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Mein Kampf & The Second Book

Mein Kampf and The Hitler`s Second Book - Collectibles, controversies and current sales.
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Rarest ever signed copy of Mein Kampf is up at auction
The “rarest ever” copy of Mein Kampf signed by Adolf Hitler and featuring vellum bindings and gold lettering is set to fetch £30,000 at auction. The book is one of the 20 limited edition copies that were produced out of the 500 that were originally printed. Hitler signed the first edition ‘Special Presentation’ copy and gave it to fellow Nazi Hermann Esser on Christmas Eve 1925.

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Mein Kampf returns to Japanese schools as teaching material
Japan has okayed using Mein Kampf, Hitler`s autobiography and Nazi manifesto, in schools for educational purposes just weeks after the similarly controversial Imperial Rescript on Education was approved as `teaching material`. The decision came weeks after the controversial Imperial Rescript on Education in schools was approved for the same purposes. According to many historians, the Rescript, which focuses on patriotism and loyalty to the Japanese Emperor, was one of the primary sources promoting obedience and moral certitude that helped militarism to grow in Japan.

Germany sees overwhelming sales of annotated critical edition of Mein Kampf
The German publisher of a special annotated edition of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf says sales have soared since its launch a year ago. 85,000 German-language copies of the anti-Semitic Nazi manifesto have been sold. Publisher Andreas Wirsching said "the figures overwhelmed us". He is director of the Institute of Contemporary History (IfZ) in Munich. But the sales are well below those of best-sellers in Germany. It is an academic edition, costing 58 euros. At the end of January the IfZ will launch a sixth print run. The book contains critical notes by scholars. Unlike the Nazi-era editions, the IfZ's Mein Kampf (My Struggle) has a plain white cover - without a picture of Hitler. The swastika and other Nazi symbols are banned in Germany.

Italian newspaper Il Giornale criticised for Mein Kampf giveaway
Italian newspaper Il Giornale has come under fire for offering free annotated copies of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf with one of its supplements. The paper argued the move would educate readers about the evils of Nazism. The newspaper also stressed that the version it was giving away was annotated with critical commentary by an Italian historian.

Mein Kampf Personally Owned By Hitler Up For Auction
Hitler's very own copy of "Mein Kampf," his political manifesto, will be up for bids as one of thousands of historical items from WWII that will be hitting the auction block on March 17 and 18. The copy is a rare edition of the work and was not made available to the public. Given its exclusivity, it was likely kept by Hitler to give as a potential gift to an admirer or for his own use, according to Alexander Historical Auctions. Bound in fine-grade red leather, the "Mein Kampf" to be auctioned was discovered at Hitler's apartment in Munich after the Americans came to liberate the city after it fell. The discovery is attributed to 11 officers from the 45th Infantry Division's field artillery battalion who were the first to enter the property. Their signatures appear on the front flyleaf of the copy.

10 Piercing Quotes From Adolf Hitler`s Autobiography – Mein Kampf
After over 70 years, Germany lifted the ban on Mein Kampf (My Struggle), the autobiography of the Nazi commander, Adolf Hitler. The book is now a bestseller in Germany but it is quite different from the original version. It is now a 2000 page edition with heavy annotations of expert remarks on each context of Hitler`s remark. Apparently, it would be too dangerous to let the mass read the original version lest the dead Führer inspire someone again. We bring to you some of the most chilling quotes of Hitler, from his autobiography, which he started writing in prison.

In spite of bookstores hiding Mein Kampf from customers it is now a best seller
Reprinting Hitler's autobiography "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle) was long prohibited in Germany – a country that considered the book too dangerous to be read. Now, it's a German best-seller. An annotated version ranks second in nonfiction on the German Der Spiegel's bestseller list. It's certainly not because of anything German bookstores are doing: In fact, most had hidden the book from customers, according to a BBC report in January. Some had refrained from advertising it, while others ordered only a single copy. But online sales picked up, and in-store sales soon followed.

