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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

Nazi SS Uniform and Troubles

Nazi SS Uniforms - Photos, auctions and the controversy.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Nazi Uniforms, Medals, Memorabilia, Nazi Helmets.

Politician after politician get burned wearing Nazi uniform - How common is Nazi fancy dress?
A Conservative MP has apologised after reports he attended a stag party with Nazi overtones. But just how common is Nazi fancy dress? From Hollywood superstars to comic book superheroes, there are thousands of fancy dress outfits out there. It is really very easy to avoid a controversial costume, but that does not seem to stop some people. And one of the most offensive outfits is a Nazi uniform, as Conservative MP Aidan Burley has discovered. The MP has been pictured in a newspaper sitting next to another man dressed as an SS guard. Prince Harry is perhaps the most famous Nazi fancy dress costume-wearer in the world. In 2005, he was pictured wearing a German desert uniform and a swastika arm band at a friend's birthday party.

Catholic school parade featuring mostly Nazi uniforms and swastika flags causes outrage in Thailand (photos)
They had been planning their uniforms for quite some time. The annual summer sports day had a long tradition of fancy dress and, eager to impress, the pupils of Sacred Heart Catholic School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, kept their outfits under wraps for weeks. They wanted to surprise their parents and teachers as they made their entrance. With a flourish and a fanfare, they revealed their costumes - to outraged gasps from the crowd. The smiling pupils arrived dressed in full Nazi regalia and carrying large Swastika flags, leaving spectators open-mouthed. Leading the march into the sports ground was a girl dressed as Adolf Hitler, unaware of the offence she had caused. She was followed by a procession of SS guards - wearing plastic machine guns.

One more photo, which was not included in the Dailymail article


Common sense wins: British WWII re-enactment features also the German side, despite threats to ban Nazi uniforms (photos)
Ten thousand people gathered to see one of the year's most spectacular WWII reenactment - despite threats to ban the German side of the conflict. Organizers considered banning Nazi uniforms at the last minute, to avoid offending Holocaust survivors. The threat came following complaints in previous years about people turning up wearing SS uniforms and German WW2 memorabilia, a jeep arriving with a swastika flag and one man impersonating Luftwaffe boss Herman Goering. Fortunately, both sides of the war were fully represented in the combat reenactment of the 1939-1945 conflict, organised by the East Lancashire Railway.

The controversial and touchy issue of having German uniforms with swastikas in WWII reenactments
WWII reenactors playing German troops often have to tolerate physical and verbal abuse from spectators. Arthur Abramson, of the Baltimore Jewish Council, said the acceptable use of the Nazi uniform depends on context: "If they were trying to depict the horrors of Nazi Germany, I would applaud them."

Australian School apologises: Teachers award a prize to a kid dressed as Adolf Hitler
A Catholic school in Australia has apologised to parents after teachers awarded a costume prize to a child dressed as Adolf Hitler. The class - consisting of kids aged 9 and 10 - had been asked to dress up as famous people. Teachers chose the winner to be a boy who dressed as the Nazi leader - his uniform included the Nazi swastika. The unidentified school in Perth was forced to apologise after complaints from the public. Recently another school in Australia was criticised after a teacher asked students to plan a terrorist attack.

Offensive? Re-enactors dressing up as the Nazi bodyguards of Adolf Hitler
Historical re-enactors wearing Nazi uniforms have been labeled ignorant and offensive by the RSA (Returned Services Association) in NZ. The photos show some re-enactors dressed in full SS uniform with swastika armbands and Nazi banners hanging on the wall. The Military Re-enactment Society portrays army units from different countries, including the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH), an elite division of the Waffen SS. Dressing as German soldiers for World War II battle re-enactments is common, but most groups do not wear Nazi regalia. Steve Goodman, of the re-enactment society, is taking legal action against the person who had been spreading defamatory information.

