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Nazi Surrender

The day Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender agreement ending World War II for sale
The surrender of the Third Reich was signed in the early hours of May 7, 1945 in the war room of SHAEF in Reims. Representatives of the four Allied Powers faced the 3 German officers delegated by Reich President Karl Dönitz: Alfred Jodl (authorized to sign the surrender document), chief negotiator Hans Georg von Friedeburg and Jodl's aide Friedrich Wilhelm Oxenius. The signature of the French representative was made in the lower margin of the document - allegedly because the Germans did not consider the French as an equal to the Americans, British and Russians (as they had defeated France).

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Last German surrenders -thread in Axis History Forum
So you thought the German Army called it quits on May 7 1945? On orders of Großadmiral Karl Dönitz - Führer in power after Adolf Hitler's suicide on April 30 in his bunker in Berlin - the German High Command signed the unconditional surrender of the German armed forces in Rheims, a performance which was to be repeated a few days later in Berlin to appease Soviets. At that point, the majority of Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS and Volkssturm had surrendered. But in the East, German commanders often refused to comply to the terms of surrender and continued to fight on to get their troops to the West where they could surrender to the American or the British army.

The only colour photos of the German surrender of World War II on display for the first time 64 years
The only colour photographs of the Nazi surrender of WWII have gone on display for the first time since being taken by a clerk who hid behind a tree. Ronald Playforth captured one of the most historic events of the 20th century after sneaking into a clump of trees overlooking the scene of the Nazi surrender. With his camera, he snapped Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery greeting the highest ranking Nazi officers of the remains of Hitler's Third Reich outside his HQ tent. Although defeated, the never seen before photos - now for sale - show the German officers looking impeccable yet menacing in their overcoats and jackboots.

Susan Hibbert: The last British witness to the signing of the Nazi surrender in 1945
Susan Hibbert, a British staff sergeant in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), is believed to have been the last British witness to the signing of the German surrender in May 1945 – a document that she typed up marked the end of the WWII; minutes later she conveyed that to London with the signal: "The mission of this Allied Force was fulfilled at 0241, local time, May 7th, 1945." The surrender took place in a windowless room in a corner of a red-brick schoolhouse, the temporary headquarters of Dwight Eisenhower. American photographer Albert Meserlin, who caught the moment on camera, is believed to be the only other living witness to the Nazi surrender.

VE Day souvenirs, memorabilia can be worth a fortune
It was the shortest of headlines, but today it's worth 200 pounds. The Daily Mirror on May 8, 1945 shouted "VE-DAY!" - and if you still have the paper, you're sitting on a nice profit. 60 years ago the guns fell silent in Europe as the Second World War ended - and now the VE Day collectibles market is booming. The Times's VE Day edition is worth only 100 pounds because back in 1945 the paper had ads on the front page. The day before, the Mirror headline read "Germany Offers Surrender To Soviet, Britain And US". That now sells for 75 pounds and a Daily Mirror from May 2 ("Hitler Dead") should bring in the same.

Victory over Nazi Germany was news worth repeating
In the rush to report first word that Nazi Germany had surrendered, the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle, with complicity from the AP, couldn't say it often enough. Here are excerpts from May 7, 1945: "The war against Germany, the greatest in history, ended today with the unconditional surrender of the once mighty Werhmacht." The problem was that the leaders of the 3 major Allied powers needed time to make simultaneous declarations. But the world could not wait, and neither could the AP, which sent out a dispatch about the surrender, and as a result Allied commanders suspended the AP's filing rights.

The Nazis Surrender - the end of World War II in Europe
May 7, 1945, Alfred Jodl, Chief-of-Staff of the German High Command, signed the unconditional surrender of Nazi German Forces. The next day, officially celebrated as Victory in Europe Day or V-E Day, was marked with widespread celebration. General Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces Europe, gave Victory Order of the Day: "Men and Women of the Allied Expeditionary Force: The crusade on which we embarked in the early summer of 1944 has reached its glorious conclusion. It is my especial privilege, in the name of all nations represented in this Theater of War, to commend each of you for the valiant performance of duty..."

History or hoax: WWII message of Germany's surrender 1945   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Nazi Germany was done. Bombs had devastated its cities, and the revenge-minded Russian infantry was heading into Berlin. It was spring 1945. But how did Harry Truman and other American leaders learn of Germany's surrender? Chuck Loesch summons images to convince skeptics that he is in possession of the first official declaration of Germany's submission. He's selling it on eBay for $100,000. Or trying to. First auction expired without anyone offering his price. He said he planned to try again soon. His first chore is to make believers out of potential bidders, and some historians are making that difficult.

The only Nazi Germany's WWII surrender ticker tape message
The very moment when Nazi Germany had just unconditionally surrendered, the confirmation of that historic moment was forwarded from the European theater of war to the Pentagon-Military Intelligence Division. The method of transfer was by ticker tape. The very first transmission signified the end of the European War which Third Reich had started. Since 1945 only two people have handled the ticker tape. This piece of living history is the first documentation that the war in Europe had ended. This is a tribute to all of the people who fought to defeat the Nazi war machine. This ticker tape, the only one in the world, is now for sale.