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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

WW2 Footage

World War II film footage - Classic clips and the latest discoveries.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Documentaries, WW2 Movies, Hitler Films.

Eva Braun filmed Nazis relaxing and the fuhrer dancing. Now the footage is going digital.
The National Archives is restoring the color home movies made by Hitler’s girlfriend Eva Braun. Much of the extraordinary four hours of footage is in color and is known to historians via older Archives copies. The original is missing. The film features Hitler and top Nazis Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Martin Bormann, Albert Speer and Joachim von Ribbentrop.

Color footage from aboard Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses on bombing runs over Germany
In 1943, William Wyler brought color cameras aboard Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses on bombing runs over Germany. The raw footage was recently discovered in the National Archives.

Hollywood`s World War II Pro-Soviet Propaganda: The North Star (1943)
`North Star` was a Hollywood box-office success, released in 1943, when the US and the USSR were allies in fighting Nazi Germany. The film produced by Samuel Goldwyn, directed by Lewis Milestone, acknowledges the Soviet Union`s courageous resistance against Nazi Germany. It puts forth a pro-Soviet perspective, focussing on the heroic struggle of Communist partisans in a Ukrainian village fighting against Germany`s Wehrmacht in liaison with the Soviet Union`s Red Army.

Archive footage shows Hitler visiting injured soldiers
Archive footage shows Hitler visiting injured soldiers

Rediscovered films show friendly and modest Hitler in Bayreuth
Long-lost film material reveals a remarkably "friendly" and "modest" side of Adolf Hitler at the Bayreuth Festival. The Nazi leader's connection to Richard Wagner has long been a thorn in the side of the festival. The film footage of Adolf Hitler at the Bayreuth Festival, revealing Adolf Hitler as a welcome guest in the Wagner family circle, was turned over to the Bavarian State Archive in December 2015 and has now been made available on CD to researchers.

Unbelievable - Son finds lost D-Day colour footage in father`s attic
When the warship HMS Belfast fired the shot that launched the D-Day landings, it was carrying an unlikely passenger – Hollywood film director George Stevens. With Allied forces set to storm the Normandy beaches of Nazi-occupied France, Stevens was on-board making a unique 16 millimetre colour film journal. General Dwight Eisenhower assigned him to head up the combat motion-picture coverage, a unit covering the war in black-and-white 35 millimetre film for newsreels and military archives. But while documenting the Allied forces` advance towards Berlin, he took with him a 16 millimetre camera and boxes of Kodachrome film on which he would shoot a personal visual diary of the war. The film canisters of the war were developed back in the US, but Stevens stored them and for decades they went untouched.

Lost interviews with witnesses locked in Fuhrer's Berlin bunker
A new movie made from witness accounts of Adolf's Hitler's death is to be aired, giving an unprecedented view into the Fuhrer's frantic final days. Footage recorded in the late 1940s by a U.S. Navy lawyer, which was thought lost, will be broadcast for the first time on U.S. TV. Confidants of Hitler, mostly members of his personal staff, tell in their own words how he became visibly unhinged as the Nazi war effort started to collapse in early 1945. They say Hitler would swing from unjustifiable optimism - such as when he heard Franklin Roosevelt had died - to the depths of despair just days later, when he spelled out his plan to shoot himself. The interviews are shown on the Smithsonian Channel.

How To Build The M3 Grant Tank (footage from 1942)
This clip from 1942 shows the production of the medium Tank M3 `Grant` in the Chrysler Tank Arsenal, Detroit. The Medium Tank M3 was an American tank used during World War II. In Britain the tank was called by two names based on the turret configuration. Tanks employing US pattern turrets were called the `Lee`, named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Variants using British pattern turrets were known as `Grant`, named after U.S. General Ulysses S. Grant. Design commenced in July 1940 and the first M3s were operational in late 1941. The U.S. Army needed a good tank and coupled with the UK`s demand for 3,650 medium tanks, the Lee began production by late 1940. The design was a compromise meant to produce a tank as soon as possible.

Secret 1933 film shows Edward VIII teaching this Nazi salute to the Queen
The Queen and Queen Mum raise a Nazi salute in an astonishing home movie shot at Balmoral and seen today for the first time. The film shows the then Princess Elizabeth, just seven, larking about in 1933. Egging on her sister Princess Margaret, three, is their uncle Prince Edward, Prince of Wales. He was a sympathiser towards Hitler`s Nazi Germany and became King Edward VIII. The stunning film footage of the Queen performing a Nazi salute is revealed by The Sun. The clip lay hidden for eight decades. The grainy home movie is thought to have been shot in 1933 or 1934, as Hitler rose to supreme power in Germany.

