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Nazi Photos

Nazi Germany in both black-and-white and color photographs
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

For sale: Sketches of Hitler and Nazi officials by British artist given access to the Nazi Munich HQ called Brown House
Drawings of Hitler and his henchmen sketched in 1931 by a British artist who was allowed into the dictator's lair have emerged. Helen McKie was the only woman allowed to sketch in Hitler's Munich headquarters, called Brown House, and she produced 17 pictures of the top Nazis. Drawn two years before Hitler came to power and 8 years before the start of WW2, the images are a glimpse into the early stages of Nazism. The Brown House became the Nazi HQ on January 1, 1931 and it was named after the colour of the uniforms. The drawings were put into an album and McKie wrote inside: "Sketched in Hitler's Brown House Munich by special permission of Hitler's aide-de-camp Bruelenen - I was the only woman ever allowed to sketch here."

Photo gallery: Women of the Third Reich (LIFE Magazine)
Photo gallery: Women of the Third Reich (LIFE Magazine)

The Face of the Dictatorship: the Third Reich in 3D
A new book released in Germany offers readers a 3D look at Adolf Hitler. "The Face of the Dictatorship: the Third Reich in 3D" contains 100 images of the dictator, originally used as Nazi propaganda. German historian Ralf Georg Reuth selected the photographs - shot by Hitler's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffman - from a collection of 7000 3D images held at the National Library in Munich.

Nazi photo album mystery solved in a few hours
There are many photo albums of Nazi leaders and many photo albums of the Nazis' victims. But it's hard to imagine many albums depicting both, just a few pages apart. At least one does, however, and it has surfaced in New York City. Its creator was able - within weeks - to photograph Hitler as he warred on Russia and also to photograph some of the earliest victims of Operation Barbarossa. As Tuesday dawned, what we knew about an anonymous photo album by a Nazi photographer was only what could be inferred from its 214 pictures. It has now emerged that the photographer was Franz Krieger.

LIFE photographs: Inside a Nazi Christmas Party, 1941
LIFE photographs from a 1941 Nazi Christmas Party. "We cannot accept that a German Christmas tree has anything to do with a crib in a manger in Bethlehem. It is inconceivable for us that Christmas and all its deep soulful content is the product of an oriental religion," stated Nazi propagandist Friedrich Rehm in 1937, in pre-war campaign to take religion out of the holiday and replace it with the pagan Julfest, a Germanic festival of the winter solstice.

German soldier's photo album reveals the devastation at Dunkirk, meeting Hitler and Mussolini
Rare WW2 photographs taken by an unknown German soldier of the beaches of Dunkirk after the evacuation have been discovered. The pictures were taken after 330,000 British and French soldiers - defeated by the Nazis - were rescued by an armada of little ships. The amazing photo album was later seized from a German house as a WW2 keepsake by Corporal Frank Smith. The collection - 200 photographs and postcards - includes pictures of the Nazis surveying a huge pile of rifles left behind, a British warship with a huge hole, the wreckage of downed aircraft, and scores of damaged or abandoned tanks and trucks.

Photographs: Nazis and religion
The following photographs provide a pictorial glimpse of Adolf Hitler, how the Third Reich mixed religion with government, and the support for Hitler by the Protestant and Catholic Churches in Nazi Germany.

Photographs of German Musikkorps - Axis History Forum thread
Photographs of German Musikkorps - thread at the Axis History Forum.

In pictures: Hitler's autobahn dream
Photographs about Nazi autobahn system - with informative captions.

Photographs of postwar Berlin discovered in the archives of a Berlin publishing house
Forgotten for decades, a collection of post-war photographs from 1945 has been unearthed. The images reveal the devastation of the Nazi capital and the desperation of the city in the weeks after the end of World War II. The soldier with the Iron Cross medal on his chest lies in the street. His steel helmet has rolled away. The Soviet soldiers are turning him onto his back and cleaning their weapons. It's a scene from the last days of the World War II, taken somewhere in the center of Berlin. For decades this photograph, along with thousands of others, lay neglected in the archives of a Berlin publishing house.

