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Funny and humorous World War II related stories.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

BBC accidentally shows Nazi rally during German occupation of Channel Islands instead of weather forecast
The BBC apologised for showing footage from a Nazi rally during the German occupation of the Channel Islands - instead of the weather forecast. A BBC insider said: "This is another BBC cock-up. Anyone looking at the weather website found images of Nazi rallies and the occupation of the Channel Islands which is a particularly sensitive issue."

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
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Photos of celebrities who look like famous Nazis - thread on the Axis History Forum
This Axis history forum thread features photographs of celebrities who resemble famous Third Reich personalities. Here are direct links to some of the best pictures of the Nazi lookalikes and doppelgangers: Ed Harris - Erwin Rommel, John Cleese - Wilhelm Keitel, Tom Cruise - Claus von Stauffenberg, Peter O'toole - Joachim Peiper.

Football club Airdrie United had Nazi soldiers, with text "Supporting Our Heroes," in their Remembrance Day programme
Football club Airdrie United has caused an outrage with their special Remembrance Day programme, which features a picture of grinning Nazi soldiers with the text: "Lest We Forget" and the slogan: "Supporting Our Heroes".

Happy Nazi flag shooters: actress Michelle Rodriguez poses with Nazi flag
Photograph of actress Michelle Rodriguez kneeling in front of a Nazi flag caused a minor storm. But she has explained, via Twitter, that she was in the presence of "Happy Nazi flag shooters". She tweeted: "Hehehhehee Only in Austin can you find such Happy Nazi flag shooters look at the holes on this flag." When asked whether or not she took part in said shooting, she replied: "no I didn't shoot the flag I don't like politics but the boys unloaded 1000 rounds into that thing in less than a minute, hot."

Funny WWII photograph: Tall German soldier surrenders to short Allied soldier
Corporal Bob Roberts was supervising the surrender of dozens of German soldiers during the Battle of Normandy when the 7ft 6ins German came into his view. Roberts - 5ft 6ins - had the job of searching the German lance corporal for weapons before taking him POW. Out of shot of the photograph, Robert's comrades and even the German soldiers laughed together at the sight of the little and large encounter. It was a funny moment during the grim duty of war. Just a few minutes before the picture was taken, Roberts had a life-or-death duel with another German soldier who pulled out a pistol as he pretended to surrender.

Russian World War II veteran becomes a father at the age of 89
An 89-year-old decorated World War II soldier is celebrating a new honour: his new-born son Artem. Aramais Nazarov, who served in Stalin's Red Army, took a bouquet of roses to congratulate his 35-year-old wife Yevgeniya. The child is his fourth - his oldest son is a 61-year-old pensioner.

Fashion store in Palermo, Sicily, shocks with 18ft "pink Hitler" posters
Sicilian fashion store has come under fire for using Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler in its advertising campaign. The store, called New Form, has set up 18ft-high posters across the city of Palermo showing the Fuehrer with a pink military uniform and his swastika armband replaced by a large red heart. The advertising slogan tells the store's teenage and twenty-something target market to "Change Style – Don't Follow Your Leader". Ad agency Zerocento says the campaign "ridicules" Hitler and that its critics are over-reacting.

Russian publisher used images of Nazi soldiers for Red Army posters - and got approved by a WW2 veteran
Designers of a calendar marking the Red Army's WWII victory used photographs of Nazi troops instead of Soviet soldiers. The publishers admitted that they could not tell the difference between the Wehrmacht and the Red Army. They had downloaded images online to illustrate the poster because the pictures of local veterans were not interesting enough. The company sent the design to the veterans' committee for approval before it printed 1,500 copies. Teachers in the local schools noticed the distinctive Nazi helmets: 4 of the 6 photos featured Nazis, including a group of troops surrounding a captured Soviet tank and another of a soldier bearing an SS propaganda poster.

25 Hitler Downfall parodies worth watching
Subtitled parodies of Adolf Hitler's final days in the Berlin bunker, as depicted in the 2004 World War II film Downfall, have become one of the web's most enduring memes. The parodies are everywhere, even self-referential meta-parodies: jokes about Hitler learning about his internet fame. --- (4) Hitler phones 'fake' Hitler: "Go to Wikipedia, it clearly says that he died on the 30th April 1945." --- (10) Hitler finds out Twitter has gone down again: "Don't they care about their users?" (14) Hitler reacts to the sub-prime mortgage crisis: "I had a 'liar's loan', bogus appraisal, and was on the path to riches!" (21) Hitler attacks grammar 'Nazis'.

Dog's name in Dambusters remake causes headache for filmmakers
It is not the full-scale replica of a Lancaster bomber that is causing difficulties for the makers of a remake of the classic British war movie The Dam Busters. Director Peter Jackson has promised to be true to the original story. However RAF hero Guy Gibson, leader of the mission that wiped out Nazi dams during World War 2, had a dog called Nigger and filmmakers are now pondering whether they dare to use N-word. The canine with the politically incorrect name, who featured in the 1951 book The Dam Busters, was used 12 times in the 1954 film. In May, 1943, RAF Squadron 617 used "bouncing bombs" to target the dams of the Ruhr valley.

