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Imposters: Fake WWII Veterans

Medals, Uniforms and Amazing Stories: The world of Fake WWII veterans.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Fake Holocaust Survivors, Fake WW2 militaria, WWII restitution cases, WWII veterans, Mistreated WWII veterans.

Fake WWII POW Arthur Crane to spend Christmas behind bars in Australia
Arthur "Rex" Crane will spend Christmas behind bars for posing as a WWII POW for 22 years to receive $464,409 in extra welfare payments. Military historian Lynette Silver exposed Crane after he delivered a speech at the POW War Memorial in Ballarat, Victoria.

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Jack Crane, fake WWII veteran, bluffed his way to become head of the POW Association of Australia
He never enlisted, never wore a military uniform, never saw combat in Malaya, was never captured by the Japanese. Yet Jack Crane bluffed his way to become head of the Prisoner of War Association of Australia and pick up a war pension in the process. "It looks like the past has caught up, doesn't it. I've always just been hoping that I'd peg out," Crane said when his fake military career came to light. Why do people like Crane do it? Usually it begins with embellishing a military career, just for bragging rights. Now a new vigilante group, "Australian and New Zealand Military Impostors" (ANZMI), is hunting down the rogue warriors.

American phony army: Thousands claim to have been a POW, or in an elite unit
Mary and Chuck Schantag of the P.O.W. Network have exposed almost 1,900 impostors since 1998. They also have revealed 2,000 men who claimed they served in elite units. "We check reports of phonies when we get up in the morning and before we get to bed at night. The lies are changing history. It's wrong. It causes the real heroes to be grouped with the phonies and frauds. The integrity and honor should be given to those who really earn it." Recently the Tribune did its own analysis: nearly 50% of the people identified as having served in the Special Forces or the Navy's SEALs had no link with those elite warriors, according to their official military records.

Hundreds lie about receiving military medals, like Medal of Honor
Medals like the Medal of Honor are given to the most distinguished soldiers. But a probe in Chicago shows over 300 people have claimed medals of valor they never earned. Doug Sterner is fighting to reveal the phonies - by creating an online database Homeofheroes, which lists the names of American top military award winners. Sterner has 120,000 entries, but he wants the Department of Defense to set up an official database of all U.S. soldiers who have received medals of valor. So Sterner helped write The Roll of Honor Act: A bill that would require the government to maintain record of medals given to soldiers.

FBI agent: Medal of Honor impostors outnumber recipients
The Congressional Medal of Honor Society reports there are 113 living recipients of the nation's highest military award, but an F-B-I agent says impostors outnumber the true heroes. Agent Tom Cottone says there are more and more of the impostors, and they are literally stealing the valor and acts of valor of the real guys. Some fakers merely brag about receiving the award - and that's not illegal - but some impostors wear military uniforms and bogus medals.