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WW2 Photos, Pictures

World War II photographs: Discoveries and WW2 photo collections.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: WWII Photographers, Nazi photos, WW2 Footage, WWII Tanks, WW2 Movies.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include Axis Balkan Campaign, D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, and the Battle of Bulge. In addition to WWII some other time periods include Korean War, American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War. The more complex campaigns like Operation Sea Lion, Invasion of Norway, and Invasion of Japan 1945, include Naval element and handling logistics of supply flow.
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Unseen photographs show the Fuhrer and his Nazi commanders during the years leading up to World War Two
Unseen pictures of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi commanders which were collected by a bodyguard of Rudolf Hess have come to light. The photo albums were assembled between 1932 and 1938 by Ernest Zaske, a member of the SS who was on the personal staff of Hitler's deputy Hess. The pictures include candid photos of Hitler sitting on a small boat, wearing civilian clothes and meeting young children near his Bavarian mountain retreat, the Berghof.

Rare photos reveals how British fields were littered with shot down German planes during the Battle of Britain
Historical images following Battle of Britain reveal extent of downed planes found across the country. Trophy hunters ripped off parts of Nazi aircraft and soldier sat to take pictures following Britain's victory

Rare and Unseen Photos of Hitler and Nazi Rallies Released, Digitized From Glass Negatives
The National Archive has digitized, restored, and released 1,270 photos of Adolf Hitler, originally taken by his personal photographer, Henrich Hoffmann. Most have never been seen before, and range from studio portraits to Nazi rallies. Created from a trove of 41,000 glass negatives, many of which were broken and had to be reassembled, the process has been overseen Richard E. Schneider. The project took around nine months to complete.

Vintage World War II photos show Texas military base preparing for war
Photo Gallery: Vintage World War II photos show Texas military base preparing for war.

24 Disturbing Pictures From The Battle Of Britain
Image gallery - From July to October 1940, Nazi Germany laid siege to the United Kingdom in what is now known as the Battle of Britain. Before the 122-day conflict ceased, over 500 air force pilots and more than 40,000 civilians were killed.

Colorized photos of the Nazis reveal their desperate retreat across Europe
Photo gallery: Colorized photos of the Nazis reveal their desperate retreat across Europe

Rare photos of everyday life in the Third Reich 1933-1945
These photos show how looked `normal` life in Nazi Germany existed from 1933 to 1945.

Pacific War brought to life in colour photos
Horrors of Pacific War brought to life in colour photos: US troops battle Japanese soldiers trained to fight to the death. The Pacific War, triggered by an unexpected Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941, was fought over a vast area that included the Pacific Ocean and islands, the Southwest Pacific, Southeast Asia and China.

Photos: American Nazis in the 1930s - The German American Bund
In the years before the outbreak of World War II, people of German ancestry living abroad were encouraged to form citizens groups to both extol `German virtues,` around the world, and to lobby for causes helpful to Nazi Party goals. In the United States, the Amerikadeutscher Volksbund, or German American Bund, was formed in 1936 as `an organization of patriotic Americans of German stock,` operating about 20 youth and training camps, and eventually growing to a membership in the tens of thousands among 70 regional divisions across the country.

A book from the Imperial War Museum includes rarely seen colour images taken by official photographers
The scarcity of colour film and the high cost of reproducing it in printed publications during the Second World War means that, for most people today, the war is a black and white conflict. But the pictures in the book The Second World War in Colour bring it vividly to life with images that look as if they were taken yesterday – or come from a film set. They range from the Women`s Auxiliary Air Force preparing parachutes for use during the invasion of Europe to shots of troops in training, stationed in Italy and Tunisia, and sightseeing in Greece.

The march of the Nazi war machine: Unseen photographs collected by the Red Baron's cousin
Photographs documenting the devastating rise of the German war machine at the chilling peak of the Third Reich during the Second World War have been unearthed in two albums compiled by high-ranking Nazi Field Marsh Wolfram von Richtofen. Field Marshal Wolfram von Richthofen, who was the cousin of the infamous First World War fighter pilot the Red Baron, was a commanding officer in the German invasion of Russia in July 1941. He documented the devastating Operation Barbarossa in haunting pictures that have never been seen before.

