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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

Dr Josef Mengele - Nazi Doctor & Experiments

Josef Mengele - The infamous Nazi Doctor, his experiments and escape.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: How nazis escaped after the war, Nazi Hunters - Wanted Nazis, Nazi Uniforms, Aribert Heim, Nazi Memorabilia.

Dossier reveals how Dr Mengele avoided Mossad's vengeance despite being in the Buenos Aires phonebook
The Nazi monster who got away: Official dossier reveals how Dr Mengele - Auschwitz's Angel of Death - avoided Mossad's vengeance despite being in the Buenos Aires phonebook.

Body parts from Nazi doctor Josef Mengele's experiments discovered in a Munich research lab
Body parts and brains of victims of horrific experiments by Nazi doctors - including the infamous 'Angel of Death' Josef Mengele of Auschwitz - have been found at a leading German research institute. The gruesome remains were discovered in jars during renovations at the Max Planck Psychiatric Institute in Munich. It is known that in wartime the institute regularly received human body parts from Josef Mengele, the doctor at the Nazi death camp in occupied Poland where he became infamous for carrying out horrific experiments without anaesthetic.

Memoir of a Jewish doctor who performed "research" on other Jews with Dr. Josef Mengele
"Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eye­wit­ness Account" by Dr. Mik­lós Nyis­zli is a mem­oir of a Jew­ish Hun­gar­ian med­ical doc­tor who per­formed "research" on other Jews with Dr. Josef Men­gele aka "Angel of Death." Mik­lós Nyis­zli, a Jew as well as a med­ical doc­tor, was sent to Auschwitz when the Nazis invaded Hun­gary in 1944. Dr. Nyis­zli - No. A8450- was picked by Dr. Josef Men­gele, to per­form "sci­en­tific research" on the inmates and even­tu­ally became Mengele's per­sonal research pathologist.

Diaries of Josef Mengele sold to Orthodox Jew for $292,775
The diaries of Josef Mengele, the so-called "Angel of Death" who tortured prisoners at Auschwitz, have been purchased by an Orthodox Jew for $300,000. Connecticut-based Alexander Autographs said the journals were sold to a private collector who is planning to open a museum. The diaries, written after WWII once Mengele had escaped to Latin America, contain 3,500 pages of "hidden journals". The files had been seized in 2004 by police at the home of a German couple with whom Mengele had lived in Sao Paulo. They were then given to Mengele's son, Rolf Mengele, who only saw his father twice in his life.

40-year hunt for Nazi doctor Josef Mengele detailed in an internal Israel Police report (long article)
"Mengele was executed by Israeli commandos," reported Haaretz in December 1973. Soon it turned out that this so-called "Mengele" was an old farmer of German descent who had nothing to do with the "Angel of Death" from Auschwitz. False stories about the killing or capture of Josef Mengele have filled newspapers for almost four decades. Now a leaked internal Israel Police report - written in 1986 - reveals the major intelligence effort in finding and capturing him. The report includes details about the people who helped Mengele hide and escape. One of them was Hungarian Gitta Stammer, who lived in Brazil.

Germany's foreign intelligence service searched for Josef Mengele with limited enthusiasm
Documents released by Germany's foreign intelligence service reveal that when it comes to Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor infamous for his medical experiments at Auschwitz, BND's efforts were at best half-hearted. That would not come as a surprise, since 10% of the BND's employees in its early years had worked in some role under SS leader Heinrich Himmler.

Nazi doctor Josef Mengele's diary and letters up for sale at auction in the U.S.
Nazi memorabilia collectors are expected to drive up the price for the diary and letters of the "Angel of Death." Josef Mengele experimented on prisoners at the Auschwitz death camp without anaesthetic, focusing on twins. His diary - which begins in 1960 - includes praise for British rule in India and Boris Pasternak's novel Dr Zhivago. He also refers to his wartime atrocities, writing: Unless the world adopts the breeding programmes of the kind he pursued in Auschwitz "mankind is doomed". The diary and letters were discovered in police files in Brazil, where he lived until his death in 1979.

