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Eva Braun: Hitler`s Mistress & Wife

Eva Braun: Hitler`s Mistress and Wife - Biography, relics, recollections.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Women of Third Reich, Test Pilot Hanna Reitsch, Leni Riefenstahl.

Hitler's suicide blonde: As the First Lady, Eva Braun lived in lavish splendour, but behind the scenes she was miserable
Hitler gave his private secretary a task in 1930 that required discretion — checking out the ancestry of a 17-year-old girl he had met at a photographic studio in Munich, where she was working as an assistant. Was she from good Aryan stock? After completing an investigation, Martin Bormann confirmed that Eva Braun did not possess a single drop of Jewish blood. From then on, Hitler regularly dropped in on her at the studio, taking her out to dinner or a film. He started sleeping with her in early 1932. In some respects, Eva didn’t fit the mould of Nazi womanhood: she smoked, followed the latest American dance crazes, read fashion magazines and wore make-up.

Panties worn by Eva Braun on auction block
Silk monogrammed white panties once worn by Braun, Nazi dictator Hitler’s long-time girlfriend and short-lived wife, are being put on the auction block in England. They are expected to fetch at least 1300. Also available is one of her white lace nighties, bearing her personal monogram, which should bring in the same amount as the underwear.

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Eva Braun’s Final Days
In April 1945 Eva Braun traveled north from Munich to Berlin, determined to be with Hitler to the bitter end. She was not summoned to join the Führer, with whom she had carried on an intimate relationship for well more than a decade. In fact, Hitler attempted to persuade her to leave the capital city. She would have none of it and descended with him into the dank, shadowy existence. A few minutes after midnight on April 29, 1945, an event took place that few individuals close to Hitler or to Eva Braun believed would ever happen. Perhaps as a reward or final gesture of latent appreciation to his mistress, the Führer and Eva attested to their Aryan lineage and were married in a brief civil ceremony witnessed by Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels and Hitler’s personal secretary Martin Bormann.

Eva Braun: life with Adolf Hitler
Eva Braun (1912–1945) was the long term companion of Adolf Hitler. The pair married on 29 April 1945 – just one day before they both died by suicide. Here, German historian Heike B Görtemaker – author of Eva Braun: Life with Hitler – answers some of the key questions about the Nazi leader's and wife. Was she truly in love Hitler? What was her role in the Nazi party? And just how aware was she of Nazi atrocities?

Eva Braun: The lover Germany never knew Hitler had
At the age of 17, Eva Braun took a job in the studios of Nazi photographer Heinrich Hoffmann in Munich, where she occasionally also modelled in front of the camera. It was in that studio that she first met Hitler, at that time a radical, fringe politician. During the early years of their relationship, Braun twice attempted suicide. In 1932 she shot herself in the chest, while in 1935 she took an overdose of pills. Both attempts seem to have been a protest that Hitler wasn`t paying enough attention to her, and on both occasions it seems to have worked. In 1935 Hitler moved Braun and her sister Margarete into an apartment in Munich. Braun`s relationship with Hitler was very complicated.

Gallery: Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun through the years
Photo Gallery: Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun through the years.

Never before seen photos show Hitler attending wedding of Hermann Fegelein and Gretl Braun who he had executed a year later
A previously unseen photo has emerged showing Hitler celebrating the wedding of his future 'brother-in-law' - who he had executed a year later. The picture shows the Nazi dictator congratulating SS officer Hermann Fegelein and bride Gretl Braun at a reception in Salzburg, Austria. 11 months later, Hitler ordered the execution of the groom for the crime of deserting his post. The photo was found in an album of 12 black and white snaps of the wedding reception that lasted for three days and was organised by Eva Braun, the elder sister of Gretl and Hitler's mistress. The fuhrer was one of the witnesses to the marriage along with SS chief Heinrich Himmler and Martin Bormann.

A pair of silk knickers worn by Eva Braun go up for auction
Almost every inch of Hitler's life has been dissected by historians over the years but a new insight into the Nazi dictator can now be revealed - his taste in underwear. A pair of silk frilly knickers worn by his mistress Eva Braun to make herself attractive to the him have been uncovered after 70 years and will go under the hammer this week. The pair of lilac undies have Braun's monogrammed initials embroidered on the front of them as proof they were hers. They were liberated by an American serviceman who found them in an abandoned bunker in the Platterhof Hotel next to Hitler's Berghof home in the Bavarian Alps.

