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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

Art & Paintings by Artist Adolf Hitler

Paintings and sketches by Adolf Hitler - Pictures, auctions, controversy. Adolf Hitler was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and was told to focus on architecture. In Court Museum 'I ran from one object of interest to another, but it was always the buildings which held my primary interest.' (Mein Kampf).
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Art during WW2.

Man stabs Hitler painting with screwdriver at Museo Di Salo in Italy
A 40-year-old man armed with a screwdriver has attacked a painting hanging in an Italian art gallery. The curator of the museum says the work is garbage but it shouldn't be censored.

Hitler`s paintings to be sold at auction next week
Four paintings ascribed to Adolf Hitler, as well as an unsigned piece thought to painted by the notorious Fuhrer, will be up for auction at the Ludlow Racecourse in Shropshire, England. The four works of art all bear the signature `A. Hitler,` and two of the paintings are dated in the early 1900s. Each painting has a price tag between $6,000 and $9,000. The signed paintings include a village street scene, an Alpine bouquet with edelweiss, a scene depicting the town gate at Durnstein in Hitler`s native Austria and a still life showing a clock, fruit and flowers.

More than a dozen paintings by the Nazi dictator go under the hammer at auction in Nuremberg
A collection of paintings and drawings made by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler are going under the hammer in Germany - and they could fetch hundreds of thousands of pounds. The artwork, which includes watercolours of houses, castles, countryside scenes and town squares, will be sold off in the Bavarian city of Nuremberg. It comes six months after another collection of his art fetched £286,000 at auction with one work - a painting of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria - selling to a Chinese buyer for £71,000.

Hitler's Nazi paintings to fetch £30,000 at auction
The watercolours – of buildings and horses – were painted as Hitler tried to become a professional artist before launching his political career. Rich but secretive foreign businessmen have indicated they are prepared to pay up to £10,000 for some of the work – which will go under the hammer on Sunday. The paintings – which will go on sale in Slovakia – come from descendants of a family that put up a young Hitler as he tried to get into the Academy of Fine Arts – Vienna – between 1908 and 1910.

Battle of the Brushes – Comparing the Paintings of Churchill and Hitler
Dispite their manifold differences (not to mention their burning mutual hatred), Britain`s wartime prime minister Winston Churchill and the Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler shared at least one thing in common: Both were painters.

Watercolours and drawings by Hitler have fetched 400,000 euros at a German auction
A painting of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria fetched the highest price at Saturday's sale, selling to a Chinese buyer for 100,000 euros. A still-life of carnations, signed A Hitler, fetched 72,000 euros at the Nuremberg event. Last year the same auction house sold a watercolour painted by Hitler in 1914 for 129,000 euros. The auction was organised by Weidler Auctioneers of Nuremberg, which said bidders included private investors from Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, France and Germany. Hitler paintings can be sold under German law provided they do not display any Nazi symbols.

Early painting by Hitler - depicting flowers - goes to auction
A still-life watercolor painting of flowers by a young Adolf Hitler will be sold at auction in Los Angeles this week, organisers have announced. The 1912 canvas, painted by the future Nazi leader when he was a struggling artist in his mid-20s, is going under the hammer at the Nate D Sanders auction house. The painting shows a blue ceramic pitcher holding orange, red and soft pink flowers – an unusual subject at a time when Hitler was focusing more on landscapes and architecture.

Watercolour painted by Hitler fetches $161,000 at Nuremberg auction
A watercolour thought to be painted by Hitler has sold at an auction in Germany for 130,000 euros (£103,000; $161,000). The 1914 painting of Munich's city hall was put up for sale by two elderly sisters. Their grandfather had bought the painting in 1916. A private buyer from the Middle East, who wished to remain anonymous, bought the work, auction house Weidler said. The auction was held in the central German town of Nuremberg. The auction house said bidders from four continents had expressed an interest in the work.