Colour photographs of Nazi Germany (Life magazine)
Life magazine colour photographs of the Third Reich.

Photos of the noteworthy Third Reich women: Eva Braun, Gretl Braun, Magda Goebbels, Leni Riefenstahl
Photographs of the noteworth women in the Third Reich, including: Eva Braun, Eva Braun's Sister Gretl Braun, Magda Goebbels, Lida Baarova, Emmy Goering, Margarete Himmler, Gertrud Forster, Inge Ley, Winifred Wagner, Leni Riefenstahl, Zarah Leander, Ilse Koch (The Beast of Buchenwald) and Hitler's Secretary Traudl Junge.

Woman finds treasure trove of historic Nazi era photos by Otto Schonstein
When Kim Ciak searched her grandparents' attic to look for her late mother's Elvis Presley bubblegum cards, she instead found photos of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders. The slide-sized photographs belonged to her late grandfather, Julius Dobrzynski, who served in the U.S. Army during the Second World War. The photos were most likely taken by Otto Schonstein, a Nazi sympathizer and a photographer who was in the forefront of a stereoscopic photography.

Collection of photographs from the Third Reich discovered in a Benalmadena bin
The mystery photo horde, thought to be the collection of a former Nazi, was found by a neighbour of the German pensioner when he moved. The collection of black and white images – many showing weddings, social gatherings, as well as pictures of Nazis eating pizza – provide an interesting insight into life under Nazi Germany. The collection – dating back to 1933 – was discovered by a British neighbour of the German called Otto Mack, who lived in Urbanisation Torremuelle. "He grew up in Nazi German and was in the Hitler Youth in 1933. He later on became a soldier, but of what rank I have no idea," said the neighbour.

The only colour photos of the German surrender of World War II on display for the first time 64 years
The only colour photographs of the Nazi surrender of WWII have gone on display for the first time since being taken by a clerk who hid behind a tree. Ronald Playforth captured one of the most historic events of the 20th century after sneaking into a clump of trees overlooking the scene of the Nazi surrender. With his camera, he snapped Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery greeting the highest ranking Nazi officers of the remains of Hitler's Third Reich outside his HQ tent. Although defeated, the never seen before photos - now for sale - show the German officers looking impeccable yet menacing in their overcoats and jackboots.

Hitler Jugend photographs: Several galleries of Hitler Youth related pics
Dozens of Hitler Jugend (HJ, Hitler Youth) related photos. Notice: Two galleries, both featuring several pages.

Color photos of German WWII military personalities thread at Axis History Forum
Color photographs of German World War II military personalities -thread at Axis History Forum.

Images of World War II - Photos German soldiers hid from their Nazi censors
Never before in history was photography such a built-in part of the military machine as it was during WW2. Many photos in Spiegel's photo book "Images of World War II," were only possible because soldiers hid them from Nazi censors. During a meeting of his cabinet in 1933 Adolf Hitler told that the future of Germany dependend on rebuilding the Wehrmacht. He also ordered photographers to begin preparing for the real thing. In 1938 the Wehrmacht began recruiting photographers. There were many taboos: Photos of German soldiers or SS officers killing Jews or partisans also had no chance passing through the censors. But many took forbidden photographs anyway.

Wikipedia gets historical German images: Weimar Republic, colonial era, Third Reich
The German Federal Archives has provided Wikipedia with 100,000 historical images for public access. The images were made available to the Wikimedia Commons page, a database of over 3 million freely available media files. The donated pictures cover periods such as the Weimar Republic, the German colonial era, the Third Reich and Germany after reunification.

