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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

Replicas: Big scale models of WWII/Nazi tanks, planes

Replicas of Nazi tanks and planes: Big WWII-related scale models built by modellers and history buffs.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

WWII Panzer III replica spotted in Russian Stary Oskol (video)
A replica of the German WWII medium tank Panzer III was spotted in Russian Stary Oskol. The Panzer III was made from scratch by two enthusiasts – brothers Mikhail and Aleksander Sheptayevs. “We turned to Kubinka museum in Moscow which is now called Park Patriot. People there granted us access to the [German] tanks where we used a tape-measure to measure the sizes,” said Mikhail Sheptayev. Aleksander Sheptayev added that they have plans to build a copy of T-34 tank.

The DIY Spitfire: Enthusiast builds working replica fighter plane in his Reading garage
Like many other small boys Alan James`s childhood passion was to build aircraft models, inspired in his case by the ones he watched take off and land at the RAF base near his home in Reading. As a grown-up, he`s gone one better – and built a Spitfire plane in his garage. However, it took more than just a few bits of plastic and some glue to put together this version of the fighter plane which did so much to save Britain from German invasion during World War Two. Many hours and £18,000 later, he has fulfilled his dream, taking to the skies over England in his home-built Spitfire.

Model enthusiast finishes 9ft replica of WWII submarine USS Lionfish
A Norwich craft model enthusiast is raising a toast after completing a 7-year project to build a 9ft replica of a WWII submarine. It took up nearly his entire living room, but now Paul Cook can finally set sail at Eaton Park Model Boat Pavilion with his 9ft 9in USS Lionfish. A member of Norwich Model Boat Club and manager of Hobby Stores in Watton, Cook`s model is more than a toy – the sub is a copy of a one that was blown up in the 1988 TV series War and Remembrance. The sub weighs 95lb and takes on 15 litres of water when submerged. It uses 2 electric motors, 4 water pumps, 2 air compressors and a compressed air cylinder for ballast.

Retired Russian soldier builds moving life-size models of WWII tanks and armored vehicles
Like many remnants of the Soviet system, the state-owned farm in the village of Bolshoi Oyesh had fallen to the ground. Practically all the residents had moved to the city, only five households remained, one of Vyacheslav Veryovochkin's. In his workshop, Veryovochkin, a former designer of military equipment who served with an armored brigade, has assembled 40 WWII tanks and armored vehicles. A dozen of these relics are located in the middle of a potato field outside his home, for sale. He also plans to donate a Katyusha and a T-34 tank to the Zayeltsovsky District of Novosibirsk in time for Victory Day on May 9.

Replica of German Sturmgeschutz III assault gun toured Jersey streets as it made its way to the Jersey War Tunnels
A replica WWII German tank was on the streets of Jersey as it made its way to a new home. The tank was commissioned by the Jersey War Tunnels museum, in St Peter. The 16-tonne Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G tank - created from the shell of a British Army tank - has been recreated to the smallest detail. Hohlgangsanlage 8, known as the German Underground Hospital or more recently the Jersey War Tunnels, was an underground complex built for the German occupying forces. It includes more than 1km of tunnels and was turned into an occupation museum a year after the island was liberated.

Fans building a working replica of Tiger I tank (6-minute video, 70 photos)
Fans building a working replica of Tiger I panzer (6-minute video, 70 photos).

Gainesville students build full scale replica of M3 Stuart tank, that only weighs 2,500 pounds
"We've turned some heads," said one of the Gainesville State College students displaying the replica M3 Stuart tank in the school's parking lot. The vehicle is made of fiberglass resin, only the bolts and screws are real. The idea emerged when assistant professor Steve Nicklas saw a dinosaur bone and a German Tiger tank track side by side in his lab. He then realized: "If I can take a mold of that bone, have it cast and make a replica, why can't I do that with the tank track?" Nicklas approached Fort Benning with the idea. "They asked if we could do a whole Tiger tank, and since there are no Tiger tanks in North America, as a test, they opted for the Stuart."

WWII pilot Russell Loomis working on Mosquito bomber replica
Russell F. Loomis Jr. needed steady hands to pilot a Douglas A-20 Havoc fighter-bomber in missions over WWII-ravaged France, Belgium and Germany. 67 years later at age 87, those steady hands are re-creating a 3-quarter-scale replica of another plane that helped the Allies pound the Third Reich into submission. Loomis, an aeronautical engineer, can be found most days assembling a British Royal Air Force de Havilland Mosquito bomber in his west Marion workshop. In an era when airplane manufacturers favored metal airframes the Mosquito was something of a rebel: Its lightweight fuselage was constructed of balsawood and birch and covered in plywood.