Word War II in colour: New video shows devastated Germany
New colour footage shows what Germany looked like in the aftermath of World War II. The Battle of Berlin ended in May 1945, 70 years ago this year, and now you can see what the city looked like in the months after the death of Adolf Hitler and the surrender of the Nazis. The unique, high-definition video was produced by Chronos Media, a German production company that documents contemporary history. The footage was filmed shortly after the end of the war and shows some of the damage caused in Berlin and Potsdam. Included in the 30-minute video are flyovers of damaged buildings in the German capital, shelled during the conflict. Also featured are the Berlin Reichstag, Olympic Stadium and the Berlin Victory Column.

Footage shows Nazi Summer Camps In 1930s America
To the unsuspecting observer, the 25-minute silent, black and white video from the vaults of the U.S. National Archives seems to showcase a quaint, carefree summer camp for boys in 1937. Healthy, happy, high-energy guys - against the backdrop of the Catskill Mountains in New York - pitch tents, get muddy, shoot rifles, box and wrestle one another, raise a Nazi swastika flag ... Wait, what? In the 1930s Nazi summer camps for youngsters — like the one near Windham, N.Y., featured in the clip — popped up around the US. The pro-Hitler retreats were sponsored by German loyalists, such as the German-American Bund led by Fritz Kuhn. The Bund, "which came to include more than 70 local chapters," according to a 2014 National Archives blog post, "was founded in 1936 to promote Germany and the Nazi party in America.

Rare footage of the Muslims who fought with the Nazis
The Nazis recruited Muslim soldiers to the Wehrmacht during World War II, but did not trust the Free Arab Legion with any major tasks, according to Stefan Petke of the Technical University of Berlin, who says the Arab units did not participate in the extermination of Jews. Petke uncovered rare footage which documents the Nazi army's Arab units, which, he says, were a complete failure in the battlefields of Tunisia in 1943, leading the Nazis to take their weapons and using them as "working soldiers," away from the frontlines.

Secret Special Operations Australia WWII commando training captured in rare, colour footage
The Australian Story episode Into the Lion's Den showcases some rare, colour footage of Special Operations Australia commandos training in secret during WW2. Shot in the remote bush of Fraser Island in Queensland, it is a glimpse into the world of espionage and the art of killing as taught more than 70 years ago. The commandos were being trained for operations behind the Japanese lines throughout South-East Asia. The vision shows the men learning how to use weapons, setting limpet mines to blow up shipping, practising bush survival skills and fighting in unarmed combat. It is entertaining, yet chilling.

Between 1943 and 1945 the U.S. Army produced a series of 27 propaganda cartoons depicting Private Snafu
Between 1943 and 1945, with the help of Warner Bros.` finest, the U.S. Army produced a series of 27 propaganda cartoons depicting the calamitous adventures of Private Snafu. Mark David Kaufman explores their overarching theme of containment and how one film inadvertently let slip one of the war`s greatest secrets.

Here's A Nazi Propaganda Video Saying The D-Day Invasion Failed
The success of the Allied D-Day Invasion caught the Nazis off guard and threw their war strategy to the dogs. Suddenly, Nazi Germany found itself fighting a two front war against foes that were making increasingly fast strides towards Berlin. Of course, the Nazis could not admit to as strategic defeat as what had occurred in Normandy. Within eight days of the invasion, Germany had put out Der Deutsche Wochenschau. This propaganda video highlighted the bravery and skill of the Nazi forces, as well as insisting that the Allied invasions had failed.

The only known Allied colour footage of WWII uncovered in the attic of a Hollywood director by his son
When the warship HMS Belfast fired the shot that launched the D-Day landings, it was carrying an unlikely passenger - Hollywood film director George Stevens. With Allied forces set to storm the Normandy beaches of Nazi-occupied France, Stevens was on-board making a unique 16 millimetre colour film journal. General Dwight Eisenhower assigned him to head up the combat motion-picture coverage, a unit covering the war in black-and-white 35 millimetre film for newsreels and military archives. But while documenting the Allied forces' advance towards Berlin, he took with him a 16 millimetre camera and boxes of Kodachrome film on which he would shoot a personal visual diary of the war.

