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German Special Forces

German Special Forces of World War II - Elite warriors and their fate.
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Nazis landed on British soil in a sabotage operation in WWII but commandos wiped them out
The German special forces who landed on the Isle of Wight expected to meet lightly armed members of the Home Guard. But they in fact faced crack British commandos who all bit wiped them out. And, for morale and propaganda reasons, the entire event was erased from, history. But now Dr Dietrich Andernacht has claimed he was part of a top secret operation to steal equipment from RAF St Lawrence radar station on August 15 1943, in a book by historian Adrian Searle. The official line has always maintained that no Germans forces made it onto British soil during the war, aside from the Channel Islands.

Hitler's SS commando Lt-Col Otto Skorzeny worked as an assassin for Israeli intelligence Mossad
An SS officer known as `Hitler`s commando` reportedly worked as an assassin for Israeli intelligence. Lt-Col Otto Skorzeny, once described by British and US intelligence as `the most dangerous man in Europe`, was secretly recruited by Mossad after WWII. In 1962 he assassinated a former Nazi rocket scientist, the newspaper claimed. Heinz Krug, who worked under Wernher von Braun on the programme to develop the V2 rockets, disappeared without trace from Munich. He was working on a missile programme for the Egyptian government at the time. It has long been suspected he was targeted by Israel, nervous of Egypt`s intentions. Ha`aretz claims he was murdered by Skorzeny on Mossad`s orders.

Nazis planned to wear British uniforms to invade the United Kingdom
The Nazis planned to invade Britain in 1940 by wearing British uniforms and making use of two stairways cut in the cliffs at Dover to creep along the beach, MI5 files reveal. The Nazi invasion plans (part of the Operation Sea Lion) are in a report by a member of a German intelligence unit called Sonderstab Hollmann - led by Wilhelm Hollmann. The group spent March 1940 training on going ashore from barges on the rivers and canals of the Low Countries. Werner Janowski, said his unit was to arrive under cover of darkness in Allied uniforms, as others had during the Nazi invasions of France and the Low Countries.

Elite paratrooper Harry Henkel was with Otto Skorzeny to rescue Benito Mussolini
Harry Henkel was a member of the elite paratroopers who under Captain Otto Skorzeny rescued Benito Mussolini on 12 Sept. 1943 from the Campo Imperatore Hotel at Gran Sasso. Harry Henkel's story of that event is to be the topic of Mark Tronson's next book on Harry Henkel's war experiences. Mark's first book on Harry Henkel - Boy Parachutist 1943-45 - was published in 2008 as an e-book, telling Harry Henkel's Wehrmacht story. Harry Henkel saw action in North Africa, Sicily, Monte Casino and the Russian Front.

Members of SS Dirlewanger Brigade - which shocked even Nazi commanders - located
Polish authorities claim to have id'ed 3 members of a SS unit which shocked even Nazi commanders. Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) has announced that they want to bring the men to justice for their part in the crushing the Warsaw Uprising while serving with the SS Dirlewanger Brigade. The unit, named after its leader Oscar Dirlewanger, comprised of criminals, the criminally insane and volunteers. One SS man from another unit depicted the Dirlewanger brigade as "more a group of pigs than soldiers" while General Heinz Guderian wrote that on hearing the "hair-raising news" from Warsaw he asked Hitler to sent the Dirlewanger Brigade to the Eastern Front.

Hans Hass, who served in Wehrmacht's "Fighters of the Sea" battalion, turns 90
Austrian diving legend and documentary film maker Hans Hass - who was part of Adolf Hitler's elite diving squad in WW2 and became an environmental campaigner late in life - turns 90. He is viewed as a visionary of deep-sea diving and one of the most important influences for the development of underwater film-making. During World War II, Hass served in the Nazi Wehrmacht. Due to his diving skills, he was sent to the "Fighters of the Sea" battalion - set up to explore Allied port facilities, to eliminate the Allied vessels and to destroy bridges and floodgates in inland waters.

Remains of Norwegian Elite Waffen SS Skijäger battalion discovered   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Remains of an elite SS Alpine unit of Norwegians vanquished in World War II have been found on the Karelia peninsula in Finland. The bones of 100 soldiers of the Norwegian SS Skijäger battalion (idea of SS volunteer Gust Jonassen) were id'd by their tags and one ring with inscription. The last stand of the battalion - on 25 June, 1944 - was one of the more vicious hand-to-hand fighting actions of the war. Troops fought with hand grenades, small arms and eventually bayonets against the vastly superior numbers of the Red Army - allowing their (German) comrades to get away. 50,000 Norwegians joined Waffen SS, mainly to the save the Europe from the Communism.

