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Metal detector finds

If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

Military Scale Model: Tanks, Aircrafts, Vehicles

Military Scale Models: Battle Tanks and Aircrafts.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Replicas, big scale models, RC panzers, planes, Allied, German Tanks, Warbirds, WWII Battleships, WW2 Reenactors, Jeeps of WWII, Toy Soldiers, Military Figurines.

Camouflage profile guide: Waffen SS Colors
This is another new title from Mig Jimenez and his new Ammo brand, and very much a book for German armour modellers. There is a brief text to introduce it all which includes the considerations of colour and the interpretation of that from old Black and White photos. Bearing in mind their paint sets as well, they also include colour samples showing base shades of the various camouflage colours, along with shadow and highlight shades associated with them. The book is organised into sections by unit, with examples taken from original photos where patterns and units have been identified.

A new scale model King Tiger (Porsche turret) in 1/76 from Airfix
A new King Tiger with Porsche turret in 1/76 scale from Airfix.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include Axis Balkan Campaign, D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, and the Battle of Bulge. In addition to WWII some other time periods include Korean War, American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War. The more complex campaigns like Operation Sea Lion, Invasion of Norway, and Invasion of Japan 1945, include Naval element and handling logistics of supply flow.
(available on Google Play & Amazon App Store since 2011)

9 Panzer Division 1940-1943 by Marek Kruk - A book for modellers as well as just armour enthusiasts
No elaborate unit badges or famous people to focus on, and not a Tiger or Panther tank in sight, this book focuses on the story of 9th Panzer Division, which was formed in 1940 from the 4th Light Division to create new Panzer units. The book is well illustrated with colour plates, line drawings, maps, organisation tables and archive photos. Many of the archive pictures of the captured equipment showcase some unusual artillery and tractor combinations, and some of the less common German vehicles like the Pz III artillery observation tank (Beobachtungswagen).

Early Panzer Victories by Frank De Sisto (book review)
If you randomly pick up a book about German WW2 tanks, you will most likely find a lot of information about the famous Panther and Tiger tanks. The earlier tank models are blatantly disregarded, in spite of the fact that Panzer III and Panzer IV were by far the most produced German tanks during the World War Two.

"Early Panzer Victories" - a 72 page book filled with photographs and published by the Concord for its "Armor at War" series - comes handy if you need a break from all the Panther praising.


Spanish Civil War Tanks: The Proving Ground for Blitzkrieg by Steven Zaloga (book review)
There was German, Italian and Russian involvement in the Spanish Civil War as they all sent some "volunteers" and equipment to the conflict. Thanks to some new information available from Russia - like tankers diaries - Steve Zaloga has put together a 48-page account of the AFVs used in Spain. The experience gained included operating tanks in combat, how tanks endured a long period of combat time, the need of properly trained crews, and the need of repair and recovery operations. The era of small machine gun armed tankettes -- like the Italian CV33 and the German Pz-I -- came to an end.

Modelling US Armor of World War 2 (Modelling Masterclass) by Steven J. Zaloga (book review)
The one extra thing that military modellers will be pleased about this book - in addition to it's tips, techniques and concepts - is the format: the book is bound by spiral binding, so you can lay the book flat and refer to it as you work. Content is very useful, and techniques are presented in a easy to follow manner, with adequate illustrations. One noteworthy feature is the way author inserts historical background which is not only interesting, but serves as an aid to finishing a model. The book is well suited for beginning modellers and still has plenty to offer for "battle-hardened" modellers.

John Hancock builds WWII RC model planes: Maiden flight excitement with gears, batteries and engines
John Hancock builds and flies model planes as if they were real. His favorite planes are WWII fighter planes: The P-51 Mustang, Focke-Wulf Fw 190 and the Spitfire. Hancock, currently working on a Vought F4U Corsair, explains that it is hard to find model plane kits one can build from scratch as most model kits are "almost-ready-to-fly" kits. As a longtime model builder Hancock has flown gliders and battery-operated models, but focuses on 2-stroke engines and RC flights. There is always excitement and drama: Will the engine work, will it fly? "I learned the hard way to fly. Basically... by crashing a lot of planes."

1/35 scale model of Jagdpanther (early production variant) from Dragon Models
Original plans for the Sdkfz 173 tank destroyer were for the name Panzerjaeger Panther, but it seems that it was a "suggestion" from Adolf Hitler that it be called Jagdpanther ("Hunting Panther"). Using the Ausf G chassis, some 400 Jagdpanthers were built 1943-1945. Armed with the 88mm Pak 43/3 L/71, the Jagdpanther went through 3 slight variations. Dragon Models have now released their early production variant of the Jagdpanther, and have given it a new coat of zimmerit.