Pictures of Leni Riefenstahl's cameraman Hans Ertl surface in Bolivia
A good-looking cameraman is standing on a diving board filming a diver as he jumps. This is just one of the photos of the 1936 Berlin Olympics brought out for the first time - a rare look into how the film Olympia was made. One of the most impressive sports films of all times, it was the part of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels's crusade to show the brilliance of the German Reich. The cameraman is Hans Ertl, the right-hand man and lover of Leni Riefenstahl. "My father knew Hitler well... Leni of course was his true love, he kept repeating this until the last days of his life," recalled his daughter Beatriz, who handed over these stored-away pictures.

Album of the Damned: Snapshots of the Third Reich by Paul Garson - Book review
At first sight, the snapshots seem ordinary: a baby in a carriage, a man reading at the table, two women smiling for the camera. But these dog-eared photos capture everyday life in Nazi Germany. In "Album of the Damned: Snapshots of the Third Reich," pieced by photographer Paul Garson, the baby is wearing his father's Nazi cap, the man is reading Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and the women are in full military uniforms. Garson collected 400 photos, most never seen before, from private collections of old photo albums he bought through online auctions, capturing life on the home front of the Third Reich. Garson's 5-year undertaking cost him $25,000.

Photos from the early days of SA and Nazi Party - thread at Axis History Forum
Axis History Forum thread has pictures from the early days of SA (Sturmabteilung) and NSDAP (Nazi Party, officially National Socialist German Workers' Party). Photographs include: Adolf Hitler and Ernst Röhm at Reichsparteitag 1933. Erich Ludendorff, Hitler and Ernst Röhm at the time of Hitlers trial 1924. Different SA-groups training. Julius Streicher posing...

330 largely-unknown full color images from the world war II
Of the hundreds of thousands of color photographs that were taken by American, British and German photographers during the World War II, many have been forgotten or were never published. A collection of these pictures has now been unearthed and collected by Der Spiegel. "Pictures of the Second World War," published by editor Michael Sontheimer, reveals 330 mostly color photos of the war that have so far not been given their public due. [Flash required to see online selection of photos]

3,000 aerial photographs reveal full destruction by allied bombers
A newly discovered collection of 3,000 aerial photos of Nazi Germany before and during the allied bombing campaign reveals the lost heritage. Experts say a wooden box full of negatives found in Kiel is "spectacular", "unique" and "inventory of 1940s Germany" - revealing how systematic the allied bombing policy was. The pictures, now digitalised, were ordered by the Nazis to help to rebuild German cities once Third Reich had conquered Europe. The photos, taken diagonally with special cameras from low-flying aircraft, offer detailed views of buildings. They focus on Germany's inner cities, which are shown in their full baroque and gothic grandness.

The Auschwitz album: Photos reveal, Auschwitz was not hell for everyone
In June of 1945, after the war with Nazi Germany had ended, a U.S. Army officer coming to Frankfurt was told to search a place to live. He found an abandoned apartment - and an album of photographs. It had 31 pages, and 116 black-and-white pictures, showing Nazi officers: at a picnic, at shooting practice, at a long table with wine bottles and waiters, at a ceremony where the coffins are wrapped with Nazi flags. No photos had ever shown Nazis at leisure at Auschwitz, but in the album Rudolf Hoess appears with Josef Mengele at a retreat called Solahütte, where also were young women - identified as Helferinnen ('helpers') by their Nazi uniforms.

WW2 photos - Military Musem, Gellert Hill Citadel, Budapest, Hungary
Photographs from the military museum located in the World War II bunker inside the Gellert Hill citadel in Budapest, Hungary.

Steve Nicklas acquired 5000 photos of Nazi Germany, Russia's war role
Archaeology professor Steve Nicklas was searching each face, wondering which belonged to a man he knew as "Alex." Nicklas had flown to a country in the former Soviet Union to meet Alex, to discuss Nicklas' interest in buying secret World War II photos that had been locked inside a government building since the end of the war. Alex's government, once a stronghold of the former Soviet Union, was withholding the photos from Germany... Now, Nicklas possesses 5,000 WWII photos: many of them never before published, including several quality pictures of Adolf Hitler and the high ranking nazis.