Has a pair of Eva Braun's monogrammed underwear wound up in an Ohio antiques shop?
An antiques shop in a tiny Ohio town is boasting a big item: a pair of Eva Braun's French silk panties complete with monogrammed 'EB.' The question of the underwear's authenticity remains, but the 'firm' $7,500 price tage certainly suggests they are the real thing. And that's the line being toed by not only the owner of Mantiques in Elmore, but also the 84-year-old retired Air Force major who sold it to him -- a man who gives a tale of the Nazi knickers' provenance so enthralling, everyone seems to want it to be true.

DNA analysis shows Eva Braun could have been from a Jewish family
When they committed suicide in his bunker at the end of WW2, Eva Braun had been Adolf Hitler`s mistress for more than 12 years and his wife for a mere 40 hours. It seems, however, that despite their time together, she may have kept a crucial family secret from the Fuhrer. DNA analysis of hair found on a brush that belonged to her shows a link through her maternal line. Scientists found a particular sequence within the DNA, which had been passed down the maternal line – the haplogroup N1b1 – which it is claimed is ‘strongly associated` with Ashkenazi Jews.

Portrait of Hitler`s mistress Eva Braun by top Nazi artist emerges after being lost for 70 years
An original portrait of Hitler`s mistress Eva Braun that was owned by the woman herself has been discovered. The oil painting that shows her wearing a red hat and a knowing smile is believed to be the official Nazi state portrait. It was created by the artist Hans Lehmkuhl in 1941 and was kept by Eva Braun until 1943 when she gave it to her friend, Countess Antonia Isabelle Clementine, Grafin von Westphalen zu Furstenberg. Now the 54x49 inch picture is expected to fetch £6,000 when it goes under the hammer at Mullock`s auction rooms in Ludlow, Shropshire.

Letters allegedly written by Eva Braun talk about the last days
As the Red Army smashed into the suburbs of Berlin in April 1945, the mood of Hitler`s bride-to-be Eva Braun turned from fragile hope to black despair. Letters she is said to have written from the führerbunker reveal her growing sense of doom. The letters are published in a book called The Women of the Nazis, by Third Reich expert Anna Maria Sigmund. The writer insists the letters are genuine and were written by Eva Braun to her friend Herta Schneider. She claims the descendants of Schneider showed her the letters. She said she copied them down before they were sold on to a collector.

Eva Braun's private photographs in Life magazine (30 pics)
Eva Braun's private photographs in Life magazine (30 pics)

Eva Braun: Life with Hitler by Heike B. Gortemaker and Damion Searls (book review)
Who was Eva Braun? Why did she link her fate so strongly to that of the German dictator? Why was her existence kept so secret for so long? Was she just a simple, apolitical, naive young woman captivated by Hitler's charisma? Was her relationship with the dictator merely platonic? In this new book, the first serious, scholarly biography of the girl who after her death became one of the world's best-known women, the historian Heike Görtemaker Searches thoroughly through the available documentation to answer to these questions.

Previously unseen photographs from the private albums of Eva Braun (30 pics)
A collection of previously unseen images from the personal photo albums of Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler's girlfriend, have come to light. The photographs were seized by the U.S. Army in 1945 and preserved by Reinhard Schulz, collector and curator of photography at the National Archives. The pictures chronicle Eva Braun's life from her childhood to a 9-year-old girl at convent school to a teenage model working for Heinrich Hoffman and eventually the wife of the Nazi dictator.

Photos: Hermann Fegelein with Eva Braun - Axis History forum thread
Photographs: SS-Obergruppenführer Hermann Fegelein dancing and flirting with Eva Braun - thread in the Axis History forum. The thread also includes photos of Fegelein and Gretl Braun, and video clips from their wedding.

Eva Braun: Life With Hitler by Heike B. Goertemaker -- Eva Braun was not dumb blond
A new biography of Eva Braun reveals how the hidden First Lady of the Third Reich was the opposite of what her beloved Adolf said should be found in a woman. "Eva Braun: Life With Hitler" depicts Eva - not as an air-headed blond - but a loyal, independent thinker at odds with Hitler's declarations about "the fairer sex". About the physical side of their relationship: When Eva saw a photo of Neville Chamberlain on the sofa at his Munich flat, she said: "If only he knew the history of this sofa!" Eva Braun met Hitler in 1929 while working for Führer's personal cameraman Heinrich Hoffmann.