Photo gallery: 10 Surviving Military Relics of World War Two
Photo gallery: 10 Surviving Military Relics of World War Two

Chilling images from SS officer`s photo album reveal the Nazis` rapid rise to power as Hitler basks in the adulation of his supporters
The previously unseen images from an SS officer`s photo album date from 1931 to 1935 and cover the period of the Nazis` rise to power and the first two years of the dictatorship. The disturbing album was recovered by US Army officer Philips Parks Ramsey at the end of the Second World War and had been in his family ever since. His direct descendants have now decided to put it up for auction and it is tipped to sell for £1,500.

There are heaps of WWII junk rusting in Greenland: and the photos are eerily beautiful
Hey America, you forgot a huge pile of junk in the wilderness. Abandoned by the US Air Force in 1947, Bluie East Two is one of several World War II and Cold War installations left to crumble in Greenland after the military lost interest in maintaining them. "Bluie" was military code for Greenland during the war with Germany. Bluie East Two was one of three aircraft bases maintained on the Danish territory in North America as part of the US Atlantic defense scheme of the period. Landscape photographer Ken Bower traveled to Bluie East Two to shoot the hulks of rusted equipment, aviation-fuel barrels, and collapsed buildings still strewn across the earth at the lip of great fjord. He said he hopes his images bring attention to the problem, along with a petition to clean up the site he's circulated in hopes of catching the White House's attention. Here is what he saw.

Rare Photos Show World War II From the Soviet Side
Most of the best-known Soviet images from the war were used as propaganda, to glorify the victories of the Red Army. Often they were staged. Mr. Faminsky`s images are for the most part unvarnished and do not glorify war, Arthur Bondar, 33, said, but focused on the human cost and `the real life of ordinary soldiers and people.`

Russian artist Olga Shirnina (also known as klimbim) colors archive images of Soviet heroes
World War II heroes now in color. Russian artist Olga Shirnina (also known as 'klimbim') colors archive images of Soviet heroes.

Unseen photos of Europe after World War II
These color images, taken by photographer David Seymour in 1947, trace the route that the Allied forces took as they drove toward Berlin during World War II.

37 beautiful, sad but touching colourised images of WWII
37 beautiful, sad but touching colourised images of WWII

200 Ansel Adams Photographs Expose the Rigors of Life in Japanese Internment Camps During WW II
200 Ansel Adams Photographs Expose the Rigors of Life in Japanese Internment Camps During WW II.

Rare photographs of Nazi-occupied Poland
Rare Pictures of Nazi-occupied Poland during Holocaust.

Photos: The Italian campaign and the road to Rome 1944
Photo gallery: The Italian campaign and the road to Rome 1944.

Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive releases 160,000 WWII photos online
What you can see in this website is a unique collection of photographs from the Wartime Photograph Archives ("SA-kuva-arkisto" in Finnish). It contains 160,000 photographs from Finland's Winter War, Continuation War and Lapland War. Most of the pictures were taken by Information Company (IC) photographers. Only the tones of the digitalised photographs have been slightly enhanced, otherwise the pictures are displayed in their original state.

Photos from the American WWII North African Campaign, 1943
Photos from the American WWII North African Campaign, 1943

Photographs from the Nazi-occupied Poland, 1939-1940
Why would Hugo Jaeger, a photographer dedicated to lionizing Hitler and the "triumphs" of the Third Reich, choose to immortalize conquered Jews in Warsaw and Kutno (a small town in Poland) in such an uncharacteristic, intimate manner? Most German photographers working in the same era as Jaeger focused on the Wehrmacht; on Nazi leaders; and on the military victories the Reich was enjoying in the earliest days of the World War II. The photographs that Jaeger made in the German ghettos in occupied Poland convey almost nothing of the triumphalism seen in so many of his other photographs. Here there is virtually no German military presence at all. We see the devastation in the landscape of the German invasion of Poland, but very little of the `master race` itself.