Pat Murphy built scale model of every Spitfire flown by a Canadian pilot   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Pat Murphy first saw a Spitfire at an air show in Ontario in 1968. His passion for the aircraft and model building led Murphy to an effort that preserves a part of Canada's aviation history. In 2009 he donated almost 3 dozen, 1:48 scale Spitfire models to the Vancouver Island Military Museum. Every model is a scale replica of a Spitfire flown by a Canadian pilot. Each plane has the squadron and pilot id markings, and modifications specific to each aircraft, includng details like camera ports on reconnaissance versions of the planes, pilot uniforms and flight jackets painted to match original colours and insignia.

Panzer Divisions, Afrika Korps, Waffen SS, Blitzkrieg: Why Americans idolize the German war machine
I've always been interested in the German military, especially the Wehrmacht. As a boy I built scale models, not just German Panther and Tiger tanks, but also Luftwaffe planes. I also built American tanks and planes (Shermans, Thunderbolts and Mustangs) but the German models seemed cooler. The German military seemed tough and aggressive: hanging on against long odds - against the hordes of communists that we Americans were facing down after the World War II. As I taught military history to cadets at the Air Force Academy I noticed how the "Cult of Clausewitz" reduced American military thinking.

One of the largest single-owner lifetime collections of model airplanes in existence for sale
One of the biggest single-owner lifetime collections of model airplanes – well over 1000 models, some still in their original boxes – will be sold at an onsite auction in Winsted. Paul Lachat's collection includes over 600 completed planes (some made of pine and dating back to the World War II era) and about 500 more that he purchased but never assembled. The oldest planes in his collection are pine models from the 1940s, before balsa wood became the material of choice for model manufacturers. One of the pine firms was Ace Whitman, and Lachat has 4 in his collection: a Grumman Wildcat, a Devastator, a P-38 and a Japanese Kerrigan.

Michael Wittman's Last Tiger Befehlspanzer Tiger I Last Production Normandy 1944 in 1/35 scale model
It may not be their first Tiger I kit, and it may not be the first Tiger I kit with zimmerit, but this scale model will probably be popular. The best known German Tiger ace of World War II was Michael Wittman, and the story of his action at Villers Bocage pretty much settled his place in military history. has released kit of Wittman's final Tiger I Befehlspanzer in Normandy. For those interested in the fate of Wittman and the real Tiger, look at the book "Panzers in Normandy, Then & Now" in the After the Battle series. Author John Paul Pallud tracked down Wittman's burial place in the 1970s, and the crew was moved to the La Cambe cemetery.

Telegraph offers Supermarine Spitfire Mk II and Hawker Hurricane Mk I scale model planes
The Telegraph is offering the chance to get a Supermarine Spitfire Mk II and Hawker Hurricane Mk I 1:72 scale model plane. Just pick up a copy of The Daily Telegraph on Saturday for voucher to claim the Supermarine Spitfire Mk II model plane. To get a Hawker Hurricane Mk I model plane, collect your voucher in Sunday's Telegraph. Take the vouchers to Toys 'R' Us, HobbyCraft and Modelzone to claim your scale model plane.

Scale-models depicting lost Lancaster bombers on display in Lincolnshire
Dozens of scale-models depicting Lancaster bombers lost in the Second World War are on display at Metheringham Airfield visitor centre in Lincolnshire. The models have been made by modeller Peter Stevenson who constructed the planes with their insignia. Each of the 59 model planes representing 106 Squadron - And the display was unveiled as veterans met for the squadron's reunion lunch. "We saw all these aircraft going out and not all of them came back. I thought, well statistics don't really mean much to people, but if I could convert those statistics of the 59 aircraft that were lost into something people could see then it would count for something."

Modeler gives his collection of 197 scale model WWII-era planes to museum
A La Quinta man's collection of 197 WWII-era model planes is on show at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Whaite Clark donated his complete collection of 197 built-to-scale model planes to the museum, which showcases planes flown during the Second World War. "It's a unique collection because of its size and scope," explained Brooke Anderson, the museum's archives and exhibits chairman. Most people who have toured the museum since the collection was revealed have been fascinated, particularly military modelers.

Second World War miniatures and scale models fill attic in South Salem
Visitors to the Schramm family's home never would guess there are WW2 battles being waged above them. The 20-foot by 90-foot attic is filled with miniature tanks and hundreds of tiny soldiers. Steve Schramm, 53, is a war-history buff who has been committed to the hobby for 15 years. The attic scene includes railways, harbors, bunkers, airplanes, flags, bridges and buildings. Signs announce Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Normandy and Berlin - as well as specific battles. Schramm bought supplies and scale models at craft stores and toy stores - and painted them so that they have appropriately coloured uniforms.

