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Nazi Movies & Nazi Videos

Movies and videos about Nazi Germany (Hitler's Third Reich) and World War II.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

Elena Rzhevskaya: The Woman Who Held Hitler's Teeth
In the days following the end of WWII, translator Elena Rzhevskaya was tasked with a bizarre job: protecting a jewelry box containing the only irrefutable proof of Hitler's death. During the spring of 1945, Elena Kagan was a 25-year-old war widow working as a German translator with the Soviet Red Army. Her knowledge of German proved essential for interrogating prisoners, but her most memorable task began on April 29, 1945, when she was assigned to a team of three charged with finding Hitler, dead or alive. Her memoir of her war days, first published as "Berlin Notes" in a Soviet magazine in 1965, provided the world with the first details about how Hitler's body had been found and identified.

My Way - a real WWII story of a Korean man who fought for the Germans - is the most expensive film ever made in South Korea
My Way - the most expensive film ever made in South Korea - is a fictionalized account of the real-life story of how a Korean man ended up fighting for the Germans in the Second World War and being found by American soldiers at the invasion of Normandy.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
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Austrian Nazi comedy "My Best Enemy" has a lot of the jokes geared towards a home crowd
Films like "Downfall" and "A Woman in Berlin" may have broken some Nazi taboos, but merging comedy and the Third Reich is still a very touchy topic. The 2011 film "My Best Enemy" (Mein Bester Feind) tries to explore new ground, with mixed results. If you would like to get a balanced view on this film I would recommend reading these two reviews:




Top 5 Nazi Zombies films with reviews
(5) Zombies of War AKA Horrors of War (2006). (4) Oasis of the Zombies AKA The Oasis of the Living Dead (1981). (3) Dead Snow (2009). (2) Shock waves (1977). (1) Zombie Lake (1981).

Der Krieg: New footage allows Germans to watch World War II in colour
WWII series Der Krieg (The War) uses previously unseen film footage and photos, colourised using the latest technology. The series was originally a film shown in France under the title of Apocalypse. It has now been split into three 45-min parts: Hitler's Attack In Europe, The World In Flames, and Victory and Defeat. Material from 100 archives was used to piece together World War II as it was seen by the front-line soldier and the civilians in the Nazi occupied area. Colour photos include British Home Guard units training, ships being sunk by U-Boats, Russian cities aflame and Adolf Hitler in Berghof.

Crowd boos WW2 film about notorious Nazi propaganda film Jew Suss
A German WWII film about the Nazi propaganda film "Jew Suss" - and the pact with the devil sealed by its lead actor - premiered to boos at the Berlin Film Festival. "Jew Suss - Rise and Fall" by Oskar Roehler tells the true story of an actor who is offered the lead role in the biggest anti-Semitic film commissioned by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. The movie was booed during the credits and afterwards Roehler defended his picture for liberties it takes with history: "We were seeking historical precision. But there were a few things open to interpretation. We wanted to show a human drama."

Mixed reviews for Quentin Tarantino's WWII epic Inglourious Basterds
2 hours and 34 minutes long, Inglourious Basterds is an alternative history of World War II. At the press conference Quentin Tarantino was asked if this was a "Jewish revenge fantasy," and he responded: "Well, that's not the section of the video store I'd put it in." In his version of WWII, an octet of eight Jews have been set loose with the mission to kill and disfigure the enemy army. "A hundred Nazi scalps each" is the order of the Basterds' leader, Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt), who either doesn't make the distinction between German soldiers and Nazis or doesn't care.

Documentary film Swastika shown in Germany after 36 year ban, includes color footage filmed by Eva Braun
Philippe Mora's and Lutz Becker's 1973 WW2 documentary film about how Nazis penetrated German lives was banned from showing in Germany after fights erupted at its first screening in Cannes. Now it will premiere in Germany: at the Biberach Film Festival. Mora discovered Eva Braun's home movies - rare color footage filmed by Adolf Hitler's mistress Eva Braun - in the National Archives in 1972, and combining it with other Nazi-era footage by the Nazi Party, created a film that reveals how Hitler seized the imagination of a state. "The film was made to show that Hitler was a human being. If we don't recognize that fact, we won't see the next monster coming."

