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Hitler's aides, adjutants, and secretaries

Aides, Adjutants and Secretaries of Adolf Hitler - Nazi dictator`s inner circle.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

Hitler's last surviving female food taster Margot Woelk tells all in new documentary
Imagine knowing that every mouthful of food you ate could be your last. That was the experience of Margot Woelk when, as a 25-year-old woman she was enlisted as one of Hitler`s 15 food tasters. The tasters – all young women - were taken to Hitler`s heavily guarded headquarters in Prussia. Ms Woelk, 96, has long been reluctant to discuss her past and only broke her silence last year, when she revealed that Hitler was a vegetarian and ate bland meals consisting of rice, pasta, peas and cauliflower. Now, she has revealed further details of her life-threatening job on German TV, including her being violated at the hands of an SS officer. She also admitted that she and her fellow tasters used to `cry like dogs` with relief that they were still alive.

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Hitler's maid Elisabeth Kalhammer recalls Fuhrer's late-night munchies and afternoon sleep-ins
Late–night "Fuhrer cake" and sleeping in until the afternoon are just a few of the tidbits that one of Hitler's maids has revealed about life at the Bavarian mountain residence. In what appears to be her first public interview about working for Hitler, Elisabeth Kalhammer told the Austrian newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten what life was like for the 22 housemaids on staff at the Berghof. Kalhammer responded to a wanted ad in 1943, and was accepted for the job after undergoing screening by the SS. She also told that staff addressed Eva Braun, who later became Hitler's wife, with "Heil, merciful lady." Regarding the atrocities committed by Hitler, she said: "That he had ordered such terrible things, I just couldn't believe it. Even now, I prefer to remember the charming facets of his personality."

Video interviews from 1948 of Hitler's aides and secretaries re-discovered
Remarkable interviews with the circle of confidantes who surrounded Hitler in the days before his suicide have been shown for the first time on German TV. The group of aides, secretaries and friends -- including Traudl Junge, August Wollenhaupt, Nicholas von Below, Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven, Arthur Kannenberg -- described life in the squalid bunker retreat beneath the Reich Chancellery in Berlin as Russian troops moved in. They revealed intimate domestic details of Hitler's favourite tea, the love letters from his admirers and the love song that he and Eva Braun, the woman he married in the underground hide, listened to over and over again.

Hitler's food taster Margot Wölk lived in constant fear
It might have been something as simple as a portion of white asparagus. Peeled, steamed and served with a delicious sauce. And with real butter, a scarcity in wartime. While the rest of the country had to spread margarine diluted with flour on their bread, Margot Wölk could have savored the expensive vegetable dish - if not for the fear of dying, that is. Wölk was one of 15 young women who were forced to taste Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's food for some two and a half years. Interestingly Wölk, a young woman who had refused to join the League of German Girls (BDM), the girl's version of Hitler Youth, and whose father had been hauled off for refusing to join the Nazi party, became Hitler's helper.

Hitler's female secretaries, and what they thought of the Nazi Dictator
Official Nazi-era footage usually depicts Hitler as a man yelling his speeches, but he had other, even funny, sides too, as memoirs by his long-time secretary Christa Schroeder reveal: "In the initial stages of the Russian campaign I found that Hitler was nearly always good-tempered and ready for a joke. One night after the usual tea hour at Wolfsschanze ended Hitler accompanied us to outside the bunker doors. Suddenly I realized that I had left my flashlight in Hitler's room, and asked the manservant to fetch it. He returned empty-handed. 'Where could it be then?' I said. Hitler, in jovial frame of mind, defended himself with a smile: 'I have not stolen it. I may be a thief of lands, but not of lamps. And it is better that way, for they hang you for the little item, but for the bigger on they let you go!'"

And it was not always easy to be Hitler, as Traudl Junge's recollections show: "I asked Hitler why he only ever went to hear Die Meistersinger or other Wagnerian operas. [Hitler answered:] 'It is just my luck that I can never say I like something without finding that I'm stuck listening exclusively to one piece of music or hearing one particular opera. I once said that Meistersinger is really one of Richard Wagner's finest operas, so since then it is supposed to be my favourite opera and I do not get to hear anything else.'"


