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Aribert Heim - Doctor Death

Aribert Heim - The on-going hunt for Doctor Death.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Third Reich in Ruins, Nazi hunters & hunted nazis & How nazis escaped.

Aribert Heim's last years in Cairo - Family supported, financed and kept quiet
Aribert Heim received support from his family in Germany as he hid for decades in Egypt. His family allegedly visited him without attracting the attention of authorities and kept mum about his death for 16 years - Just 6 months ago Heim's son Rüdiger said: "If he is dead, I don't know where he is buried". The details also attest to the embarrassingly bad work of the German investigators, who searched for Heim around the world. Rüdiger was not the only one to visit Heim. His sister Hertha, his Frankfurt attorney and his mother-in-law are also thought to have met with Heim. Investigators also missed the flow of money to Egypt, which was only moderately concealed.

Did SS doctor Aribert Heim fake his own death - And Nazis in the Middle East
The discovery of a briefcase held in storage by a Cairo hotel owner suggests that the hunt of Dr Death may be over. Medical and bank records all suggest that Aribert Heim and Tarek Hussein Farid were one and the same. On an application for Egyptian residency Tarek's place and date of birth are identical to those of Heim. Rüdiger Heim says that his father’s body was placed in an anonymous common grave - and he has a death certificate. However, Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff says the evidence is far from conclusive. Heim's case highlights the fact that while the Nazi hunt focused on South America many were given sanctuary closer: in the Middle East.

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Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff doubts the death of Aribert Heim
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has showed doubts about a report that Aribert Heim, one of the most-wanted Nazi criminals known as Doctor Death, perished in Egypt in 1992. "There's no body, no corpse, no DNA, no grave. Keep in mind these people have a vested interest in being declared dead - it's a perfectly crafted story. That's the problem, it's too perfect," explained nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff, adding that the report raised "more questions than it answers". Germany's ZDF TV reported that Aribert Heim died in Cairo, after it had discovered his personal documents, like passport and letters.

Fugitive Nazi Aribert Heim lived at Cairo hotel in Egypt, died in 1992
Even in old age the tall German known to locals as Tarek Hussein Farid walked 15 miles each day through the streets of Cairo. Friends remember him as an amateur photographer who always wore a camera around his neck, but never allowed himself to be photographed. And with good reason: He was born Aribert Ferdinand Heim, a member of Adolf Hitler's elite Waffen-SS and a Nazi doctor at the Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen and Mauthausen camps. What happened to Dr. Death remained a mystery until ZDF got hold of a dusty briefcase from a storage in Cairo, containing sealed envelopes.

Son of Aribert Heim ("Dr Death") speaks to the press for the first time
Rüdiger Heim, the son of Aribert Heim, has talked to the press for the first time, saying he is attempting to get his father declared dead so he can get control of his money: "We only found out about this bank account in 1997... I would donate the money for the historical examination of the suffering in the Mauthausen concentration camp." Heim junior has no idea where his father is: "... he should give himself up and answer these terrible charges." Aribert Heim fled in 1962, and has not been seen since. Rüdiger and his mother received two notes during 1962-1967. There was a single sentence written on them "I am doing fine."

Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff headed to South America in a last campaign to catch Aribert Heim
Efraim Zuroff, the chief Nazi hunter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, headed to South America in a last public drive to locate the most wanted Nazi in the world - Aribert Heim. The search for "Dr. Death" has continued nearly half a century since his 1962 disappearance in Germany ahead of a planned prosecution. The Nazi hunter noted that Heim's daughter lives in Puerto Montt, Chile, and that she is the most likely to be in contact with her father, or at least have info about his whereabouts. His daughter had said that her father perished in 1993 in Argentina, but she never provided a certificate of death or accepted his inheritance.

Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff: German judge blocking search for Dr Death, Aribert Heim
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre accused German judge Judge Hans-Richard Neerforth of preventing the search for the world's most wanted Nazi war criminal Aribert Heim, dubbed Dr. Death. "Judge Hans-Richard Neerforth ... obstructs all investigations that would enable German authorities to track down Doctor Aribert Heim. For some reason, Judge Neerforth has opposed several means of verification, as for example tapping the telephone of this criminal's ex-wife. A bank account of this criminal has been found and his family is not touching it, which would suggest its owner is still alive," said nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff.

Concentration camp doctor Aribert Heim is the most-wanted Nazi war criminal
Aribert Heim vanished in 1962, before a planned prosecution, and ever since Nazi-hunters have tried to track him down. Efraim Zuroff said a campaign to find Heim would be launched in South America, with a £243,000 reward. "We have good reason to believe he is still alive." His two sons and daughter had not claimed his estate, worth £500,000. Heim's lawyer Fritz Steinaker said he had not heard from his client for 20 years. According to the 1950 testimony of Karl Lotter, Heim killed a Jew with a minor foot injury. "He needed the head because of its perfect teeth. Of all the camp doctors in Mauthausen, Dr Heim was the most horrible."

Nazi Hunters follow leads to track down Dr. Death Aribert Heim
Investigators believe that Aribert Heim, one of the most sought-after nazis, is hiding in South America. 6 decades after the fall of the Third Reich, a group said it had found new leads that SS doctor Heim, known as "Dr. Death" for grim medical experiments, is hiding in South America. "We could be closer to him than we have been for a long time," said Efraim Zuroff, "the last Nazi hunter." While Heim's family has said he died in 1993 in Argentina, nazi hunters continue to search for the man, unseen since he left a practice in Baden-Baden in 1962. Some believe Aribert Heim was put to death by Israeli intelligence agents in 1982.