Nazi Party member John Rabe saved 250,000 people from the Japanese army
A new movie about China's Oscar Schindler tells story of Nazi Hero: John Rabe. He was a member of the Nazi party and Siemens' man in China during the build-up to WW2. He also helped save 250,000 Chinese from the rampaging Japanese army. Based on Rabe's dairies, Florian Gallenberger's film "John Rabe" comes amid a boom in movies about Hitler's Nazi Germany. The film depicts how Rabe helped Chinese civilians escape the horrors of the Nanking by helping set up and run a security zone. "Ten years ago it was not possible to conceive that there was such thing as a good Nazi," explained Ulrich Tukur, who plays John Rabe.

Tom Cruise's Valkyrie lacks the Reich stuff
After losing an eye, a hand and several fingers in North Africa, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg joins the resistance by General Friedrich Olbricht. Von Stauffenberg invents a plan in which Operation Valkyrie - designed to maintain the peace in the event that Hitler should die - gets rewritten to allow Olbricht to take power and to authorize the arrest of the SS and Gestapo. Getting Hitler to sign these new orders unread proves easy, but killing the Fuehrer presents a challenge. At a meeting at Hitler's Wolf's Den bunker von Stauffenberg is able to plant a bomb, which explodes. And that's sort of where the plan falls apart.

A Woman in Berlin: WWII movie opens old wounds over Red Army rapes
The phrase "Komm Frau!" sends chills down the spines of elderly Germans. It was the command of Russian soldiers as they pillaged German cities, searching for women to rape. The postwar horror is about to be let out in a new film, A Woman in Berlin, likely to stir bitterness against the Russians. The film is based on a diary of Marta Hillers, who began to write it in a cellar on April 20, 1945. Within days of the Soviet occupation she had been "taken" several times by Red Army soldiers. When the German soldiers returned from the lost war, they did not want to know about the violating of their wives, daughters and mothers - or about the Russenbabies.

Made-in-Germany Nazi parody U-900 aims to break German taboo
A Nazi satire which parodies 1981 submarine epic "Das Boot" proves the Third Reich is no longer taboo. In director Sven Unterwaldt's "U-900" a German is forced to flee Nazi Germany after being caught in committing a crime with a Nazi bigwig's daughter, whose life he later saves by highjacking "U-Boot 900." Germans long equated history with pain and filmmakers avoided any treatment of their past. Wolfgang Petersen's "Das Boot" was a rare exception until the ban started to break down in 2004 with the "Downfall." In recent years many German comedies (Schroeder's List, Go for Zucker: An Unorthodox Comedy, Goebbels and Geduldig) about the Nazi era has emerged.

Movie review: The Wave (Die Welle) shows how to turn children into Nazis
In Die Welle (The Wave, by Dennis Gansel) teacher Wenger invites his students to take part in an experiment. Put their faith in him and he will deliver a unique insight into the mindset of a citizen in a nazi state. What begins as a light-hearted study in psychological manipulation soon runs away with itself. By midweek, Wenger is recoiling in horror. His students have been transformed into an ersatz Hitler Youth complete with uniform, badge, salute and an keenness to jackboot all nonbelievers. The film is modelled on a real experiment that took place in a classroom in Palo Alto, California.

Adolf Hitler remixes are big hit on YouTube, especially remixes from Downfall
A 2004 German movie about Adolf Hitler's last days in the bunker in Berlin is becoming a popular internet meme. Jokers are dubbing humorous dialogue over a key scene of the film Der Untergang (The Downfall), which shows the Führer screaming at his generals when told the war is over. The Downfall clip has been ironically remixed nearly 100 times, and the latest creation is "Hillary's Downfall."

1933 Reichstag Fire - Germany's UFA lights up over 'Fire'
Nazi Germany's darkest period remains a treasure trove for filmmakers. In "Der Reichstagsbrand" (The Reichstag Fire), Potsdam-based UFA Filmproduktion will explore the circumstances of the unexplained fire that destroyed Germany's parliament building, the famed Reichstag, in the early days of Adolf Hitler's reign. The 1933 blaze paved the way for Adolf Hitler's consolidation of power over the country after the Nazi government blamed the fire on a communist conspiracy. In the wake of the attack, Hitler won a vote granting him powers to rule by decree, making him in effect, a parliamentary-approved dictator.

Black Book - Resistance by the Dutch during the Nazi occupation
Black Book, Set in the Netherlands during World War II, is a war film with raw violence, intense action and a twisting plot that offers a series of surprises. Breaking records in the Netherlands as the highest-grossing Dutch-made film, it explores underground Resistance by the Dutch during the Nazi occupation. The story's focus is a woman who forms allegiances with whomever she can in order to avoid capture by the Nazis. Rescued by Resistance fighters, she becomes an arms smuggler, infiltrating Nazi headquarters. Abruptly seizing an opportunity, she seduces a high-ranking Nazi soldier in a move that changes the outcome of several lives.