German publisher can`t keep up with demand for Hitler`s Mein Kampf
Heavy demand for the first edition of Adolf Hitler`s Mein Kampf to be printed in Germany since his death is taking its publisher by surprise, with orders received for almost four times the print run. The two-volume political treatise, which was written between 1924 and 1926 is regarded as one of the Nazis` main propaganda tools. It has been reissued as a 2,000-page annotated version after its 70-year copyright expired. The head of the Munich Institute for Contemporary History, which published the work, said it had received orders for some 15,000 copies against a print run of just 4,000.

Mein Kampf to Return to German Bookstores with commentary
70 years after the world stood silence as Jews were killed, Hitler`s infamous book is set to go back on sale in Germany. Historians are readying a new, edition of the Nazi leader`s `Mein Kampf` which will be released in January. The Munich-based Institute of Contemporary History (IFZ) - a government-funded research institution - plans to publish once the copyright to the text expires at the end of the year. It will feature a total of 3,700 comments providing analysis on its content — which doubles the number of pages of the original version.

Himmler`s Copy of Hitler`s Mein Kampf
The Ransom Center holds one unique war trophy `liberated` by an American G.I. that weighs in at 23 pounds of evil: a giant vellum-bound copy in heavy boards of Adolf Hitler`s Mein Kampf. Emblazoned on the front with a golden eagle atop a swastika, this large-format edition of Hitler`s manifesto is likely one of fewer than a hundred such lavish presentation copies produced in München for Nazi leaders. The book is now kept in a large box, along with two typed letters from the Red Cross nurse-turned-army-wife, Carmel White Eitt, who donated it in 1988. She writes of its being `liberated by a lad named Willie, a cook in the headquarters company of the 143 regiment`, during the search of Heinrich Himmler`s residence in Tegernsee, Bavaria, by the 36th division after the signing that ended the war. Once Stateside, this G.I. showed up at her doorstep to give her his war trophy as a thank-you.

First edition of Mein Kampf signed by Hitler expected to fetch more than $35,000 at auction
A first edition of Mein Kampf signed by Adolf Hitler is set to fetch at least $35,000 in a controversial online auction. The two-volume set was published from 1925 and inscribed by the far-Right leader to Philipp Bouhler, the 12th member of the Nazi party who oversaw the murders of 70,000 people. It is the third copy of Hitler's racist autobiographical manifesto to be sold by the same Los Angeles auction house in just a month - with the previous two fetching $64,850. Volumes of Mein Kampf signed by Hitler are scarce, but these volumes take on extra significance because Hitler inscribed them to Philipp Bouhler - man responsible for the Nazi Aktion program.

'Mein Kampf reissued in Germany: Is Adolf Hitler's book too dangerous for the general public
Old copies of the offending tome are kept in a secure `poison cabinet,` a literary danger zone in the dark recesses of the vast Bavarian State Library. A team of experts vets every request to see one, keeping the toxic text away from the prying eyes of the idly curious or those who might seek to exalt it. `This book is too dangerous for the general public,` library historian Florian Sepp warned as he carefully laid a first edition of `Mein Kampf` on a table in a reading room. Nevertheless, the book that once served as a kind of Nazi bible, banned from domestic reprints since the end of World War II, will soon be returning to German bookstores from the Alps to the Baltic Sea.

Hitler's personal copy of Mein Kampf sells for almost £19k at auction
Adolf Hitler personal copy of his autobiography – Mein Kampf – has fetched almost £19,000 at auction. The evil Fuhrer's 1932 version of the book sold for nearly $30,000 (£18,800), but fell short of the £62,000 estimate. The book was discovered in the cruel dictator's Munich apartment in 1945.

Two rare copies of "Mein Kampf" signed by Hitler sell for €47,000 in Las Angeles
Two rare copies of "Mein Kampf" signed by the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler went under the hammer for €47,000 in Los Angeles. A leather jacket worn by his chief architect Albert Speer also went for €7,300. The two-volume set - a first edition and a second edition - of the future German Führer's political manifesto had been estimated to go for €18,000 in a sale organized by Nate D. Sanders Auctions. Eleven people bid for the volumes, both signed by Hitler and dedicated to Josef Bauer, an early Nazi party member and a leader of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch bid to overthrow the Bavarian government.