Before and after D-Day - Rare color photographs by Life
Before and after D-Day - Rare color photographs by Life

Photographs from the Great Tokyo Air Raid - By dawn more than 100,000 people were dead
On a clear night in March 1945, more than 300 U.S. B-29 bombers launched one of the most devastating air raids in military history. By dawn, more than 100,000 people were dead, a million were homeless, and 40 square kilometers of Tokyo were burned to the ground. More people were killed in the Tokyo firebombing of March 9-10 than in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet it remains one of the forgotten horrors of the Second World War. 700 recently discovered photos of the attack and its aftermath are now on display at a small museum in Tokyo.

Vintage color WWII photos from Corpus Christi Air Base
Color World War Two photographs from Corpus Christi Air Base.

Photo gallery: U.S. Army desert training with general George Patton (16 pics)
Photo gallery: U.S. Army desert training with general George Patton (16 pictures).

Allied Air Power in color photographs
Allied Air Power in color photographs (40 photos).

WWII photos show American soldiers' fight for survival in brutal Battle of Saipan in 1944
It is the little-known WWII battle that claimed the lives of thousands of Americans. But now black-and-white photographs, captured by photographer W. Eugene Smith, show the horrors for the U.S. soldiers fighting against Japanese forces on the Mariana Island of Saipan in 1944. The battle that claimed the lives of 22,000 Japanese civilians - many by suicide - and nearly all 30,000 Japanese troops on the island. Of the 71,000 American troops who landed on Saipan, 3,426 perished, while 13,000 were wounded. The battle was a turning point for the American battle against Japan's forces. The Japanese situation became so desperate that commanders pleaded with civilians to 'pick up their spears' and join the fight.

Battle of the Bulge photos offer never-before-seen look at the war-weary soldiers fighting off the last major Nazi offensive
New photographs, including several vivid full-color images, offer a never-before-seen look at the war-weary soldiers in the Battle of the Bulge who fought through the frozen Ardennes Forest in Belgium in the dead of winter. They show soldiers on both sides battling the frigid weather as they fought each other during Nazi Germany's last-ditch effort to drive back Allied forces between December 1944 and January 1945. The pictures were released by Life Magazine on the 67th anniversary of the start of the grueling battle.

45 photographs: Battle of Midway and the Aleutian Campaign
45 photographs: Battle of Midway and the Aleutian Campaign,

Favorite Waffen-SS or Heer photo thread on the Axis History Forum
Favorite Waffen-SS or Heer photograph thread on the Axis History Forum.

Singapore 1941 in color photographs (Axis History forum thread)
Singapore 1941 in color photographs (Thread in the Axis History forum).

WWII Eastern Front in 45 photographs
World war II Eastern Front in 45 photographs.

WWII Photos: Women at War - From combat to film makers
Amazing collection of World War II Photographs: Women at War.

Wikimedia uploads previously unpublished WWII photographs released by Russian International News Agency
As part of a joint effort by Russian International News Agency and Wikimedia, the two organisations are releasing hundreds of never-before-published photographs from the Second World War. The photographs show the full swath of the war on Russia, from Soviet IL-2 combat aircraft, to German POWs, to Russian citizens running for cover during an air raid. RIA Novosti is releasing the images under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 3.0) as part of what they call the Eternal Values Project to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the News Agency.

Photos: School that hasn't been touched since students were shipped to Nazi camps in 1942
Photographs: School building that has not been touched since students were sent to Nazi camps in 1942.

WWII photo gallery: Conflict Spreads Around the Globe (45 pics)
World War II photo gallery: Conflict Spreads Around the Globe.

Colour photo gallery: London during WWII (16 photos)
Colour photo gallery: London during the Second World War.

