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WWII Reenactment & Reenactors: Living History

WWII Reenactment and Reenactors: Living History.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: U.S. Army & Nazi Uniforms, WWII and Nazi Memorabilia, Trouble with SS Uniforms, Battlefield Tours, D-Day reenactments.

Playing World War II: Photographing an Ultra-Realistic semi-live fire Reenactment
Have you ever wondered what World War II was like? Last month I got a little closer. I was one of three photographers invited to cover a semi-live fire reenactment. There were times everything looked very real and other times it looked like a bunch of older kids in the woods playing war. The event is called `Weldonkrieg` and is a private WWII tactical battle weekend. Since the event is private and has the permission of the US Army Reserve Training station in Weldon Spring, MO they can engage in a semi-real battle using movie-blanks for ammunition.

Photos: D-Day landings re-enacted by historical buffs on the shores of Eastern Europe
These vivid images show the desperate invasion of Omaha Beach in Normandy re-enacted by hundreds of historical enthusiasts. The landings were recreated at Hel D-Day festival in Poland, which lasts a week and features professional actors as well as amateurs.

Classic turn-based strategy games: Conflict-Series
If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series for Android. Some of the WWII Campaigns include Axis Balkan Campaign, D-Day 1944, Operation Barbarossa, France 1940, Kursk 1943, Market Garden, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Rommel's North African campaign, and the Battle of Bulge. In addition to WWII some other time periods include Korean War, American Civil War, First World War and American Revolutionary War. The more complex campaigns like Operation Sea Lion, Invasion of Norway, and Invasion of Japan 1945, include Naval element and handling logistics of supply flow.
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Photos: Hundreds descend on Belgian forest to recreate one of the U.S. Army's bloodiest encounters with Nazi forces
Hundreds of people have braved snowy weather and blustery conditions to recreate one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of the Second World War. American and Belgian nationals gathered in the Ardennes region of Belgium yesterday to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, one of the U.S. Army's bloodiest encounters with Nazi forces. People young and old donned period U.S. Army uniforms for the re-enactment of the battle, which was fought for nearly six weeks from December 16, 1944.

Photos: 2013 Bastogne Historic Walk
Photos: 2013 Bastogne Historic Walk

In pictures: Vivid WWII re-enactments caught on camera
In pictures: Vivid World War II re-enactments caught on camera.

Photos from the Ohio World War II reenactment of D-Day landings
With guns firing, men falling to the ground and a WWII bomber plane flying overhead of a crunching 1944 tank, thousands in flip-flops and tank tops caught sight of the largest annual D-Day re-enactment in the U.S. in Conneaut, Ohio. Dubbed the "most realistic and educational annual re-enactment of D-Day" that was first started by a small group of enthusiasts in 1999, the event on Lake Erie's shore has boomed to over 750 participants. Audience members cross state lines to play witness to the one-hour battle on August 17-18 that's complete with exploding blood packets and authentic military vehicles delivering the reentactors to the scene.

World War II re-enactors plan encampment on Long Island
Modern suburbia has rarely been mistaken for the French countryside of the 1940s, but that's exactly what organizers envision when dozens of WWII enthusiasts, armed with tanks and howitzers, invade a county park on Long Island for a weekend World War II re-enactment camp. Participants strive for as much accuracy as possible while at the encampments, explains Robert Scarabino, who serves as a fictional Army captain while on "maneuvers." "It's all part of the commitment, right down to the rations we eat and the canteens we drink out of. This is what our troops had to eat when they were fighting in Europe, so this is what we eat today."

Photos: History buffs re-enact liberation of Mons, Belgium, in World War II
Photographs: World War II history buffs re-enact liberation of Mons, Belgium.

Reliving D-Day, with paintballs and referees
Thousands of people traveled to a field near Jim Thorpe, Pa., to re-create one of the most famous battles in history: D-Day, the invasion of Normandy. But with live ammunition - paintballs - and no predetermined winner, it wasn't a typical re-enactment. In the paintball world, the invasion of Normandy isn't just an event, it's the event.

