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Malta in World War II

Malta during World War II - Taking on the German Luftwaffe attacks.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

Documentary film: 2,000 Maltese were sent to Italian concentration camps during WWII
The 43 Maltese nationals deported to Uganda in 1942 were not the only World War II internees, new research has revealed. It turns out that a group of 2,000 Maltese people were sent to concentration camps in different parts of Italy during WWII, when Italy thought they were British spies in Libya, at the time an Italian colony. This was discovered during research for a documentary which uncovers the story of these Maltese nationals, who survived the war years in concentration camps in Italy. Journalist Mario Xuereb found documents in several archives all over Italy which documented this obscure part of Maltese history, barely ever given a mention.

Adolf Hitler successor Karl Dönitz plotted WWII U-Boat strategy from Malta
During the First World War (1914-1918) Malta served as a camp for Prisoners of War. One young proud German submarine captain held at Verdala barracks kept a low profile. He was the captain of a German UB58 which attacked a British convoy off Gozo - but as a single submarine UB58 became too exposed, was hit, and had to be abandoned. Chief engineer and 6 other crew members stayed in the sub to make sure that the sub sank and did not fall in the enemy's hands. The captain used his time by designing the U-Boat wolf pack tactics in case of another war. His name: Karl Donitz. An ambitious proud German, he was to become a Grand Admiral and Adolf Hitler's successor.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
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The evening Luftwaffe bombed Valletta -- Malta At War
A rare photograph of Valletta under attack on April 7, 1942 features in the first of 13 issues that will make up volume 5 of Malta At War. Various ships were sunk in Grand Harbour, like the Talabot and Pampas, which had been hit a two weeks earlier in attacks by the Luftwaffe, fixed to destroy the 2 survivors of a convoy that had been delivered by the Royal Navy after defeating a Italian Navy squadron in the Second Battle of Sirte. March 1942 had seen the Luftwaffe start a massive blitz to neutralise the island's offensive against the Axis convoys carrying supplies to the Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps.

Tanker that saved Malta during WWII inducted in US Maritime Hall of Fame
The USS Ohio, the tanker which turned the tables for Malta in World War II has been added into the National Maritime Hall of Fame of the American Merchant Marine Museum in New York. It was the heart of Operation Pedestal, the largest ever convoy in the Mediterranean (14 merchant ships) - only 5 made it to Grand Harbour. Ohio arrived on August 15, 1942, lashed between destroyers to keep her afloat, but with cargo intact. Governor Lord Gort said: "If Ohio not got through, Malta would have been forced to surrender in 16 days." The National Maritime Hall of Fame was set up in 1982 to honour the great people and great ships of maritime history.

500 WWII photos and over 2 hours of film footage donated to Malta
A digital copy of 500 photos and two-and-a-half hours of footage were donated by British World War II veteran Stan Fraser to Malta for posterity. His photography is a documentary account of the life of a gunner in the Royal Artillery, while the 8mm films offer a different view to the British propaganda newsreel films of the day. The photos and films as well as his wartime diaries (The Guns of ¨¤aġar Qim), relate the colourful experiences of a British soldier during wartime. Despite the shortage of film supplies, he taped 80 minutes of film, and 500 photos were taken in Malta and Gozo 1941-1943.

Battle over 1930s biplane Gloster Gladiator which defended Malta   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A mediator has been engaged to resolve the battle between Heritage Malta and the Aviation Museum over the future location of a 1930s biplane Gloster Gladiator which defended Malta at the beginning of World War 2. A meeting will discuss the future of the Gloster Gladiator, known as Faith. The Gloster Gladiator is one of the artefacts at the National War Museum. The Aviation Museum has offered to restore and house the aircraft but its proposal has been met with opposition from Heritage Malta, under who the National War Museum falls. "The aircraft is crucial for the display and for the National War Museum. It is a unique artefact..."

At All Costs: The Malta miracle in 1942 — and its two heroes
"At All Costs" by Sam Moses is the story of a British convoy sent to relieve the siege of Malta in 1942. It offers a slice of WWII action small enough so that the author can personalize the story through two American merchantmen who were awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. Historical background: Nazi Germany and Italy had an army in North Africa that was pushing the British back into Egypt. That army, under Erwin Rommel, was aggressive — but only when it could get supplies. The sea route was short, but it was within easy air range of British-held Malta. If the British could hold Malta and keep enough combat aircraft there it could stop Rommel.