Axis Invasions and the Fall of France in 45 photographs
Axis Invasions and the Fall of France in 45 photographs.

WWII photographs of Allied bomber crews at work
Life magazine has an online gallery, which features 40 World War II photographs of Allied bomber crews at work.

Third Reich Color pictures blog
This blog features color photographs from the Third Reich, including both frontline images and portraits.

Photos of German horse-drawn wagons -- Axis History forum thread
Nazi propaganda worked hard to depict the German war machine as a modern motorized fighting force. In reality, however, most of the Wehrmacht units advanced by marching, aided by horse-drawn wagons. The photographs featured in this Axis History forum thread reveal the make-shift nature of the warfare during the Second World War.

Female Auxiliary Photographs -thread at Axis History Forum
Over 30 pages long Axis History Forum thread about World War II Female Auxiliary Photographs and discussion about their uniforms and service.

Rasputitsa: Photos of German WWII tanks and vehicles sunk in the mud - Axis History forum thread
The term 'rasputitsa' means the period (in the spring and in the fall) when unpaved roads become difficult or impossible to travel on in some parts of the Eastern Europe. The Wehrmacht, used to the great road networks of Germany and France, was completely unaware about the endless mud which stopped the tanks, trucks, motorcycles and other military vehicles on the spot, making any large scale operations impossible. This Axis History Forum -thread features dozes and dozes of WWII photographs about the topic.

WWII photographs: French Resistance fighters executing Nazi collaborators
After Paris was liberated from Nazi occupation in 1944, LIFE photographer Carl Mydans and correspondent John Osborne saw a grim activity took place near the town of Grenoble in the foothills of the French Alps. A group of Resistance fighters (known as Maquis) gathered to execute a half-dozen Nazi collaborators who had collaborated with the hated and feared Milice - the Vichy police.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) in photographs
The Royal Air Force (RAF) in photographs.

Russian photographer mixing old WWII photographs with new perspective-matching photos
Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov took some old World War II photographs and combined them with new perspective-matching pictures. The result are a series of time portals that help us contextualize the war into the current reality. The technique is simple, but clever, giving eerie results. In one WW2 photo Georgy Zhukov - the Marshal of the Soviet Union - is looking at the camera standing on the stairs of the Reichstag, surrounded by some of his lieutenants and a group of tourists.

WW2 photographs: Life in Washington D.C. during the Second World War
1939-1944 photographers of the Farm Security Administration and the Office of War Information chronicled life in the United States. These photographs depict life in the District during the Second World War.

Nazis photographed damaged historical buildings in Italy to depict Allies as cultural barbarians
As the Allies advanced northward through Italy during World War II, the Nazis photographed the ruins of historical buildings and damaged artwork to show that Allies were cultural barbarians. The pictures emerged 10 years ago, when Ralf Peters discovered an old box full of photographs in a cabinet at the Central Institute of Art History in Munich. Inside the box were 600 undated WWII black-and-white images - disorganized and appearing on no inventory lists. The images - which offer a unique look at Nazi propaganda - were of burned out residences, destroyed monuments and crumbled palaces in Italy.

Photographs of Manuel Bromberg - Images taken on the beaches of Normandy
The images which have defined the visual memory of the D-Day invasion are the 11 surviving negatives taken by Robert Capa on June 6, 1944. But there are other photographs taken on the beaches of Normandy that are almost completely unknown. Manuel Bromberg waded ashore and onto Omaha beach in June, 1944. Like the other soldiers he had an M-1 carbine. But unlike the other GIs he carried a Leica camera. Bromberg was one of a select few, a member of the almost forgotten US War Artist's Unit. His task was, in part, to cover the D-Day invasion. His use of the camera is different from Capa's adrenaline stoked photos.