Over 150 detailed military model airplanes donated to city of Rogers
For the generous gift of an extraordinary collection of WW2 model airplanes, the city of Rogers and, specifically, Beaver Lake Aviation representatives showed their gratitude. John T. Avalear - a World War II Air Force veteran - created and meticulously painted the 169 model planes given to the city of Rogers after his death in 2007. A stunning collection, each model airplane was researched by John Avalear to reflect when it was flown and by which country in the Second World War. The city is delighted to showcase such fine-looking, unique work.

The 1/72 scale model Panther G kit along with a 4-man Panzer crew included
Dragon have boxed their 1/72 Panther G early production variant, complete with zimmerit finish, along with a 1/72 scaled down version of their 1/35 figure set, Achtung-Jabo! set of 1944 panzer crew. The basic Panther kit is nice and includes 4 options for markings. One from Normandy (1944), and others from the Ardennes (1944), Warsaw (1944) and East Prussia (1945). With the addition of the zimmerit finish on this battle tank, something no-one had tried in injection moulded kits before, this is a good model.

Korean era war veteran has hundreds of World War II scale models
For 50 years, Frank Modica's been building model war planes, and now he has over 500 models in his collection. He's been Frank Modica miniatures of WW2 aircraft from kits as a hobby for 53 years. "Its a kind of a thing you go through something then you pick up the catalogue and then you see another aircraft and you say: I have to get that one and that one and that one, and before you know it gets out of hand..." Modica may work all day on a single model, which takes about 10 weeks to complete. He is not always happy with the accuracy of the kit instructions, so he has a library of manuals as a back up.

William Funcke has won national awards for his WW1, WW2 scale model planes
Dr. William Funcke's award-winning 1:48 scale models have appeared on magazine covers and won awards, his review of an Eduard Spad XIII model is in Fine Scale Modeler's recent issue and his workshop puts most hobby shops to shame, but modeling isn't his true passion - it's history. "I can tell you two things it takes to be a good plastic modeler: You have to be a historian and ... you really have to be an artist." He points to perforated jackets surrounding the machine gun barrel of an Austro-Hungarian model plane: "that allowed it to shoot through the propeller. It really gave allied forces problems for a while."

The tin can model bomber made by British pilot in Stalag Luft III POW camp
Skillfully crafted from tin cans, matchsticks and off cuts, one can only imagine the satisfaction a pow GOT from finishing this great model aircraft as he languished in Stalag Luft III. Constructed nearly perfectly to scale, his detailed version of a Lancaster Bomber like the one he flew before his capture even bears the skull and crossbones logo of RAF 100 Squadron. Little is known about its maker, other than that he was an airman named E Taylor. The model was stumbled upon during a clearance sale in the south of England along with his POW camp diary, in which he had depicted a map of where his Lancaster Bomber was shot down on August 28, 1944.

Replicas of Spitfire, Hurricanes and Lancasters losing to Nazi planes in toy sales
For decades, replicas of British warplanes have outsold Nazi planes, but now kit sales of World War II German aircraft have passed those of the Allied forces. Sales of German tanks and ships have also outsold those of the Allies. Analysis by the model maker Airfix shows that in 2008, German kits have made up 55% of the sales of all WWII kits. 1.4 million German replicas were sold, compared to 1.1 million Allied kits. Modellers believe the rise in sales of the Nazi war machines reveals an interest in the more experimental technologies used by the Germans. Most popular models are: Supermarine Spitfire, Messerschmitt Bf 109E, De Havilland Mosquito, Focke Wulf 190D.

History buff flies World War II warbirds in the basement
Come WWII's end, surplus large-scale weapons like as battle tanks, aircrafts and even ships became pieces on the scrap heap of history. But in a reversal of that planes-to-scrap probability, Bill Mielke has used scrap-heap lumber to craft a 16-plane fleet of some of the most famous American warbirds. Hanging from the ceiling of the basement are detailed classic aircraft that include a B-29 Superfortress, B-24 Liberator and B-17 Flying Fortress, a trio of 4-engined heavy bombers. Also in collection are authentically crafted landbased piston-engine fighters that include a P-47 "Thunderbolt ," P-51 "Mustang ," P-38 "Lightning ," and P-61 "Black Widow."

Germania: Minature scale model of Hitler's vision of a super-city for the Reich
Adolf Hitler called it Germania, his vision of Berlin as a city full of marble architecture, capital of the Nazi-ruled world. "Berlin will only be comparable with the Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians or Romans. What is London, what is Paris by comparison?" the Nazi leader said. For decades Hitler's plans were considered as so crazed that they were limited to specialist books. The taboo was broken as Peer Steinbrück, the German Finance Minister, revealed a scale model of Germania. Centrepiece of the display was the domed Great Hall, designed by architect Albert Speer to hold a crowd of 150,000.

