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Most wanted Nazis: Nazi war criminals at large

Most wanted Nazis: Last Nazi war criminals at large.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

Holocaust survivor's son says that Nazi suspect Laszlo Csatary, who was just arrested, not worth pursuing
Ephraim Zuroff, head of the Operation Last Chance, which tracks down former Nazis, accuses Laszlo Csatary of responsibility for the deportation of 15,700 Jews from the Kosice ghetto to the Auschwitz in May 1944. However, Hungarian researchers say the evidence against Csatary is flimsy, and the likelihood of a successful prosecution small. "Csatary was a small fish. I could name 2,000 people responsible for worse crimes than he was. The money spent hunting down people like him would be better spent fighting the propaganda of those who so energetically deny the Holocaust today," said Holocaust historian Laszlo Karsai, himself the son of a Holocaust survivor.

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Suspected Nazi war criminal Vladimir Katriuk works as beekeeper in Canada
Propped up by a shovel that acts as his cane, Vladimir Katriuk putters about his wooded lot in rural Quebec, lovingly caring for his bees and appearing to have few worries other than this season's honey yield. But Simon Wiesenthal Center insists there's much more to the 91-year-old beekeeper - whom they allege is one of the world's most-wanted Nazi war criminals. In 1943, a man with his name lay in wait outside a barn that had been set ablaze, operating a machine gun and firing on civilians as they tried to escape. The same article said the man took a watch, bracelet and gun from the body of a woman found nearby.

Wiesenthal Center adds 3 names, two of which live in Canda, to most-wanted Nazis list
The Simon Wiesenthal Center announced 3 new names had been added to its list of most wanted Nazi war criminals. All three have a Canadian connection and two are in Canada. The two suspects in Canada are Vladimir Katriuk, the commander of a Ukrainian army unit that committed mass murder in Belarus, and Helmut Oberlander, who served in one of the mobile killing units, the einsatzgruppen. The third wanted man is Laszlo Csatary, who as a police commander in Hungarian-occupied Slovakia is alleged to have played a key role in the deportation of 15,700 Jews to Auschwitz in the spring of 1944. After the war he, too, fled to Canada, but after losing his citizenship in 1997 he left the country, and is now living in Hungary.

SS hitman Heinrich Boere begins jail term at 90 - From nursing home to prison hospital
A 90-year-old man has begun a life sentence for shooting dead 3 Dutch civilians when he was a member of a Nazi SS hit squad. Heinrich Boere, who is in a wheelchair, was moved from his nursing home in Germany to a prison hospital. He was sentenced in March 2010 after confessing to the killings. A medical expert said he was fit to serve his sentence at a "suitable" facility. During his trial, Boere admitted to the killings in 1944, but said he had been acting on orders from his superiors and that he risked being sent to a concentration camp if he refused to carry out the shootings: "At no time in 1944 did I act with the feeling that I was committing a crime."

WWII Nazi leader Pablo Simons D'Aerschot dies in San Sebastian, Spain
Nazi leader Pablo Simons D'Aerschot (born Paul van Aerschodt in Belgium) passed away in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, at the age of 89. Paul van Aerschodt had just turned 18 when he joined Nazi army where he earned the nickname "The Giant Blond with the Gun". D'Aerschot was arrested at the end of the Second World War and sentenced to the death penalty for sending more than 2,500 people to concentration camps. He escaped before the sentence could be carried out and travelled to Bolivia with forged papers provided by a Spanish Bishop.

German foreign intel agency BND misdirected authorities searching for Nazi fugitive Alois Brunner
Declassified documents reveal that Germany's foreign intelligence agency, the BND, helped Nazi fugitive Alois Brunner avoid capture following WWII by misdirected authorities. The BND shredded more than 500 pages of documents related to Brunner in the 1990s, fueling speculation that he worked for the BND after the war and was being protected by senior German officials. A deputy to Adolf Eichmann, Brunner assisted in carrying out the Final Solution and is held directly responsible for the deaths of at least 130,000 Jews.

West German spy agency hired Nazi war criminal Walther Rauff in the 1960s
West Germany's foreign intelligence agency hired a Nazi war criminal as an agent in Latin America in the late 1950s, newly released documents reveal. Germany's Federal Intelligence Service knew about the background of SS member Walther Rauff when it hired him. Rauff was a marine officer, SS and Nazi Party member who was responsible for developing and deploying deliveries of poison gas used for killing humans. In 1947, after escaping from an internment camp, he settled in Latin America. Rauff received intelligence training from 1960-1962, despite being wanted for arrest. Until 1963, he was paid 70,000 German marks for his intelligence services, which proved "largely worthless."