Unseen photographs of Battle of Britain heroes off-duty at Duxford Imperial War Museum
70 years on, their vitality still leaps out at you. Leaning and sitting casually on the wing of a Spitfire, hair in disarray and eyes bright, these young men were 7 of the bravest who took to the skies in the Battle of Britain. Poignantly, though, 3 of the heroes posing here did not survive the war. Brian Lane - an ace with 6 kills - was granted the DFC for his bravery, but he was shot down in 1942 over the North Sea. The photos in a new exhibition at Duxford Imperial War Museum reveal how the bravery of The Few was camouflaged behind a casual 'mustn't grumble' demeanour.

110 World War II photographs from the Pacific theater
110 WWII photos from the Pacific, including: A picture, taken by a Japanese photographer, shows how U.S. ships are clustered together before the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor -- Wreckage of a Japanese torpedo plane salvaged from the bottom of Pearl Harbor -- A B-25 Mitchell bomber takes off from the USS Hornet for the air raid on Tokyo -- General Douglas MacArthur pushing through New Guinea jungles in a jeep -- U.S. Marines stand beside their tank on Guadalcanal -- A Marine's tank crew take a rest, overhauling their machine guns -- Navajo Indians, of the 158th U.S. Infantry, on a beach in the Solomon Islands.

The only WASP pilot with camera - Slideshow of colour photographs of WWII female pilots
It's hard not to want to ask questions as you browse Lillian Yonally's World War II-era color photos of American female pilots in uniform. Female pilots in World War II? In color? What was their story? Yonally was one of the young women in the Women Airforce Service Pilots, a military program that trained civilian volunteers to fly planes so men could be sent to overseas for combat duty. Yonally shot the photos from 1943-1944 at Avenger Field where she trained, and Camp Irwin in California, where she would tow targets so gunners on the ground could practice shooting with live ammunition.

World War II photographs from the USSR
World War Two-era photographs from the Soviet Union.

Interesting World War II photos on eBay -thread in Axis History Forum
Interesting World War II photographs on eBay -thread in Axis History Forum.

Archive of secret World war II aerial photos goes online
Craters surround a Nazi doodlebug (V1) factory in an image showing the devastation wreaked by an Allied bombing raid. The date is Sept 2, 1944 and the place Peenemunde, where the Nazi wonder weapons Adolf Hitler hoped would win the war were designed. The image comes from an archive of aerial photographs snapped by daring pilots (flying as low as 50ft) during secret recon missions. Other pics reveal the human suffering, including rare shots of a Nazi slave labour camp and of the Colditz POW camp. Until now the Aerial Reconnaissance Archives (TARA) have been kept behind closed doors. Visit online archive:

How Detroit's factories won the World War Two [photos]
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wasn't the first to call America - and specifically Detroit - "The Arsenal of Democracy," but he popularized the phrase during his "fireside chats." And for once, political rhetoric didn't outdo reality: During the 1940s, Detroit's factories went from manufacturing cars to building battle tanks, aircraft, army trucks, military supplies - in short, arming U.S. forces for combat in World War Two.

120 photographs of WWII submarine Vesikko - The prototype of German Type II U-boat
Vesikko was a submarine of the Finnish Navy in World War Two. Built in 1933 in Turku, it served as a prototype (CV-707) for German Type II U-boats. 1933-1934 the German Navy carried out trials with the sub in the Turku Archipelago. In 1936, the Finnish Navy bought it. Vesikko saw service during WWII, patrolling the Gulf of Finland during the Winter War against the Soviet Baltic Fleet. During the Continuation War, Vesikko continued her patrolling career but there were few targets due to huge minefields laid by Finnish and Germans forces on the Gulf of Finland, which blocked the Soviet ships in their ports. In 3 July 1941, Vesikko torpedoed Soviet merchant ship Vyborg.

Images of World War II - Photos German soldiers hid from their Nazi censors
Never before in history was photography such a built-in part of the military machine as it was during WW2. Many photos in Spiegel's photo book "Images of World War II," were only possible because soldiers hid them from Nazi censors. During a meeting of his cabinet in 1933 Adolf Hitler told that the future of Germany dependend on rebuilding the Wehrmacht. He also ordered photographers to begin preparing for the real thing. In 1938 the Wehrmacht began recruiting photographers. There were many taboos: Photos of German soldiers or SS officers killing Jews or partisans also had no chance passing through the censors. But many took forbidden photographs anyway.

