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Hitler's birthday: Birth date of Adolf Hitler

Hitler`s birthday - Celebrations, fear and loathing.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Hitler, Hitler Family, Mein Kampf, Eva Braun, Watches Adolf Hitler gave to nazi leaders.

The Eagle's Nest: Soaring over 6,000 feet in the Bavarian Alps, this beer garden was once Hitler's 50th birthday present
As the Allies rushed through Western Europe following the German defeat on D-Day, one of the grand prizes to be taken was the Eagle`s Nest. This estate, which sat 6,000 feet high in the Alps, had been given to Hitler as a birthday present. The name "Eagle`s Nest" was adopted by the Allies, but it was known throughout Germany as the "Kehlsteinhaus." It was situated atop the Obersalzberg mountains in one of the most beautiful parts of Bavaria, overlooking the small town of Berchtesgaden. The Eagle`s Nest was designed as a 50th birthday present for Adolf Hitler. Commissioned and overseen by Martin Bormann, the home remains an impressive feat of engineering even today.

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Rare limited edition watch produced by the Nazi Party for Hitler's 47th birthday discovered by Polish customs officials
A rare limited edition watch produced by the Nazi Party to mark Adolf Hitler's 47th birthday in 1936 has been confiscated by customs officials in Poland after stopping a suspected smuggler. The pocket watch - covered in Nazi insignia (the swastika and the Parteiadler eagle) with the date 20 April 1936 - is thought to have been built for the Nazi Party faithful. The Nazi watch has been placed into the hands of the Polish Historical Museum, which tries to track down its history.

An oak tree planted in 1942 to mark Hitler's birthday causing debate in Poland
The oak - planted in Jaslo in 1942, during the German occupation - was donated to the town's German administrator by Adolf Hitler to mark the Nazi dictator's birthday. Nothing unusual would have happened had it not been for the good memory of local historian Kazimierz Polak, who had seen its planting when he was young. When the tree was marked to be cut down, Polak knew he had to make the authorities aware of its historic significance. "I can speak some German, so I was able to understand that the ceremony (to plant the tree) was held to mark Hitler's birthday. It was bought from his home town in Austria. It was decorated with Nazi symbols."

How Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday party sparked the Second World War
Adolf Hitler’s birthdays had, since his coming to power in 1933, always been occasions for his bootlickers to show their adulation, but his 50th birthday, on April 20, 1939, was to be an extravaganza that would exceed any previous such occasions. Master of ceremonies was, of course, propaganda genius Josef Goebbels. The celebrations began on the afternoon of April 19 and by evening, Hitler - interested in technology and cars - was driven in a procession of 50 limousines along the 4-mile East-West axis across Berlin, a newly built boulevard designed by Albert Speer, and which was designed to be the central route through the capital of the Third Reich.

Hitler, who wanted to annihilate Russians, much worshipped in Russia
Russian neo-Nazis plan to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler, 3 weeks before Victory Day celebrations. 2007 they arranged a demonstration - with the official approval of the Moscow authorities. This year, they plan mass actions and attacks on foreigners and non-Russians in general. There are over 300 ultra-rightwing groups in Russia, with skinheads alone having 70,000 members. And they are becoming more violent, killing more people every year, as they are waging a veritable war against those they see as "aliens" - killing 49 persons in early part of 2008 alone.

Rare colour photograph of Adolf Hitler at his 50th birthday party
As an arch propagandist, Adolf Hitler was happy to see his life immortalized in shades of grey. The Nazi leader thought that black and white photos best highlighted the nature of his regime. Now, however, a more colourful view of the Fuhrer has came out. Over 62 years after his death in a Berlin bunker, images from a Paris archive show Adolf Hitler relaxing with children in the Eagle’s Nest, during his 50th birthday party on April 20th 1939. The shiny-faced Ayran boys and girls are dressed in bright pastel colours. All likely the sons and daughters of Nazi party VIPs. Hitler never had any children of his own, but liked passing time with other people's.

Adolf Hitler's birthday prompts 3 day lockdown   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Prestigious Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy ordered its foreign students to remain in their dormitories for 3 days because of fears of ethnic violence before Adolf Hitler's birthday. Hundreds of students were told to stock up on food and warned they would not be let out of the dormitories in an attempt to protect them from a marked rise in hate crimes. Ethnically motivated violence tends to increase in the days leading up to and after Hitler's birthday, when ultranationalists shout slogans and stage attacks on dark-skinned foreign people. In Moscow authorities have closed down outdoor markets where many traders are foreigners.