Photo gallery: WWII re-enactment at the Sully Historic Site in Chantilly
World War II re-enactment photographs from the Sully Historic Site in Chantilly.

D-Day marked with massive 3,000-person paintball battle in Oklahoma
In one of the largest paintball games in the world, 3,000 people in Oklahoma will re-enact the events of June 6, 1944, D-Day. There's an Allied side and a German side, and even the French Resistance, but it's not just a paintball free-for-all. Allied Forces and the Third Reich will compete to achieve certain goals based on the many individual battles that took place 67 years ago. There even are mock tanks rumbling around and pyrotechnics exploding. The first version of Oklahoma D-Day pulled in 135 players, recalls Dwayne Convirs, who created the event in 1997 to honor his grandfather, Enos Armstrong, a combat engineer who fought his way through Europe after landing in Normandy on D-Day.

Common sense wins: British WWII re-enactment features also the German side, despite threats to ban Nazi uniforms (photos)
Ten thousand people gathered to see one of the year's most spectacular WWII reenactment - despite threats to ban the German side of the conflict. Organizers considered banning Nazi uniforms at the last minute, to avoid offending Holocaust survivors. The threat came following complaints in previous years about people turning up wearing SS uniforms and German WW2 memorabilia, a jeep arriving with a swastika flag and one man impersonating Luftwaffe boss Herman Goering. Fortunately, both sides of the war were fully represented in the combat reenactment of the 1939-1945 conflict, organised by the East Lancashire Railway.

American reenactor befriends German WWII veteran: He lets me know if I'm wearing something incorrectly
A WWII re-enactor has found a friend who actually served in the German armed forces during World War Two. Jason Mixell met Gustau Rewwer in 2010 when he was setting up a display of German militaria. The two got acquainted and later Mixell even took Rewwer to a re-enactment of the Battle of the Bulge.

When Rewwer saw Mixell in the German army uniform, he was shocked: "I was dumbfounded. I was right back in the military again, 70 years ago. What amazes me is that he has such interest in it."

Mixell said he was learning a lot from the Luftwaffe veteran: "I try to take him with me as much as I can. He's teaching me how to learn German and he helps with my uniform. He lets me know if I'm wearing something incorrectly. This is living history."


250 photos from WWII Battle of the Bulge Reenactment at Fort Indiantown Gap
250 photographs from the annual Battle of the Bulge World War II Reenactment at Fort Indiantown Gap.

Medfield High School students, trained by professional reenactors, shot 10-minute WWII-era short film
Medfield High School students, trained by professional WWII reenactors, shot World War II-era short film "Someday", proving amateur filmmakers don't need expensive gear to capture good footage. The 10-minute film is now available on YouTube.

World War II re-enactors: Living history teachers who strive to be authentic
300 re-enactors at the Eisenhower National Historic Site portray WWII military personnel. There's a difference between Civil War and WWII re-enacting, explains Bob Abraham: "Civil War re-enacting is a family oriented and spectator event... it's a weekend camp-out experience with the family. WWII is a non-spectator event where one hears talks by veterans and plays some tactical war games." Unlike their Civil War counterparts, WWII re-enactors can find original military uniforms and firearms, "The kids who served in WWII were smaller and younger than today's re-enactors. Finding and fitting into an original uniform is not easy."

Weekend with WWII reenactors: There's more to reenacting than just "walking about looking good"
I'm thinking - "What have I got myself into?" - as I crawl along the ground with my rifle in WWII uniform - and an officer yells orders in German. I'm falling behind the rest of the squad. "Das ist scheisse!" shouts the officer, and even with my limited German, I know what he means. I'm spending the weekend with Axis WWII re-enactors "Battle Group South". I had thought re-enacting would involve wearing a period military uniform. Battle Group South takes physical fitness seriously (members do a 2-day training course twice a year) and this desire to "get it right" also includes the uniforms and equipment - whether they are originals or replicas.