Photo collection of SS Daggers, Nazi Flags and other German militaria
Collection of World War II memorabilia photographs (86 images), including SS daggers, Hitler Youth german helmets, nazi swastika flags and various firearms.

Nazi reconnaissance photos taken by Luftwaffe before World War II
German reconnaissance photographs of the east coast of the UK taken before World War II have been put on display. The aerial views from Kent to Wick were stolen from a Luftwaffe base by a British commando towards the end of WW2. He kept them hidden before passing them to Archie Hill, who has decided to sell prints. The images were probably used to co-ordinate Luftwaffe bombing missions. The high quality spy pictures, taken from aircraft flying at 15,000ft, could also have helped planning for Operation Sea Lion - the Nazi invasion of Britain which was abandoned as Adolf Hitler turned his attention on the Eastern Front.

2500 WWII photos by German soldiers on the Russian Front online
Original world war II photographs by German soldiers on the eastern front 1941-1945. Over 2500 WWII pictures of Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, POWs, battle tanks...

USHMM pictures of Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler, Gudrun Himmler   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Photographs related to Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler (Margarete Himmler, Gudrun Himmler, in the company of Waffen-SS Armored Division Wiking chief SS-Brigadefuehrer and Major General Felix Steiner, etc) from the photo archives of USHMM.

Angora - Nazi rabbit project by SS chief Heinrich Himmler
The bound volume covered in woven gray wool, titled "Angora," in the Wisconsin Historical Society's collections is chilling. It belonged to Heinrich Himmler, the chief of the SS in Nazi Germany. Himmler's "Angora" album, which he hid in his Alpine villa with his other papers near the end of World War 2, tells the story of the angora rabbit project. Photographs, charts and maps from Heinrich Himmler's "Angora" are now among the 25,000 WHS images that are on its site, and will be featured in an online gallery. The rabbits were raised for their warm fur, which was used for the linings of jackets for Luftwaffe pilots.

A unique photo album from death camp   (Article no longer available from the original source)
As a child, Esther Kramer sometimes awoke to shrieks in the night, and she knew that her mother had brought home another stranger. She knew that the stranger had looked at her mother's photo album - a priceless Holocaust artifact: an album containing photos that a Nazi soldier shot on a single day in the spring of 1944 at the Auschwitz death camp. "The purpose of the album is unclear. It was not intended for propaganda purposes, nor does it have any obvious personal use. One assumes it was prepared as an official reference..."

Photo album of Adolf Hitler's niece Angela "Geli" Raubal for sale
The photo album of Adolf Hitler's niece Angela "Geli" Raubal is up for sale and experts believe it could fetch more than 2,000 pounds. Experts believe many of the 35 intimate photographs were taken by Hitler himself. "Because of Hitler's kinky relationship with his young niece we have had enormous interest".

Auction: Rare Photo Album of SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Manion's International Auction House has recently listed a rare photo album assembled by a witness to one of SS leader Heinrich Himmler's official wartime meetings with the command staff of the feared 2nd SS Panzer Division (Das Reich). The album provides a candid glimpse 'behind the scenes' at one of the Third Reich's most infamous personalities. It includes 38 original black and white photos chronicling the meeting. Himmler is clearly visible in about 90% of the shots. The album even includes a shot of him in a strange and rather jaunty pose, the caption detailing his 'good mood.'

Digitalized color photos - Nazi Art Project now Online
Thousands of colour photographs commissioned by Adolf Hitler are to be released on the internet at, bringing back to life many of Germany’s lost art treasures. Hitler, worried about damage being wrought by Allied bombers, ordered photographers to make records of frescoes in churches and palaces across Germany and occupied Europe. The decision, made after the defeat at Stalingrad in the winter of 1942-43, suggests that Hitler sensed that the war could no longer be won.
(Times Online)