From Russia with fear - where Adolf Hitler’s birthday is holiday   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Moscow's Indian School, for the expatriate Indians, may be the only place in the world where Adolf Hitler's birthday is marked as a holiday. Fearful of attacks by racist Skinheads, whose activity tends to peak around the April 20 anniversary, it has ordered its students and staff to stay home on that day. That's just one illustration of the strange restrictions and constant fears that dominate the lives of some 15,000 Indian expatriates living in Russia. The worries about Skinhead violence are genuine enough: At least 50 people were killed in racist attacks on Russian streets last year.

A meal commemorating Adolf Hitler's birthday   (Article no longer available from the original source)
The leader of the Republican National Alliance, Martin Degiorgio, sued Arlette Baldacchino, editor of the Far Right forum Viva Malta, in connection with allegations that he had attended a meal commemorating Adolf Hitler's birthday. DeGiorgio admitted he was in the same place where the Hitler dinner is said to have taken place, but denied attending specifically for that dinner. Degiorgio was together with members of the historical re-enactment group of Malta for a dinner in honour of a re-enactor. At the end of the meal he went over to another table, which was "apparently" commemorating Hitler's birthday, to "say hello."

Birthday of our Leader - From patriotism to anger, shame   (Article no longer available from the original source)
On April 20, I woke up and remembered that it was Adolf Hitler's birthday. During my school years it was called "Fuehrers Geburtstag," or "Birthday of our Leader." I recall it as a festive day with parades, bands, speeches, and no classes. A wonderful day with everything a little boy's heart could desire. -- Nobody celebrated Hitler's birthday any longer in 1944 and 1945. A nation that had blindly followed a Hitler into a war fought for its very survival. It is a miracle that Germany ever made it back. WWII cost 55 million people their lives. And every year, when I awake on April 20, I feel great sadness, great anger, and great shame.

Totenbuch inside controversial archive reveal Nazis' full horror
The nazi archive managed by International Tracing Service is compiled from tonnes of documents recorded by the Nazis and contains cards relating to more than 17.5 million civilians. Much of it is simple, solemn facts: name, serial and prisoner number as well as the place and date of their birth. "It also shows how they died," said the archival manager, showing a copy of the camp's Totenbuch, or Death Book, from 1942 and 1943. "These prisoners were killed every two minutes with a shot to the back of the head." In a few hours, 300 were executed on 20 April, 1942. "That was Hitler's birthday. The camp commandant did it as a birthday gift for him."

Whatever you do, don't mention the birthday of Adolf Hitler
The date April 20 has always been a millstone around my neck: not because it's my birthday but because one name dominates famous people's birthdays on April 20. Adolf Hitler. In the midst of the WWII mayhem, my mother was pregnant and hoping for a royal birth: The Princess Elizabeth was due to turn 16 on April 21. But no, in true Aryan (oops, Freudian slip, Arian) style, I showed all the traits of my star sign by turning up one day early. When I came to live in Australia I thought it was all behind me. But my mother-in-law, on learning of my birthday, said: "How marvellous, that's Hitler's birthday. We'll never forget that." And she never did.
(theage-Denise Gadd )

Teenager who shot 9 people in Minnesota on Hitler's birthday
Jeff Weise, the teenager who police say shot nine people in Minnesota, was a disaffected young man who may have expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler. Weise, a tall 16-year-old, used to paint his face white in gothic style and wear black. A contributor to a forum on a neo-Nazi group's website identifies himself as Jeff Weise. In a series of posts which began about a year ago under the username Todesengel ("Angel of Death"), he expresses interest in joining the group. "I guess I've always carried a natural admiration for Hitler and his ideals, and his courage to take on larger nations. I also have a natural dislike for communism... "

Our Hitler - Goebbels' 1944 Speech on Hitler's 55th Birthday
"... He will be the man of the century, not his opponents. He gave this century its meaning, its content, its goal. ... He points the way. He commands, we follow. We, his old and tested comrades, march in the first row behind him. We are tested by danger, steeled by misfortune, hardened by storm and trial, but also crowned with the first victories of the coming new world. We are at the head of a countless multitude who carry and defend the future of the Reich. We defend the cause of the nation, which has found its visible form in the Führer. In this battle between life and death, he is and will remain for us what he always was: Our Hitler!"