Bringing hidden World War II photographs to the masses
The National Museum of Health and Medicine is bringing its dramatic photographic history of medicine to the public by scanning its images and uploading them to Flickr. We've picked out some from the Second World War collection here, including the X-ray of a fatal bullet wound and a flyer warning against venereal disease. This campaign to bring publicly owned pictures to light has already yielded a curated collection of 800 images, and a half million more have been scanned so far.

Secret footage shows American troops practising D-Day invasion [video clip, still pics]
A Sherman tank rolls ashore while behind it soldiers step through the waves holding their rifles. But for the seaside guesthouses in the distance it could be a view from the D-Day landings. In fact, the pictures show American troops practicing for the amphibious invasion of Normandy on beaches in North Devon. They are stills from footage (shot October 1943 - June 1944) that has not been seen since WW2. The film also shows Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower visiting the troops in 1944, a few weeks before the D-Day. The collection of 10-minute reels have collected dust in a National Archive in Baltimore since the end of the world war 2.

Rare collection of WW2 pictures go on sale for Bomber Command appeal
A collection of previously unpublished pics by war photographer Charles Brown is to be reproduced for the first time to raise money for the Bomber Command Memorial Appeal. The photos capture the essence of the RAF, ranging from images of airmen on operations to ground crew hard at work on maintenance and female WRAF drivers delivering bombs to aircraft. The collection will include 24 black and white images, by the RAF Museum in Hendon, available to buy as prints, postcards and greetings cards, with proceeds going to the 2m pounds appeal to set up a national memorial to the 55,000 airmen who died serving with Bomber Command.

Photographs: World War II battlegrounds then and now
This long thread at Axis History Forum has dozens of then-and-now pictures of WWII related places, sceneries and battle scenes.

Luftwaffe ground force in photographs - thread at Axis History Forum
Some nice pictures of Fallschirmjägers and men of the Luftwaffe Field Divisions at Axis History Forum thread.

Aryeh Yaakobi WWII aerial photographer for US air force [photos]
In this article we go through the photo albums of Aryeh Yaakobi, who served as an aerial photographer in the US army during the Second World War. He photographed the sights of bombarded Europe and printed the photos at the American air force's labs in England.

330 largely-unknown full color images from the world war II
Of the hundreds of thousands of color photographs that were taken by American, British and German photographers during the World War II, many have been forgotten or were never published. A collection of these pictures has now been unearthed and collected by Der Spiegel. "Pictures of the Second World War," published by editor Michael Sontheimer, reveals 330 mostly color photos of the war that have so far not been given their public due. [Flash required to see online selection of photos]

The Planes of Fame Air Show in Chino, CA - Photos of vintage warbirds
The Planes of Fame Air Show in Chino, CA was a great chance to get my fill of World War II vintage warbirds. Many different types of fighters and bombers were flying for the show including: P-51s, P-40s, P-38s, F4Us, Zeros, Val, Spitfire, Hellcat, Wildcat, Firefly, Bearcat, Fury, B-25s, and a B-17. As a bonus, there was a World War II ground reenactment (complete with battle tanks and halftracks) which provided the icing on the cake.
(Bernard Zee)

The Aerial Reconnaissance Archive, known as Tara, moved to Scotland
The Aerial Reconnaissance Archive - One of the world's biggest collections of aerial photography - contains over 10 million photos, most taken by World War II surveillance aircraft. It is being moved from Keele University to the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) in Edinburgh. It is hoped much of the archive will be made available to the public online. The majority of the Tara archive comes from the Allied Central Interpretation Unit (ACIU), which was based at Medmenham in Buckinghamshire and was the HQ of WWII photographic intelligence.