Hitler's drawing called Vienna Cathedral on sale for 1,650 EUR
A drawing by Adolf Hitler has gone on sale at an auction in Slovakia. The artwork in Indian ink is entitled 'Vienna Cathedral' and was painted in 1910 when the future Nazi leader was just 21, and struggling as a budding artist in the Austrian capital. The piece, now up for auction at a starting price of 1,350 GBP (1,650 EUR), has the Nazi leader`s signature in the bottom right hand corner.

Watercolours painted by a young Adolf Hitler sell for £1,600 at auction
At first glance these watercolours look rather unremarkable. But a closer inspection of the signatures and AH monogram reveals their dark origin. The paintings - "Der Lehrling Muster" and "A Coastal Scene" - were sold by Barnes Thomas County Auctioneers in Penzance, Cornwall. Der Lehrling Muster, 9.2 inch by 6.5 inch piece which Hitler painted while struggling as an artist in Vienna, shows a figure operating a laundry mangle or a printing press. A Coastal Scene, a 5 inch by 7.5 inch work depicting a small sailing boat and a headland, was painted in 1919 after Hitler was badly injured in the trenches.

5 paintings by Hitler go up for sale at Manion`s International Auction House
A Kansas City auction house is selling 5 pieces by Adolf Hitler. Manion's International Auction House, 4411 N. 67th St., announced that it will have the five pieces up for auction. The collection includes a watercolor, two oil paintings and two postcard-sized pieces. Manion's, which specializes in militaria, historic collectibles and firearms, has sold about 15 pieces by Hitler in the past. The highest-priced was an oil painting, "Old Vienna Ratzenstadl," which Hitler painted between 1909 and 1912. It sold for almost $60,000.

99-year-old Hitler painting called The Nocturnal Sea to be auctioned off
A painting by Nazi monster Adolf Hitler is to go under the hammer for the first time since he painted it nearly 100 years ago. The seascape is listed for sale by online auctioneers Darke in Slovakia is expected to sell for £10,000. Painted in 1913 while a young Hitler was struggling to make a career as an artist, the 24inch by 19inch canvas shows a dark sea lit up only by a moon about to be shrouded by black clouds.

Flak 88: Photographs of the feared German anti-aircraft and anti-tank gun
Axis History forum thread features some nice photographs -- over 40 pics in total and at least one color photograph -- of the feared German FLAK 88 gun.

Buyers from China, India and Russia spent $164,800 on 16 watercolours by Hitler
A collection of 16 watercolours attributed to Adolf Hitler fetched $164,800 at an auction in Britain. Richard Westwood-Brookes of Mullock's Auctioneers in Shropshire said it is an "interesting trend" that the paintings had been purchased entirely by overseas buyers from China, India and Russia. "This shows that it has nothing to do with an obsession with the Nazis, or neo-Nazis buying it. There is a great interest in WWII in these countries and a lot of people with a lot of money to invest." The paintings were discovered "sitting in a cupboard" in a country estate in Austria.

17 paintings by Hitler go for auction with the estimated value of £145,000 in Shropshire, UK
A group of paintings by Adolf Hitler, estimated to collectively be worth £145,000, are going under the hammer at a Shropshire auction. The 17 pieces of work, which include watercolours of landscapes still life and a portrait, are expected to get a lot of interest when they are auctioned at the Mullocks sale at Ludlow Racecourse. In 2009 collectors rushed to buy 15 of Hitler's paintings which sold for a £95,000. Many of the paintings, expected to fetch up to £10,000 each, were painted at a time when Hitler was a struggling artist. The collection includes rural village scenes, landscapes and architecture.

A second set of Hitler artworks for sale at British auction, and more may come
Adolf Hitler never made it as an artist, but his drawings and paintings have pulled in increasingly high bids - tens of thousands of euros - at auction. It's not neo-Nazis who are buying, but history buffs and art collectors. In 2009, the British auction house Mullock's offered 15 pieces by Hitler in an auction - sales totalled 140,000 euros. Now Mullock's will host another auction featuring 22 pieces by Hitler - Price estimates range from 4,500 to 17,000 euros. After the news of 2009 sale spread, Richard Westwood-Brookes has been contacted by 3 sellers interested in auctioning their Hitler pieces.

