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Dieppe Raid - Operation Jubilee

The failed Allied invasion: Dieppe Raid - Operation Jubilee.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Army Rangers, Canada, World War II, D-Day Invasion.

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Dieppe Hero Colonel David Lloyd Hart, longest serving Canadian Officer, dies at 101
Canada’s oldest and longest-serving officer passed away on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at the age of 101. Decorated Dieppe Veteran, Honorary Colonel David Lloyd Hart, MM, CD led an extraordinary life in service to Canada. As a Communications Operator during the Second World War, then-Sergeant Hart was awarded the British Military Medal (MM) for bravery by His Majesty, King George VI, at Buckingham Palace. The actions for which the MM was awarded took place on the battlefield during the Dieppe Raid in 1942, a day which remains as the bloodiest single day of combat for Canada’s military in the entire Second World War.

Documentary film Dieppe: Uncovered -- Howard Large survived the deadly beaches of Dieppe
The horror of Canada's darkest day of WWII still remains a vivid picture in Howard Large's mind, 70 years after he crawled in terror over the bodies of comrades and across the bloodied stones of a machine gun-raked beach at Dieppe. "This is the end ... I am dead," he told himself on so many occasions that hellish morning of Aug. 19, 1942. There was the buddy from their shared hometown who threw himself on an explosive charge, sacrificing his life to save Large and others around him. The German grenade that landed on Large`s chest - "it just went 'poof,' it was a dud."

Was Dieppe Raid a waste of lives or a valuable lesson that saved them?   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A debate still rages over one of the most disastrous military plans in Canadian history: The 1942 Dieppe raid. But historian Antony Beevor argues that the Canadians slaughtered by overwhelming German firepower didn't die in vain: "The Dieppe disaster had a fundamental influence on the planning for D-Day, albeit in mainly negative terms." The failure revealed that the key ports were so heavily fortified that a direct raid from the sea "should be avoided at all costs." The Dieppe failure led to the technological developments needed on D-Day: like amphibious tanks and the "Crocodile" flame-throwing tanks.

Pigeon message - the first word Allies had of the Dieppe raid disaster - to be displayed in Dieppe
The message is only 42 words, but it reveals the 1942 Dieppe Raid disaster. Those 42 words were the first information the Allies received that the first Allied attempt to land troops in France was an completely failure. Major-General J. H. Roberts, the commander of the 2nd Canadian Division, sent the message at 1:40 pm, that the Allies had suffered very heavy casualties (most were Canadians), and the decision had been made to retreat with what men could be saved - at the cost of abandoning the rest. The last line seems to reveal his frustration: "Obviously operation completely lacked surprise."

Dieppe Raid veteran Harold Scharfe spent 3 years in Nazi POW camps
World War II veteran Harold Scharfe, who lied about his age to go fight Adolf Hitler's Nazi Regime and pulled through the calamitous raid on Dieppe only to spend the next 3 years in Nazi camps, has passed away at 86. He was a member of the Essex Scottish on Aug. 19, 1942 when he and 6,000 other soldiers stormed the beaches of Dieppe. Of the 553 Essex Scottish soldiers to hit that beach, just 52 escaped the bloodshed aboard rescue vessels that took them back to England. "I spent 13 months in chains and I marched all the way across Germany in a death march. Let me say I don't have the greatest memories of Dieppe."

Haunting photo exhibit paints a portrait of Dieppe's landscape
Imagine the grief in August 1942, when 913 Canadian soldiers were killed on the same day on the beaches of Dieppe. Hundreds more were wounded Aug. 19, 1942, and nearly 2,000 taken POWs during the battle the Canadian War Museum has named "the bloodiest day in Canadian military history." The museum has installed a photo exhibition of the bare coastline in the Dieppe area as it looks today - including the Germans' decaying fortifications and the beaches once tarnished with blood. The photos are from the camera of photographer Bertrand Carrière, who has been involved in other art projects involving Dieppe.

World War II veterans mark the 1942 Dieppe raid (Operation Jubilee)
About 50 people met to mark the fatal World War II raid at Dieppe that decimated the Essex Scottish Regiment. The battle was a test of the Nazi defences and a preliminary run for full-scale Allied invasion. Soldiers, who arrived ashore after dawn, were slaughtered as they got off ships. Of the 4,963 Canadian soldiers, less than half returned to England, and 68% were injured. "Hardly a family wasn't touched by that disaster. We were rebuilt and went on and fought. That's why we take Aug. 19 every year to honour the valiant," said Lt.-Col. Morris Brause at a ceremony at Dieppe Gardens on Riverside Drive.

Bloody failure: The 1942 assault on beaches of Nazi-occupied France
The tide of war had still not shifted against Nazi Germany when thousands of troops, mostly Canadians, stormed the beaches of Nazi-occupied France in 1942. The assault on the beaches of Dieppe ended in bloody failure, with heavy losses: The Canadian death tally for this 1-day battle rivals the American D-Day ordeal at Omaha Beach. An invasion to retake Europe, and the opening of the so-called second front against Third Reich, was not yet within the military capability of the Allies. Still, on Aug. 19, 1942 a force of 6,000 men was ordered to assault Dieppe: 1,000 British commandos and a handful of American troops supporting the bulk force of Canadian soldiers.

Dieppe veterans relive bloody battle - Failed 1942 Allied assault   (Article no longer available from the original source)
The stony beach at Dieppe, once littered with Canadian dead, was strewn with red roses, in a final tribute from survivors of the failed Aug. 19, 1942, Allied assault. The beach, the tightly-packed brick buildings and the chalk bluffs brought back a tide of memories for the old soldiers, some of whom cried openly as they recalled the carnage of that day. The 65th anniversary is expected to be the last formal gathering of those who fought the desperate, pitch battle with German troops. The amphibious raid by a force of 5,000 Canadian and 1,000 British troops, along with 50 U.S. rangers, ended disastrously, with 2/3 of them either killed, wounded or captured.

Pictures on Dieppe Raid
The Raid on Dieppe was a test for the full-scale invasion by the Allies during World War II. The frontal assault raid on Dieppe would give the Allies a chance to test techniques and equipment for landing troops from the sea. A German ship spotted the convoy coming, and they were ready as the Allied troops got to the beaches. Many were mowed down by machine-gun and mortar fire. The tanks slipped on the round pebbles of the beaches, and those that got past the sea-wall were blocked by concrete barriers. The Canadians suffered 3,367 casualties at the Raid on Dieppe.

Dieppe raid veteran retells horror of his war   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Bob Large knows the casualties suffered by the Essex Scottish Regiment on August 19, 1942. He remembers Red Beach: As the bodyguard for Lt. Col. Fred Jasperson, he arrived on the beach when the sky erupted with mortar bombs and artillery shells. The rocky beach became deadly as the rocks were shattered as the shells struck them, killing men in their path. After following orders, which he first refused -- a mortar bomb landed on the barrel of his gun... Wounded, he was hauled aboard the craft. Large and one American were on deck because there was no room below deck -- when bomb was dropped -- they were blown into the water and were the lone survivors.