Terry Arlow has spent 28 years building a non-flying Spitfire replica
You have to admire the persistence of Terry Arlow. For 28 years he has been re-creating a non-flying replica of the iconic Spitfire fighter plane. Arlow spent 8 years just trying to get hold of the original blueprints of mark IX Spitfires. To mark the completion of the replica he invited a real WWII Spitfire pilot to inspect the plane. RAF veteran Tony Cooper said he could not tell the difference between the real one he flew in the war and the replica.

Arlow has set up a company "Simply Spitfire" which will hire out the plane for WWII TV programmes, war films, air shows, and special occasions.


A full-scale reproduction of WW2 torpedo bomber TBM Avenger arrives at the Regional Military Museum in Houma
The Regional Military Museum in Houma has received a full-scale reproduction of a World War II torpedo bomber as a gift from the National WWII Museum. The popular TBM Avenger, almost 10,000 were build, replaced the out-dated TBD Devastator in 1942.

The most famous Avenger pilot is former president George H.W. Bush, who had to bail out of his plane after it was hit by flak during a mission against Japanese installations on Chichijima island in 1944.


70 foot long German U-boat replica cruises on British canal (photos)
Dark and menacing, it prowls the water, torpedo tubes at the ready. But this German U-boat's captain will never have to order: "Dive, Dive, Dive", because it is a replica canal boat. The 70 foot long U-boat replica was photographed on Leeds-Liverpool canal at Botany Bay near Chorley, Lancashire. It is the project of "Admiral" Cyril Howarth, who was inspired by the WWII films to build a replica of the craft which sank 3,000 Allied ships. His craft, U-8047, moves at 3 miles an hour. Cyril spent £25,000 on the shell of a traditional narrow boat and engine - plus £25,000 for a U-boat superstructure.

81-year-old builds 2/3-scale replica of P-38, flies cross-country
Jim O'Hara learned to fly 21 years ago. 6 years later, he began building a 2/3-scale replica of P-38. Using information he obtained from various sources about the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Jim drew up a set of plans in CAD and began building the plane 15 years ago - only his wife helping him. Recently he and his wife made its maiden cross-country trip.

Airworthy half-scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190 going under the hammer
A rare replica of a German World War II fighter plane is one of many historical items being sold by auction house Dominic Winter as part of an exclusive auction of military, aviation and motoring memorabilia. The half-scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190 - a single engine fighter plane used by the German Luftwaffe – is one of two of its kind that is airworthy. The plane is an exact representation of the aircraft flown by Major "Sepp" Wurmheller - World War II fighter ace with over 90 victories. The Focke-Wulf Fw 190, featuring Luftwaffe colours and markings, is expected to fetch up to 25000 pounds.

3 military history buffs built a homemade full-scale replica of Panzer III German WWII tank   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Three history buffs in Kent have built a replica of a Panzer III German tank – complete with turret, guns and a radio system. It's the only working Panzer III replica of its kind in Britain, says John Phillips. He and a small group of enthusiasts spent 3 months turning a British armoured personnel carrier into a World War II battle machine. Cost: carrier 5000 and buildup 15000 pounds. The military makeover gave the replica tank a 50mm high-powered gun and two MG34 machine guns. They are gas-operated, making a realistic bang and a flash. John said: "There were no Panzers round here to base it on so we bought a model and scaled it up from that."

David Shultz's radio-controlled model tanks (Tiger, Jagd Panther, Panther, StuG III) pull in crows (Video)   (Article no longer available from the original source)
As soon as Dave Shultz unloaded his radio-controlled model tanks at Mukilteo's Lighthouse Park, a crowd emerged. Shultz, whose father served as a WWII tank driver, was a machinist with the Navy during the Vietnam War. He began making the RC tanks in the 1980s to re-enact the 1943 battle of Kursk. First up was "Herman", an all-aluminum, 1/6-scale reproduction of the German Mark VI, E Model Tiger tank. "Helmut" is a radio-controlled 1/3-scale model of the German Mark V, JagdPanther tank. "Heinrich" is a 1/3-scale reproduction of the German Mark V, D Model Panther tank, while "Horst" is a half-scale model of a German Sturmgeschutz StuG III tank.