Hitler sketches, that failed to secure his place at art academy, for sale (plus separate photo link)
Drawings thought to be those that Adolf Hitler submitted in an attempt to gain entry into the Vienna Academy of Art are to be auctioned. The works include nudes, human figures, objects, landscapes and buildings. Most are dated 1908, when he was turned down by the academy for the second time. Young Hitler moved to Vienna in 1905 to live a bohemian life, selling pictures he copied from postcards. Michael Liversidge has studied the pictures: "They look quite typical of an aspiring student hoping to get into art school..." [See Photographs]

Two previously unseen Adolf Hitler nude sketches for sale
Two sketches by Adolf Hitler of a young nude woman and the face of an elderly lady thought to be his mother are for sale. The two previously unseen pictures are expected to fetch £20,000. Hitler drew them in the early 1900s when he was in Vienna and was practised different styles so that he might gain a place at art college. The picture - drawn in 1908 - of the elderly woman's face is similar to photographs of his mother Klara Hitler and shows a lined and world-weary face. The contrasting nude - which doesn't have a face drawn in - was drawn in 1907 is a young and attractive figure.

Adolf Hitler's painting - which may have hung in Sigmund Freud's surgery - for sale
The Jewish psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud might have had Adolf Hitler's painting on the wall of his office. A watercolour by the Nazi dictator has a text on the back that has the name of Freud's practice in Vienna. While Freud was based in the Austrian city in 1910 it is possible he or one of his staff purchased the picture from Hitler, who was a painter at the time, knocking out postcards and paintings to make a living. This painting shows a small church with a background of mountains and is signed "A Hitler 1910." On the reverse are the Italian words: "Studio Medico Sigmund Freud Vienne."

A painting bought by a tourist from then unknown Adolf Hitler in 1908 in Vienna for sale
A painting bought by tourist Anna Sheersmith from a young painter in 1908 in Vienna will be auctioned off as it has emerged it was painted by the then unknown Adolf Hitler. The picture, brought back as a souvenir, has been revealed to the public for the first time. Its story had been kept a family secret for over 100 years, hidden by Sheersmith's relatives. The 5x3 inch painting - showing a town in the foreground with buildings nestling around a lake - has the Fuhrer's signature and its subject matter matches Hitler's activities in 1908.

Art historian Birgit Schwarz: Hitler saw himself an artistic genius
Art historian Birgit Schwarz claims Adolf Hitler saw himself as a genius and his obsession with art influenced his political views - and it's time to correct our image of Hitler. "People have underestimated the notion that Hitler considered himself an artist... and that much can be deduced from this self-image, this overheated artist's ego. However, this has hardly played a role in the research... it can help us gain a better understanding of Hitler as a person, as well as his system of power... Hitler's relationship with art is well-documented. He earned money with his watercolors and wanted to become a painter. Later he became an insatiable collector."

Hitler's paintings from Vienna (dated 1910, 1911) under the hammer in Germany
A German auction house will auction off 3 watercolors by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. The works, showing cottages, mills and churches nestled in rural landscapes will go under the hammer on Sept 5 in Weidler's auction house in Nuremberg. The 3 paintings are dated from 1910 and 1911 and originate from Vienna where Hitler lived several years as a struggling artist. One of the paintings, "White church in the Wachau", was authenticated in 1963 by Peter Jahn, an expert on Hitler's early paintings, who ranked it as among Hitler's best works. Hitler created an estimated 723 pictures, including sketches and paintings. [The three paintings were sold for 42,000 euros]

A collection of Adolf Hitler's paintings fetch over 100,000e
A rare collection of early paintings by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler have brought in over 100,000 euros at an auction in UK. A series of watercolors, oil paintings and sketches made by a young Adolf Hitler have been sold by the auctioneers Ludlow Racecourse in Shropshire. The 13 pictures were painted 1908-1914. The artworks include a self-portrait, signed with the initials "A.H.", which sold for over 11,000 euros. The works were discovered by a British soldier in Essen, Germany, in 1945, who had served with the Royal Manchester Regiment.