Survivors of a 7500-man Nazi military unit the Dirlewanger Battalion to be traced?
German war-crimes prosecutors have been asked to track down living members of a Nazi military unit accused of some of the worst wartime barbarities. Polish historians had found 72 names and postwar addresses of members of the Dirlewanger Battalion, commanded by Oskar Dirlewanger. The unit had at first been formed out of hunters, and later included ex-prisoners from armed forces jails. All previous attempts to id members had failed, but names had now been found in Red Cross records. One member of the unit praised Dirlewanger, who was seized and tortured to death by Polish jailers after the war: "He was a great guy. Always at the forefront, never the rear."

Bloodstained Edelweiss by historian Hermann Frank Meyer
Adolf Hitler's elite mountain troops decorated their green uniforms and helmets with an edelweiss emblem. But Hermann Frank Meyer argues in "Bloodstained Edelweiss" that the 1st Mountain Division of the Wehrmacht defiled the symbol's purity with war crimes - and the edelweiss blossoms that decorate the uniforms of the German Bundeswehr are bloodstained. "During the Russian campaign, they got used to killing," said Meyer, who says that the 1st Mountain Division killed up to 60,000 people in Russia. By the time the elite force was relocated to the Balkans, after losing 80% of its men, it was brutalized.

Gladiators of World War II - Documentary series
Behind all fighting forces are men and Gladiators of World War II examines the men of World War II. --- Waffen SS: The Waffen SS began as Adolf Hitler’s elite bodyguard and grew into one of the most formidable fighting forces of Nazi Germany. The men of the SS were combat soldiers, respected for their courage, feared for their ruthlessness and fanaticism. --- Paras and Commandos: Occupied Europe endured 4 years of Nazi domination. Angered by the defensive strategy which had brought disaster to Allied forces in 1940, Winston Churchill demanded an elite raiding force, formed to take the fight back to Nazi occupied countries.

Special forces role model: Nazi-era elite unit Brandenburg division
"Secret Warriors" - co-written by two former German commando leaders - hails a Nazi-era elite unit as a role model for the modern German special forces. Former general Reinhard Günzel, head of Germany's KSK elite forces (comparable to the US Delta Force or Britain's SAS) until 2003, wrote: "The commando soldiers know exactly where their roots lie." The missions of the Wehrmacht's Brandenburg division had been "legendary" among his troops. The Brandenburg commando unit was formed in 1939 as an arm of the intelligence service within the Wehrmacht. It was tasked with covert operations behind enemy lines.

Strange Allies - Bosnian Muslim division of the Waffen-SS
There have been four phases of cooperation between militant Islam and the extreme right, stretching back to Germany's Third Reich and World War II. As WWII progressed, al-Husseini helped organize a Bosnian Muslim division of the Waffen SS. After Hitler's defeat, as Nazi Germany crumbled, Hitler's erstwhile officers had to flee. It was natural that many of Hitler's men travelled to the Middle East. After Gamal Abdel Nasser became Egypt's president, a number of Nazis were given prominent positions. Nazi commando Otto Skorzeny trained thousands of Egyptians in guerilla and desert warfare.

The German Kamikazes
The Nazi suicidists were laying their plans long before Japanese conceived the idea of Kamikaze pilots. Only bureaucratic inefficiency, and disinterest in official circles forstalled the appearance of Nazi Kamikazes. Hitler objected to the philosophy of suicide, and pointed out that there was no precedent in German history like it. After D-day Goering remembered that in his Luftwaffe there were pilots who had volunteered for a suicide mission. Plans to use a Focke Wulf 190, carrying a 4,000-pound bomb, to crash into selected targets were made, but Hitler heard about it and ordered the project abandoned.

1945 nazis staged an espionage mission in Greece using Greek-speaking Vlachs   (Article no longer available from the original source)
In the last year of Second World War months after withdrawing from Greece, the Nazis staged a desperate espionage and sabotage mission in 1945 using Greek-speaking Vlachs drawn from those who had migrated from Greece to Romania after World War I. A number of these newly arrived Vlach migrants had been attracted by the mystical, religiously based Romanian variant of fascism known as the "Iron Guard."