Horten 229: San Diego air museum to house full-size replica of German stealth Jet
The National Geographic Channel calls it as one of the best-kept secrets of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. During the last days of World War Two, a futuristic-looking aircraft was discovered by US troops in a top-secret German facility. The prototype jet and other advanced Nazi aircraft were shipped to the US in the Operation Seahorse. In the 1960s the prototype jet was moved to a Smithsonian facility in Maryland. "There have been no documents released on it, and the public has no access to it," explained Michael Jorgensen, a documentary filmmaker who set up a team of Northrop Grumman aeronautical engineers to build a full-size replica from original plans of Horten 229.

1/5th scale model of the North American B-25 Mitchell donated to Military Memorial Museum
Brookhaven Academy teacher and Brookhaven Radio Controlled Club member Greg Whittier presented the elderly veterans who run the museum with a 1/5th scale model of the North American B-25 Mitchell, an American medium bomber used in the Second World War. Whittier had been building the WW2 model airplane off-and-on for 10 years. The B-25 Mitchell was the plane used in the famous Doolittle Raid in April 1942. "I figure if I donate it, it will last way longer than it would otherwise. The ones I fly don't last very long."

Hamish MacLeod has built a full size replica of a Spitfire in his garden
A man has built a replica of a Spitfire fighter in his front garden. Hamish MacLeod, who has had a life-long passion for the iconic WW2 fighter plane, had the scale model delivered in sections to his house in Moffat, in Dumfries and Galloway. He said he was delighted to have "the most fabulous looking aircraft ever" taking pride of place on his lawn - and he plans to leave the model Spitfire to the people of Moffat. He took delivery of the parts for the model last week, and it has already proved to be a popular attraction. "The neighbours think it is fabulous and a lot of people were coming around when I was building it."

The giant radio-controlled King Tiger replica tank - 1/4 scale model
It's the ultimate toy: a giant radio-controlled tank. The 6ft long tank is a 1/4 scale model of a King Tiger, the Nazi weapon which wreaked havoc among allied tanks. Weighing 250kg, the camouflaged tank has a working turret and a 2ft long gun. Powered by two 500 watt 24 volt motors, it can pull a car on a level surface. The heavy armour and powerful long-range gun gave the King Tiger the advantage against all tanks - American Sherman was unable to penetrate its armour even at point blank range. The tank is the meanest machine available at Mark 1 Tanks. The larger tanks are put together by company founder Mark Spencer, while 1/35 scale models come in kit form.

World War II buff repairs, launches replica of USS Missouri
World War II ended 62 years ago on Sept. 2, 1946, when Japan signed a surrender on the decks of the USS Missouri - an Iowa-class battleship commissioned in 1944 - and one of the most famous warships in Ameriocan history. As a teenager Don Krehl, 63, built a 5-foot model of the battleship, from a kit of flat balsa wood that needed to be bent and molded in the form of a ship. A WW2 history buff and interested in constructing plastic models, when the kit was released it appeared like the perfect challenge. Krehl spent the next year bending the wood and gluing each piece, from anchors to guns, before painting it by hand.

Auctioned: Model of ship that did not sink after torpedoed by German U-boat 111
A model of one of the shortest-lived ships in Whitby's marine history may get £7,000 when it is auctioned. The 4 feet 5 inches long model is of the ill-starred steam ship Barnby, launched in 1940 - only to be torpedoed 18 months later by German U-boat 111 on May 22,1942, in one of the most unusual nautical incidents of the World War 2. This was because the Barnby did NOT sink! She was complately filled with flour, which swelled up and kept her afloat, so no one quite knows where she lies. "Builder's models of this period are particularly sought-after... Early models have fine metal fittings, often silver or silver gilt and gunmetal or brass."

Building replica WWII battle tanks keep teens off the streets in Siberia
Siberian grandfather Vyacheslav Veryovochkin, with a passion for military history, desires to pass his enthusiasm on to the next generation. So he`s instructing his grandson how to build replica tanks from World War II. He is the only man in Russia building working replicas of tanks and armoured cars. He started to make them a few years ago: "My grandson was growing up ... I made an armoured car with him and his friends as a project. So they were here doing this, not hanging around in the street." From being a hobby, it has taken on a life of its own. Having been purchased by a collector, some of the models will appear in films.