What happened to Gretl Braun - The sister of Eva Braun? [photos]
This thread at the Axis History forum talks about what happened to Gretl Braun during and after the world war two. --- Margarete (Gretl) Braun was born 31 August 1915 in Munich. She worked as a clerk in photographer Heinrich Hoffmann's publishing company from 10 April 1931 to 1943. From 1 September 1943 she enrolled at Bavarian State school of Photography. On 3 June 1944 Gretl married Hermann Fegelein, a liason officer of Waffen-SS to Adolf Hitler. At end of war she was on Obersalsberg and travelled to Garmisch-Partenkrichen with a girlfriend of Eva Braun. In 1949 Margarete Fegelein moved from Garmisch to Munich, and on Feb. 6, 1954 she married Kurt Berlinghoff.

Gold Adolf Hitler bookmark, stolen from an auction-house in Madrid, recovered
Authorities have recovered a stolen gold bookmark that was given to Adolf Hitler by his mistress Eva Braun. Christian Popescu was caught trying to sell the bookmark to an undercover agent for $100,000 in Seattle. It's one of the items taken in an auction-house burglary in Madrid 6 years ago. The bookmark (its authenticity is questioned) is inscribed with a portrait of Hitler as well as an imperial eagle and swastika. Eva Braun gave it to Hitler to console him after the Stalingrad. "My Adolf, don't worry, only an inconvenience that will not break your certainty of victory. My love for you will be eternal, as our Reich will be eternal. Always yours, Eva. 3-2-43."

Adolf and Eva - Documentary
Eva Braun was an attractive young woman drawn into the circle of an powerful man, 23 years older than her. Documentary "Adolf and Eva" focuses on Eva after Adolf Hitler walked into the photography studio where she worked, and a relationship began. The documentary is based on the recollections of Eva's maid, and it also introduces other women around Hitler: Mimi Reiter and Geli Baubal. The documentary keeps the re-enactments to a minimum. It doesn't need them, because it has Eva's home movies, showing a cheery young woman flirting with her lover and the camera.

Eva Braun dress sells for $35,875 -- Mistress of Adolf Hitler
Manion’s International Auction House, Inc. has brokered the sale of thousands of historic collectibles, but a recent sale of a dress belonging to the mistress of Adolf Hitler has attracted attention. In an auction which closed on August 26, 2007 a tangerine silk evening gown reached a price of $35,875. “We were amazed,” said John Conway. "We knew it was a unique item, and have sold items belonging to her before, but several bidders took this one higher than we anticipated." The company had recently featured other dresses and documented personality items belonging to Eva Braun, which reached realized prices in the $10,000-$13,000 range.

Controversial Eva Braun Toy Car on Exhibit at DFW Toy Museum
Of the more than 3,000 rare replicas and toy cars at DFW Elite Toy Museum, one is a lightning rod for controversy. The Eva Braun Car, built by Tippco, continues to be a subject of debate among historians. "Only 5 of these Tippco models are known to exist worldwide, and there is so much debate about their history. Many historians deny such a car ever existed, but others disagree and speculate that the toy is based upon a car that Adolf Hitler gave to his mistress." The tin-plate replica of a 1938 Mercedes 540K is gold. Tippco built it in 1942, and Sturgeon spent 5 years searching for it. Dubbed the Eva Braun Car, it is valued at $12,000.

The Lost Life of Eva Braun - Biography of Frau Hitler
When Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker on April 29, 1945, he wasn’t alone. Joining the Fuhrer in death was Eva Braun, his mistress of 13 years, whom he married just 36 hours before. Who was Eva Braun, a woman whose name remains recognizable 62 years after her death? Angela Lambert has penned a biography, only the second about Eva Braun to be written in English. Eva Braun made herself indispensable to Adolf Hitler, making him laugh and relax. "I’ve always said that I shan’t go on living if anything happens to you. You know that my whole life is loving you," she wrote him in 1944, after an assassination attempt left Hitler wounded.