Incredible secret footage from inside a WWII prison camp
It is a tale of extraordinary ingenuity and cunning. Having been defeated in the Battle of France, 5,000 French officers were marched to Oflag 17a, a prisoner-of-war camp in Austria, in 1940. Once in the camp, a group of the officers started to make a secret documentary about their time in prison. Risking death, they recorded the 30-minute film on a secret camera built from parts that were smuggled into the camp in sausages. The prisoners had discovered that German soldiers would only check food sent in by cutting it down the middle. The parts were hidden in the ends.

Hitler's reign of terror: The only surviving copy of a film warning of dangers of Nazi Germany found after 75 years
The first U.S. film to warn about the dangers of Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime has been found in a Brussels film archive, having lain unnoticed for 75 years. 'Hitler's Reign of Terror' was produced by Cornelius Vanderbilt, an heir to the wealthy American family, who visited Germany as Hitler was voted into power in 1933. The film revolves around footage that Vanderbilt shot and smuggled out, showing Nazi party rallies, book-burnings and the ransacking of Jewish shops. The film has now been remastered and will be shown at New York's Museum of Modern Art. The film is arranged much like a newsreel, where Vanderbilt provides a voice-over to his own original footage, and mixes it with newsreel footage from other sources.

Footage from the 1944 Warsaw Uprising enhanced and turned into the movie Warsaw Rising
Historical footage from the 1944 Warsaw Uprising has been enhanced and turned into the movie Warsaw Rising. The 63-day rebellion was organised by the Polish resistance to liberate the city from Nazi occupation. The Poles believed they were about to be liberated by the Russians, but the Red Army did not arrive as expected and the uprising was crushed. More than 200,000 people died. The Warsaw Rising Museum hired cinematographers to add coloration and sound to give a real-life feel to the footage.

Footage: How French secretly filmed prison camp life in WWII
One of the most extraordinary episodes involving Allied prisoners was recently remembered in Paris. They had been defeated in the Battle of France and marched to the furthest reaches of the Reich. In 1940, Oflag 17a must have felt a bleak, unforgiving place for the 5,000 French officers who were now POW. There were 40 barracks, 20 each side of a central aisle. Escape seemed almost impossible. Almost.... and it is remarkable that we can see it. Through some extraordinary ingenuity the men filmed their efforts. Their rarely seen footage is called Sous Le Manteau (Clandestinely). It is in fact a 30-minute documentary, shot in secret by the prisoners themselves. Risking death, they recorded it on a secret camera built from parts that were smuggled into the camp in sausages.

Video interviews from 1948 of Hitler's aides and secretaries re-discovered
Remarkable interviews with the circle of confidantes who surrounded Hitler in the days before his suicide have been shown for the first time on German TV. The group of aides, secretaries and friends -- including Traudl Junge, August Wollenhaupt, Nicholas von Below, Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven, Arthur Kannenberg -- described life in the squalid bunker retreat beneath the Reich Chancellery in Berlin as Russian troops moved in. They revealed intimate domestic details of Hitler's favourite tea, the love letters from his admirers and the love song that he and Eva Braun, the woman he married in the underground hide, listened to over and over again.

The story of finding the film footage shot by Eva Braun
Eva Braun was the most intimate chronicler of the Nazi regime, capturing Hitler's private life with her cine-camera. But it was only the obsession of artist Lutz Becker that brought her films to light. "It was in the Bundesarchiv, that I first unearthed a photograph of Eva Braun holding a 16mm Siemens cine-camera," Becker recalls. His curiosity was roused. Assuming any footage existed, he reasoned, it must eventually have been taken to the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington DC.

High quality color footage of a very different Tokyo circa 1935
Thanks to a well made and well preserved piece of film we can get a glimpse of a rare Tokyo. The footage was shot right between the city`s two 20th century destructions during the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake and the 1944 firebombing campaign.

Dramatic World War II footage filmed by Russian and German cameramen
Dramatic World War Two footage shot by Russian and German cameramen.

WWII training video: Infantry Weapons and Their Effects
U.S. World War II training video: "Infantry Weapons and Their Effects" in two parts on Youtube.