WW2 photos - Military Musem, Gellert Hill Citadel, Budapest, Hungary
Photographs from the military museum located in the World War II bunker inside the Gellert Hill citadel in Budapest, Hungary.

Collector sues museum over World War II-era photographs
Rodney Hilton Brown has sued the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, claiming it lost several of his WWII-era photos, worth $175,000, part of the WW2 memorabilia that he lent to the museum. 8 of 52 pics were missing when the museum returned collection, including the shot of marines raising Old Glory on Mount Suribachi. The museum's president Bill White said: "We are surprised and disappointed to hear of the filing of this lawsuit." The museum used its limited resources to honor the military members. "This unfortunate action detracts from our carrying out this ... national mission."

Photos from D-Day Ohio : World War II Reenactment of Omaha Beach
For the last 7 years the little town of Conneaut Ohio presents a WWII reenactment of Omaha Beach. They have re-enactors board actual landing craft (post WWII) and attack from Lake Erie, cross the beach, and head up a steep bank occupied by Germans. For the World War II historian it may seem a bit ridiculous but for the couple thousand people that show up it’s a good living history demonstration. There weren’t many veterans in attendance, maybe a dozen, but I did get to shake a few hands and hear a few good stories. For those that collect, there is also a memorabilia fair set up.

2500 WWII photos by German soldiers on the Russian Front online
Original world war II photographs by German soldiers on the eastern front 1941-1945. Over 2500 WWII pictures of Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, POWs, battle tanks...

40 picture albums - The expeditions of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
More than 40 picture albums about the expeditions of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry have been moved to a new home in the new multi-million pound Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office in Chippenham. John D'Arcy said: "This collection is very comprehensive and has survived astonishingly well. The photographs cover most of the military exercises and manoeuvres through the Boer War and all the way to modern day. For me, the highlight of the albums is the documentation of the Yeomanry's WWII campaign in El Alamein." One of the more unusual items in the collection is an 1871 handbook on sword exercises.

WWII-era photos frequently poorly documented
Gruesome Holocaust photos are often poorly documented, providing ammunition to historical revisionists. The Buchenwald Memorial is doing something about it. "A picture would be attributed to Buchenwald one time, to Dachau another time, and then to Nordhausen." Images are scattered across the globe and the photographers are unknown or dead. The photos are often only scantily labelled and wrong attributions are taken at face value. 6 years ago, an exhibition on the German army in WWII called "The Crimes of the Wehrmacht" had to be reworked after historians discovered serious errors in the captions of several images.

A soldier’s WWII scrapbook of photos
The negatives stayed in the cigar box after Captain Michael Di Maio returned from World War 2, stored his Army uniform and put away his $5 camera. It wasn’t until 50 years later that he turned his attention to the photos he never printed. They depict the beginning of the end of the war: from the D-Day invasion to the defeat of the Nazis. The photos even capture world-famous figures of the era since Di Maio was around for wartime visits by Generals Dwight D. Eisenhower and George S. Patton Jr. and Ingrid Bergman. The collection is so artistic that more than 40 of his photographs are on display in "Through the Eyes of a Soldier" - exhibit.

Early color photos vivify World War II era
For those too young to have lived through them, it can feel like the Depression and World War II happened in black and white. The Library of Congress has 1,600 color images covering both periods, and it's exhibiting 70 of them as digital prints at the Thomas Jefferson Building, through Jan. 21. All of the color photos - and over 160,000 black-and-white images - can be viewed on the library's Web site, at

Digitalized color photos - Nazi Art Project now Online
Thousands of colour photographs commissioned by Adolf Hitler are to be released on the internet at, bringing back to life many of Germany’s lost art treasures. Hitler, worried about damage being wrought by Allied bombers, ordered photographers to make records of frescoes in churches and palaces across Germany and occupied Europe. The decision, made after the defeat at Stalingrad in the winter of 1942-43, suggests that Hitler sensed that the war could no longer be won.
(Times Online)