings of a 13yo schoolgirl," wrote Anne Frank. In the diary - she named it "Kitty" and declared it to be her best friend - she confided all her secrets. In the most heartbreaking passage she wrote: "I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart." Now the diary is the subject of an exhibit of photographs at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

Letters reveal - Anne Frank's father Otto Frank sought visas
Dozens of letters found in an American archive reveal the desperate efforts of Anne Frank's father Otto to escape from the Nazis. The letters were written before the family went into hiding in Amsterdam in 1942. The 78 documents are to be released on 14 Feb by the YIVO Institute. The letters were found in New York by a YIVO researcher, Estelle Guzik. They reveal how in 1941 Otto Frank had tried to obtain visas to travel to the US or Cuba. YIVO's executive director Carl Rheins said the documents covered the period from April 1941 to 11 Dec, 1941, when Nazi Germany declared war on the US.

New book tells Anne Frank's tale -- The Life of Anne Frank
The Life of Anne Frank has been released to mark the 60th anniversary of the publication of the famous diaries. It aims to fill in many of the lesser known details about her, such as her life before she went into hiding, her arrest and how she was betrayed. The publishers say they want to keep her story alive in a new generation with lessons that are relevant today. "Will I ever be able to write something great, will I ever become a journalist or a writer? I hope so, oh, I hope so very much, because writing allows me to record everything, all my thoughts, ideals and fantasies." That is what Anne Frank asked in her diary.

Men charged for burning Anne Frank's diary
SevenN men who publicly burned a copy of Anne Frank's diary in eastern Germany have been charged by German prosecutors. The men, aged from 23 to 28, have been charged with racial hatred and disparaging the dead for torching the book. They face up to five years in prison if found guilty. The incident fuelled fears that neo-Nazi ideology is spreading through the economically depressed states of the former communist East Germany.

Diary of Russia's 'Anne Frank' relives Stalinist horror
A 13-year-old girl who kept a poignant and ultimately tragic diary that recounts what it was like to grow up in Stalin's Soviet Union has been hailed as Russia's answer to Anne Frank. The diaries of Nina Lugovskaya, called I Want to Live: The Diaries of a Young Girl in Stalin's Russia, are to be published in English after lying in a KGB file for over half a century. In 1937, at the height of Stalin's purges, her family's Moscow flat was raided and her diaries, which covered the years 1932-37, were confiscated by the secret police.

Unseen Anne Frank letters on show
A special exhibition of private letters written by Anne Frank has opened at the Amsterdam Historical Museum. Almost everyone is familiar with Anne Frank - the girl whose diary of life in hiding in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam made her world famous. But now her private letters reveal more about her independent spirit. The exhibition shows photos of the Frank family home in Amsterdam before the Nazi occupation.

Who really turned Anne Frank over to the Nazis?
It was an anonymous phone call in the hot summer of 1944 which led the Gestapo and Dutch security police to the concealed annexe in a canalside house where Anne Frank and her family had hidden for almost two years. For almost 60 years, the id of that informant has remained a mystery to historians and the most dogged Nazi hunters. But Dutch government historians disclosed that two new theories about who betrayed 15-year-old Jewish schoolgirl Anne Frank to the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam are so compelling that they are reopening their investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Anne Frank
Why are there different versions of the diary? Who were the Helpers in the Secret Annex? What language did Anne use to write her diary? Who of the eight hiding in the secret annex died in Auschwitz? Why are there so many pictures of Anne Frank and her family?