World War II in the News is a review of WWII articles providing thought-provoking collection of hand-picked WW2 information.

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History tours: Third Reich, WW2
::: D-Day Tours
::: WW2 Tours
History buffs, reenactors, collectors
::: WWII Reenactment
::: D-Day Reenactment
::: Collectors & German Militaria
WWII ground forces: Tanks & Men
::: Panzers & Armored units
::: Waffen-SS: Combat Units
::: Wehrmacht: Armed Forces
::: Red Army - Soviet troops
German WW2 militaria, Uniforms
::: Nazi Memorabilia, Militaria
::: WW2 Militaria
::: Nazi & WWII Uniforms
Collectables, Nazi Memorabilia
::: Nazi Relics & Items
::: Hitler's gift watches, replicas
::: Nazi Rings
WW2 Tanks: T34, Tigers, Panthers
::: Nazi Tanks: King Tiger, Panther
::: Russian Tanks: T34
::: American Tanks
::: British Tanks
Vintage Military Vehicles, Jeeps
::: WWII Jeeps
::: Vintage military vehicles, tanks
::: World War II Cars
Modelling: Models, Replicas, RC
::: Military Models: Tanks, aircrafts
::: Radio Controlled tanks, planes
::: Replicas: Big scale models
Militaria sales, auctions
::: Nazi Memorabilia for sale
::: Nazi SS Uniforms
::: Militaria: Replicas, Reproductions
WW2 Photographs, Posters
::: Third Reich photos
::: WW2 Photos
::: Hitler Pics
::: WWII Posters
Helmets, daggers, military surplus
::: Nazi SS Swords, Samurai Swords
::: WWII knives
::: Nazi Daggers
::: Nazi Helmets
WW2 flags, banners, reproductions
::: Nazi Flags
::: Japanese Flags
::: American Flags
::: Swastika: Nazi Sign & Emblem
Medals: most decorated soldiers
::: WWII Medals: Iron Cross
::: Victoria Cross
::: Medal of Honor heroes
WWII & German WW2 Badges
::: German WW2 Badges
::: WWII Badges
WW2 and Third Reich Ruins
::: Bunkers, ruins of Third Reich
::: Ruins and Bunkers in US
::: Ruins and Bunkers in UK
::: WWII Ruins elsewhere
::: Eagle's Nest - Berghof
::: Hitler's Führerbunker
::: WW2 Bunkers
WW2 movies, Nazi films
::: WW2 Footage
::: Documentary films
::: Nazi Films
::: WW2 Movies
Elite warriors: Kamikaze, Rangers
::: Kamikaze
::: Airborne: Paratroopers, 101st
::: Foreign Waffen-SS
Aviation, Aircrafts & Pilots
::: Warbirds: Vintage aircrafts
::: Fighter pilots & flying aces
::: German pilots & WWII aces
::: American WWII aces
Hitler & Führerbunker
::: Hitler: Biography pieces
::: Last days & bunker
::: Mein Kampf, Second book
::: Killing Hitler, Hitler's remain
Nazi Germany - Third Reich
::: Third Reich
::: Blitzkrieg
::: Nazi Propaganda
::: Daily life & Homefront
::: U-Boats & Submarines
Japanese and Nazi Gold
::: Nazi Gold: Hidden treasures
::: Hunt for Japanese WWII Gold
World War II: Total war
::: Aftermath: End of WW2
::: WW2 Books

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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

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Collectables: militaria, uniforms, Medals
Nazi Memorabilia, Militaria
WW2 Militaria
Nazi & WWII Uniforms
Collectors & Memorabilia
Nazi SS Uniforms and Troubles
Nazi Relics & Items
Relic Hunters: Villains for history
Hitler's gift watches, replicas
Nazi Helmets
German WW2 Badges
WWII Badges
Nazi Rings
WW2 Stamps: Collections and Commemorating
World War II Maps
Militaria: Replicas, Reproductions
Nazi Memorabilia (Controversial Sales and Auctions)

Swords and Daggers
WW2 Knives
Nazi & Samurai Swords
SS, Nazi Daggers

WW2 Flags
Nazi Flags
Japanese Flags
American WWII Flags

Military Medals: Most Decorated Soldiers
WWII Medals - Iron Crosses
Medal of Honor stories
Victoria Cross

