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Hitler and Jews

Hitler and his hatred of Jews - Theories and facts.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

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Understanding Hitler`s Anti-Semitism [long article]
The title of Timothy Snyder`s new book—Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning—is a reference to the fertile soil of Ukraine, where Adolf Hitler hoped to establish lebensraum, or `living space,` for the German race. And yet it could also be seen as an allusion to what Snyder argues is the underappreciated importance of ecology in Hitler`s worldview. Snyder, a history professor at Yale University, is building on his 2010 book, Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, which highlighted the devastation visited upon World War II`s often-ignored Eastern Front. But whereas Bloodlands examined Nazi and Soviet atrocities in Eastern Europe, Black Earth travels inside the mind of Hitler himself—a mind from which sprang the murder of 6 million Jews.

Letter reveals how Hitler ordered Gestapo to leave his Jewish WW1 commander alone Ernst Hess
Some German Jews escaped the Holocaust by fleeing the country, others hid and some survived long enough to be freed from the Nazi death camps. But Ernst Hess owed his survival to the personal intervention of Hitler. The Fuhrer ordered SS to leave the Jewish judge alone because Hess had been his commanding officer during the First World War. His story was told by his daughter Ursula, 86, after a newspaper unearthed the letter sent on the orders of Hitler insisting that Hess was not to be "persecuted or deported". A file kept by the Dusseldorf Gestapo on him includes the letter from Heinrich Himmler, dated August 27, 1940, saying Hess must receive "relief and protection as per the Fuhrer's wishes". In similar manner, Hitler also saved the Jewish doctor who treated his mother.

Hitler`s first antisemitic writing - a 1919 document - bought by Holocaust organisation for £100,000
The first known document in which Adolf Hitler wrote about the "irrevocable removal" of Jews has been bought by the LA Holocaust museum for £100,000 and will go on display at the Museum of Tolerance. The 1919 paper, known as the "Gemlich Letter" was sent to Adolf Gemlich who was in charge of the post-WWI German army. Writing about the "Jewish Question" Hitler describes Jews as being "like a racial tuberculosis" and that there needs to be an "elimination of the privileges of the Jews" and calls for an "Aliens Law. The ultimate objective of such legislation must, however, be the irrevocable removal of the Jews in general."

Why Hitler hated Jews? Hitler believed that Jews stole victory in World War I claims a new book
A new book, published in Germany, claims the murder of 6 million Jews was due to Adolf Hitler's belief that they stole victory from the country in World War I. "November 9: How World War One Led to the Holocaust" - by Dr Joachim Riecker - examines Hitler's speeches (both public and private) to solve how a dictator morphed into the industrial-scale murderer. "The core of his hatred lies at the defeat of Germany in WWI, where Hitler blamed the Jews for defeat of the country". Riecker dismisses theories that Hitler hated the Jews because Jewish doctor Eduard Bloch unsuccessfully treated his mother Klara.

Hitler, the Germans and the Final Solution - By Ian Kershaw   (Article no longer available from the original source)
In 1941 Rolf-Heinz Hoppner wrote to Adolf Eichmann with a suggestion on what to do with the 300,000 Jews in his province. "... the Jews can no longer all be fed. It is to be seriously considered whether the most humane solution might not be to finish off those Jews not capable of working with some sort of fast-working preparation. This would... be more pleasant than letting them starve." Ian Kershaw challenges the view that the Final Solution was a smoothly organised system initiated and overseen by Adolf Hitler. He argues that the Nazi officials were acting on Hitler's speeches rather than on direct orders from Hitler passed down a chain of command.

Nazi Atrocities, Committed by Ordinary People
From doctors to opera singers, teachers to schoolkids, the liquidation of Jews was the work of 200,000 ordinary Germans and their helpers. Years of research, not yet complete, disclose how sane members of a modern society committed murder for an evil regime. The researchers found that the perpetrators were both committed Nazis and people who had nothing to do with the Nazis. Most were never punished. Americans did a poll in occupation zone in Oct. 1945: 20% "agreed with Hitler's treatment of the Jews." 19% felt that his policies toward Jews were exaggerated, but fundamentally correct.

World War II documentary: Hitler's Jewish Soldiers by Larry Price
Adolf Hitler's mighty wehrmacht had a fair number of men with Jewish ancestry as thousands of so-called mischlinge filled the ranks of various German armed forces. These half-, quarter-, eighth- and so-on Jews were eagerly drafted by the Germans in late 1930s to speed up rearmament. The interviews provide a certain amount of self-justification and rationalization with just as much cold, calculated observation about what life was really like for them. Some of them were actual poster faces for the wehrmacht; others lied about their "race"; others simply put up by a policy that later become famous in the U.S. military: don't ask, don't tell.

Adolf Hitler's Jewish Doctor: New Bio Details Eduard Bloch's Fate
Hitler family's Jewish doctor in Linz, Eduard Bloch, treated Adolf when he caught colds and his mother Klara when she fell mortally ill. A diary given to Historian Brigitte Hamann by Bloch's descendants provided the impetus for "Hitler's Edeljude" - the title refers to those "noble" Jews who enjoyed protection of the Nazi elite. -- Hitler was quite a nice child and attentive to his mother. It has been said that Hitler's hatred started because Bloch couldn't save his mother. That's not true. Hitler was very attached to the old man and respected him. He even thanked him with two of his own painted postcards. Bloch was protected by the Gestapo on Hitler's orders.

The Jew with the Iron Cross - Wehrmacht in the Eastern Front   (Article no longer available from the original source)
"The Jew with The Iron Cross" - A Record of Survival in WWII Russia by Georg Rauch, recounts his experiences fighting for the Wehrmacht in World War II. He was precluded from participating in the Hitler Youth, and so was marked for life as something less than a full and proper member of the Third Reich. Rauch was struggling to survive gunfire, bombs, harsh weather and starvation. During his time on the front, he wrote a steady stream of letters home, many of which were saved and are reprinted here.

Adolf Hitler kept himself aloof from the dirtiest work
He never visited a single death camp and would not speak openly about his plans to annihilate the Jews, but the Führer's imprint can be found at the Final Solution, writes Ian Kershaw. No written order by Hitler for the Final Solution has ever been found, this has fuelled neo-Nazi claims that he was not responsible. But those who put the Final Solution into practice (Adolf Eichmann, Rudolf Höss) operated under the presumption that the orders derived from Hitler himself. Though Hitler's own actions are often hidden in the shadows, Goebbels' description of him as "the unswerving champion of a radical solution" to the "Jewish Question" was spot on.