Signed copies of Adolf Hitler`s ‘Mein Kampf` up for auction in Los Angeles
Copies of Hitler`s manifesto `Mein Kampf` signed by the German Nazi leader will go under the hammer in Los Angeles, auction house Nate D. Sanders said. The autographed copies of the two-volume work steeped in anti-Semitism are inscribed as Christmas gifts to Josef Bauer, an officer in the German SS during World War Two and a participant in Hitler`s failed Munich coup in 1923. Bidding in the online auction for the signed books starts at $20,000 and is expected to sell for around $25,000 when the auction concludes at 10 p.m. EST on Thursday (0300 GMT on Friday), the auctioneers said.

E-book versions of Hitler's opus are rising in the rankings on Amazon and iTunes. What gives?
You won`t see Adolf Hitler peering back at you from the featured display tables at Barnes & Noble any time soon. But browse the most popular e-book stores these days and Der Führer`s mug is seemingly unavoidable. For a year now, his magnum manifesto has loomed large over current best-sellers on iTunes, where at the time of this writing two different digital versions of Mein Kampf rank 12th and 15th on the Politics & Current Events chart alongside books by modern conservative powerhouses.

Mein Kampf signed by Hitler in his bunker during the last weeks sells for £42k
A rare copy of Mein Kampf signed by Adolf Hitler himself in his Berlin bunker just weeks before his death has sold for £42,000 at an auction in Shropshire – more than £35,000 above the expected price. The leather-bound copy was one of just 1,000 special editions produced to mark the dictator`s 50th birthday in 1939. The inside cover of the book is signed by Hitler and dated March 5, 1945. The book was put up for auction by an anonymous collector and sold to an overseas bidder by telephone.

The last copy of Mein Kampf signed by Hitler before his suicide for sale
A copy of Adolf Hitler's autobiography Mein Kampf which he signed in his bunker as the Soviet Red Army closed in on him has emerged for sale. The copy of the manifesto for his political ideology is believed to be the last one the Nazi dictator put his name to before he committed suicide in Fuhrerbunker in Berlin in April 1945. He gave it to an unidentified senior member of his staff in what is said was a last defiant gesture in the hope his evil Nazi ideology would continue after his death. Experts say that his signature at the time was rushed and resembled little more than a squiggle. Underneath his autograph Hitler wrote the date of March 5, 1945.

Bavarian government to bring out annotated version of Mein Kampf, plus an ebook and an audio book
The copyright on Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" expires in 2015, after which anyone will be free to republish it. Amid fears that neo-Nazis could exploit the text's new availability, the Bavarian government, which holds the copyright, is planning to bring out its own annotated version. An English version, an e-book and an audio book are also planned.

Attitudes toward Mein Kampf slowly changing in Germany
The city that was the center of Hitler`s empire is littered with reminders of the Nazi past, from the bullet holes in the buildings to the Luftwaffe headquarters that now house the Finance Ministry. What it doesn`t have, nor has it since 1945, are copies of Hitler`s Mein Kampf in its bookstores. The latest attempt to publish excerpts failed after the Bavarian government challenged it in court, although an expurgated copy appeared at newspaper kiosks. But in Germany - where keeping a tight lid on Hitler`s writings has become a rich tradition in itself - attitudes are slowly changing, and fewer people are objecting to its becoming more widely available.q

British publisher Peter McGee plans to publish excerpts from Hitler`s Mein Kampf and sell them in Germany
Peter McGee says he plans to publish excerpts from Mein Kampf - alongside critical commentaries - and sell them in Germany. The British publisher caused controversy in 2009 when he published Zeitungszeugen (`Newspaper Witness`), which included annotated facsimiles of Nazi newspapers like Der Angriff and the Völkische Beobachter. The authorities in the state of Bavaria, which owns the copyright to Nazi publications and Mein Kampf, confiscated 3,000 copies of Zeitungszeugen and pressed charges against McGee. However, a Munich court ruled in 2009 that although the publication of Nazi propaganda is illegal, McGee was not breaking the law because his intention was not whip up racial hatred. The judges also ruled that printing Nazi swastikas from the original mastheads was legal in an educational context.