Sandor Kepiro, a member of the fascist Hungarian police who was recently acquitted, dies
Sandor Kepiro, a Hungarian policeman who was recently acquitted of Nazi-era war crimes, has passed away at the age of 97. His lawyer believes the trial contributed to his client's poor health.

German intelligence agency admits to destroying evidence on wanted Nazi criminal Alois Brunner in 1990s
The German intelligence agency BND admitted to destroying the file of wanted Nazi criminal Alois Brunner in the 1990s and attempting to recruit him, Der Spiegel reported. Brunner was responsible for the deportation of at least 130,000 Jews to Nazi camps. Some reports claimed he had fled to Damascus after WWII and has been hiding there ever since. Brunner worked alongside Adolf Eichmann and was commander at the Drancy internment camp north of Paris, where Jews were held prior to being sent to their deaths at Auschwitz. Brunner also assisted in annihilating Jewish communities in Vienna and Salonica.

The most wanted Nazi war crime suspect, Hungarian Sandor Kepiro, cleared of Novi Sad killings by a court
97-year-old Sandor Kepiro, until recently the world's most wanted Nazi war criminal, went free from court after being cleared of the execution of over 30 Jews and Serbs in 1942. The prosecution's case rested on old testimonies from previous trials in the 1940s. During the trial several experts cast doubts on the authenticity of these documents, many of which were incomplete or contained translation mistakes - in addition the testimonies were made in front of communist courts and they could have been coerced. Judge Bela Varga dismissed the court documents from 1944 as "absurd and nonsense."

Croatian Milivoj Asner, one of the most-wanted Nazi war crime suspect, dies in Austria
One of the most-wanted suspected Nazi war criminals, who had lived undetected for decades, has passed away in Klagenfurt in Austria. Milivoj Asner, 98, a police chief under the Nazi puppet regime in Croatia, had been found incompetent to stand trial after he fled to Austria from Croatia in 2004. Asner - responsible for the persecution and deportation of hundreds of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies - was on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of the 10 most-wanted war criminals.

List of the most wanted Nazi war crimes suspects
Croatian police chief Milivoj Asner: Extradition from Austria to Croatia was requested in 2005 but was refused on medical grounds. --- Ivan (John) Kalymon: Ordered to be deported from the US for concealing his wartime activities, but will remain in the US until a country volunteers to admit him. --- SS guard Adam Nagorny: Under official investigation by prosecutors in Germany following the discovery of witness statements about his role at Treblinka.

The most wanted Nazi, 97-year-old Sandor Kepiro, faces trial in Budapest, Hungary
A 97-year-old Hungarian accused of massacring civilians in Serbia in 1942 has gone on trial in Hungary. Sandor Kepiro was listed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center as the world's most wanted Nazi war crimes suspect. 1,200 Jewish, Serb and Roma civilians were massacred over three days by Hungarian forces in Novi Sad in 1942. After using a walking stick on his way into the court in Budapest, Kepiro took his seat and displayed a sheet of paper stating: "Murderers of a 97-year-old man!" He has previously admitted his presence at the Novi Sad raid, and furthermore commented: "I haven't regretted anything, all I did was my duty!"

John Kalymon ordered to be deported from the United States for his Nazi activities - Let the appeals begin
The U.S. authorities were too slow in their attempt to deport alleged Nazi war criminal Peter Egner - he died during the deportation process - in spite of the Serbian requests to proceed quickly. But, if at first you don't succeed...

The Justice Department has ordered John Kalymon (once known as Iwan Kalymon), who lives in Troy, Michigan, to be removed from the United States and sent to any country that will accept him. Since Kalymon will very likely file several appeals, he is in no way under immediate threat of deportation. And to make the whole process even more futile, it's unclear whether any country would accept him.


Peter Egner, one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, dies while fighting his deportation from the United States
One more Nazi war criminal has avoided facing justice because it takes years - thanks to the bureaucracy - to even get the accused extradited to the right country.

Peter Egner, an ethnic German born and raised in Yugoslavia, has passed away at 88. He was facing possible deportation and loss of his U.S. citizenship because he allegedly served in a member of a Nazi death squad.

In documents filed in 2010, Egner admitted he was a twice promoted as a noncommissioned officer in the Nazi-run Serbian security police, and that he served as a guard on a train bound for Auschwitz. In spite of all this, Egner insisted he never saw or participated in any atrocities and did not know what went on inside the Nazi camps.