Part I
Part II


11-minute Nazi film found in Devon links SS officer Walter Gieseke with war crimes
A can of SS film found in Devon could help prove the guilt of a Nazi war criminal. The film, which was rescued from the rubbish during a clean-out at Cullompton Baptist Church, turned out to be a home movie featuring senior SS officers. The 11-minute footage shows high-ranking Nazis off-duty. One man dominates the proceedings: He is seen inspecting a camp, ordering other officers about, and taking delivery of a column of slave labourers. Dr Harry Bennett says he has identified the main figure as SS officer Walter Gieseke, a Nazi in charge of building a 1,000-mile road across Ukraine that cost tens of thousands of slave labourers their lives.

WWII in 3D documentary film to be shown on Sky`s 3D channel in May
A discovery of the only known stereoscopic 3D footage of Nazi soldiers has made "WWII in 3D" documentary film - which will air on Sky's 3D channel in May - possible. The 3D footage, DIE FLAKSCHIESSLEHRE (Anti-Aircraft Firing Instructions), shows Nazi soldiers preparing for combat and goes alongside a group of 3D photographs that were also discovered from the Imperial War Museum.

John Cassy, director of WWII in 3D, said: "This is truly a remarkable find seeing the 3D footage made by the Nazis and the accompanying films on how to use them is a compelling insight into how the medium was used during the war."


Nazi 3D footage shot for Goebbels' propaganda ministry discovered in the Federal Archives in Berlin
Two 30-minute black and white propaganda films shot on 3D in 1936 have been discovered in the Federal Archives in Berlin by Australian director Philippe Mora. He plans to use the footage in a 3D section of his upcoming documentary film, which has a working title "How the Third Reich Was Recorded."

"The films are shot on 35mm - apparently with a prism in front of two lenses. They were made by an independent studio for Goebbels' propaganda ministry and referred to as 'raum film' (space film) which may be why no one ever realised since that they were 3D."

Mora is famous for his 1973 film "Swastika" which includes color footage shot on a 16mm camera by Eva Braun (the so called "Hitler's home movies").


WWII newsreel turns up at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Farmville, VA
Christa Elka, a volunteer in Farmville Habitat for Humanity ReStore, was searching though a back closet when she discovered something incredible: a WWII-era 16mm newsreel. "I looked and I saw a jeep and I was like 'Ooo, we got something good here.'"

History professor Dr. James Simms, of Hampden Sydney College, viewed the footage and commented: "It's good footage. A bunch of it is stuff I've never seen and I've seen a lot of footage from WWII. Particularly the army marching in Nuremberg and Cologne."


Best WWII Documentary Series: Color footage brings the Third Reich and the Second World War alive
"The World at War", which has survived time amazingly well, features a lot of content and wide range of topics covered. --- "The Nazis: A Warning from History" is the series to watch if you want to understand the Nazi-era, Hitler's rise to power, and what it was like to live in the Third Reich. --- "The Color of War" includes color footage, which takes soldiers' everyday struggles to a complete different level. --- "The Wehrmacht" offers the German side of WWII military campaigns with scores of interviews of German veterans. --- "Hitler's Children" takes an in-depth look at Nazi youth organizations for both girls (BDM, Bund Deutscher Mädel) and boys (Jungvolk for the youngest and HitlerJugend for those aged over 13).

Bell XP-59A -- America's First Jet Flight on September 12, 1942 (video)
7-minute Youtube video about the first U.S. jet flight on September 12, 1942.

Previously unseen colour footage of London in the Blitz found in attic (video)
Previously unseen colour footage of London during the Blitz has been discovered after lying in an attic for 70 years. Sir Winston Churchill also makes a brief appearance in the amateur footage as he reviews a parade of civil defence workers in Hyde Park. The 20 minute film (from period Sep 7, 1940 - May 10, 1941) was shot by the mayor of Marylebone in west London, Alfred Coucher, who was also the area's chief air raid warden. The footage - discovered by Coucher's family - was given to the St Marylebone Society (an architectural preservation group). The digitised films will be placed on a dedicated website.

Video: Focke-Wulf Fw 190 takes to the sky at Breitscheid Airshow
Video of Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (a German fighter aircraft designed by Kurt Tank) at 2010 Breitscheid Airshow. Fw 190 Würger was a World War II "workhorse", used in a variety of roles by the Luftwaffe. First appearing in 1941 the Fw 190 seized air superiority away from the RAF until the introduction of the Spitfire Mk. IX in July 1942.