A recording of Otto Guensche, Heinz Linge describing the moment they found Hitler's body discovered
A tape recording of Nazi officers describing the moment they found Adolf Hitler's body has been found in the Munich public records office. The tape was made on Oct 25 1956 in a court - convened to declare the leader of Nazi Germany dead so that the rights to "Mein Kampf" could be seized by the state. Among those giving evidence were Hitler's adjutant Otto Guensche and valet Heinz Linge, who first discovered the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun. On the recording the men recall entering the Führer's study on April 30 1945 with Martin Bormann and burning the bodies in the Reich Chancellery garden.

Memoirs of Hitler's adjutant Fritz Darges, Knights Cross winner in SS panzer division Wiking, to be published
Fritz Darges, the last SS aide and the last surviving member of Adolf Hitler's inner circle, has died with orders for his memoirs to be published. He joined the SS in 1933, and by 1936 he was the senior adjutant to Martin Bormann. "I first met the Führer at the Nuremberg party rally in 1934... he was warm-hearted." After winning the Knights Cross in the Waffen SS panzer division Wiking he was promoted on to the Fuhrer's personal staff in 1940. "It was a very familial atmosphere at the Berghof. One time we went off to Italy with Eva Braun and her sister Grete. As adjutant I was responsible for his day-to-day programme... I must say I found him a genius."

Adolf Hitler's bodyguard Rochus Misch is the last survivor of Hitler's bunker
Rochus Misch's old photo albums include colour images of Misch in an SS uniform at Adolf Hitler's home in the Alps, Hitler staring at rabbits, and photos of Hitler's mistress and wife Eva Braun. For 5 years SS Oberscharfuehrer Rochus Misch was part of Adolf Hitler's inner circle. He is the last survivor of the fuhrerbunker and the events of 30 April 1945: the day Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide. "I heard somebody shouting to Hitler's attendant: Linge, Linge, I think it's happened. ... Martin Bormann, Hitler's private secretary, ordered everyone to be silent. Then Bormann ordered Hitler's door to be opened. I watched as they wrapped Hitler up."

With Hitler to the End: The Memoir of Hitler's Valet by Heinz Linge [book review]
Heinz Linge was never far away from Adolf Hitler - and stood by him until the end in Berlin in 1945, where he helped to burn Hitler's body. Linge joined the Waffen-SS in 1933, and was later picked out to serve on Hitler's household staff at Berghof - becoming his personal valet after the start of WWII in 1939. "On April 27, 1945, Hitler called me into his study: 'I am going to shoot myself here together with Eva Braun. You will wrap our bodies in woollen blankets, carry them up to the garden and then burn them.' ... Opening the door to Hitler's room, I saw a sight that will never leave me. He and Eva were slumped on the floral sofa."

Extract from Christa Schroeder's memoir - Adolf Hitler's personal secretary 1933-1945
One day Hitler happened to pass the Staircase Room at teatime, saw us and asked if he might join us. This easy chatter was so much to his liking that he came to tea almost daily. ... He would often recall pranks: as a 12yo he wagered his classmates that he could make the girls laugh during a religious service. He won the bet by intently brushing his non-existent moustache. ... He also spoke of his mother, to whom he was very attached, and of his father's violence: "I never loved my father, but feared him. He was prone to rages and would resort to violence." Hitler had a great lust to read: in Vienna he had read through all 500 volumes at the city reference library.

Adolf Hitler's maid Rosa Mitterer says Führer was 'charming' to work for
"He was a charming man, someone who was only ever nice to me, a great boss to work for... he was a good man to us," explains Rosa Mitterer, who worked as a maid for the Fuhrer at Berghof. She saw leading Nazis come and go: the Nazi party secretary Martin Bormann; the club-footed Josef Goebbels. Hitler's former housekeeper was Geli Raubal. "She shot herself in Sept. 1931 and I was told... that he was not to be approached on the anniversary of that day. My sister and I shared a room that was directly over Hitler's. We could hear him crying." She recalls the first request from Hitler, who softly said: "Hello. Sorry to trouble you, but could you make me some coffee..."