Modelling: Replicas, military scale models, RC models
Military Scale models: Tanks, aircrafts, vehicles
Radio-controlled tanks, planes
WWII replicas: Big scale models

Tours and Re-enactments
WWII Tours
D-Day Tours
WW2 Re-enactment
D-Day Re-enactments

Battles, Campaigns and Battlefields
D-Day & Normandy
Battle of the Bulge - Ardennes Offensive
WWII Italian Campaign
WWII battles in North Africa
Battle of Dunkirk
Battle of Arnhem - Operation Market Garden
Dieppe Raid
Omaha Beach
Utah Beach

Pacific Campaign
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Battle of Okinawa: Marines
Battle of Iwo Jima
Battle of Midway

Eastern Front
Battle of Stalingrad 1942
Kursk 1943: The Largest Tank Battle
Operation Barbarossa
Siege & Battle of Leningrad
Battle of Moscow 1941

Battle Tanks, Military Vehicles
Battle Tanks, Vintage military vehicles
Nazi Tanks
British Tanks
Russian Tanks
American Tanks
WW2 Jeeps
Cars of World War II era
LST: Soldiers, battle tanks, D-Day
WWII Gliders: Pilots, Missions & D-Day
Toy Soldiers, Military Figurines

Third Reich in Ruins - Downfall of history
Bunkers, ruins of Third Reich
WWII ruins and bunkers in the US
WWII ruins and bunkers in the UK
WWII Ruins elsewhere
Eagle's Nest - Berghof
Reichstag: Fire and Building
War bunkers: Military fortifications
Third Reich Castles
World War II Forts and Fortifications
Nazi Gold - Hidden treasures
Hunt for the Japanese WWII Gold
Lake Toplitz: Nazi counterfeit items

Elite warriors: Kamikaze, Rangers
German Special Forces
U.S. Army Rangers
SAS: Special Air Service
Guerrilla Warfare: Partisans
Code Talkers
Gurkha Soldiers
Legends & Heroes
Infantry Soldiers
Jewish soldiers and commandos

Undercover & Intelligence
Operation Pastorius: Nazi Spies in America In 1942
OSS - Office of Strategic Services
SOE - Special Operations Executive
Special Forces & Missions
WWII Spies
WWII Intelligence & Espionage
Enigma Code & Machine
Bletchley Park
MI5 during WWII
Tokyo Rose

Naval forces: U-boats & Battleships
U-Boats & Submarines
U.S. Submarines in WWII
Midget Submarines
Submarine & U-Boat aces
Aircraft Carriers
Battleships & Vessels
Pocket battleship Graf Spee
Navy & Battles
WWII sailors
PQ-17 & Arctic Convoys
WW2 Boats

WWII Aviation - Aircraft
Warbirds: Vintage aircrafts
WWII Aircrafts
Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber
B-17 Flying Fortress
Airforces, Aviation
The Blitz
Zeppelins and Blimps

Fighter pilots & flying aces
German pilots & WWII aces
American WWII Aces and fighter pilots
Bomber Pilots
Female WW2 Pilots
WASP - Women Airforce Service Pilots
Tuskegee Airmen
The Flying Tigers
Doolittle Raid

Inside Third Reich Elite Soldbuchs
Desert Fox Erwin Rommel
Heinrich Himmler
Hermann Goering
Joseph Goebbels
Albert Speer
Rudolf Hess
Martin Bormann
Famous Descendants of WW2/Nazi leaders
Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich
Nazi Leaders

Adolf Hitler: Death & Last Days in Fuhrerbunker
Last days & bunker
Hitler Bunker (Fuhrerbunker)
Rochus Misch - SS telephonist in Führerbunker
Hitler's remains

Adolf Hitler
Hitler's aides, adjutants, secretaries
Hitler Photographs
Hitler Movies
Hitler: Sexuality, Love
Adolf Hitler: Biography pieces
Mein Kampf, The Second book
Art by Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler's birthday
Killing Hitler
Hitler' Health
Hitler & Jews
Quotations of Adolf Hitler