UK's largest bookshop chain Waterstone's stops promoting Mein Kampf as the perfect present
Booksellers Waterstone's has apologised for inappropriately promoting Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf as a "perfect" Christmas present. But the UK's largest bookshop chain has denied it is attempting to bolster sales of the antisemitic work, in spite of the fact that several stores deliberately and prominently display the book. Staff at Waterstone's in Huddersfield used a festive point-of-sale sticker to promote the book as "the perfect present" with an accompanying personal recommendation message by a staff member trumpeting the book as "an essential read for anyone".

Fury as Virgin Megastore recommends Hitler's Mein Kampf in Qatar
Virgin Megastore came under fire as pictures have been circling the internet of a 'Virgin Recommends' book shelf with Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf for sale and published in Arabic. Virgin recommended the book in its store in the Landmark Shopping Centre in Doha. Anna, 39, who lives in Qatar, said: "It is one thing for this to be on sale, I do not believe in censorship, but to be promoted in this way crosses a line. This isn't a specialist history bookshop, it only has a small number of such titles on sale, so the fact it has been chosen says something, but to be recommended in this way is shocking."

A first edition of Mein Kampf expected to fetch up to $50,000
A very rare edition of Mein Kampf signed by Adolf Hitler is set to go under the hammer and expected to fetch up to $50,000. A first edition of the book is going for auction in April, 2011, and a bidding war seems very likely. The book is one of just 20 limited edition copies that were produced out of the 500 made. Richard Westwood Brookes, of Mullocks auctioneers, explained: "This is probably the rarest edition of Mein Kampf ever to be offered at auction. It is one of 20 - you can't get much rarer than that."

Court orders Czech publisher to destroy copies of Mein Kampf and the Mein Kampf sequel
A Czech court ruled in favour of the State of Bavaria, ordering a Czech publisher to call back and destroy its Czech-language edition of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. The Municipal Court in Prague agreed with Bavaria, which sued the company, KMa s.r.o., for publishing Hitler's book without having the copyright, held by the Bavarian Ministry of Finance until 2015. The court also ordered the company to call back and destroy the Hitler's Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel of Mein Kampf.

Hitler’s Mein Kampf on India’s best sellers list (includes video)
In India, which escaped many of World War II horrors, Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf is regularly on the best-seller list. Jaico Publishing House first published the book 12 years ago, and has since sold over 100,000 copies. Sales of Mein Kampf are regular throughout the year, with copies displayed at all leading bookstores. Students explain that the book offers certain lessons: "In our country we need more pride and self-confidence. Hitler developed his country in a very short time through industrialization. Yes, he definitely had some bad qualities, but we can learn from his management style and leadership skills."

Hitler's Mein Kampf to go on sale in Germany in 2015 - Will historians publish before Neo-nazis
Adolf Hitler's autobiography Mein Kampf (My Struggle) is to be published in Germany after being forbidden there since the end of World War II. The book's copyright, held by the state of Bavaria, expires in 2015 (70 years after the death of its author in the fuehrerbunker). The Nazi philosophy is punishable by fines and imprisonment in Germany, but Munich's Institute of Contemporary History hopes to release an annotated version of Mein Kampf with historical notes - project supported by Jewish leaders. Mein Kampf sold more than the Bible in the Third Reich, making Hitler a multi-millionaire.

Hitler's Mein Kampf a bestseller on the streets of Bangladeshi capital Dhaka
Booksellers showing off their wares amid the heavy traffic in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, have discovered an unusual best-seller. Adolf Hitler's autobiography Mein Kampf is selling as well as Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. The street vendors, mostly young boys, compete with beggars to get the attention of motorists. Recently, Mein Kampf - which has a constant demand - did remarkably well because many bought the book to give it away as an Eid present. "For some reason Hitler's book is all the rage among educated people... Many people have seen Hitler in films and want to know more about him," 15yo Mabul told.