Massive collection of WWII reenactment photos - Thread at Axis History Forum
Massive collection of World War II re-enactment photographs - thread at Axis History Forum.

Blitz Party: London partygoers reliving spirit of the Blitz every month
London's party people are wearing grandmother's floral dresses, World War II uniforms and heading to the air raid shelters for evenings of swing music and other Blitz nostalgia. Held every 4-5 weeks at different venues, Blitz Party is a 1940s evening with community spirit, where people can escape the drab safety of the modern world for a time when Londoners defied Hitler's Luftwaffe from behind the blackout curtains. "This seems to have hit the ticket. They are looking for something a little bit more interesting and inclusive," said Blitz Party founder Mark Holdstock. []

The village of Whitehouse sets up their first WWII re-enactment, aimed at educating public
Sweating bullets beneath the blazing sun, Matthew Glover, a 17-year-old World War II buff, was gunning for the Germans. He and dozens of other reenactors took part in a WWII re-enactment in Whitehouse. "When we're doing this out in public, the Americans always win," explained Mark Pacholski of South Toledo, a member of the WWII Historical Re-enactment Society. He is the leader in this part of Ohio of the 5th Gebirgsjager, 2nd Kompanie, 100th Regiment of the World War II German Mountain Troops. His display of WWII militaria included a Luger pistol, a machine pistol, field flask, mess kit, poncho, and steel helmet.

Battle of the Bulge re-enactments draw history buffs to Fort Indiantown Gap
The gunfire echoed as soldiers in American and German uniform fell to the ground. Because there was no blood to mark the wounded, viewers at the two re-enactments of the Battle of the Bulge had to spot whose helmet was on the ground (the signal that a soldier had been wounded). The battle, now marking the 65th anniversary of the last major Nazi offensive against the Allies, is held each year by the Allied and Axis Living Historians of the World War II Federation. The re-enactment group also set up a felduche (field kitchen) and German field hospital - and vendors were on site to sell WWII and German militaria.

Offensive? Re-enactors dressing up as the Nazi bodyguards of Adolf Hitler
Historical re-enactors wearing Nazi uniforms have been labeled ignorant and offensive by the RSA (Returned Services Association) in NZ. The photos show some re-enactors dressed in full SS uniform with swastika armbands and Nazi banners hanging on the wall. The Military Re-enactment Society portrays army units from different countries, including the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH), an elite division of the Waffen SS. Dressing as German soldiers for World War II battle re-enactments is common, but most groups do not wear Nazi regalia. Steve Goodman, of the re-enactment society, is taking legal action against the person who had been spreading defamatory information.

World War II military re-enactors take pride in getting the details right
Standing by his Harley Pete Cuthbertson smiled like a proud papa as a soldiers came forward to fawn over his vintage motorcycle. Not wanting to cut any historical corners, he equipped the 1943 military police bike with all the right accessories, from a leather satchel to a fully loaded cloth tool kit. And it wasn't just his motorcycle: He wore an authentic WW2 uniform, vintage boots, and a khaki hat. "It's honoring the memory of the people before them. They are creating the atmosphere of how it was," Sgt. Thomas DeMoss said of military re-enactors. "The WW2 is my hobby. I like history. I probably have enough uniforms for 50 people," said Van den Driessche.