Flying over the ruins - Warsaw's 1944 destruction revealed in 5-minute 3D video (includes trailer)
The Warsaw Rising Museum, which documents the 1944 uprising, has created a 3D film to show the destruction of the city. It took 2 years of research by historians and 40 special effects experts to create the 5-minute film. The team used historic photographs and maps to create a simulation of a 3D flight over the city, revealing piles of rubble and nearly every building in ruins. The film, "Miasto Ruin "(City in Ruins), will help teach Polish history. "Young people do not understand what it means that Warsaw was in ruins. they think it was just a few collapsed houses," said Museum director Jan Oldakowski.

Postwar footage shows how Red Army soldiers and Czech militiamen execute German civilians
It is well known that German civilians fell victim to Czech atrocities after the Nazi surrender. But a newly discovered video shows one such massacre in brutal detail. The footage - 7 minutes of film, shot with an 8mm camera on May 10, 1945 - was taken in the Prague district of Borislavka. Amateur filmmaker Jirí Chmelnicek documented the city's liberation. His camera also filmed groups of Germans, driven into Kladenska Street by Red Army soldiers and Czech militia. The camera then pans to the side of the street, where 40 men and at least 1 woman stand. Shots ring out and, one after another, they slump and fall.

Historical footage: Japanese sign final surrender
News reel of the surrender ceremony on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945.

Der Krieg: New footage allows Germans to watch World War II in colour
WWII series Der Krieg (The War) uses previously unseen film footage and photos, colourised using the latest technology. The series was originally a film shown in France under the title of Apocalypse. It has now been split into three 45-min parts: Hitler's Attack In Europe, The World In Flames, and Victory and Defeat. Material from 100 archives was used to piece together World War II as it was seen by the front-line soldier and the civilians in the Nazi occupied area. Colour photos include British Home Guard units training, ships being sunk by U-Boats, Russian cities aflame and Adolf Hitler in Berghof.

Documentary: A Film Unfinished - Nazi cameras filmed inside the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942
Just months before the Nazis emptied the Warsaw Ghetto they sent camera crew to capture the Jewish community within the ghetto walls. After 30 days of filming in May 1942, the soldiers packed up their cameras - their 62min film would forever go unfinished. The story of this footage - Nazi propaganda that has been widely used to illustrate ghetto life - is the subject of Yael Hersonski's documentary: "A Film Unfinished." The sources include 5 Warsaw Ghetto survivors who watched the camera crew, personal diaries dug up after the war, and the description of the filmmaking from one of the cameramen.

World War II veteran's color war films discovered
WW2 veteran Herman Graebner recalls every detail of his 4 years in the U.S. Army. What he didn't reveal until recently was that he had shot 2 reels of 8mm color movie film of the action he saw. He says he placed the film into a box after the war ended in 1945. 60 years later the re-discovered rare WW2 color films are part of a History Channel documentary series. The 38-min film show Graebner's experiences as he travelled across Europe 1944-1945 with 5th Armored Division. "There's one ... where our observation planes shot down a German observation plane, a Storch, a short takeoff and landing plane, and I got pictures of that and a video."

The Hiroshima cover-up: How US hide American, Japanese footage from Hiroshima and Nagasaki   (Article no longer available from the original source)
After the atomic attacks on Japan - and then for decades afterwards - the United States suppressed all film shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This included footage shot by American military crews and Japanese newsreel teams - and all but a handful of newspaper pictures were seized. The public did not see any of the newsreel footage for 25 years, and the American military film stayed hidden for 4 decades. Newsreels might have disappeared forever if the Japanese filmmakers had not hidden one print from the Americans. The color U.S. footage remained hidden until the 1980s, and has never been fully aired - so Americans have not seen the damage wreaked by the bombs.

Footage of Fraser Island's World War II commando school discovered
Secret footage of Fraser Island's WW2 commando school has turned up. The historical colour film, shot in 1944, includes footage of Australia's Z Special Unit in training. The commandos are seen handling foldboats, demolitions, weapons, parachuting and exercising jungle craft. "I've been working on restoring this rare footage over 18 months. The Z Special Unit film is now complete and we've put it on to a DVD that runs for more than an hour," said Craig Brown, senior research analyst with the Australian Bunker and Military Museum. The museum's director Daniel Hultgren said WW2 maps of the Fraser Commando School and training manuals had also been showed up.