Nazis at large: Nazi Hunters & Nazi Doctors
Most wanted Nazis: Nazi war criminals at large
Nazi hunters
How & where nazis escaped - Ratlines
Gestapo torturer Klaus Barbie
Notorious Adolf Eichmann
Dr Josef Mengele
Dr Death Aribert Heim
John Demjanjuk
Nazi Death Camp Guards Hunted Down

Famous Persons
British Nazis & Royals
Emperor Hirohito & Hideki Tojo: Japanese Leaders
Benito Mussolini
Joseph Stalin
Allied Leaders
Günther Grass: Nobel winner in Nazi Waffen-SS
Claus von Stauffenberg
German Generals
Allied Generals of World War II
Dwight Eisenhower
General Patton
Winston Churchill

Lebensborn - Creating a Nazi Master Race
Gestapo - RSHA

Women and War
Women in the Third Reich
Women in Combat
Mass rapes by the Soviet Red Army
Female Combat Photographers
WWII Nurses
Comfort Women
War, Women & Horror
Woman Spy - Female Spies of World War II
War Brides
Wartime love
Children in Nazi Germany
World War II Children
Anne Frank & Diary
Women & World War II
Rosie the riveter - American women in factories
Land Girls

Adolf Hitler - Family
Paula Hitler - Adolf Hitler's Sister
William Patrick Hitler - Nephew of Adolf Hitler
Family of Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler as a child

Third Reich Women
Eva Braun: Hitler's wife
Leni Riefenstahl: Nazi Films
Hanna Reitsch: Test Pilot
Traudl Junge - Hitler's Secretary
Ladies of Third Reich

Weapons & Technology
Nazi Blitzkrieg
V-2 rocket, V-1 flying bombs
Wernher von Braun and Nazi rocket scientists
Secret Weapons
Strange Weapons
Weapons & Guns
Strategy & Tactics
World War II Technology
Radar in World War II
WWII Science and Nazi scientists
Chemical Warfare
Psychological Warfare
WWII Artillery
Japanese balloon bombs

Atomic Bombs
Did Adolf Hitler have an atomic bomb?
Atomic Bombs: Hiroshima
Atomic Bomb Survivors
Enola Gay: Crew and the B29 bomber which delivered the First Atomic Bomb
Manhattan Project

Art - Media - Culture
Wagners, Hitler and Bayreuth
Nazi Architecture
Swastika: Nazi Emblem
Music & Marches
Nazi Culture
WWII Entertainers
Sports during World War II

Photos, Images
WWII Photographs
Posters of WWII Era
Nazi photos

Films, WW2 Series and Footage
WW2 Footage
WWII documentary films
Nazi documentary films
WWII documentary series
Nazi Films
WW2 Movies

Paintings and Looted Art
WW2 Art & paintings
Resources for recovering looted WWII art
Art stolen by Americans
Art looted by Russians
Monument Men: Saving art looted by nazis

World War II Ground Forces
Panzers, Tank Crews & Armored units
Waffen-SS: Combat Units
Foreign Waffen SS
Wehrmacht: Armed Forces
The Red Army - Soviet troops
Japanese Imperial Army
Airborne: Paratroopers
Allied Forces in Europe
Anti-Tank Units, Weapons and Guns

WWII-era Groups
Sudeten Germans expelled after WW2
Reporters & Journalists
WWII photographers
Black soldiers & units
Black people in Nazi Germany
Merchant Marines: Branch of the highest casualty rate
British WW2 home guard

World War II Society: total war
Resistance to Nazi Occupation
French Resistance
Nazi Propaganda
Third Reich
Nazi occult
Daily life & Homefront
Nazi Party - NSDAP
World War II Rationing
Anti Nazis

Books, Documents & Archives: Military Historians
World War II Historians, Authors
Document, Letters, Diaries
WW2 & Nazi Archives
Fiction & What-If Alternate history books
Cartoons - WWII and modern era
Selected WWII Interviews
WWII, Hitler speeches
What public thinks of WW2

Axis Countries, Regions
Fascist Italy & World War 2
Spanish Civil War, General Franco & WW2
Austria: WWII Nazis History
Japan, China, WWII
War History of Hungary
Japan: World War II and Aftermath
World War 2 History of Finland