Bernhard Frank, the most senior Nazi criminal alive, fooled to admit signing extermination order
Bernhard Frank was a senior assistant to SS boss Heinrich Himmler, a friend of Hitler, and head of security at the SS base of Obersalzberg. He was responsible for signing the first order of the Reich instructing the mass murder of Jews ("Comando Stadt Order" on July 28, 1941). For 65 years Frank hid his SS past, until interviews with American Jew disguised as Neo-Nazi revealed the part he had played.

Serbia seeks to extradite suspected Einsatzgruppe member Peter Egner from US
Serbia seeks to extradite from the U.S. of a naturalized American citizen who is suspected of serving in a Nazi Einsatzgruppe unit that killed 17,000 civilians. Peter Egner, who allegedly served as a guard and interpreter with the Nazi-controlled Security Police and Security Service in Belgrade 1941-1943, is fighting U.S. efforts to remove his American citizenship.

Holland issues arrest warrant for Klaas Carel Faber, a Dutch SS killer, living in freedom in Germany
The Netherlands has issued a European Arrest Warrant for Klaas Carel Faber - a member of the Dutch SS and one of the most wanted Nazis - living in freedom in Germany. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1947 but escaped to Germany in 1952, where he received German citizenship for his service both in the SS and the SD (Sicherheitsdienst, the intelligence service of the SS).

The third most wanted Nazi, Samuel Kunz (low-ranking Nazi guard and ex-Red Army soldier) dies before his trial
Nazi death camp guard and ex-Russian Army soldier Samuel Kunz, who avoided the Nazi Hunters' nets several times because of his low rank, has passed away at 89, just months after being charged with assisting in the killing of 430,000 Jews at the Belzec death camp.

Germany ready to take on Dutch-born SS hitman Klaas Carel Faber
The German government thinks there may be a way to bring to justice an SS hitman who has lived as a free man in Germany since escaping from a Dutch prison in 1952. Klaas Carel Faber, high on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of most wanted Nazis, was given German citizenship for serving in the SD and the Dutch SS. Faber served in a special SS unit (the Sonderkommando Feldmeijer) in the Nazi-occupied Holland which assassinated civilians considered "anti-German" as revenge for resistance attacks. In March 2010, another member of the same SS unit who also escaped to Germany, Heinrich Boere, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

SS sergeant Adolph Storms - 4th on the most wanted Nazis list - dies before trial
SS sergeant Adolf Storms - number 4 on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Most Wanted list of Nazi war criminals - has passed away at the age of 90 before he could be brought to trial. Storms and other unidentified accomplices were accused of forcing at least 57 Jewish labourers to hand over their valuables and kneel by a grave before shooting them from behind in a forest near the Austrian village of Deutsch Schuetzen on 29 March 1945. Several members of the Hitler Youth - who were helping the SS guard the prisoners on the march - provided witness statements about the case.

The fifth most wanted Nazi criminal - Klaas Faber - enjoys immunity in Germany
Klaas Faber volunteered for Dutch SS after the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands and worked as part of a Gestapo death squad. During the Second World War he become an officer with the SD (Security Service, Sicherheitsdienst) and worked for the Gestapo as an executioner at Westerbork concentration camp. In spite of being sentenced to death for killing at least 22 victims in 1947, Faber - who was granted German citizenship by Hitler - is immune from prosecution because he escaped from prison in the Netherlands in 1952 and fled back to Germany.

Nazi corporal Paul Schaefer, who set up cult community "Colonia Dignidad" in Chile, dies at 89
Paul Schaefer - Nazi corporal with Hitler Youth background who set up a cult community in Chile - has died while in prison for abusing children and taking part in the murder of political prisoners. Schaefer moved with 250 followers to Chile in 1961, setting up a commune called "Colonia Dignidad" ("Dignity Colony" - later Villa Baviera). Schaefer led the settlement with an iron fist: Men and women lived separately and children were taken from their parents at age 2 and raised in collective nurseries. Residents, taught to idolize Schaefer as a god, were not allowed to contact with the outside world.