WWII re-enactment outside Le Center: More pyro, more tanks, more actors
War may be hell, but its re-enactment is fun. That's the aim of Jeff Traxler, who is recreating the "war-stravaganza" he staged in 2008 outside Le Center. "We're going to have more pyro, more tanks," Traxler said of the Living Military History Day spectacle, that last year included a simulated WW2 battle with explosions, machine guns, armored vehicles, planes and over 100 soldier re-enactors. Traxler, a military history buff who has traveled to Europe several times to tour WWII battlefields, is using 40 people to stage the event, hoping to attract 3,000 visitors. [Event website]

Living history - Visitors step back to the 1940s home front
The sounds of swing music and bombs exploding filled Brewhouse Yard as life in the 1940s was re-enacted. The nostalgic 1940s Knees-Up event was held for the ninth May Day running at The Museum of Nottingham Life. Over 1,000 people came - including uniformed war veterans, costumed entertainers, families and 1940s enthusiasts dressed in vintage clothes. Neil and Sandra Pope - dressed in vintage outfits - went to the event in their 1935 Austin 12. As well as many original cars, visitors could also see military vehicles from World War II - And meet real heroes and heroines from the conflict.

Battle for Stalingrad WW2 reenactment at Fort Harrison, March 6-8
Experience one of the major turning points of the Second World War as Fort Harrison State Park in Indianapolis hosts a Battle for Stalingrad re-enactment and exhibit, March 6 — 8. The event features a living-history encampment including both German and Soviet field camps. Visitors to the event will see how each camp was set up during WW2 and can meet both groups of re-enactors.

Thousands watch Leningrad siege re-enactment
Gunfire echoed and tank shells boomed in a snowy field outside St. Petersburg as hundreds re-enacted the Second World War battle that ended the Siege of Leningrad marking the battle's 65th anniversary. The re-enactment replicated Marshal Georgy Zhukov's offensive of Jan. 27, 1944. 4,000 spectators, including survivors of the 900-day Nazi blockade, gathered near the village of Nikolskoye to see the re-enactment. The 350 re-enactors, dressed in Red Army and Wehrmacht uniforms staged a mock battle that turned the snow black with gun powder and smoke. The main aim was educational, said WW2 veteran Mikhail Kurykin.

Children of former WWII POWs re-enact their fathers' 1945 forced march
At the beginning of 1945, the Soviet Red Army was massing 2 million men and 4,500 tanks in Poland for the attack that would take them to the steps of the Reichstag in Berlin. The Wehrmacht was enrolling young boys and old men. In far Eastern Germany 10,000 Allied airmen, including Capt. Edward Bender, were living on meager rations of soup. Life in Stalag Luft III at Sagan was a routine of cold days and nights where information of Allied advances was passed by word of mouth from those who heard radio broadcasts on a secret set. On Jan. 27, 1945 Bender, like his fellow POWs or "kriegies" (kriegsgefangenen) were marched out of the camp.

Ofcom: BBC was unfair to couple in "Weekend Nazis" documentary
Ofcom has upheld in part a fairness complaint against the BBC's "Weekend Nazis" documentary, by a couple whose wedding at a re-enactment show was aired. The 2007 documentary visited the "War and Peace Show" in Kent. The two complainants, Nicholas Beardshaw and his wife Michaela, got married at the show. The programme wondered why the bulk of the re-enactors chose to depict German soldiers, like the Waffen-SS. Beardshaw believed the probe into whether World War II German army re-enactment groups are a "magnet for extremists" was deceivingly edited. For example, there were 60 guests at the wedding only the 20 wearing German uniform were shown on the documentary.

Re-enactors bring World War II unit to life
A vintage military jeep rolls down Route 217 in Blairsville, a soldier wearing a M43 paratrooper uniform at the wheel, his two passengers armed with M1-Garand semi-automatic rifles. On the re-enactment site, the aroma of canisters of artillery oil drifts into the canvas tents. It's the sights and smells that make the scene so realistic for WW2 veterans like Lester Dunlap. He and several of his comrades from E company have been transported to the past through a Derry Township re-enactment group (The 82nd Airborne Division, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Company E Living Historical Organization) that re-enacts the famed unit from 1942-1945.