Shop denies cake for Adolf Hitler - Parents furious
The parents of a 3yo boy have called a supermarket "intolerant" after it refused to decorate their son's birthday cake with his name, Adolf Hitler Campbell, on the grounds that it was "inappropriate". It has also emerged that the New Jersey couple have in the past asked for a swastika decoration. The kid's father Heath Campbell said it was time that people looked forward and accepted change: "They need to accept a name. A name's a name. The kid isn't going to grow up and do what Hitler did." Campbell named his son after Adolf Hitler because he liked it and because "no one else in the world would have that name".

Italian Party promises cash for Mussolini baby names
An Italian political party is offering $1,940 to parents in 5 cities who name children after Second World War dictator Benito Mussolini or his wife Rachele. The far-right Movimento Sociale-Fiamma Tricolore, (Italian Social Movement), said residents of 5 municipalities in the sparsely inhabited Potenza province will be entitled for the cash aid if they name children born in 2009 either Benito or Rachele after the fascist leader and his wife. Vicenzo Mancusi explained the program "does not resolve the problem of the region's declining population, but it is a small attempt by a small party."

Adolf Hitler's favourite meal removed from Belgian cooking show
Belgian tv-show has buried plans to feature Adolf Hitler's "favourite meal" after cooking up a controversy. Flemish chef Jeroen Meus was to take his show to southern Germany to catch some trout in Bavaria, before heading to Adolf Hitler's "Eagle's Nest" hideout in the Bavarian Alps to prepare the "meal of an atrocious man" as part of a "succulent feast". Michael Freilich, of Antwerp's Joods Actueel Jewish community magazine, criticized the show in advance for "presenting Hitler as a simple man of the people". He accused Meus of being "naive" and ill-informed about the Holocaust.

Obersalzberg Sketch - Segments of German TV-series Switch Reloaded
A comic version of Adolf Hitler who hasn't time to attend a book-burning? A manager (out of The Office) who complains to his super-efficient secretary: "Do we really have to plan everything a thousand years in advance, Erika?" The TV show Switch Reloaded has been satirizing Hitler, yet the parody has raised hardly a murmur of protest, even though it flaunts the swastika - like when the lumpen Ernie complains that his Hakenkreuztaste (swastika key) is broken in typewriter. Sketch Obersalzberg, named after Hitler's mountain-top retreat at Berchtesgaden, is popular in YouTube. [one part in Youtube with English subs]

World War II games are popular, but is this a good way to learn history?
It's Sept. 17, 1944. You're behind a pile of debris in Nijmegen, hiding from a German sniper. You reload your submachine gun and hope that your 3 grenades are enough to take down the tank lurking up ahead. As a member of the 82nd Airborne, you're one of 34,000 paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines as part of Operation Market Garden in a offensive to bypass the stalled western front and storm into Nazi Germany. You've been in heavy combat from the moment you hit the ground, fighting with an elite German battalion and Panzer division. Your regiment has taken heavy losses, and the British armored division that was meant to relieve you still hasn't arrived.

Navy to spend $600000 to hide Swastika-shaped Coronado barracks
The Navy plans to spend $600,000 for camouflage landscaping and rooftop modifications so that 1960s-era barracks at the Naval Base Coronado near San Diego will not look like a Nazi swastika from the air. For decades the resemblance went unnoticed by the public until it was spotted on Google Earth. Navy officials said they became aware of it after the 1967 groundbreaking, and had decided not to do anything. The Anti-Defamation League in San Diego: "We told the Navy this was an incredibly inappropriate shape for a structure on a military installation."

Secret plan to bury soldiers alive inside Rock of Gibraltar
Last survivor tells of operation to monitor Germans: It was a top-secret wartime mission, code-named Operation Tracer, in which 6 men volunteered to be buried alive in the cave if the Rock were captured by the Germans, so they could continue to monitor enemy movements. More than 60 years after the end of World War II, Bruce Cooper has been named as the chamber's last survivor, as researchers struggle to unlock its remaining secrets. The team were warned that they may have to be sealed inside the operation post for as long as a year, although they were aware that it could be longer. The operation was so secret that not even Whitehall knew about it.

How Green Were the Nazis? Contest for oddest book title
"How Green Were the Nazis?" could be the title to beat this year for the Bookseller/Diagram Prize for oddest book title. The book by Thomas Zeller, Franz-Josef Bruggemeier and Mark Cioc is billed as the first to examine the environmental policies of the Third Reich. Last year's winner was "People Who Don't Know They're Dead: How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders and What to Do About It."