Japanese manga version of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf
The Japanese publisher East Press has sold 45,000 copies of the manga version of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. Editor Kōsuke Maruo explained why his company created the manga version of Mein Kampf: "It is a famous book, but there are few who have read it. I think it is [studying] material for knowing Hitler, a man synonymous with 'devil,' and what sort of thinking created that level of tragedy." While his company had no expectations on the manga's sales, it has sold 45,000 copies - much above the 35,000-copy average of the other books in the Manga de Dokuha series.

A rare signed copy of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf auctioned off for $34,900
A Russian telephone bidder at the Mullock's auction at Ludlow Racecourse bought the rare signed Mein Kampf, which Hitler gave to Johann Georg Maurer, an inmate and an early member of the Nazi Party, at Landsberg Prison after the failed 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. The work, which translates as My Struggle, became the bible of National Socialism in Nazi Germany. The Mein Kampf was sold alongside a signed pencil self-portrait of the Nazi leader dated 1926, which fetched 12,300 pounds and was purchased by a private collector in the UK.

For sale: A rare pre-publication copy of Mein Kampf, signed by Adolf Hitler
The book is thought to be one of only a handful of pre-publication copies of Mein Kampf given to the Nazi dictator in 1925. Adolf Hitler dedicated it to to fellow Nazi, Georg Maurer, with inscription: "Herrn Johann Georg Maurer. In memory of our time together in prison in Landsberg. Cordially dedicated by Adolf Hitler." Maurer, a Nazi party official, was jailed with Hitler after the Munich Beer Putsch in 1923. But when Maurer was freed he betrayed Hitler by giving a list of supporters to the Munich Post. According to a historical documents expert the book is a great rarity: expected to reach 20,000 pounds when it's auctioned off on August 13.

India: Sales of Mein Kampf soar as students want to learn from the management guru
Sales of Mein Kampf and Adolf Hitler's autobiography are increasing in India where business students see the dictator as a management guru and Mein Kampf as a management guide. Sales over the last 6 months topped 10,000 in New Delhi alone - and it's becoming more popular with every year. Students see it as a success story where one man can have a vision, work out a plan on how to implement it and then complete it. It's not helping that Mahatma Gandhi corresponded with the Fuehrer, pro-Independence leader Subhas Chandra Bose's Indian National Army allied with Nazi Germany, and the Nazis drew on Hindu symbolism for their Swastika motif and ideas of Aryan supremacy.

Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf a Kindle best seller - Before disappearing from the list
Low price e-books can wreak havoc on best-seller lists - just ask Amazon, which had Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" sitting atop its best-seller list for legal thrillers in the Kindle Store. The Kindle Edition of "Mein Kampf" has two versions: one costs $1.58, and the other costs $1.60. Both are popular, and the frist one captured the No. 1 spot on the legal-thriller list, then disappeared within minutes of capturing the screen shot. Amazon had yet not responded to the enquiries about the Mein Kampf case.

How Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf (My Struggle) changed the world
It is a poorly-written mess penned from the cell of a prison, but the ideas in Adolf Hitler's 1925 "Mein Kampf" would resonate beyond the book's quality. Mein Kampf (at first Hitler thought title "Four Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice") was the manifesto from which Hitler's atrocities stemmed - a book that may have vanished from the history had the author not gone on to carry out the ideas in reality. The "Munich Beer Hall Putsch" sent Hitler to jail for high treason. While jailed, Hitler read piles of books, but he didn't consider putting his ideas down on paper, until proposed that an autobiography might be a good way to pass the time.

1941 comic book "Mean Scamp-F" pokes fun at Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf
This 60-page comic book is about the early days of World War II and was published in 1941 by the Musson Book Company Ltd. The title is "Mean Scamp-F" and the author is Pte. Harry Hall, from the 46th Battalion Canadian Infantry, 1914-1918. It's a really interesting piece. Very few paper collectibles survive the years, and that's why they're called ephemera (short-lived). Adolf Hitler was convicted of treason in 1923 after a coup attempt. To clear his name he wrote Mein Kampf. The title of this comic book, Mean Scamp-F, is a parody of Mein Kampf. But because there seem to be no sales records for this particular comic, it's hard to appraise.