Documentary film Swastika shown in Germany after 36 year ban, includes color footage filmed by Eva Braun
Philippe Mora's and Lutz Becker's 1973 WW2 documentary film about how Nazis penetrated German lives was banned from showing in Germany after fights erupted at its first screening in Cannes. Now it will premiere in Germany: at the Biberach Film Festival. Mora discovered Eva Braun's home movies - rare color footage filmed by Adolf Hitler's mistress Eva Braun - in the National Archives in 1972, and combining it with other Nazi-era footage by the Nazi Party, created a film that reveals how Hitler seized the imagination of a state. "The film was made to show that Hitler was a human being. If we don't recognize that fact, we won't see the next monster coming."

Secret footage shows American troops practising D-Day invasion [video clip, still pics]
A Sherman tank rolls ashore while behind it soldiers step through the waves holding their rifles. But for the seaside guesthouses in the distance it could be a view from the D-Day landings. In fact, the pictures show American troops practicing for the amphibious invasion of Normandy on beaches in North Devon. They are stills from footage (shot October 1943 - June 1944) that has not been seen since WW2. The film also shows Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower visiting the troops in 1944, a few weeks before the D-Day. The collection of 10-minute reels have collected dust in a National Archive in Baltimore since the end of the world war 2.

Navy Web TV Online for history buffs
An online tv network at is luring its part of history buffs with its vast collection of vintage and present-day footage. Co-sponsored by the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C., NAVY TV is set up like a traditional broadcast network with channels and episodes. The site also includes a forum. "There's no doubt that our Navy film library is a key draw. Our footage is extensive and increasing daily. For military history enthusiasts, we're a one-stop treasure trove of top quality, classic Navy films," says Jim Franco.

Adolf Hitler planned Big Brother style tv-show to broadcast Nazi propaganda
Adolf Hitler was on the verge of setting up a cable TV system to broadcast Nazi propaganda around Third Reich. Screens would have been set up in public places, claims a Russian documentary citing files and tapes found in the ruins of Berlin. When the Allies overran Nazi Germany, engineers were on the point of a breakthrough to allow TV pictures to be transmitted to screens. Prototype programs included Family Chronicles: An Evening With Hans And Gelli, a reality TV show showing the wholesome Aryan life of a German couple. A SS officer, Curt Schulmeitser, told how Hermann Fegelein, a relative of Hitler's mistress Eva Braun, was filmed being shot for trying to flee Berlin.

Television Under the Swastika - DVD documentary review
Television Under the Swastika: Unseen Footage from the Third Reich (1999) is a documentary about the medium's development under Nazi Germany from 1935-1944. Though WWII documentaries from time to time mention pre-war Germany's toying with tv technology, Michael Kloft's film (released to German tv as Das Fernsehen unter dem Haken kreuz) makes clear they produced the first regular tv broadcasts in the world, up to 4 hours a day. Technically they were ahead of every other country, trying to make tv a practical reality and by the late-1930s made tremendous technical advances, which American TV achieved 10-15 years later.

Rare war films to show how war bond drives helped finance WWII   (Article no longer available from the original source)
It will be an opportunity to experience how the Second World War was financed by the American people, thanks to films so powerful they were ordered for destruction after the war was over. They were saved by Tom Masters and 7 of them will be shown in Jonesborough. Masters gave the films to Charlie Mauk's father, and then Mauk inherited these rare footages. "Masters worked for the office of Civil Defense, where the war bond films were returned, and he couldn’t bear to see them all destroyed. They were shot on 35mm stock for showing in theaters, and on 16mm for showings in ... other public places. Every other film has an in-your-face message to buy war bonds at the end."

Czech film archive receives unique shots from 1945   (Article no longer available from the original source)
American Ambassador Richard Graber handed over unique documentary film shots from the liberation of the Czech Lands in 1945 to the Czech National Film Archive. The film, 2.5-hour long and shot by U.S. military amateur photographers, has never been presented in the Czech yet. The shots are from the period between May 5 and July 27 1945. "They show the return to a peaceful life and the cleaning of the area from the Nazi army. A lot of prisoners of war feature there, along with people who were liberated from concentration camps by the U.S. army."

Famous World War II Battlefields Today - Part 1
This is a collection of pictures of buildings and places in Europe today and what they looked like during world war two. This includes pictures of soldiers, cities, and battles.

HBO Airs Atomic-Bomb Footage Kept from Media for Decades
On the 62nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima - widely ignored elsewhere in the media - HBO aired a documentary "White Light/Black Rain" by Steven Okazaki. It mainly focuses on a few survivors of the attack in 1945, which took at least 150,000 lives. The film also features extremely graphic footage shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bombings by an American military film crew - and then kept from the press and public for decades. The footage was used in the film "Original Child Bomb." Here is a report on how the footage came to exist and then hidden from all.

