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Adolf Hitler's Childhood: Fuehrer as a child

Adolf Hitler`s childhood - Testimonies and recollections.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Berghof: Eagle's Nest, Hitler relics, Adolf Hitler, Hitler: gift watches to nazi leaders, Hitler Movies, Hitler Pics.

Priest's story that he saved drowning young Hitler supported by newspaper clippings
Newspaper clippings have emerged detailing how a child – who experts think was Adolf Hitler – was rescued from the River Passau, Germany, in January 1894. The infant is not named in the article, which was uncovered in a German archive, but it matches a story recounted by priest Max Tremmel in 1980. He said his predecessor Johann Kuehberger told him he had rescued young Hitler. Residents of Passau, where Hitler grew up, also claimed the priest's story was true. The Donauzeitung-Danube newspaper described how "a young fellow" was pulled out of the River Passau by a "brave comrade" after he fell through thin ice.

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Hitler's First War: Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment, and the First World War by Thomas Weber
How did the timid young Hitler turned into the fascist demagogue of 1922? There is no simple answer, but "Hitler's First War" debunks some of the usual answers. Hitler biographers have long assumed that World War I was a turning point, and now Thomas Weber has discovered the missing documents of Hitler's WW1 service. These files - which disprove Hitler's own account - reveal that: Regimental runner's job was not so dangerous, officers had to hand out certain number of Iron Crosses, Hitler lived in comfort at the HQ away from the front lines, later his old comrades supported the Weimar Republic - not the Nazi Party.

Adolf Hitler's Jewish Doctor: New Bio Details Eduard Bloch's Fate
Hitler family's Jewish doctor in Linz, Eduard Bloch, treated Adolf when he caught colds and his mother Klara when she fell mortally ill. A diary given to Historian Brigitte Hamann by Bloch's descendants provided the impetus for "Hitler's Edeljude" - the title refers to those "noble" Jews who enjoyed protection of the Nazi elite. -- Hitler was quite a nice child and attentive to his mother. It has been said that Hitler's hatred started because Bloch couldn't save his mother. That's not true. Hitler was very attached to the old man and respected him. He even thanked him with two of his own painted postcards. Bloch was protected by the Gestapo on Hitler's orders.

The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek - Reveals Hitler's Girl?
Much of Adolf Hitler’s early life — his years in the Austrian cities of Linz and Vienna — remains shrouded in obscurity. For decades, biographers have relied on the memoirs of Hitler’s best — only — friend during 1904-1908, August Kubizek. Now his book "The Young Hitler I Knew" has been published in English in full. And while there have been earlier versions — notably the heavily edited version used by the Nazi party as an official biography — his uncensored account throws a fascinating light on the mind of the future Fuhrer. For it contains, for the first time, the full story of Hitler’s obsession with a pretty girl called Stefanie Isak.

Doctor of Hitler family: Interview With Dr. Eduard Bloch
It was definitely established that Dr. Bloch treated the Hitler family in 1906 and 1907. "As a youth Adolf Hitler was quiet, well-mannered and neatly dressed ... He was tall, sallow, old for his age. He was neither robust nor sickly. Perhaps 'frail looking' would best describe him. His eyes - inherited from his mother- were large, melancholy and thoughtful. To a very large extent this boy lived within himself. Klara Hitler adored her son, the youngest of the family. She allowed him his own way wherever possible."

Interview with Paula Hitler on 5th June 1946
It was especially my brother Adolf, who challenged my father to extreme harshness and who got his sound thrashing every day. He was a scrubby little rogue, and all attempts of his father to thrash him for his rudeness and to cause him to love the profession of an official of the estate were in vain. How often on the other hand did my mother caress him and try to obtain with her kindness, were the father could not succeed with harshness!

Interview with Paula Hitler on 12th July 1945
Since I was so much younger than my brother he never considered me a playmate. He played a leading role among his early companions. His was favourite game was cops and robbers, and that sort of thing. He had a lot of companions. I could not say what took place in their games, as I was never present. Adolf as a child always came home too late. He got a spanking every night for not coming home on time.

Discovery of a journal written by Adolf Hitler's sister Paula Hitler
Historians Timothy Ryback and Florian Beierl acclaimed the discovery in Germany of a journal written by Adolf Hitler's sister Paula Hitler, saying it offers insights into the dysfunctional nature of the Führer's family. Recounting the earliest memories of her childhood, when she was around 8 and Adolf was 15, Paula Hitler wrote: "Once again I feel my brother's loose hand across my face." The two historians have also located a joint memoir by Hitler's half-brother, Alois, and half-sister, Angela. One excerpt describes the violence exercised by Hitler's father Alois, and how Adolf's mother Klara tried to protect her son from regular beatings.

Adolf Hitler - View from Xinhua
Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April, 1889, in the small Austrian town of Braunau near the German border. His father Alois Hitler, the illegitimate son of a housemaid, was an ambitious man and became a senior customs official. 23 years younger Klara Hitler was Alois' third wife. Alois had two children from his previous marriages. They had 5 children but only Adolf and Paula survived. Alois was keen for his son to do well in life. Alois was a strict father and beat his son if he did not do as he was told. When he was 18 Hitler received an inheritance from his father's will. Hitler was shattered when the Vienna Academy of Art rejected his application.

Biographies - Adolf Hitler
On April 20, 1889, at 6:30 pm, a baby was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria. He was the son of Alois and Klara Hitler. Of the six children only two survived: Adolph and his sister, Paula. Hitler sang in the local church choir. His favorite game was "Cowboys and Indians." He enjoyed novels of the American West, specially by Karl May. Hitler left school before he graduated, dreaming of becoming a famous artist. His strict father died when he was 13. Hitler couldn’t stand anyone to disagree with him. This personality trait surfaced when he was quite young. Hitler loved his mother deeply and they were close. When Klara passed away when he was 19, he was devastated.

Young Adolf Hitler
Adolf lacked nothing, especially maternal affection from Klara Hitler who was a very sweet person. Klara who lost three of her kids before Adolf's birth will always feed him with a devouring affection and great care and will try to make up for her husband's severity. Alois Sr. was typical father figure of the XIXth century, and he might have been more severe than the situation demanded. After his retirement, Alois got frustrated by his idle life and grew impatient and violent. His outbursts of temper and anger turned towards Adolf who was only 7.

Adolf Hitler - Early years: struggling artist copied scenes from postcards
From 1905 onward, Hitler was able to live the life of a Bohemian on a fatherless child's pension and support from his mother. After he was rejected twice by the Academy of Arts in Vienna for "lack of talent" —he did not try to find a different work. He was told he should become an architect. On Dec 21, 1907, his mother Klara died. Adolf gave his share of the orphans' benefits to his younger sister Paula, but soon inherited some money from an aunt. He worked as a struggling painter in Vienna, copying scenes from postcards (he produced over 2000 works before the First World War). Some of Hitler's favourite subjects were women and dogs.

UK Soldier spared Hitler's life - Historians dispute legend   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A First World War legend that Adolf Hitler's life was spared by a soldier who had him in his sights has been questioned by new research. Pte Henry Tandey, who was serving with the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, reputedly had a chance to kill the future Führer during fighting at Marcoing, near Cambrai, France, on the day he won a Victoria Cross, Sept 28, 1918. But he could not bring himself to kill a wounded man and instead let Hitler go. Hitler was indeed wounded in northern France, but work by historians has cast new doubt on the story. Documents in the Bavarian State Archive show that Corporal Hitler was on leave on the day in question and nowhere near the battle.