Historians call for Mein Kampf reprint as time runs out in fight against far Right
Historians want to bring out a new edition of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf - outlawed in Germany since 1945. Oscar Schneider, of the Nuremberg documentation centre, is urging the Bavarian government, which owns the copyright on Mein Kampf, to lift the ban. "That copyright runs out in 2015... we have to be prepared that neo-Nazis will distribute the book in large quantities." The Institute for Contemporary History in Munich agrees: "All kinds of inflammatory Nazi writings have been published in a scientific format, except for Mein Kampf." Historian Dieter Pohl said that an annotated version requires "a hellish amount of time and resources".

Mein Kampf autographed by Adolf Hitler sells for $18,000
A 1925 copy of Mein Kampf signed by Adolf Hitler sold for $18,000 at a New York auction. A bidder paid 50% more than the estimate. The buyer is "a noted East Coast collector," says Levi Morgan, a spokesman for auction house Bonhams & Butterfields. Hitler's volume comes from the first edition of 500 copies. It's inscribed to Major Schueler van Kriken and dated Dec. 10, 1925.

Signed Mein Kampf, Nazi bravery award Knight's Cross in auction   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A signed copy of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and a rare Nazi bravery award are expected to fetch thousands at an auction in Brisbane. The 1935 copy of Mein Kampf (My Struggle), signed by Hitler, is expected to fetch over $2500 at the Brisbane Legacy Military Memorabilia Auction. However, the auction's showpiece is the Knight's Cross with Golden Oak Leaves and Swords, one of Nazi Germany's highest military honours. It was awarded to only 159 recipients during World War II and could fetch up to $20,000. Both were among a number of items donated by the family of German militaria collector Howard Bergin.

Gerhard Weinberg who discovered Mein Kampf sequel to speak
In 1958 in a sweltering (converted torpedo factory in Alexandria, Va.) historian Gerhard L. Weinberg was searching through huge stacks of documents that the U.S. had captured from Nazi Germany. He came across an unknown prize: a secret book dictated by Adolf Hitler in 1928, the unpublished sequel to Mein Kampf. It was this book that became the subject of the History Channel’s 2004 documentary "Hitler’s Lost Plan." This documentary will be shown at 2 p.m. on Nov 7 followed by a talk given by Weinberg.

Bavaria won battle to get sale of Mein Kampf banned in Turkey
Bavaria, one of Germany’s states, has won a legal battle to get the publication and sale of Adolf Hitler’s book "Mein Kampf" banned in Turkey after the book became a best-seller in Turkey. With publishers saying more than 100,000 copies have been sold, Bavaria took action to intervene. In letters to publishers, Bavarian officials argued that the book’s copyright belonged to the German federal state everywhere except in the US and Britain.

Historian: Put Mein Kampf back in bookshops with refutations
German historian Horst Moeller has called for Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic book Mein Kampf to be reprinted and put back on sale with notes on its errors, saying this would be preferable to a flood of unrefuted editions. He said this would be better than waiting until 2015 when anybody could publish it after copyright in Germany lapses on the book. The alternative would be a rush of editions without comments when the 1924 book enters the public domain 70 years after Hitler's death. The legal rights to the book are held by the Bavarian Ministry of Finance, which seized all the Nazi Party publishing assets after 1945.

A Polish publisher wants to publish an edition of Mein Kampf
A Polish publisher wants to publish an edition of Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic book "Mein Kampf." But he may be in violation of copyright laws. The German state of Bavaria, where Hitler once lived, owns the rights to the title -- and is doing what it can to defend them. "Mein Kampf has to be published, because there's a market for it." The market he's referring to isn't Wroclaw's skinhead community, but the "many students" who have supposedly contacted him to inquire about the book because, as they say, they need it for academic research.