Josef Mengele's treatise on eugenics and euthanasia, written while in hiding in Argentina auctioned off
Auctioneers Alexander Autographs has discovered Auschwitz death camp Dr. Josef Mengele's treatise on eugenics and euthanasia, written in 1960 while in hiding in Argentina. Mengele, who escaped capture until his death by drowning in 1979, penned on over 180 pages. He moves from describing his rescue of a cow trapped in a mud bog, to demanding the extermination of "inferior morons". -- "We have to make sure that nature's suspended eradication will continue through human arrangements... the real problem is to define when human life is worth living and when it has to be eradicated..."

Documentary film "Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil" follows the trail of Joseph Mengele
Almost 50 sets of blond hair and blue eyed twins live in a tiny town in the Brazilian outback. The rate of twins in the town is almost a 1000% above the global average. The theory that this phenomenon is the work of Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele - known as the Angel of Death - who took his dream of engineering an Aryan master race to South America. Now, the largest investigation to date seeks to solve the mystery: National Geographic Channel's Explorer: Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil unveils the truth behind the strange number of twins in the town of Cândido Godói, Brazil.

Factfile of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele - The Angel of Death
Known as Angel of Death, Josef Mengele was also called "der weisse Engel" (The White Angel). He joined Nazi party in 1937 and went to the SS (Schutzstaffel) in 1938. Mengele served and wounded at the eastern front in 1942. After declared unfit for duty, he volunteered to go to the concentration camps, where he was interested in identical twins. After the war he was taken as a POW by the Americans, but released under the name Fritz Hollmann. He fled to Argentina, becoming friends with other exiled Nazis like Hans-Ulrich Rudel and Adolf Eichmann. He died in Bertioga, Brazil on Feb. 7 1979. He was buried under the alias Wolfgang Gerhard.

Argentine historian claims that Josef Mengele created twin town in Brazil
Josef Mengele is responsible for the high number of twins in a small Brazilian town, a historian claims. Mengele's task was to discover by what method of genetic oddity twins were produced, to step-up the Aryan birthrate. Scientists have failed to discover why as many as 20% of pregnancies in a small town have resulted in twins, most blond haired and blue eyed. Residents of Candido Godoi claim that Josef Mengele made visits there in the 1960s, offering medical treatment to the women. In "Mengele: the Angel of Death in South America" Jorge Camarasa, an expert in the Nazi flight to South America, has pieced together the Nazi doctor's later years.

Evil and medicine: Why we must remember Nazi physician Dr Josef Mengele
Auschwitz survivor Sabine Korbman had a secret that she kept from even her only son. In 1944 she was picked for for her Aryan-looks and language skills to account Nazi experiments in Josef Mengele's lab, Barrack 10. One day a newborn baby was taken and left to starve to death; the next day limbs were removed from live patients - all in the name of science. Now Melbourne's Jewish Holocaust Centre, which Sabine's son Bernard heads, is hosting an exhibition on Nazi medicine. Once Sabine, who would get hysterical watching films with medical procedures, revealed to Bernard: "they did things to me that I don't want to talk about, but sex has been ruined for me".

Spy Rafi Eitan admits Mossad allowed "Angel of Death" Josef Mengele to escape
A former Israeli spy explains how a Mossad operation to seize Josef Mengele in Argentina in 1960 had to be canceled so they could focus on Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the Holocaust. But by the time agents went back to look for him, Mengele had escaped from Argentina. He died, without ever coming to trial, in Brazil in 1979. Rafi Eitan, who ran the Eichmann operation for Mossad, has shed new light on the affair. Eitan said the publicity of the Eichmann arrest alerted Mengele allowing him to escape - but other sources suggest Mengele left Argentina weeks before the Eichmann arrest. That does not quite match with Eitan's account.

Leslie Lukash, medical examiner in Josef Mengele ID, dies at 86
Leslie Lukash, a medical examiner who helped id the remains of Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele and studied the deaths of people who disappeared during Argentina's Dirty War, has died at age 86. In 1985 he was contacted by Simon Wiesenthal, who asked him to travel to Brazil and help id the remains of Josef Mengele, called the Angel of Death for his gruesome medical experiments in Auschwitz.

The Auschwitz "Mengele" photographer Wilhelm Brasse to see a film of his work
A Polish photographer Wilhelm Brasse, who was ordered to take pictures of camp inmates during World War II, will visit London to see film "The Portraitist" of his work. He was captured whilst trying to escape the Nazis in order to join the Polish army. He was sent to Auschwitz in 1940 as a political prisoner and remained there until the end of the wat. As a photographer, the SS ordered him to document the inmates. The day before the camp was evacuated, he risked his life to save most of the 100,000 pictures he took. Among the images are some portraits of children experimented on by the Dr Josef Mengele.