WWII front-line attack re-enactment held at Camp Mabry [includes footage]
The Texas Military Forces Museum held "Close Assault: 1944" on the grounds of Camp Mabry. The event included a re-enactment of an attack on a German strongpoint, honoring the 36th Infantry Division during WWII. "We're trying to do the same tactics they did then," Sgt. Gil Eastland of the 36th Division explained. Original equipment and a a recreation of an attack played out to offer a view of America's past. Generations have passed since Clay Brown's grandfather served in World War II, but now Clay saw what it might have been like. Brown's dad, who also served in the U.S. military, said he's happy his son is interested in the history behind the battles.

Veterans, re-enactors revive World War II in Tulsa
WWII veterans gathered to share their stories as the Tulsa Library presented its annual "World War II: A Day of Living History" program. The day's activities also included WWII-era music, and original military equipment displayed by re-enactors of the 45th Infantry Division. Items on display included uniforms, military vehicles and memorabilia from the home front. The highlight of the event was the veterans on hand to recount their WWII memories. Paul Andert served as a platoon sergeant in the Second Armored Division and followed the first wave on D-Day. He was unemotional as he shared his stories, but began to choke up as he recalled his trip home after the war.

Stow World War II re-enactment: Wehrmacht took out two Allied tanks
Gunfire and airplanes filled the skies as Wehrmacht paratroopers were able to hold back Allied troops in a battle for an airfield - but for how long? The Collings Foundation re-enacted the first part of The Battle for the Airfield as part of the foundation's Experience Living History! initiative in Stow. In spite of an early attack from the Allied forces, who shot down a Stuka dive bomber, the German troops destroyed 2 Allied tanks and force the Allies to retreat. The re-enactment featured Re-enactors in authentic WW2 uniforms, a Fiesler Storch Renaissance plane, an 88mm flak cannon, a U.S. Avenger torpedo bomber, a M-16 halftrack and a replica German Stuka dive bomber.

12th Annual World War II Days at Midway Village Museum [pics]
Owen B. Streeper, an Air Force veteran who fought with the 461st Bomb Group, took a stroll down memory lane as he watched WW2 reenactments and walked through Allied encampments in the woods at Midway Village Museum. He was just one of many veterans who toured the 12th Annual World War II Days at Midway Village Museum. While the event gave plenty to entertain families, veterans and history buffs, it was the 30m re-enactments that took thousands of attendees to the forefront of battle. They watched battle tanks and armored vehicles charge through the smoke and gunfire before their eyes.

82nd Airborne engineers re-enact World War II river crossing
Running 2 miles with a boat, then paddling across a lake might seem like an exhausting feat, but for the engineers of the 82nd Airborne Division, it's a fun way to pay tribute to the past. To honor one of the most famous achievements in combat engineer history, the crossing of the Waal River by pontoon boat into Nazi Germany in 1944, engineers from the 4 combat brigades of the 82nd Airborne competed in a re-enactment of the crossing. The engineers stage the Crossing of the Waal re-enactment yearly, reflecting its status as a significant part of 307th Engineer Battalion and 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment history.

Battle for the Airfield World War II reenactment - October 11th and 12th, 2008
The Collings Foundation hosts "the Battle for the Airfield", a WW2 reenactment unlike any other in Stow, MA. --- A French Resistance Fighter met with the Allied Forces and revealed the coordinates of the German encampment. The night before an elite German force over took a small grass airstrip. The Allied Forces had to take control of this airfield. There were German machine gun nests all over the camp and the 88mm Cannon pointed to the sky - not to forget the German Stuka Dive Bomber aircraft in the sky. The commanding Allied officer called in two tanks (a Sherman and Chaffee), jeeps, lots of ammo and a M16 half-track with quad mount .50 caliber machine guns.

World War II re-enactment in New Zealand
Tauranga's Classic Flyers NZ marked D-Day at Tauranga Airport, where the sounds of battle could be heard around a mock M*A*S*H camp. The first re-enactment was a dogfight between a Yak (acting for the Germans, the Messerschmitt ME 108 couldn't make it) and North American Harvards, before American troops overcame German soldiers protecting the airfield. When asked what was the more popular side, "fallschirmjäger" Kevin Carberry said: "We have an issue with Americans. Band of Brothers has a lot to answer for." The event was set up by the World War II Historical Re-enactment Society (HRS) and Military Re-enactment Society (MRS).