Allied Countries, Regions
Soviet Union: Russia
Australia during World War II
New Zealand World War 2
England: British Isles
WWII Ukraine
Malta - World War II

North America
America in WW2: The Dark Side
War on US soil - Before D-Day
America in World War II - Home front
Canada in World War II
Alaska: Aleutian Islands campaign

Occupied Countries, Regions
French Collaboration
Poland during & after World War II
Estonia: Nazis, Waffen SS, WWII
Latvia divided: Waffen-SS
Lithuania: Nazis, Waffen SS, WW2
Greece in World War II
Occupied Norway
Holland during World War II
Belgium during World War II
Nazi Occupation of Channel Islands

Other Countries, Regions
Middle East connection
Argentina & WWII
How neutral Sweden really was?
Ireland during World War Two
Switzerland during World War II

World War II Cities
WW2 London
Warsaw uprisings
Berlin: Battle, Bunker and Nazi History
Munich & Hitler - Nazi Party Stronghold
Nuremberg - Nazi Past
Paris: WWII an the Nazi-occupation
Vienna, WWII, and Nazi relics like Flak towers
Kokoda Trail

Nazi Holocaust Archives at Bad Arolsen
Path to Final Solution
Holocaust books
Children of Holocaust
Holocaust Survivor Stories
Fake Holocaust Survivors
Auschwitz Survivors
Dachau - The first regular concentration camp
Nazi Death Camps

Persecution of Jews
Nazi Ghettos
Unwanted People: Jewish WW2 History

Holocaust: Heroes & Survivors
Rescue Heroes & Missions
Operation Halyard - Saving Allied Airmen
Oskar Schindler, Schindler's List and other Holocaust heroes
Raoul Wallenberg
Rudolf Kastner
Teaching Holocaust

Horror and Atrocities
Axis dark side - Atrocities
Allied war crimes
Japanese Atrocities
Atrocities carried out by Poles
Comfort Women
Nanjing: Massacre of Nanking
Roma-Gypsy Holocaust
Dresden bombings
Nazi Euthanasia Program T4
Gays: Nazi persecution
Bataan Death March
WWII Mass Graves

Dark side of the Soviet Union
Katyn forest massacre
Stalin's Purge

POWs & POW camps
POW: Escape stories
POW camps: Prisoners of War
German POWs

Veterans of Second World War
Imposters: Fake Veterans
Mistreated Veterans
WWII Veterans
World War II Reunions

World War II & Religion
Religion during WW2
Secret History of Vatican & HitlerJugend Pope

Separate content
Lighter side: Funny or humorous side of World War II

World War II Aftermath & Postwar
WWII Aftermath
Nazi Surrender
World War 2 Plain Crashes
RIP: Remains of fallen soldiers
Memorials & Museums
WWII monuments (and controversies)
The Nuremberg Trials
Germanic culture now
WWII Restitutions
World War II Bomb Threats - Today
WWII-related environmental threats
Victory Day - Memorial Day

Unsolved WW2 Mysteries
World War II Myths
World War II Conspiracy Theories
Adolf Hitler memorial in the U.S., (build by Waffen SS soldier Ted Junker)
Amelia Earhart - Aviation Mystery

Wartime Economy
Military production - Lend-Lease Act etc
Forced Labor in Nazi Germany
Ploesti Raid - Bombing Nazi Oil
Banks and the Nazis

Good Nazis
WW2 Books
Wine, Champagne & WWII
World War II Boardgames
WW2 coins and notes
World War II Christmas
BundesWehr: Armed Forces of Germany Today
War Animals: Dogs & Horses
Origins & Causes of WWII
Weather & War
African Nazi Battles
WWII accidents and disasters
Springtime for Hitler - Buzz about Hitler and Nazi Signs
Different war stories

What happened to the leading figures of the Third Reich? How and when their stories come to an end? And what kind of an end it was?
End of the Third Reich and the Nazi Leaders

Good Adolf Hitler? Was there anything good in him? Did anyone say anything positive about Führer of Nazi Germany?

World War II Posters for sale

WWII links