Adolf Hitler's love book to Eva Braun for sale - Inscribed with "My darling Eva"   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A book of Bavarian poetry Adolf Hitler gave his girlfriend Eva Braun in 1940 with a sentimental inscription is up for auction with an asking price of $175,000. The copy of "Josef Filsers Briefwexel" is inscribed in German with the words: "My darling Eva. A gift of love from the heart. Adolf Hitler. Berlin Jan. 19, 1940." The German adjective Hitler used for darling indicates a sincere, tender affection. It is the only known written indication of affection Hitler showed for Braun. The pair later married, and committed suicide together in a Berlin bunker.

The hell of loving Hitler - Eva Braun
She was Hitler’s lover for 14 years. But few know the truth about Eva Braun. Now, private diaries reveal a woman in her sexual prime tortured by her passion for the Führer. Erich Kempka, Hitler’s personal chauffeur, called Eva Braun "the unhappiest woman in Europe". Albert Speer said: "Eva Braun will be a great disappointment to historians." Chroniclers of the Third Reich have followed like sheep. There has been little research into her life and until now she has been dismissed as a lightweight who was not worth investigating. As a result, Eva Braun has never been given credit for the skill with which she managed her role at the heart of Hitler’s private life.

The Eva Braun story: Behind every evil man...
She was a good Catholic girl. Her ordinariness was her defining quality. So why did she devote herself to Adolf Hitler? As a major new biography is published, Frances Wilson looks at her strange life - and death. It wasn't much of a wedding; just a few of his colleagues. Appropriately for a workaholic, the ceremony was held in his office without ceremony, but there was plenty of champagne in the store, so they drank a hearty toast to the bride. She would have preferred to wear a different dress of course, so it was all a bit disappointing, but she wasn't going to let silly things ruin the moment she had waited 15 years for.

Anna Plaim: Chambermaid for Hitler - Wearing his slippers while cleaning   (Article no longer available from the original source)
New insights have emerged into the private life of Adolf Hitler from his former chambermaid, who has admitted that she used to stand in his slippers while cleaning his room. Anna Plaim, who came from the Austrian village of Loosdorf, was 20 years old when she was employed as a chambermaid for Hitler in 1941. In a book she describes how she worked at the Berghof, Hitler's mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps. Plaim's account of life at the Berghof adds weight to the suggestion that Hitler did have a sexual relationship with Eva Braun, even though the two slept in separate rooms.

Revealed: the man who wed Hitler and Eva
If the marriage of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun wasn't actually made in hell, they were at least wed in some of the most hellish conditions imaginable. Facing death together in their Berlin bunker, they celebrated their vows by sharing a glass of champagne with Joseph Goebbels and his family. But key pieces of information about Hitler's wedding and final hours are missing. One unanswered question concerned the presence of a mysterious, low-ranking Nazi official at the nuptials. Who was he? Two British writers have finally uncovered the truth about Walter Wagner.

My cousin, Eva Braun - Days at Berchtesgaden
As a 20-year-old, Gertrude Weisker joined her cousin Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress at Berchtesgaden for lonely days of swimming and killing time in the dying months of the war. Now in her late 70s, Gertrude insists neither she nor Eva were Nazis. To me, Eva was always a cipher: a glamorous blonde often filmed playing at different sports, or photographed dressed in Bavarian costume, by the Führer's side. She was very sporty, and to me she was very beautiful. She always changed dresses, five times, seven times a day.

Hitler's Hausfrauen - His view of the opposite sex
"The greater the man, the more insignificant should be the woman", was how Adolf Hitler summed up his view of the opposite sex. He idealised the meek, faithful Hausfrau. He had only two serious relationships, both of which ended with the woman's suicide - his niece Geli Raubal, who shot herself rather than have to put up with her uncle's dangerous jealousy, and Eva Braun, who took poison in the bunker in Berlin rather than face life without him. Other women adored him enough to kill themselves. The actress Renate Mueller threw herself out of an asylum window; Unity Mitford put two bullets in her head in Munich when war broke out in 1939, but survived.

Album reveals the secret life of Hitler's wife, Eva Braun
The secret life of Adolf Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, was revealed after the discovery of a private photo album showing her in playful poses, relaxing in a swim suit and receiving a kiss on the hand from the Fuhrer. The leather-bound album of 100 pictures, traced by the German ZDF, is thought to be one of 5 made by Braun as Christmas presents in 1941. Eva Braun, Hitler's lover for a decade until their suicide in the Fuhrer's bunker in Berlin, lived hidden away at Berghof, the dictator's hideaway in the Austrian Alps. When important political guests came to visit, she was banished to her room.