List of 10 most wanted Nazi war criminals includes members of the SS, SD and Gestapo
(1) Sandor Kepiro (Hungary) served in Serbia, where he took part in a massacre in Novi Sad in 1942. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1944, but was set free by Hungary's fascist regime and fled to Argentina - travelling back to Hungary in 1996. (3) Samuel Kunz (Germany), is accused of having served in the extermination camp of Belzec. (4) SS officer Adolf Storms is accused of killing 58 Jews in 1945 in Deutsche Schuetzen in Austria. (5) Klaas Carl Faber, a Dutch national who served in the German Sicherheitsdienst (SD) - the intelligence service of the SS and the Nazi Party. (10) Michail Gorschkow, a Gestapo official in Estonia during the war.

SS assassin Heinrich Boere also accused of operating as an SS spy in 1944
SS man Heinrich Boere has never denied the charges against him: As part of a Nazi hit squad he stands accused of having shot 3 civilians in 1944 in Holland. The "Germanic SS in the Netherlands" was tasked with combating anti-Nazi resistance. "We didn't know the men. The Security Service of the SS gave us the names... They told us they were partisans, terrorists. We thought we were doing the right thing." But now German historian Stephan Stracke claims that Boere may have been involved in more SS missions, operating as an SS spy in 1944 and penetrating a Dutch group helping those trying to escape the Nazis.

Last Nazi hit man Heinrich Boere goes on trial in Germany
Nazi hunter Ulrich Maass is a satisfied man: Nazi assassin Heinrich Boere, who he has been chasing for years, finally goes on trial in a German court. Boere, a member of the SS Sonderkommando Feldmeijer, is charged with killing 3 Dutch citizens in retaliation for anti-German actions by the resistance. It will be one of the last Nazi war crimes cases, along with the trial of Nazi guard John Demjanjuk. Boere served 2 years with a Waffen SS division on the Eastern Front. It made him indifferent to violence: "We would eat our lunch sitting on top of dead Russians. The resistance to me were the enemy."

Waffen SS hitman Heinrich Boere to stand trial for World War II Netherlands executions
Nazi SS hit man Heinrich Boere will face trial in Germany for the killings of 3 Dutch civilians, a Cologne court ruled after years of legal battle - and no more appeals are possible. Boere is accused of the 1944 killings of 3 men in the Netherlands when he was a member of a Waffen SS death squad that targeted civilians in revenge for resistance attacks. Boere was 18 when he joined the Waffen SS at the end of 1940, just months after the Netherlands had fallen to the Nazi blitzkrieg. In a 2006 interview Boere recalled: "When we knew for sure we had the right person, we shot him dead, at the door. I didn't feel anything, it was work. Orders were orders."

Most wanted Nazis - The Fuhrer's last fugitives
As right-hand man to Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann, Alois Brunner was a key figure in the implementation of the Final Solution. Brunner, a doctor, killed hundreds of people in Nazi camps by injecting acid into their hearts. He joined the Nazi Party in 1931 and soon became head of the Jewish Affairs office in Vienna. In 1954 Brunner escaped to Syria with the name Georg Fischer, helping the Syrians in set up their secret police. He was injured by letter bombs in 1961 and 1980. --- Soeren Kam, a member of a Danish branch of the SS, known as the Schalburg Corps, is accused of shooting anti-Nazi newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen in Copenhagen in 1943.

Germany targets Nazi War Criminals - But how to deal with them is quandary
German investigators have set their sights on several Nazi war criminals, raising the question of how the law should deal with the aged (minor) accessories of the Holocaust. Names rarely come out in archives, and many of the murderers managed to vanish in the postwar chaos. And many at the end of the chain of command can argue - more credibly than members of the SS - that they had no other choice, at least until someone proves them wrong. For example. some in the Wehrmacht's POW camps signed up to work for the SS only because they would otherwise have faced death by starvation.

The hunt for the last Nazis - Efforts to capture the Nazis faltered as the Cold War set in
Contrary to popular belief, most former Nazis did not go into hiding after WW2. Most did not even change their name: they simply took off their Nazi/SS uniforms, went home. And for a crucial period in the 1950s, little was done to hunt them down. In 1953 the Nazi trials stopped, because of the Cold War: The West needed a strong West Germany and did not want to hunt for Nazis, many of which were part of the society and the Federal Republic government. But in the 1970s there was a shift: the second generation began to question what their parents did in the war. US files show CIA often hunted Nazi war criminals to use them, not to bring them to justice.

Accused Australian war criminal Charles Zentai passes lie detector test
Alleged war criminal Charles Zentai - accused of killing Peter Balazs, a young Jewish man, in 1944 in Budapest during WW2 - said he had taken a lie detector test to prove his innocence. Talking ahead of a legal challenge to his extradition to Hungary, Zentai said he had taken a polygraph test to satisfy himself, his family and the media. Gavin Willson, who carried out the test, said he was "more than happy" with the results. "There was nothing ... to indicate that he was being deceptive to me at any time prior to conducting the test and during the test itself."

