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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

Hitler Movies

Hitler movies, films, clips and footage - From the latest discoveries to the parodies.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

Mein Kampf - a 2009 comedy film of Hitler as a Young Man - finally premieres in Germany
A new film called "Mein Kampf" - which is based on a 1987 comic play called "Mein Kampf" - tells the story of Adolf Hitler as a young man in Vienna. Previous Hitler farces have met varying success: Mel Brooks's 2009 revival of his stage musical "The Producers" did all right, but Dani Levy's 2007 farce, "Mein Führer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler," flopped.

Most of the critics seem to feel that director Urs Odermatt has failed in his attempts to mix facts and farce, but Tom Schilling, who plays the young Hitler, has been praised.

And if the title "Mein Kampf" isn't confusing enough when you try to locate more information about this production, add to the chaos the fact that this 110-minute film was actually made in 2009 - and on top of that "Mein Kampf" seems - already - to be available on DVD in Canada under the name "My Fight".


Documentary film Swastika, about Hitler's home life, finally screened in Germany
Philippe Mora's documentary film about the Fuehrer's home life has finally been showed in Germany, after being banned for decades. When colour film of Adolf Hitler cuddling a pet dog and smiling tenderly like a baby was shown for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival 36 years ago, a fighting broke out and the screening was abandoned. The documentary, Swastika, contained never-before-seen footage of Hitler entertaining friends and his inner circle. Much of it was filmed by Hitler's girlfriend Eva Braun, at the Berghof in Obersalzberg. The colour footage of Hitler as a human being angered some audience members.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
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25 Hitler Downfall parodies worth watching
Subtitled parodies of Adolf Hitler's final days in the Berlin bunker, as depicted in the 2004 World War II film Downfall, have become one of the web's most enduring memes. The parodies are everywhere, even self-referential meta-parodies: jokes about Hitler learning about his internet fame. --- (4) Hitler phones 'fake' Hitler: "Go to Wikipedia, it clearly says that he died on the 30th April 1945." --- (10) Hitler finds out Twitter has gone down again: "Don't they care about their users?" (14) Hitler reacts to the sub-prime mortgage crisis: "I had a 'liar's loan', bogus appraisal, and was on the path to riches!" (21) Hitler attacks grammar 'Nazis'.

"Hitler vor Gericht" (Hitler on Trial) explores the 1924 trial of Adolf Hitler in Munich
How could a German court find a man guilty of high treason yet impose such a mild sentence that he later seized power? "Hitler vor Gericht" (Hitler on Trial) seeks to find out, exploring the 1924 trial of Adolf Hitler in Munich for his part in the 1923 Munich beer hall putsch that could have earned him the death penalty. Instead, he did only 9 months in prison and was able to regroup the Nazi party afterwards. Had Hitler been given a long sentence, the history might have been very different, said Ian Kershaw. "The Fuehrer cult would have had no opportunity to expand. The radical right would have remained fragmented."

Adolf Hitler remixes are big hit on YouTube, especially remixes from Downfall
A 2004 German movie about Adolf Hitler's last days in the bunker in Berlin is becoming a popular internet meme. Jokers are dubbing humorous dialogue over a key scene of the film Der Untergang (The Downfall), which shows the Führer screaming at his generals when told the war is over. The Downfall clip has been ironically remixed nearly 100 times, and the latest creation is "Hillary's Downfall."

Bruno Ganz: I had some doubts when I was offered the part of Hitler in Downfall
The producers sent me a recording, secretly taped in Finland in 1942, with Hitler's natural voice: not the screaming orator, but a soft voice. I'm sure that Hitler had Parkinson: there is newsreel of him giving medals to the Hitler Youth a few days before his death, and you can see his hand shaking. There was no strategy to say: "Let's show a new Hitler," just to show him as he was. Witnesses say he was kind to dogs, charming to women, nice to children - but when he was talking about military problems, one general says: "What about the 100,000 young German officers on the eastern front? They are going to die." Hitler replies: "But they are born to die."

Hitler: A Career (Hitler - eine Karriere)
Produced in 1977, Hitler: A Career, written and co-directed by historian Joachim Fest, caused quite a stir by all accounts when it premiered. Utilizing archival footage, Hitler: A Career immediately jumps into examining Hitler's rise to power. Cursory information is given about his upbringing, his WWI career and his vagabond days in Vienna. In Hitler: A Career, Fest argues that Hitler, far from being a raving madman was instead a scheming, incredibly adaptable (at first) and calculating politician, keen to exploit any weakness he saw in the political system and in the masses who, humiliated by the outcome of WWI, were waiting for a voice to speak for them.

Top 10 onscreen Hitlers - Actors in the Fuhrer's jackboots
(1) Bruno Ganz: starred in the 2004 film Downfall which showed Adolf Hitler’s last ten days in the underground Führerbunker. (2) Robert Carlyle: took the title role in the CBS mini-series, Hitler: The Rise of Evil. (3) Noah Taylor: In Max (2002) played a young art student Adolf Hitler. Playing the future Fuhrer as an angst-ridden outsider, frustrated by his lack of talent, brought accusations that the film was covering Hitler too sympathetically but also examined the question: what if his life could have taken another route? (6) Anthony Hopkins: portrayed Hitler in The Bunker (1981). Like Downfall, this depicted the end of Hitler’s reign of terror.