For WWII re-enactor, lessons of past bear message to remember
To American history buff and World War II re-enactor Jason Kritikos, the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941 "eventually lead to the defeat and transformation of the fascist states of Germany, Italy and Japan. The young men and women in the military of the 1940s liberated hundreds of millions of people from oppression, tyranny and death." Kritikos is part of a group World War II Federation, who organise events online at He said he became interested in WWII after hearing stories of that time from family members who served.

Wedding as a WWII tribute - with uniforms, helmets and replica guns
Jo and Tony Cox turned their wedding service into a World War II tribute. Friends came dressed in military uniforms complete with helmets and replica guns while Tony sported a smart American airforce officer's uniform. Jo, who wore a 1940's style white wedding gown that she fashioned herself, turned up to the registry in a US Army staff car to the sound of Lancaster Bombers. Her husband-to-be had already arrived in a weapons carrier. The sounds of Luftwaffe bombs and the Blitz played out before an all-clear siren signalled the start of the ceremony. Camouflage-style netting and gas masks hung from the ceiling.

Weekend Nazis make you shiver - SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler
The last time Fred Roberts met Nazi troops it was on D-Day in 1944. Six decades on the old soldier came across them in Kent: "I don’t like it. I still feel a little bit shivery." The SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (LAH) division were strutting their stuff at the War and Peace Show - it’s Glastonbury with panzers. The SS LAH are Nazi soldiers in a reenactment society the Second Battle Group. The event looks like muddy fun, but is all of it? The SS LAH was Hitler’s bodyguard, Aryan supermen to the heels of their jackboots. So when you have got the whole of WWII to play with, why do 200 British men choose to impersonate fanatics? Why be weekend Nazis?

World's largest paintball event: 4,000 participants replicates WW2   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Sunday ended what has become the "world's largest paintball event" held annually in Wyandotte. More than 4,000 participants invaded the 720-acre tract of land for the 10th annual D-Day scenerio. Week-long Oklahoma D-Day is a large-scale paintball game built around the Allied invasion of the Normandy. Throughout the week, participants engaged in mini war games representing WWII battles like the Battle of Dunkirk, Raid on Dieppe and others. It is not uncommon to see players dressed in the vintage uniforms toting paintball markers looking like Thomson submachine guns or German assault rifles.

Battle of Monte Cassino tribute to World War II Gurkha soldiers
Military buffs of the North East Hobby Militia group are climbing Helvellyn to re-enact the fight to hold a hilltop position during the Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy, 1944. Despite suffering heavy losses a Gurkha battalion held Hangman's Hill for 16 days against a German division. Members will climb the 950m summit on 21 July carrying 2 wooden period ammunition boxes to raise cash for the Gurkha Welfare Trust. "We have been shocked by how little support the welfare trust is given, even though the force has served in almost every major conflict of the 20th Century and has 13 Victoria Crosses to its credit."

Wartime battle re-enactment event’s Nazi uniform ban
Visitors to an East Lancashire battle re-enactment have been banned from wearing Nazi uniforms. The 1940s Wartime Weekend has become one of the biggest events of its type in UK. But last year the Jewish community was left angered when visitors turned up dressed as Nazi officers. Directors of the East Lancs Railway (ELR) have banned the uniforms to prevent causing further offence. There will be no one in the black uniform of the German Schutzstaffel. The SS was established as a personal guard unit for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Yehuda Brodie said: "For people to walk about in this country in the uniform of the SS or anything that symbolises Nazism should be offensive."