The Negro Soldier - 1944 propaganda film created by the U.S. Army
During WWII, the American military effort was disfigured due to the nation’s cruel policies regarding racial segregation. African-Americans who responded to the defense of their country found themselves in violent situations. Contrary to popular belief, they did not passively accept their situation. Despite censorship designed to squash inklings of a fragmented home front, civil rights leaders and the troops angrily pressed for fair treatment and a greater level of participation in the actual battles. The sensitivity of the matter caused the War Department to create a documentary designed to boost the value of the African-American contribution.

Never-before-seen Adolf Hitler footage to air on US tv on Sept 3
Recently discovered rare film footage of Adolf Hitler, which reveals a charismatic side of the Nazi leader, is all set to air on tv. The film shows the leader of the Nazi Party at a Richard Wagner music festival. The 16-mm film reel was discovered in 1945 by an American GI in Bayreuth. The film is valuable because it shows Hitler as a charismatic politician. "You get an insight into his world ... He`s not a monster in this. Instead, you see something that is so human; something that could very easily be appealing almost anywhere," said Gwendolyn Wright. The History Detectives episode featuring the Hitler footage will debut on Sept 3.

York historians focus on royal film footage 1918-1939
York historians and staff at Yorkshire film archive are to join forces to study changing attitudes to the Royal family in the region 1918-1939. "Between the wars, the monarchy's political power had begun to decline and they enlisted the help of newsreel companies to promote their popularity." The project will examine footage of the inter-war period when the Royal Family made several visits to Yorkshire. These will include King George V's Silver Jubilee tour in 1935 and King George VI's visit in 1937. The film archive at York St John University holds more than 14,000 reels of film and video tape of Yorkshire.

Online Video Portal to Archive WWII Resistance Fighters
The EU has launched the first online history project that collects videotaped stories of resistance fighters, who stood up against Nazism and Fascism. There have been numerous efforts to document the histories of Nazi camp survivors, trying to make sure their collective history is not lost. Similarly, concerned that the last living resistance fighters were dying out, the EU launched a pilot project in 2006 to preserve their stories and make them available to the public. On May 7, 9 months after it began, The European Resistance Archive (ERA) video portal went online, also offering maps, images, texts and transcriptions of all the interviews.

Blokade: The Siege of Leningrad - The first Hero City
In 1945, near the end of "The Great Patriotic War" the Soviet Union designated Leningrad Russia's first "Hero City." Though running a close second to the Siege of Stalingrad in death toll, Leningrad's ordeal was more than twice as long. The home of the Winter Palace and a repository of a fortune in pre-revolutionary art, Leningrad was considered Soviet Russia's head. Nevertheless the city endured nearly 3 years of the German Army's efforts to bomb and starve it. Now the definitive film on the Siege of Leningrad has arrived. But it is neither a war epic nor an personal reminiscence. Blockade is an hour-long compilation of footage photographed during the siege.

They Filmed the War in Color - France Is Free
Some of the most important moments of World War II in full color. The footage "They Filmed the War in Color: France is Free!" is eye-opening. I realized that I had never seen Adolph Hitler in color. This footage, culled from national archives and private collections, brought aspects of the war to me in new ways. There are many joyous images of the liberation of Paris, and scenes of everyday life in Vichy France, but there are also moments of horror. In one moment, Adolf Hitler stares into the camera during his only trip to Paris. He smirks slightly, and the narrator informs us that Eva Braun is running the camera.

A 10-minute Nazi SS home movie by Nazi officers found
A 10-minute home movie made by Nazi officers during World War II has been found in a church in Devon. It shows members of the SS running a slave labour camp in southern Russia. In the footage, troops force prisoners to work and officers are seen relaxing. The film, possible taken by a senior SS officer, shows several scenes. Another shows Nazi officers laughing on a veranda, enjoying coffee and cake with their secretaries. The Imperial War Museum agreed the images were unique. The footage is very different from the usual slick Nazi propaganda films, showing a side of the Third Reich never seen before.

A Nazi propaganda film: Denmark didn't resist Nazi occupation   (Article no longer available from the original source)
An unknown German propaganda film depicts Danish resistance during the WWII as nearly non-existent in comparison with the fight Nazi forces encountered in Norway. The film 'Kampf um Norwegen' (The Fight for Norway), describes the both Denmark's and Norway's resistance to occupation. While the resistance in Norway is presented as a fierce campaign, it suggests that Denmark had been taken with relative ease. Kay Hoffman, film historian and expert in German Second World War documentaries, called the find a minor sensation. Denmark's lack of armed resistance against the German invasion in 1940 has been a controversial issue for Danes.