World War II American GI Cargo cult lives on in South Pacific
John Frum country on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu: At the base of a sacred volcano men play the "Star Spangled Banner" on bamboo flutes. Every February they parade in old US army uniforms with wooden weapons. Villagers at Sulphur Bay worship a mystical figure who they believe will one day bring them wealth. "John is our god. One day he will come back," declares village chief Isaac Wan. Believers are convinced that John Frum was an American. The name could well have come from wartime GIs who introduced themselves as "Jon from America." John Frum day is held annually on 15 February.

Ghost hunt - A figure in a German officer's uniform in Tiger tank
Ghost hunters are being offered a rare chance to explore the spooky surroundings of Bovington Tank Museum. Researchers and psychics will lead intrepid investigators around the museum in search of paranormal activity. Visitors have often reported strange distortions on photographs they have taken at the museum. One of the most famous legends is that of Herman The German - a ghoulish figure who has been spotted in a German officer's uniform peering into a World War II Tiger tank.

No swastika for us - we're Nato leaders
Hundreds of Latvians knitting 4000 pairs of woolen mittens for the November Nato summit have been told to avoid a folk symbol said to ward off evil since it looks like a Nazi swastika. A spokesperson said the Latvian Thunder Cross, or Fire Cross, will not figure in the design of any of the thousands of unique pairs some 300 Latvians are producing for Nato delegates lest it be misinterpreted. The Thunder Cross is a folklore symbol used as a charm against evil for Latvians.

Restaurant named after Adolf Hitler - Posters with Swastikas
A new restaurant in India is named after Adolf Hitler and promoted with posters featuring the Nazi leader and swastikas. The owner of Hitler's Cross says he chose the name to stand out among hundreds of Mumbai eateries. "We are not promoting Hitler. But we want to tell people we are different in the way he was different." A huge portrait of a stern-looking Führer greets visitors and the interior is done out in the Nazi colours. The cross in the restaurant's name refers to the swastika that symbolised the Nazi regime. The emblem has its roots in ancient India and remains a sacred symbol for Hindus.

Quiz -- In which World War 2 army you should have fought?
Take a Quiz -- In which World War II army you should have fought?

Soccer: A swastika on chest and the sign of Nazi SS on back
An english football fan arrested for having a swastika painted on his chest and the sign of the Nazi SS on his back has been given a football banning order. Kristopher Dunn, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, is now banned from all football games in England and Wales for 25 months. He is also banned from specified games abroad for the same period.

Housewitz: Nazi death camp as a dance party - Spoof video
A student who produced a spoof video portraying a Nazi death camp as a dance party called ‘Housewitz’ has been sentenced to 40 hours of community service. The clip showed pictures of "DJs Michel der Heidie en Adolf von Bauren" in Nazi uniform, with a German accented voice-over "7 million party people... set their bodies on fire... literally speaking... ha, ha". In a parody of the slogan, "Arbeit Macht Frei" – which was posted at the entrance to every Nazi camp - the video featured a cartoon with the inscription "Tanzen Macht Frei" – "Dancing makes one free" - on the gate. And images of a gas chamber were described as "free showers" for partygoers.

Clarkson's blitzkrieg offends the Germans
Jeremy Clarkson has made his own unforgettable contribution to Anglo-German relations. Discussing BMW's new Mini, he gave the Heil Hitler salute on screen and made mocking references to the Nazis and the Second World War. After hearing that the Mini had been designed with built-in teaspoons and teabags to give it a British touch, he suggested it be recreated as a "quintessentially" German car. Then, mocking the Nazi invasion of Poland in September 1939, he said: "A satellite navigation system that only goes to Poland."

Naked Nazi p*rn provokes Hong Kong fury
Akasi, a quarterly publication for the discerning Nipponophile, has become the latest convert in Hong Kong’s love affair with Nazi Germany. The October issue of the top-shelf glossy is dominated by pictures of an attractive young lady partially dressed as a tank commander and cavorting with wartime general Heinz Guderian.
(Net News Asia)

Goering's furred division strikes
Germany is stepping up its battle against 'Nazi' racoons after they ruined much of this year's wine harvest. The racoons were released into the German countryside in 1934 under the orders of Hermann Goering.

Hitler planned ‘chocolate blitzkreig’ to bludgeon Britain
London: Believe it or not, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was planning to conquer Britain by smuggling explosives into items like chocolates, plums, throat sweets, shaving brushes, soap, lumps of coal, motor oil, thermos flasks and pencils. He had even asked his spies to stuff dead rats with explosives.

Nazi leader's SS bodyguards dressed up as showgirls
A German television documentary has uncovered one of the last, and weirdest, secrets of the Third Reich: the Nazi leader's SS bodyguards dressed up as showgirls to take part in a song and dance extravaganza featuring one of the Führer's favourite film stars. The pyramid of angels, wrapped in feather boas, in the 1942 film Die Grosse Liebe (The Great Love) was made up of members of the elite Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.