The French forced German POWs to clear minefields after WWII, killing thousands
For Herbert Flemming, the end of World War II marked the beginning of the most dangerous era of his life. The German POW, an electrician in the Luftwaffe, was put to work clearing mines - regardless of whether the mines had been set up by the Wehrmacht or by the French army. With no proper training and without decent gear, POWs risked their lives with every move. Flemming's friend Rudi Nohr died during the first mission. "Herbert, stay back where you are, don't move," Rudi shouted. Then the mine blew up. It's unknown how many POWs were used to clear minefields 1945-1947, or how many died. Historian Rüdiger Overmans figures that 50,000 POWs were used, and 1,800 died.

Hitler's SS bodyguard Rochus Misch turns 90, keeps secrets to himself
The last living witness to the final hours of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader's bodyguard Rochus Misch, has turned 90 but vowed to keep his secrets to himself. He was 27 when he left Hitler's führerbunker on May 2, 1945 as Soviet troops stormed the chancellery. He has kept quiet on who killed Hermann Fegelein, who was married to the sister of Eva Braun. According to Misch, Hitler did not give the order to shoot Fegelein. "I know it from an officer from the Reich security service whose colleague shot Fegelein. I know his name, but I am keeping it for myself." Rochus Misch has written a book "I Was Hitler's Bodyguard", which is due to appear later this year.

Man whose grandfather was an S.S. officer - adjutant to Adolf Hitler
For children of death camp survivors, a meeting with Wehrmacht soldiers or their children is loaded. One of those who did this is Professor Eli Somer, who met in Berlin with the son of Adolf Hitler’s military adjutant. Father of 78-year old Professor Friedrich Hossbach was the decorated military adjutant to Adolf Hitler. Hossbach showed Somer two photos of himself with the Fuehrer. "He took out two photos, one of him as a boy of eight, photographed with Hitler and another two children as well as the Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. In the other picture a 14yo Hossbach is shown in a Hitler Youth uniform shaking Hitler’s hand."

Adolf Hitler's bodyguard - Rochus Misch
"I saw Hitler, dead, lying on a chair. Eva Braun on the couch completely clothed." Among the last living relics of the Nazi era, Rochus Misch served as bodyguard, courier and telephone operator in the direct service of Adolf Hitler from 1940 to 1945. And he's been rediscovered -- the character of Misch is portrayed in Oliver Hirschbiegel and Bernd Eichinger's movie "Downfall." After the war, Misch was taken into custody by the Red Army; he spent 9 years enduring torture and returned to Germany in 1954. "Hitler was always a completely normal person. I only knew him as a wonderfully good boss, right? He was never authoritarian."

Anna Plaim: Chambermaid for Hitler - Wearing his slippers while cleaning   (Article no longer available from the original source)
New insights have emerged into the private life of Adolf Hitler from his former chambermaid, who has admitted that she used to stand in his slippers while cleaning his room. Anna Plaim, who came from the Austrian village of Loosdorf, was 20 years old when she was employed as a chambermaid for Hitler in 1941. In a book she describes how she worked at the Berghof, Hitler's mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps. Plaim's account of life at the Berghof adds weight to the suggestion that Hitler did have a sexual relationship with Eva Braun, even though the two slept in separate rooms.

Kind and paternal man who passionately loved his dog
Adolf Hitler, one of the greatest mass murderers in history, is remembered by his secretary Traudl Junge as a kind and paternal man who ate little aside from mashed potato and passionately loved his dog. Hitler's greatest pleasure was when his sheepdog Blondie would jump a few centimetres higher than the last time, and he would say that going out with his dog was the most relaxing thing he could do.

Hitler's secretary Traudl Junge tells of Hitler, the friendly boss
Hitler's former secretary has given an intimate account of her "easy going" and "friendly" boss. Traudl Junge who typed Hitler's last will and testament in his Berlin bunker tells of the fascination she felt for the Nazi leader she loved working for in a book entitled To the Last Hour. It is one of the most vivid - and probably the last - first-hand accounts of his final hours from a member of his inner circle. "I have to say I was fascinated by Adolf Hitler and he was a pleasant boss and a fatherly friend," she writes. Hitler asked Ms Junge: "How are you my child? Have you had some rest? I want to dictate something." It was his final will and testament.