Movie about Allied torpedoing of refugee ship Wilhelm Gustloff
Germans are marking the 62nd anniversary of history's worst sea disaster: the Allied torpedoing of a German refugee and troop ship in the closing days of WW2 that claimed 9,000 lives, mostly women and children. In what would have been unthinkable only a few years ago, a major German tv broadcaster has plans for a movie about a long-forgotten incident which was an embarrassment for the Allies. In what has become an annual ritual in recent years, German media is devoting coverage to the sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff on Jan 30, 1945, as the Red Army crossed the eastern border of the Third Reich.

Mein Fuehrer: The Truly Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler
The first German-language comedy about Adolf Hitler is to be shown Jan 2007. Dani Levy's "Mein Fuehrer: The Truly Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler" will be a fantasy version of the last days of the Fuehrer. Like the film Downfall this film focuses on the nazi leaders. But Levy wants people to see his film as a "counter" to films that put Hitler on a pedestal. Germany has never made a comedy about the Third Reich, but films such as The Great Dictator have had a cult following in the country. The filming caused buzz when Levy covered Berlin with swastikas and filled streets with extras wearing Nazi uniforms.

First German fictional film on Dresden bombing confronts taboos   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Germany's first fictional film about the Allied bombing of Dresden was screened on the 61st anniversary of the firestorm, in a fresh sign the country is finally confronting its own wartime suffering. "Dresden -- The Inferno" tells the story of how the architectural jewel in eastern Germany known as Florence on the Elbe was reduced to rubble within hours in the British and US bombing of February 13-14, 1945. At least 35,000 people perished, including hundreds of refugees who had fled the horrors of the Eastern front.

The film version of the hit(ler) musical, The Producers
My grandfather Lt. Joachim von Busack was fortunate enough to meet Gen. Heinz Guderian, author of Achtung! Panzer. It was on the Eastern Front in 1942. Granddad was looking a little chopfallen due to his wounds and the 15-below-zero weather. Suddenly, the general entered his bunker. Granddad leapt to attention, but before he could salute, Guderian noted his mood. Clapping him on his remaining shoulder, the general rumbled, "Cheer up, soldier! They'll probably make one of those verdamnt musical comedies out of all this." The Producers is a sick joke that is nearly 40 years old.

The Wannsee meeting is the subject of the film
The Nazis' "Final Solution" began with a top-secret meeting at a magnificent mansion in Wannsee, on the outskirts of Berlin on Jan. 20, 1942. The conferees - 15 men around a large table - agreed to it over a buffet lunch. The meeting is the subject of the HBO film, "Conspiracy," which starred Kenneth Branagh as Reinhard Heydrich and Stanley Tucci as Adolf Eichmann, the man who organized the conference.

The Goebbels Experiment: Enthralling film of excerpts from Goebbels's diaries
Entries are spoken over montages of archival footage that span Goebbels's miserable childhood at the start of the 20th century to his ghastly family suicide in 1945. He loved Germany to death, and he remained a defiant nationalist even as the Allies invaded Berlin. The diary entries the film culls present a man teeming with schadenfreude for all things non-German.

Inside Hitler's Bunker - Unsolved History
In early 1945, Adolf Hitler retreated to an underground bunker and never saw the light of day again. In this lair, he ate, slept, held military briefings and married Eva Braun. 1961-1989 the site was screened from Western eyes by the Berlin Wall. In the 70s, the GDR did a underground survey of the area that almost surely included inspecting Hitler's bunker. In 1990, workers clearing the former Hitler Chancellery area stumbled upon a part of the bunker complex. It turned out to be the 1,500-square-foot underground facility manned by the Chancellery's elite SS drivers. Watch as the team resurrects the past: digitally reconstructing the entire bunker.

Hitler: The Comedy Years
Now, as a rule, the Nazis shouldn't be funny. But, in fact, comedy was quite a handy weapon for the Allies when they were trying to keep up the morale during the dark days of World War II. Since then, everyone from Monty Python to Spike Milligan to Freddie Starr has had a pop at the Third Reich with tongue firmly in cheek. "Hitler: The Comedy Years" would be easy to dismiss it as another talking-head-between-the-clips show, but it is at least aiming to ask a question: "Is there a place for such humour on the comedy circuit?" I think the answer is yes, as long as it doesn't cross the line and offend those who suffered under the Nazis.