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Martin Bormann

The Brown Eminence Martin Bormann: Private secretary to Adolf Hitler.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

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Martin Bormann`s personal secretary Else Kruger typed final words of Hitler in bunker
Martin Bormann`s personal secretary Else Kruger was killed on April 21, 1945, when a heavily laden Junkers JU 352 transport aircraft crashed carrying Hitler`s private papers, writes Robin Bird. Or, so it was believed by people at the crash scene. The burned bodies were hard to identify. Else was identified by a luggage label on a suitcase. In fact, Else was still in the Bunker with Hitler, although she would later escape, marry a British officer and settle in Wallasey. In the bunker, Else was instructed by her boss Bormann to help type Hitler`s final documents, handwritten just before the Fuhrer took his own life.

George Novak shined Martin Bormann's boots: He was true to his word
George Novak is likely the only living Holocaust survivor who, for almost a year, regularly polished the boots of the notorious Nazi Martin Bormann. A native Czech who was forced to toil as a slave labourer for four years Novak remembers Bormann clearly: "It was like yesterday. I was laying flagstones, and he approached me and said, ‘I am Martin Bormann.` I didn`t know who the hell he was, but I could tell he was someone important, and he liked the way I shined his boots. Every day, they had to have a mirror shine." And, Novak noted, Bormann did show a less evil side by making sure that his shoeshine boy would be fed and that neither he nor his Aunt Druda would ever end up in death camps. "He was true to his word, despite being a bastard."

Nazi-collaborator claims he met Martin Bormann in Bolivia in 1960 - In spite of DNA tests showing he died in Berlin in 1945
Paul van Aerschodt, a Belgian Nazi-collaborator, claims he met Martin Bormann four times in La Paz, Bolivia in 1960.

The problem with this amazing story is the fact that Hitler Youth leader Artur Axmann saw Bormann's dead body in Berlin in 1945 when they were trying to break out from the city after Hitler had killed himself. Plus human remains were found from that location in Berlin in 1972 and DNA tests proved that one of them was Bormann.

Obviously two possibilities remain: Either there was a conspiracy in which the conspirators brought back Bormann's body to Berlin after he died abroad, or Aerschodt - who looks pretty sane in his video interview (see it here in French) - is just making up stories.


Son of Hitler‘s private secretary Martin Bormann accused of abusing young boy while he was a priest
The eldest son of Martin Bormann has been accused of abusing a young boy when he was a priest 50 years ago. Martin Bormann Jr - who had Adolf Hitler as his Godfather and who has struggled to come to terms with the Nazi past of his father - is said to be "destroyed" by the allegations. A 63-year-old man said his mistreatment at the hands of Bormann happened in the 1960's when he was a Catholic priest teaching at a monastery in Salzburg. A former school friend of the man also stated that he was hit by Bormann when he was at the monastery.

British hunt for Martin Bormann: head of the Party Chancellery and Hitler's private secretary
Martin Bormann escaped from Adolf Hitler's fuhrerbunker in 1945 and broke through the Soviet lines in a battle tank, only to be reported killed at a railway yard by Artur Axmann. However Bormann's body was not found and id'ed until 1972 and rumours persisted for years that he was still alive. In 1946 a Brigadier Shoosmith of the British Army of the Rhine telephoned MI5 "indicating that a certain person ... may possibly be alive". Other reports followed: one said Bormann was in Switzerland; another said Bormann had arrived in the Argentina by u-boat. Theories that Bormann was a Russian double agent looked unlikely. By May 1947 Bormann had been seen in Sri Lanka.

Hitler's Fixer - Martin Bormann documentary
As Adolf Hitler's deputy and friend, Martin Bormann was one of the most powerful men in the Third Reich, controlling access to the Fuhrer and managing his life. Hitler singled Martin Bormann out as "my most faithful party comrade" and selected him the next leader of the Nazi Party. He was found guilty of war crimes by the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in 1946 and condemned to death in absentia. Did Martin Bormann find safety in Paraguay or was one of two skeletons excavated in Berlin in 1972 that of this man of mystery?

Martin Bormann's body identified
A body excavated on a Berlin building site in 1972 is Adolf Hitler's right-hand man, Martin Bormann. Experts said at the time of the uncovering that the remains were those of Bormann. They concluded that he died on May 2, 1945 - in a poison suicide - as the Soviet Red army invaded. But rumours remained that Bormann had fled the country for South America before the end of World War II. The German authorities ordered genetic tests after a British book asserted that Bormann had been spirited away by British commandos after the war to track down looted Nazi gold. An 83yo relative of Bormann supplied the samples for the DNA comparison.

Martin Bormann: Hitler's henchman - The Brown Eminence
More has been written about Martin Bormann since his 'disappearance' in the last days of WWII than during his lifetime as right-hand man to Adolf Hitler. During the war, most Germans had never heard of this shadowy figure. Bormann joined the Nazi movement through the Freikorps and the German Nationalist Party, came to Hitler's attention early on and was rarely far from his side. In 1943 the mysterious man became Secretary to the Führer. Unlike other Nazi leaders like Goebbels, Goering and Himmler who savoured fame, Bormann chose to keep a low profile. "Figures like him are easily overlooked," wrote Jochen van Lang, Bormann's biographer.

Martin Adolf Bormann - The godson of Adolf Hitler
Martin Adolf Bormann is the eldest of 10 children of Martin Bormann. Nicknamed 'Kronzi', or 'Crown Prince', he was an ardent young Nazi, attending the Party Academy in Bavaria. In 1947 he became a Roman Catholic and in 1953 entered the priesthood, serving in the Congo for many years. Asking for reassignment to South America, Bormann's request was denied. Disaffected, he resigned the priesthood, and following a near-fatal injury in 1969 was nursed back to health by a nun, who then also renounced her vows. They were married in 1971. He became a teacher of theology and retired in 1992. He toured schools speaking about the horrors of the Third Reich.