Model builder gives away collection of 330 World War II scale models   (Article no longer available from the original source)
WWII historian Tom Malthaner spent 63 years building his collection of 330 scale models, but now he wants to give them away. He has a photo of himself with that first model, a Grumman F4-F Wildcat. All are built to the same scale, 1/72, or 1 inch to 6 feet. And all are miniature replicas of the genuine vehicles. The smallest, a German Bucker BU-133 Jungmeister (3½-inch wingspan). The largest, a German Messerschmitt ME-321 Gigant heavy glider transport (30 inches). Collection include: 3 German Stuka dive bombers, in campaign colors. A German Tiger tank. Adolf Hitler riding in his Mercedes Benz, giving the Nazi salute.

Scale model show - Model kits have come a long way
We went to a scale model show, Hobby Expo 2008, in Petaluma. It was put on by the Santa Rosa plastic modeler's club, a member of the International Plastic Modeler's Society, USA. There were over 100 entrants in the model contest with 400 models. Vendors were selling model kits, and we were amazed by how much stuff they had, even kits that are out of production. We did make couple of purchases: a World War II German ME-262 airplane and a sheet of decals. Models have come a long way: when we were young, a small kit could be bought for 50c and set up in a half an hour. These days, the paint colors and markings are well researched and details are reliably rendered.

Scale Models tell World War II history of Pacific region
Manila: The exhibit "Vintage Warcraft" features 70 replicas of fighter planes, submarines, artillery, battleships and carriers that saw action during World War II. The miniatures tell the story of the arms race from the pre-war to the post-war period, split in various periods. "March to War (1930-1941)" tells of how the major powers began a rearmament program, and how China had to rely on France for its weapons. "Aside from narrating history, the exhibit also shows the development of weapons. The tanks became larger while aircraft became more sophisticated." Aside from giving a history lesson, organisers hope to stir up their interest in assembling scale models.

World War II veteran recalls service with naval scale model collection
Going down into World War II veteran John Brawdy's South Park basement is like boarding a submarine. The small room is filled floor-to-ceiling with a collection of all things nautical. He started his collection over 40 years ago, and now it contains 2,000 items. It serves as a shrine to his naval service, he manned the torpedoes on two destroyers. "I started putting together World War II models. I focused on fighting ships prominent during the time that I served." The 3-foot-long model of a Fletcher class destroyer is a favorite. "It's an exact replica of the USS Hart that I served on."

20,000 photographs of a WWII Japanese Kaiten submarine model
Last autumn, Katsushige Nakahashi took 20,000 photographs of a single object: a model of a World War II Japanese Kaiten sub, equipped to man a single Kamikaze pilot. The model was 1:32 scale of the real thing, meaning he got in tight with his macro lens. Now, as part of "The Depth of Memory" -show he is resizing the torpedo back to full size, setting up a 50-foot, 3-dimensional simulacrum of the machine using those photos - and a little help from you (go to the Web site to volunteer). Last year he pulled off a similar achievement with 25,000 photos of a model of a Japanese Zero fighter - and at the close of the exhibit he set it ablaze. The Kaiten will be burned too.

Building scale model of Japanese battleship Yamato
For 3 years in the Marine Corps, Nicholas Cognito spent every day trying to destroy the Japanese. Now, he is spending 3 years of his life building a tribute to them. He is crafting a 52-inch, one-two hundredth scale model of the Japanese battleship Yamato, which was 900 feet long, had 18-inch guns and could throw a shell 25 miles. The Yamato and her sister ship, the Musashi, the largest battleships ever built, harassed ships in the Pacific Ocean during WW2. Allied forces sunk the Yamato near Okinawa on April 7, 1945. He has built other models, including the German railway cannon Leopold.

Ken Gardiner has become one of the top scale model makers
It had taken 10 years and 3,000 hours to build a giant rendering of the HMS Victory, a famed British warship. All that was left was to polish the gem. Model maker Ken Gardiner raised a high-pressure air hose, pulled the trigger and let out a blast. Big mistake: 5,000 pieces of hand-glued copper were blown to smithereens. --- "Customers order, they wait a couple years, and then they get their model. And they yell the whole time." The customers may be loud, but they're also loyal. What keeps them coming back? His models are no $19.95 toys. These are scaled replicas for which full models can run $15,000. "There's only about 4 of us that do it in the whole world."

The older he gets, the smaller are the model airplanes he builds   (Article no longer available from the original source)
"It became a challenge to see how small I could go," says Dick Palmer. "I built one that was so small I could not build it with my fingers. I had to pick everything up with tweezers." That one was much smaller than the 1/72-scale models that occupy much of his time these days. For some, he uses plastic kits as prototypes for the vintage planes he replicates out of balsa wood. He identifies planes by the movies that made them famous. Remember "Thirty Seconds over Tokyo?" He built a Mitchell B-25. "Tuskegee Airmen?" They trained on a Stearman PT-17, which he also rendered in micro-miniature.