SS hitman Heinrich Boere ruled unfit to stand trial
A German court ruled that a former Nazi hit squad member is unfit to stand trial for the World War II revenge killings of 3 Dutch civilians. Defense attorney Gordon Christiansen told that Heinrich Boere have a serious heart condition, and he have "almost died" twice since being charged. The Simon Wiesenthal Center's leading Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff questioned whether Boere was really ill and argued that if Boere had been chased more vigorously earlier, his health would not have even been a factor: "Boere has been living in Germany for decades and he should have been put on trial long ago."

Helmut Oberlander, a member of Einsatzkommando 10A, loses bid to keep Canadian citizenship   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Ottawa's decision to strip Canadian citizenship from Nazi collaborator Helmut Oberlander was maintained by the Federal Court. Justice Michael Phelan dismissed Oberlander's attempt to dismiss a 2007 Cabinet order cancelling his citizenship for lying about his Nazi past when he entered Canada. A member of Einsatzkommando 10A, a "mobile mass killing squad" in Ukraine, Oberlander entered Canada after the war. Federal authorities caught up to him in 1995. The government's first attempt to cancel his citizenship was set aside by the court in 2004, but in 2007 Ottawa stripped his citizenship again, along with that of another former Nazi collaborator Jacob Fast.

Sandor Kepiro, one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, tracked down in in Budapest
Dr Sandor Kepiro, one of the most wanted Nazi war criminal, is accused of assisting the massacre of at least 2,000 persons during World War II. Currently living near a synagogue in Budapest, he says: "I sleep well at night." Kepiro, the former Hungarian gendarme who fled to Argentina after the war on the Nazi ratline, is accused of playing a notable part in the murder of thousands by the Nazis' Hungarian allies during the Great Raid in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 1942. Living a mile away from Kepiro is one of the survivors of the Great Raid, who has a fading picture of himself holding his dad's hand in Novi Sad shortly before the genocide.

Dinko Sakic - The known living commander of a WW2 concentration camp
Dinko Sakic, the last known living commander of a World War II concentration camp, passed away while serving a 20-year sentence for war crimes. Sakic - a chief of Croatia's Jasenovac camp, the worst of 40 camps run by the then Nazi puppet state in Croatia - fled Croatia at the end of the war when pro-Nazi regime was put down. He lived peacefully in Argentina, until 1998 he was deported to Croatia for a trial. Sakic never felt remorse for his role, saying that all he did was for the good of Croatia. When he was given the guilty verdict, Sakic mockingly applauded.

Fourth most wanted Nazi too ill for trial, but fit enough to watch football
Alleged Nazi war criminal Milivoj Asner - rated at number 4 on Interpol's most wanted list - has been watching his country Croatia plays football at the Euro 2008 football championships. He was seen relaxing with fellow football fans in Austria. Asner, now living under a name Georg Aschner, has avoided extradition because he's too ill to face charges of genocide. "He's enjoying a life many hundreds of victims were denied when they were sent off to be murdered. If this man is well enough to walk around town unaided and drink wine in bars, he's well enough to answer for his past," said Efraim Zuroff.

Germans give SS doctor Hans-Joachim Sewering, accused of killing 900 kids, a medal
Former SS doctor Hans-Joachim Sewering accused of sending 900 sick children to their deaths under the Nazi euthanasia programme has been granted a German medical association's highest honour the Guenther-Budelmann medal - while Jewish groups pressure Germany to put him on trial for mass murder. Sewering was a doctor at a clinic near Munich before World War II. He signed orders, claim four nuns, sending 900 kids from the clinic to a "healing centre" - in reality a killing centre implementing a secret Nazi policy of killing the handicapped, who were declared "useless eaters" by the Nazis.

A list of most wanted Nazis by the Simon Wiesenthal Center
(1) Aribert Heim (whereabouts unknown): Murdered hundreds at Mauthausen camp as a camp doctor. (2) John Demjanjuk (US): Ukrainian immigrant alleged to have been guard at Nazi camps. He denies that. Extradited to Israel in 1986, where he was sentenced to death for allegedly being Treblinka camp guard "Ivan the Terrible." Verdict overturned in 1993 and he returned to US, where citizenship restored in 1998, then removed in 2002. (4) Milivoj Asner (Austria): Police chief in Croatia's wartime Nazi puppet regime. (5) Soeren Kam (Germany): Member of SS wanted by Denmark in assassination of journalist in 1943.

