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Hitler's Health

What was Hitler medical state and what drugs did he really use?
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

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Hitler`s True Drug Habits Laid Bare By Norman Ohler In Blitzed: Drugs In Nazi Germany
History has long informed us that Adolf Hitler was a regular user of Class A drugs. But now the true scale and escalation of Hitler`s drug addiction has been laid bare in Norman Ohler`s tome Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany. Ohler has gone through existing archives with a fine toothcomb and has narrowed down the Fuhrer`s drug use to three distinct stages of intoxication. Sourcing his material from the notes of Hitler`s personal physician Dr Theo Morrell, Ohler reveals that 1936-1941, Hitler favoured vitamins and glucose intravenously in high dosages. In 1941 Hitler turned to steroids and hormone products.

New book about Hitler's health separate myths from verifiable facts
There are countless theories about Adolf Hitler's health, claiming he was a drug addict or the victim of a hypnosis gone wrong. A new book debunks most such ideas, stating drugs and illness had little effect on his actions. "My dear doctor, I so look forward to seeing you!" Hitler told his doctor, Theodor Morell, whom he trusted completely. Hitler's secretary Traudl Junge said that he was "utterly addicted to Morell." In "War Hitler Krank?" (Was Hitler Ill?) Henrik Eberle and Hans-Joachim Neumann have use the documentary material with modern medical analysis to separate myth from facts.

Did Adolf Hitler have Parkinson's disease? Some doctors think so
By the end of his life, Adolf Hitler had a tremor in his hands, his voice was reduced to a whisper, his handwriting became small and cramped and he'd become inflexible in military decisions. Which raises the question: Did Hitler have Parkinson's disease? And did it play a part in the end of World War II? The symptoms can include a tremor that gets worse over time, a slow gait, stooped posture, a voice reduced to a whisper, a lack of imagination and spontaneity, difficulty making decisions and general apathy. And Dr. John Murphy says - after looking at historical photos, newsreel footage and WWII eyewitness accounts - that description fits Hitler in his final years.

Doctor of Hitler family: Interview With Dr. Eduard Bloch
It was definitely established that Dr. Bloch treated the Hitler family in 1906 and 1907. "As a youth Adolf Hitler was quiet, well-mannered and neatly dressed ... He was tall, sallow, old for his age. He was neither robust nor sickly. Perhaps 'frail looking' would best describe him. His eyes - inherited from his mother- were large, melancholy and thoughtful. To a very large extent this boy lived within himself. Klara Hitler adored her son, the youngest of the family. She allowed him his own way wherever possible."

The Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler
The Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler, by Leonard L. Heston, M. D., and Renate Heston, R. N., with an introduction by Albert Speer, published in 1979. Available used, unfortunately out of print. Adolf Hitler was variously diagnosed as bipolar, schizophrenic and paranoid schizophrenic. He was also diagnosed as having had Parkinson's disease. Yet Hitler had none of these disorders: he was an amphetamine and barbiturate addict.

A 1943 psychiatric dossier aimed to humiliate the German dictator
Snatch the dictator and hold him prisoner to deny him the chance of becoming a martyr. Keep him in isolation, take humiliating photographs and film of him and release them to the public to discredit him. Portray him as a madman, label him the No. 1 world criminal. The recommendations were made in a 230-page dossier that provided a psychoanalysis of Hitler by psychologist Dr Henry Murray for the Office of Strategic Services. The dossier portrays Hitler as a cowardly, deeply disturbed personality racked by paranoia, schizophrenia, homophobia, impotence, masochism, hysteria and an Oedipus complex.
(The Age)

High Hitler - Documentary about Hitler's drug usage
The Fuhrer was a hypochondriac who misused laxatives and suffered for much of his life from stomach cramps and embarrassing flatulence. And that was only the start... By the time he committed suicide in his bunker in 1945, he was frail with tremors and a shuffling walk - a feeble condition that was kept secret from the world. The doctor whose task it was to maintain the Fuhrer in energetic health to pursue the Nazi project and its military ambitions was Dr Theodore Morell- plucked by Hitler from his practice in Berlin to be his personal physician in 1936.