World War II film Overlord gets D-Day U.S. release
The critically hailed but rarely seen Second World War film Overlord gets U.S. launch. Made in 1975 by director Stuart Cooper with the help of the Imperial War Museum in London, the film has been hailed for combining a story with military footage from the D-Day invasion. Cooper watched more than 3,000 hours of the museum's 20,000 hours of raw World War II footage. Soldiers' letters and diaries gave him the basis for a story about an ordinary soldier. He persuaded museum officials to let him make the dramatic film rather than a documentary.

Unknown Documentary of German invasion found
Professor Jostein Saakvitne has found a previously unknown German documentary of the invasion of Norway by Germany during World War II. He stumbled across the film "Kampf um Norwegen" -- or "Struggle for Norway" -- at a German Internet auction. The 80-minute documentary of the invasion of Norway in 1940 was commissioned by the German Armed Forces High Command. "The film contains both known footage, but longer than we have previously seen, and a range of new scenes that have probably never been made public before."

Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels - The Man Behind Hitler documentary   (Article no longer available from the original source)
In May 1945, as the Russian army descended on Berlin, Joseph and Magda Goebbels carried out a morbid footnote to World War II. They subdued their 6 children with morphine, then crushed a capsule of cyanide in their mouths. Afterward, the parents committed suicide, their bodies falling not far from the man who led them to rise and ruin: Adolf Hitler. He was educated (a Ph.D. in philosophy), well-versed in the arts and a skilled orator. Goebbels was instrumental in feeding the Nazi machine and kept the German people on a diet of falsehoods. He set up the "burning of the books" -event in 1933.

Triumph of the Will: Special Edition
"One people! One leader! One Reich! Germany!" - crowd during the Reich Labor Service review. Leni Reifenstahl's 1934 Triumph of the Will, is considered a propaganda masterpiece. Featuring powerful cinematography and editing, the film builds an image of a charismatic leader contradictory to his later actions. We see the adoration of his public, the respect by his subordinates, and the strength with which he would lead Germany into their future. The techniques and imagery would serve as example, and her influence can be found in many modern productions, from political campaign ads to the closing ceremonial scenes in Star Wars.

Battle for the Desert - footage from the frontlines of WWII
Some of the most famous battle footage from the frontlines of WWII is included in this five-hour marathon of newsreel and documentary film. The highlight of the first disc is Roy Boulting’s Oscar-winning 1943 morale-booster Desert Victory. Using footage shot in North Africa by cameramen of the Army Film and Photographic Unit (4 of whom were killed during the campaign), it tells the story of the Allied defeat of Rommel's Afrika Korps and climaxes with the Battle of El Alamein.

Art of Justice: The Filmmakers At Nuremberg
Years before he wrote "On the Waterfront," and before he earned the ire of many colleagues by testifying during the Hollywood communist witch hunt, writer Budd Schulberg had the distinct honor of arresting Leni Riefenstahl. He was in Germany, assembling a film to be used at the Nuremberg trials as evidence against the Nazis. Riefenstahl, the legendary director and propagandist for Hitler, knew where the skeletons were. So Schulberg, dressed in his military uniform, drove to her chalet on a lake in Bavaria, knocked on her door, and told the panicked artist that she was coming with him.

Hitler sister - Paula Wolf - footage to be shown
A rare TV interview with Adolf Hitler's sister will be screened for the first time since 1959, having been found in a hunt for missing shows. Paula Wolf was filmed talking about her brother for hour-long ITV documentary Tyranny: The Years of Adolf Hitler, which also interviewed his chauffeur.

Hitler in Colour - Newly discovered WWII colour footage
Adolf Hitler stands before the Nazi faithful at Nuremberg, exhorting them to realise the destiny of the thousand-year Reich. A familiar image in black and white, this time the scene is played out in full colour, a legion of swastikas set on blood-red banners. But this is not a clip from the film Downfall - it is newly discovered, colour footage which renders him more real than ever before. One of the discoveries was film shot by Hitler's pilot, Hans Baur, unearthed at a Hamburg film library which was always assumed to possess only newsreels made after 1945. Hitler maybe was the most filmed person in the world up to his death.