Heinrich Boere, a member of a Waffen SS death squad, charged with killings
Heinrich Boere has been charged in Germany with 3 counts of murder for killings as a member of a Waffen SS death squad that executed Dutch civilians. He was part of a Waffen SS death squad made mostly of Dutch volunteers tasked with killing fellow countrymen in retaliation for attacks by the anti-Nazi resistance. The SS unit Silbertanne (Silver Pine) is suspected of 54 killings, and Boere has admitted to taking part in 3. He was convicted in the Netherlands in 1949 and sentenced to death (later changed to life imprisonment) but has escaped jail so far by living in Aachen, Germany.

Nazi Hunters raise reward for information from $10,000 to $25,000
The Simon Wiesenthal Center has increased its reward for information resulting to the capture of Nazi war criminals from $10,000 to $25,000 under its "Operation Last Chance" campaign. "The cash offer has proven very successful because without it we wouldn't have got one-hundredth of the attention that we got and it's the media attention that ultimately yields the information." Zuroff said there were "at least dozens" of Nazi war criminals still alive in South America, but named Austria a "paradise for Nazi war criminals. Austria has the worst record. If you compare the number of people involved, the potential for prosecution and what's been done."

Nazi officer Paul Maria Hafner: Auschwitz was a 10 star hotel
Nazi officer Paul Maria Hafner, who served in nazi camps and on the Eastern Front as an SS man, gives the Hitler salute in Spain where he has hidden for 60 years. Now he is the subject of a documentary "Hafner's Paradise," by Gunter Schwaiger, which accounts his life in exile and how he draws pensions from 3 countries. Hafner calls Auschwitz "a ten star hotel" where "Jews were sent for their own protection. All that stuff about murder is Allied propaganda... I regard Hitler as the greatest man who ever lived, the most important person in the history." He dreams of seeing a "Fourth Reich" and he told to a Dachau survivor: "You survived quite well."

Frau Erna Wallisch is ranked 7 on the wanted Nazi war criminal list
She looks like a harmless grandmother. But this little old lady has a dark past. Frau Erna Wallisch ranks number 7 on the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s list of Nazi war criminals still on the loose. Tracked down by historian Guy Walters for book "Hunting Evil", she lives in an apartment in Vienna. Wallisch joined the Nazi party as a teenager and became a camp guard at the Ravensbruck women’s camp - where SOE agent Violette Szabo was among the thousands killed. Oct 1942 - Jan 1944 she was based at Majdanek death camp. Former prisoner Jadwiga Landowska recalled how the then-pregnant Wallisch beat people to death.

Anger over daytime release of convicted Nazi Erich Priebke
Several groups have expressed anger at the decision to grant day release to a convicted Nazi criminal Erich Priebke under house arrest in Rome. He is serving a life sentence for the murder of 335 people at the Ardeatine Caves. The 1944 massacre was a reprisal after partisans killed a patrol of 33 German soldiers. After WWII he lived in Argentina before being extradited to Italy in 1994, where he was allowed to serve his life sentence under house arrest due to his age and health problems. He will now be allowed to leave his flat, lent to him by a lawyer Paolo Giachini who campaigned for his freedom, during the day.

German court blocks ex-SS member extradition to Denmark
A German court has blocked the extradition to Denmark of Soeren Kam, a former member of the Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel), wanted for the assassination of a journalist in 1943. A senior Nazi-hunter criticized the decision, saying time and old age could not erase guilt for Nazi crimes. Kam and several others are accused of shooting Danish newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen to death in Lyngby. Clemmensen was kidnapped Aug. 30, 1943, and found dead the next morning. Kam has acknowledged that he was among the 3 SS officers who fired at Clemmensen, but said he fired only after Clemmensen was dead.

WW2 accused hounded to death by Nazi hunters and media?   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A Melbourne man accused of war crimes during World War II was an innocent man hounded to death by Nazi hunters and the media, his son said. Lajos Polgar admitted he was a youth leader in the Arrow Cross party in Hungary, and he also worked as a secretary to a senior leader of the government, which ruled under German occupation from October 1944 to January 1945. The party was allied to the Nazis. Leading Nazi hunter Dr Efraim Zuroff had been investigating Mr Polgar's past - he was disappointed that Mr Polgar died before he was thoroughly investigated. "It's very frustrating, to put it mildly."