Nazi hunters seeking death head doctor Aribert Heim
For the few surviving inmates of Mauthausen camp, Aribert Heim - the camp doctor for only 2 months - left an indelible memory. Once he persuaded a prisoner passing his office to take part in an experiment with the promise of release. Heim killed the man with an injection of poison to his heart, later using the skull as a paperweight. Efraim Zuroff helped restart the pursuit of Heim: "There is a serious effort being made to find Heim but... I think people are just tired. This is a subject which requires zeal." He will make a final tour of Nazi hideouts before he retires. Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, best known of the Klaus Barbie case, have also retired.

Missing Nazi Aribert Heim killed by Jewish revenge group claims book
Aribert Heim, one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals thought to be at large, was killed by a Jewish death squad in 1982, claims book "Ni Oubli Ni Pardon" ("No forgetting, No forgiving") by retired airforce colonel Danny Baz. Baz says that the Austrian death camp doctor was tracked down in the US by a search-and-destroy squad called "The Owl" and shot dead on an island off the Californian coast. Heim is known as the Butcher of Mauthausen after carrying out experiments on inmates. After World War II he served 2 years before resuming work in Baden-Baden. Alerted of his arrest Heim disappeared in 1962 and has never been seen since.

Austria Hunts for Nazi Fugitives Alois Brunner and Aribert Heim
One was a doctor who injected poison into the hearts of prisoners. The other was once an aide to Adolf Eichmann. Austria wants to find Alois Brunner and Aribert Heim, both in their 90s if still alive. A notice posted on the Justice Ministry's site features photos and descriptions of Brunner and Heim and offers rewards for information leading to their capture. Brunner, the most-wanted Nazi war criminal is described as having mutilated hands and one eye, after reportedly being disfigured by mail bombs. Brunner lived in Syria for decades and was last seen there in 2001. Heim presumably lives in Spain or South America.

Marbella Nazi: "I mostly play golf in Spain" - Allegedly helped Dr Death
The search for "Dr Death" puts Marbella Nazi Frederik Jensen in the spotlight as a former Waffen-SS member is investigated for aiding wanted nazi doctor Aribert Heim. Jensen, who has resided in Spain for 34 years, is alleged to have had contact with Heim - the second most wanted living Nazi. Adolf Hitler awarded Jensen the German Gold Cross for fighting on the frontline, making the only Norwegian to receive such an accolade from the Nazi regime. Spain was considered a Nazi haven after the war as Franco offered protection to former SS members. Otto Skorzeny lived here and aided the ODESSA ratlines as well as allegedly helping Heim.

Nazi War Criminal Aribert Heim - "Dr. Death" - Chased in Chile
The chase for "Dr. Death," one of the last Nazi war criminals still at large and believed to be on the run in Chile, took a few leaps forward following some court decisions in Germany. Interest in the whereabouts of Aribert Heim was bolstered last year when a mysterious account with over a million U.S. dollars was discovered in Ibiza, Spain and linked by investigators to the "Butcher of Mauthausen." Aribert Heim, the assistant of Adolf Eichmann, was named "the other Mengele" at the Mauthausen camp. The German justice suspects that Heim's wife and daughter have been collecting funds to hide the him since then.

Spanish Manhunt for Nazi Doctor Aribert Heim Continues
One of the most sadistic Nazi doctors during the Third Reich who is suspected of hundreds of murders is still on the run in Spain. Police said they were combing the eastern region of Valencia for Aribert Heim, claimed to be the world's second most wanted Nazi war criminal, amid reports the hunt has been narrowed to a small coastal town. Heim is suspected of having tortured and killed hundreds of prisoners at the Mauthausen concentration camp, and has been compared to Josef Mengele, the so-called "angel of death" who was a doctor at Auschwitz.
(Deutsche Welle)

40-Year Manhunt Is Zeroing In on Nazi Doctor Heim
After more than 40 years of searching, an international manhunt for Aribert Heim, a notorious doctor from the Nazi concentration camps and one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, has zeroed in on a stretch of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, according to Spanish police officials. There has always been reason to believe Heim is still alive, because his million-euro bank account in Berlin has yet to be tapped by his children, who can use it if they can prove he is dead.

Nazi war criminal escapes Costa Brava police search
One of the most wanted Nazi war criminals Aribert Heim may have fled the Costa Brava for another area of Spain or Denmark to escape an intense search by Spanish police. Recently, police have focused their investigations on two artists living in Palafrugell. The artists, a couple originally from France and Italy, allegedly received German bank transfers of 300,000 euros from one of Dr Heim's sons, El Mundo said. Police are trying to determine whether they helped hide Dr Heim and acted as a front to sustain him economically - or simply sold their works of art.

Spain searches for 91 years old Nazi camp doctor
Spanish police are scouring old people's homes on the east coast of Spain as the hunt closes in on a 91-year-old concentration camp doctor, regarded as one of the most wanted Nazis still alive. Dr Heim is regarded as the second most wanted former Nazi by the Simon Wiesenthal centre, after Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann's righthand man. The centre has offered a 10,000 euros reward for Heim, in addition to the 130,000 euros offered by the German police.