A self-portrait of Adolf Hitler, thought to be the first he ever painted, up for auction
A solitary figure sits on a bridge, dreaming no doubt of one day invading Poland. This watercolor is believed to be the earliest self-portrait by Adolf Hitler (it seems Hitler was keen to id himself by putting a cross and the initials AH above the figure), painted in 1910 when the future Fuhrer was 21 and a struggling artist. Kept in storage since it was discovered by Company Sergeant Major Willie J McKenna when he was stationed in Essen in 1945, it has been placed on public view, along with 12 others by Hitler, before it is auctioned off. They were sold directly to the present unnamed vendor and kept out of sight for decades.

Adolf Hitler painting sold at 7,000 pounds loss by woman because she hated it
The watercolour of a church along the French-Belgian border has the signature 'AH' and dates back to World War I when Adolf Hitler was stationed there as a foot soldier. It was purchased by a man, for 10,500 pounds in 2006 along with a collection of 23 of Hitler's artwork, who later gave it to his mother. But the woman decided she didn't want the picture and auctioned it at Jeffreys Auctions in Lostwithiel. It is expected to bring in as little as 3,000 pounds because of the financial crunch. Head auctioneer Ian Morris explained the seller of the painting had decided to auction the watercolour because she was uncomfortable with its history.

Adolf Hitler's private art collection (the legendary Linz Collection) goes online
The German Historical Museum in Berlin has put the Linz Collection (Adolf Hitler's private collection of art which was displayed in Linz and stashed in salt mines at the end of World War II) online - not for casual viewing but to track the provenance of some pieces. The Führer's taste ran to bucolic idylls and precious German Romanticism. He dismissed "degenerate" art by realistic or socially biting artists. He wanted to use the art - 4,731 pieces - as the seed of a "Führermuseum," which he hoped to construct in Linz by 1950. To support the museum he set up the Sonderauftrag Linz foundation ("Special Project: Linz") - funded by proceeds from Mein Kampf.

Cartoons drawn by Adolf Hitler discovered by Norwegian museum director?
William Hakvaag says he has found cartoons by Adolf Hitler, who made a living as an artist before going into politics. He had found the drawings concealed in a painting signed "A.Hitler" that he bought. He found 3 coloured cartoons of dwarfs from the 1937 film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", signed A.H., and an unsigned "Pinocchio" sketch. Tests on the paintings dated from 1940. "I am 100% sure that these are drawings by Hitler... If one wanted to make a forgery, one would never hide it in the back of a picture, where it might never be discovered." The initials and the signature are consistent with Hitler's handwriting.

1911 painting of Vienna’s Votivkirche by Adolf Hitler sells for $40,000
In an auction by Manion’s Auction House an original 1911 dated watercolor of Vienna’s Votivkirche, by German dictator Adolf Hitler, fetched the sum of $40,000.00. "I’ve seen a few of his paintings over the years and they always amaze me. It’s just one of those aspects of WWII history that you hear about, but almost don’t really believe it could be true," said John Conway. While Manion has sold other original Hitler paintings in the past, this is the highest price they had seen one reach. The company is presently featuring another work by Hitler, a pen and ink watercolor, "Shelter in Fournes", referenced in "Adolf Hitler the Unknown Artist" by Billy E. Price.

Authentic Adolf Hitler paintings on auction
While not well known for his watercolors, the dictator of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hilter, was quite a gifted artist. A gallery visit is unlikely to yield any of his work, but on occasion his pieces are bought and sold. Two such paintings have surfaced on Manion’s Auction House: a 1911 dated watercolor of the Votivkirche in Vienna, and his First World War -era interpretation of a French farmhouse. "This is quite an interesting glimpse into the soul of one of the most infamous figures in world history. To look at these renditions, one would think the hand that held the brush belonged to a gentle man..." said John Conway.