A copy of "Mein Kampf" personally belonged to Hitler?   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Gentile's students had written the German government in researching whether a copy of "Mein Kampf" personally belonged to Hitler. The leatherbound book reportedly was taken as a souvenir when American troops advanced into Berchtesgaden, at the close of WWII. A Wisconsin soldier from the 101st Airborne had loaned the book to Gentile's students. Janssen possesses the book and now wants to sell it. The letters could help boost the book's value, he said.

A new translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf Stirs Anger in Azerbaijan
An attempt to get a new translation of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf into bookshops in Azerbaijan has infuriated several groups and triggered the detention of the book's publisher. Anti-mafia police briefly arrested the editor-in-chief of Xural newspaper, Avaz Zeynalli, for getting the book translated into Azeri and publishing a few hundred copies.

Signed Mein Kampf first edition sold for 23,800 pounds
The book, which was sold to an anonymous buyer at Bloomsbury Auctions, was expected to fetch up to £25,000. It was sold on behalf of a collector and was part of a lot of signed postcards and other stationery from high-ranking Nazis. The work - which translates as My Struggle - became the bible of National Socialism in Hitler's Third Reich. Originally called Four Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice, it was first published in two volumes. The book which was auctioned is the first volume, written when Hitler was in Landsberg prison after the abortive Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.

10 most harmful books - Nro 2. Mein Kampf
(1) The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels. (2) Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler - It was initially published in two parts in 1925 and 1926 after Hitler was imprisoned for leading Nazi Brown Shirts in the "Beer Hall Putsch." Here Hitler explained his vision for Germany, laying out a Nazi program pointing directly to World War II. He envisioned a war against France to precede a war against Russia to carve out "lebensraum" ("living room") for Germans in Eastern Europe. The book was originally ignored, but not after Hitler rose to power. There were 10 million copies in circulation by 1945.

Mein Kampf sales soar in Turkey
Mein Kampf, the book Hitler wrote in prison before he rose to power in 1933, has become a bestseller in Turkey, provoking consternation. The dreams of creating a master race are being snapped up by young Turks. Its publishers believe that more than 100,000 copies have been sold in the past two months. Booksellers and the publishers have assured that their motives are "purely commercial and not ideological."

Hitler dodged taxes - By 1945 earned 7.6m RM out of Mein Kampf
Adolf Hitler spent years dodging taxes, accumulating enormous debts as he led his Nazi party to power, a tax expert has revealed. He owed the authorities 405,500 Reichsmarks (6m euros) by 1934, when as German chancellor his debts were forgiven. A retired Bavarian notary found Hitler's tax secrets from the Bavarian State Archive. Mr Dubon told that Hitler had earned 1.2m Reichsmarks in 1933 from sales of his book Mein Kampf. But he failed to pay tax on 600,000 Reichsmarks of that income. In his correspondence with tax inspectors, Hitler repeatedly asked to pay in instalments. But once installed as chancellor in 1933, his tax troubles were over.

Hitler's second book - The amazing story behind the discovery of Mein Kampf sequel
In 1958 Gerhard Weinberg made the kind of discovery that features in every historian's dreams: Adolf Hitler's largely unknown second book. When Hitler's Table Talk was published by Hugh Trevor-Roper in 1953, there was a reference to this "unpublished work" by Hitler himself. One day, leafing through the contents of a box-file (captured German military documents in the US Army archives) he found a folder labelled "Draft of Mein Kampf". Inside was a 324-page typescript: "The moment I looked at it... and the attached document on its confiscation, it became obvious to me that this was not a draft of Mein Kampf."

Mein Kampf for sale in Arabic - Sixth best selling book
An Arabic translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf which has become a bestseller in the Palestinian territories is now on sale in Britain. The book, Hitler's account of his life and anti-Semitic ideology written while he was in prison, is normally found in Britain in academic bookshops. But The Telegraph found it on sale on Edgware Road, an area with a large Arab population. The book has a picture of Hitler and a swastika on the cover and is selling for £10. Although the Bavarian state government, which claims copyright in the text, has tried to stop its publication, Mein Kampf became the sixth best selling book in the Palestinian Authority area.