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Greece during World War II

Greece during World War II - Nazi occupation and resistance.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

Resistance hero Man├│lis Gl├ęzos is dead: Greek mourning the man who tore the swastika flag on the Acropolis hill
Greek resistance fighter and leftist politician Man├│lis Gl├ęzos is dead at 97. Gl├ęzos is remembered in Greece in particular, that he tore his companion with the nazi swastika flag Athens Acropolis during the nazi occupation in 1941. Man├│lis Gl├ęzos represented a generation that didnÔÇÖt bend and resigned, the Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced in a statement.

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Nazi collaboration: A taboo topic in Greece
A narrative of Greek resistance has dominated national historical depictions of WWII, but many Greeks also collaborated with occupying German forces. Now, the long taboo and still controversial topic is open to debate.

Hans Löber : The good German doctor who saved Greek lives during WWII occupation
In 1943 the German military doctor Hans L÷ber was sent to serve on the Greek island of Milos. He ended up helping the Greek inhabitants and saving lives, before his came to a tragic end. Now his story has hit the stage.

70,000 people in the Greek city of Thessaloniki evacuated because of 500lb WWII bomb
At least 70,000 people in the Greek city of Thessaloniki are being evacuated so that a 500lb World War Two bomb can be defused. It is thought to be one of the largest wartime bombs to be found in urban Greece in addition to being one of the largest mass evacuations. Officials say it is too degraded to tell if it is German or an Allied bomb. Residents within a radius of about 2km (1.2 miles) of the bomb will be compelled to evacuate.

British troops gave a gun to a 15-year-old Greek girl and ordered her to shoot Nazi paratroopers
Angelica Thomas was 15 years old when Axis troops invaded Greece in 1941. She fled Athens with a group of British soldiers to Crete, where she was advised to put on a British uniform. At Crete, the hope of rescue vanished, as the island faced one of the biggest German airborne invasions in WWII. "One of the guys said to me, 'Why are you standing there? If you don't shoot, they shoot you'. So he gave me a gun. I close my eyes and I started shooting." Angelica and some British soldiers tried to escape by boat, but German troops captured - and violated - her, then handing her over to the Italians. She was jailed and raped several times in Italy before being forced to work as a nurse at an Italian hospital.

Greek resistance hero Apostolos Santas Nazi, who tore down Nazi flag from the Acropolis, dies
Greek resistance hero Apostolos Santas, who removed a Nazi Swastika flag from the Acropolis in 1941, has passed away at 89.

World War II Liberty Ship Arthur M. Huddell may go from the Ghost Fleet to Greece
One of the last WWII Liberty ships, anchored for years in the James River "Ghost Fleet," is probable headed for Greece. Its federal caretaker, the U.S. Maritime Administration, announced an agreement that would move the 7,000-ton relic, the Arthur M. Huddell, to a port near Athens where it would become a museum piece. The Greeks purchased or were given many Liberty ships after World War II to build up their merchant marine fleet, wiped out by the war. Under the suggested deal, the Huddell would be donated to Greece and become a floating centerpiece at a museum in Piraeus observing Greek shipping and history.

I Was Trained To Be A Spy - As An Intelligence Agent During WWII
Helias Doundoulakis saw Nazi Germany's invasion of Greece during the World War II, joined the Greek Resistance, then went on to become a spy in the OSS. Now, for the first time he discloses his experiences with book "I Was Trained To Be A Spy". He joined a resistance group and supplied information to the SOE, the arm of the English Intelligence Service. This group, however, is exposed, causing their evacuation to Cairo. There, Doundoulakis and his brother were enlisted into the U.S. Army and attached to the OSS, where the author was trained for intelligence as well as other combat skills. His book brings to life the daily routines and mentality of a real spy.

A greek village lost battle to force Germany to pay compensation
A village in Greece which suffered the country's worst massacre of WWII has lost its battle to force Germany to pay compensation. The European Court of Justice rejected the legal arguments of Kalavrita, where 670 men and boys were murdered by German soldiers in 1943. Germany has always maintained that it had settled its debt to Greece with a 1960s treaty in which 115m Deutschmarks were handed over. But survivors have never accepted that as a final settlement. The occupying Wehrmacht carried out the executions in retaliation for an attack by the Greek resistance.

1941-1945: Andartiko - the Greek Resistance partisans
Andartiko - the Greek Resistance partisans who fought against Italian and German fascist occupation. Nowhere was resistance as simple as good guys in the hills with rusty rifles, and bad guys wearing swastikas and burning villages, but Greece was particularly complex. Even the Italian decision to invade seems bizarre, motivated by a desire to counter German influence in Rumania. After the Italians were humiliated by the Greek Army, the Wehrmacht stepped in and broke the resistance in April 1941. The Germans turned over most of the occupation to the Italians. At least in spirit much of the Greek population embraced resistance.

1945 nazis staged an espionage mission in Greece using Greek-speaking Vlachs   (Article no longer available from the original source)
In the last year of Second World War months after withdrawing from Greece, the Nazis staged a desperate espionage and sabotage mission in 1945 using Greek-speaking Vlachs drawn from those who had migrated from Greece to Romania after World War I. A number of these newly arrived Vlach migrants had been attracted by the mystical, religiously based Romanian variant of fascism known as the "Iron Guard."

Diver hunt for sunken WW2 gold treasure stolen by the Nazis
A team of divers has been given permission to search for sunken treasure taken from Greek Jews. Gold coins and jewels worth $2bn were taken by Max Merten, the German administrator of Thessaloniki. The treasure was loaded onto a fishing vessel and sunk off the Peloponnese in 1943. Merten was briefly jailed when he travelled back to Greece in 1957 posing as a tourist, presumably to try and fetch the gold. A mystery informant told the Jewish Council that he had shared a cell with Merten, who had given him maps showing where the treasure lay. The officials were sceptical until he gave details of the valuables, which could only have come from Merten.