Water colour by Adolf Hitler sold for 29,300 dollars
A water colour depicting a city scene of Vienna by German dictator Adolf Hitler was sold at a Norwegian auction. Painted before the First World War, the water colour fetched 29,300 dollars at the auction. No bids were made during the auction. The unnamed buyer had placed an advance bid. In the early 1900s, the Austrian-born Hitler made numerous pictures but failed twice to be accepted to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Adolf Hitler painting by German forger Konrad Kujau for sale
Konrad Kujau fooled the world in the early 1980s by forging Adolf Hitler diaries. After being discredited by historians and implicated as the mastermind behind the hoax, he spent years in a prison. But the peddler of Nazi paraphernalia continued his career behind bars, copying paintings, including a number of paintings of Hitler. Those paintings have made it to Central Illinois and will be sold. The bidding will take place on gunbroker site, where a rare German gun that belonged to Hitler sold for about $140,000. Also being auctioned will be a ribbon dedicated to the crew of the German warship Graf Spree.

Worldwide interest in 'Adolf Hitler' pictures
A collection of paintings believed to be the work of Adolf Hitler has attracted worldwide interest ahead of an auction due in Cornwall. The 21 paintings and two pencil sketches will go under the hammer on 26 September. There has been so much interest that Jefferys may now hold the sale in a larger location near its premises. The paintings were done during the World War I "so there is no connection with what he became later." They were discovered in a suitcase in an attic near to where Adolf Hitler served during First World War. The paintings - some signed A Hitler, and others AH - feature landscapes, some with buildings.

21 watercolours and sketches by Adolf Hitler up for sale
The 21 watercolours and sketches were discovered in a Belgian attic, close to where Hitler served during the First World War. Steps were taken to prove their authenticity without success. The paintings, which are similar to other works by Adolf Hitler, are expected to fetch up to £3,000. A number of the works bore the dictator's distinctive signature.

Prints of a 1913 painting by Adolf Hitler selling very well   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Prints of a 1913 painting by Adolf Hitler have been selling like hotcakes ever since antique collector John Adam made national headlines for his sideline. He said he doesn't know why people are so eager for the print, which he bought 10 years ago and now sells copies for $42 each. "He was a very intelligent man and a great artist," said Angela, who wouldn't give her last name. "I'm not a fan of what he did, though." Toronto's Adam Bird also said he isn't a Nazi sympathizer, but he'd like to add a print to his Hitler collection. "It's a nice painting."

A print of Munich Square by Adolf Hitler circa 1913 for sale   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A framed print of a painting by Adolf Hitler is raising eyebrows at Shopping Centre. The piece entitled The Munich Square by Adolf Hitler circa 1913 is nestled among pop culture collectibles, antiques and collectibles. "People don't say much about it - they're just surprised that he could paint," said John Adam. He bought the print as a curiosity off eBay 10 years ago, before a ban on profiting from the work of murderers was implemented.

Hitler prints on show in Haifa funded by Education Ministry
Controversy: Nazi leader's work on display at local gallery funded by Education Ministry Merav Yudilovitch. Prints of six paintings by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler when he was young are displayed in the Pyramid gallery in Haifa, and have stirred a rather predictable row. Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav who visited the exhibit says he strongly opposes the display of Hitler's paintings. "I think this is bad taste in its extreme form" he said. "No gallery should display these kitschy pictures and there is no explanation that could remedy this."

A watercolor by Hitler for sale on Ebay-Austria
A painting titled "Muenchen," (Munich) bearing the signature of the former Nazi dictator and described by the seller as a "rarity", was put up for auction at an asking price of 2,100 euros on Another watercolor by Hitler, titled "Bad Gastein," received at least 25 bids before selling for more than 4,500 euros. Austrian-born Hitler famously had ambitions to become an artist and was turned down by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. His production of paintings and sketches was prolific but experts see little artistic merit in them and major auction-houses shy away from them because of their author's bloodstained career.

Watercolour by Adolf Hitler has been sold at auction for 7,700 euros
The picture of a German postman, 7in by 6in drawing from sketch book painted by the future Nazi dictator in 1924, was sold for 7,700 euros. Manager said the rare signed example of Hitler's early artistic career went to a private buyer. Drawing came from a friend of Otto Gunsche, Hitler's personal adjutant.