Rare movie footage of Adolf Hitler hanging out discovered in Bayreuth
Rare film footage of Adolf Hitler hanging out with his buddies has been discovered in a Staten Island basement. A reel plucked from the wartime rubble of a German opera house shows Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goering and Heinrich Himmler enjoying a Richard Wagner music festival before the start of WWII. The film, sent home by U.S. serviceman Walter Ladziak, was found 10 years ago. But it had never been viewed, until Ladziak's nephew Francis Cardamone sent it to PBS' "History Detectives," who have been working to prove its authenticity.

New technology catches Adolf Hitler off guard in his home movies
New technology that can read lips has helped make sense of Adolf Hitler's home movies, many of them made by Eva Braun at the Berghof. Hitler can be heard encouraging children towards a life in the military, criticising his closest henchmen and flirting with Eva Braun: "What are you filming an old man for? I should be filming you." The footage forms part of a documentary, Hitler's Private World: Revealed. It has languished in archives since the war after being found by the OSS in the Berghof cellars. The film shows very different Hitler at ease among his guests, he cracks jokes and talks about his love for cinema.

Hitler in Colour - Newly discovered WWII colour footage
Adolf Hitler stands before the Nazi faithful at Nuremberg, exhorting them to realise the destiny of the thousand-year Reich. A familiar image in black and white, this time the scene is played out in full colour, a legion of swastikas set on blood-red banners. But this is not a clip from the film Downfall - it is newly discovered, colour footage which renders him more real than ever before. One of the discoveries was film shot by Hitler's pilot, Hans Baur, unearthed at a Hamburg film library which was always assumed to possess only newsreels made after 1945. Hitler maybe was the most filmed person in the world up to his death.

Der Untergang - Downfall by Oliver Hirschbiegel
Downfall (Der Untergang) is an effective war drama, marred by an overabundance of characters and a certain tendency to emphasize the obvious aspects of the story. Bruno Ganz does an outstanding Hitler impersonation, going beyond the usual superficial mannerisms. Especially illuminating is the final interview with the real Traudl Junge (in the film played as a young woman by Alexandra Maria Lara), in which Hitler’s secretary explains that claiming ignorance is no excuse for one’s complicity. Synopsis: Nazi Germany is about to lose the war. In his underground bunker, Adolf Hitler grows out of touch with reality as he sees his dream of Deutschland über alles go kaput.

Hitler of the Andes - Studying rumors that Hitler survived and escaped
When Russian troops entered Berlin in 1945 confusion surrounded the fate of Adolf Hitler. Witnesses were questioned and 2 charred bodies, said to be those of Hitler and Eva Braun, were discovered. But the Russians kept quiet about their findings, causing rumours that the Fuhrer had escaped. The hunt for Hitler continued after 1945. Reports reached J. Edgar Hoover, who send agents to South America. For 11 years FBI followed up sightings of Hitler in the Andes, where many high-ranking Nazis had found shelter under the Peron regime. Documentary explores the psychological reaction of the public that occurs when a dictator who has obsessed the imagination melts away.

High Hitler - Documentary about Hitler's drug usage
The Fuhrer was a hypochondriac who misused laxatives and suffered for much of his life from stomach cramps and embarrassing flatulence. And that was only the start... By the time he committed suicide in his bunker in 1945, he was frail with tremors and a shuffling walk - a feeble condition that was kept secret from the world. The doctor whose task it was to maintain the Fuhrer in energetic health to pursue the Nazi project and its military ambitions was Dr Theodore Morell- plucked by Hitler from his practice in Berlin to be his personal physician in 1936.

Inside Hitler's Bunker - Unsolved History
In early 1945, Adolf Hitler retreated to an underground bunker and never saw the light of day again. In this lair, he ate, slept, held military briefings and married Eva Braun. 1961-1989 the site was screened from Western eyes by the Berlin Wall. In the 70s, the GDR did a underground survey of the area that almost surely included inspecting Hitler's bunker. In 1990, workers clearing the former Hitler Chancellery area stumbled upon a part of the bunker complex. It turned out to be the 1,500-square-foot underground facility manned by the Chancellery's elite SS drivers. Watch as the team resurrects the past: digitally reconstructing the entire bunker.

Hitler: The Comedy Years
Now, as a rule, the Nazis shouldn't be funny. But, in fact, comedy was quite a handy weapon for the Allies when they were trying to keep up the morale during the dark days of World War II. Since then, everyone from Monty Python to Spike Milligan to Freddie Starr has had a pop at the Third Reich with tongue firmly in cheek. "Hitler: The Comedy Years" would be easy to dismiss it as another talking-head-between-the-clips show, but it is at least aiming to ask a question: "Is there a place for such humour on the comedy circuit?" I think the answer is yes, as long as it doesn't cross the line and offend those who suffered under the Nazis.