Which Nazis fled to South America - and why?
ODESSA (Organization of Former SS Members) choose South America because many Germans began to immigrate there since the mid-19th century and Germany had long ties with the power structures in these countries - Prussian military officers trained the Chilean army in the early 1900s. During WWII, Argentina declared its neutrality but continued to trade with the fascist regimes. Allegedly, President General Juan Peron sold 10,000 blank passports to ODESSA. Body of Joseph Mengele is said to have been identified on June 6, 1985, but some have doubted this, since posing dead was a ploy often used by fleeing Nazis, as in the case of high ranking SS officer Walter Rauff.

Auschwitz photographer Wilhelm Brasse worked with Dr. Josef Mengele   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Wilhelm Brasse was sent to Auschwitz as a political prisoner. Because he had worked in a photo studio, he was put to work in the photography and id department. One day in 1943 his boss, an SS officer Bernhard Walter, called him into his office. An immaculately uniformed SS officer was waiting. The stranger politely addressed Brasse as "sir." It was Dr. Josef Mengele, who said that he was going to send some Jewish girls for pictures, and that I had to take pictures of them naked. For years afterward Brasse saw them in his dreams: emaciated Jewish girls, herded naked in front of his camera. Eventually, his dreams stopped. But he never took pictures again.

Forgiving Dr. Mengele - Eva Kor's path to forgiving her persecutors
The documentary chronicles Eva Kor's path to forgiving Dr. Josef Mengele, a Nazi scientist who performed experiments on Kor and her twin sister, Miriam, while they were interred at the Auschwitz concentration camp. The film itself explored the concept of forgiveness, specifically in the context of a survivor forgiving her former persecutors.

Nazi Mengele died sad, poor and in pain
Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" at Auschwitz, spent his last years in his Brazilian hideaway lonely, depressed and short of money, according to 86 letters, notes and diaries discovered filed away in a Sao Paulo police archive. Fear of being discovered made him chew the ends of his moustache, resulting in a ball of hair blocking his intestines. Material were found when police files were being reorganised and excerpts were published by the Folha de S. Paulo. They had been seized at the home of an Austrian couple, Liselotte and Wolfram Bossert, who befriended Mengele. Most of the letters were addressed to Wolfgang Gerhard, an Austrian Nazi Mengele.

Mengele letters reveal life ended in pain and poverty
Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" at Auschwitz, spent his last years in his Brazilian hideaway lonesome, demoralised and short of money, according to 86 letters, notes and diaries found filed away in a Sao Paulo police archive. The typewritten letters and handwritten notes were found when files were being reorganised. They had been seized at the home of an Austrian couple, Liselotte and Wolfram Bossert, who befriended Mengele, and at the small house in the seaside resort of Bertioga (outskirts of Sao Paulo), where he died in 1979. Most of the letters were addressed to Wolfgang Gerhard, an Austrian Nazi Mengele befriended in Brazil.

Mengele's diaries reveal Angel of Death unrepentant to the end
He was known as the Angel of Death, the Nazi doctor who conducted lethal experiments on inmates at the Auschwitz during the Second World War. Josef Mengele fled as the Third Reich collapsed, moving to South America where he evaded Nazi-hunters until his death in 1979. Now a collection of his unseen letters and diaries has emerged after they were discovered in a police store-room. The writings depict a man who remained unrepentant and continued to support Adolf Hitler’s plans to create a master race. The material, found on the tenth floor of the federal building in Săo Paulo, were seized in 1985 from the home of a German couple who hid Mengele.

Angel of Death Josef Mengele cheated justice for 34 years
As a doctor with Hitler's dreaded SS seeking to unlock a genetic basis for a superior race, he conducted experiments, primarily on twin inmates. He also became known as the Great Selector for his role of deciding which of the prisoners were to be killed as they were brought in by the carloads. For more than 34 years after World War II, he eluded his pursuers, and although he died in 1979, the world did not learn of his death until 1985, when the discovery of documents in Bavaria led to his grave in Brazil. Book "Mengele: The Complete Story", based on his diaries and the recollections of his friends, details how he escaped from the Allies.