World War II-era tanks shook the ground in WWII re-enactment
Pam Burkholder slipped into re-enacting World War II battles as a way to learn more about her grandfather, an Army infantryman whom she never met. Now she plays a WWII Army nurse to participate in re-enactments around the country. 140 re-enactors gathered at the annual Museum of the American GI event, which included a weapons shows and vintage military equipment and vehicles. Many rode atop refurbished WWII-era tanks that shook the ground. "In the real thing, we didn't shoot blanks," said former paratrooper Louis Hudson, who fought during the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

School wants to re-enact World War II - 2nd Panzer Division   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Teachers at Jewel Middle School in North Aurora would like to reinforce their teaching about World War II with artillery and a battle tank. They would shoot blanks and be part of a re-enactment performed by the 2nd Panzer Division, a German re-enactment unit. "This is making the textbook come alive." But Mike Herlihy had concerns about bringing weapons to school, as well as how the re-enactment could proceed despite a village ban on all discharges of weapons. Also Police Chief Tom Fetzer did not have anyone qualified to inspect World War II-era rifles or to ensure concussion from blanks would not damage property.

Baumholder re-enactment brings history to life -- Living history
It was another fun day of playing army for those who came here to re-create WW2 battles as part of the Phantom Regiment. In full and authentic uniforms from that era, men split up, some portraying American GIs and some acting as their German foes. Under the auspices of the Phantom Regiment, a private, command-supported group, soldiers, military enthusiasts and history buffs are able to get together and walk a few steps in the shoes of their military forefathers. The uniforms and rifles are all authentic, although the firearms are fitted to fire just blanks during the re-enactments.

Red Army beats Wehrmacht at Russia's Largest Wargame   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Over 3000 people came to see the Red Army beat Wehrmacht at an annual WWII reconstruction called "Moscow Lies Behind. 1941". 500 people acted in the 2-day battle that featured airplanes, battle tanks and authentic WWII artillery. The action repeated a fight near Moscow with one small inaccuracy: in the actual battle of October 1941 the Soviet Army lost and Wehrmacht marched on. Soldiers’ uniforms matched the authentic WWII outfits. The coats, the buttons, the boots and the watches are all either authentic, found on the battlefields, or reconstructed from authentic materials by devoted re-enactors.

Battle of Willow Run: Allies vs. Axis reenactment - largest in US   (Article no longer available from the original source)
American armored tanks took positions on one side of the field with German armored tanks not too far away. Allied soldiers made a big push to pin down the German infantry on the battlefield. Smoke rose after the simulated machine-gun fighting and mortar fire between those portraying the Allied soldiers and the Axis infantry. The smoke was so heavy at times, it clouded the view of the crowd captivated by the WWII re-enactment battle. Organizers billed it as the largest World War II heavy-armored battle re-enactment in the U.S.

World War II vehicles and memorabilia in re-enactment in Germany
About 40 persons put on one of the biggest WW2 battle simulations ever to take place in Baumholder, Germany. It was part of a 3-day exposition of military vehicles, WW2 memorabilia and culture at Baumholder's H.D. Smith Barracks. It was an unusual event for German soil. For the most part, Germany doesn't allow WWII re-enactments involving guns or German uniforms. Bill Medland drove more than 200 miles with his son Kai and two other members of the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry to take part. His unit was wiped out as the well-drilled German mechanized infantry re-enactors of Germany-based PzAbt101 stormed the town.

Germans usually won the D-Day battle - in Paintball   (Article no longer available from the original source)
What began as a Dewayne Convirs's tribute to a WWII veteran has evolved into the largest paintball game in the world. This year, more than 4,000 paintballers are expected to show up. Oklahoma D-Day is battled on 720 acres of countryside cultivated to replicate Normandy in the summer of 1944. The combat is between two forces with both armies organized into historical fighting divisions. For instance, the Nazi 352nd Infantry Division will defend Omaha Beach against the U.S. 1st Infantry Division. Last year, the Allied team won after gaining the most points, the first time to do so in several years, since the Germans usually have won the event.