Outrage as a Romanian mayor wears Wehrmacht uniform a with swastika
Jewish groups called for a Romanian official to resign and face a criminal inquiry after he wore a German Wehrmacht uniform during a fashion show. Radu Mazare, the mayor of Constanta, entered the stage marching the Nazi goose step. Mazare said he had not saw the Nazi swastika symbol on the uniform before he wore it: "I checked it before I put it on but the swastika was very small and I didn't see it. I really liked the look of the uniform after seeing it in the Tom Cruise film Valkyrie." Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff says Mazare must leave office, adding that it was no defense that the uniform was that of the Wehrmacht, rather than the SS.

Visitors to 1940s weekend banned from wearing Nazi SS uniforms or turning up dressed as Hitler
Visitors to a World War 2-themed weekend were banned from dressing up as Adolf Hitler or SS officers. They were invited to wear 1940s-style clothes, both British and German, for Severn Valley Railway's re-enactment. But the Swastika, Nazi uniforms and Führer impersonations were banned from the popular tourist attraction in Worcestershire. Organiser Steve Fulcher explained: "The public like to see both sides of the re-enactment and we do have people dressed in the uniforms of German soldiers. But there were some pretty nasty things that went on in that war and we didn't want to cause offence to anybody who could still be offended by what happened."

Nazi-era SS and Wehrmacht uniforms in state funded parade spark outrage
The state-funded parade through the town of Thale had over 4,000 participants representing different periods of the state's history. The SS and wehrmacht uniformed marchers belonged to a club linked with a Dessau military history museum. Authorities are probing the group to determine whether they broke laws against the display of Nazi signs and symbols. "We wanted to illustrate the end of WW2," explained Rainer Augustin. The men in Nazi-uniforms were followed by marchers dressed as American GIs, to represent the US Army's liberation - and the marchers had apparently removed or covered up the forbidden swastikas and SS runes in their Nazi uniforms.

Town councillor's career not ruined for wearing a Nazi uniform for a fancy dress party
Sean Aspey, a Liberal Democrat town councillor, who wore a Nazi officer uniform for a fancy dress party will face no further action from his party. The pictures of the Porthcawl town councillor were later posted online. A Lib Dem spokesperson said Aspey was a hard working councillor and had been reinstated and had apologized. Party officials said the whole incident had been taken out of context in a mix of "political mischief making" and errors in press reports, making the matter "appear sinister when it fact it was not".

Nazi Party's Over: Halloween is banned at a school - Hitler's to blame
A year after Walter Petryk came to school in a fuhrer-style mustache and Nazi uniform, Leon M. Goldstein sent home a letter banning Halloween costumes - and Petryk is peeved. Petryk has already rounded up a group of about 20 students to protest the ban by dressing up anyway. "This whole ban is ridiculous and they can't enforce it," said Petryk. The Department of Education disagrees: Schools can require students to remove clothing that "interferes with the learning process."

Film crew arrested for shooting scene with actor in full SS uniform
British film director Joshua Newton and his crew found themselves under arrest in Germany for shooting a scene with a man in full S.S. uniform. Police swooped on the street in Nuremberg as he was preparing to shoot a scene for movie "Iron Cross" - unfortunately his producers failed to get the necessary permit allowing a man in a banned uniform from being seen in public. A spokeswoman for the Nuremberg authorities, where Adolf Hitler staged his Nazi party rallies, said: "Given the past of this city we do take things like this seriously."

Hungarian teacher suspended for Nazi SS uniform stunt
The deputy head of a Hungarian church school, History teacher Akos Peter Kosaras, who appeared in photographs wearing a Nazi SS uniform has been suspended from his duties. He posted pictures of himself dressed in the uniform on the net, although the pictures have now been removed. The teacher at a school in the small settlement of Budakeszi was playing the role of a "kind-hearted" SS officer during a historical game. The school's headmistress said that Kosaras was a "well- known preserver of traditions" and that there was nothing objectionable about his hobby.

Wartime battle re-enactment event’s Nazi uniform ban
Visitors to an East Lancashire battle re-enactment have been banned from wearing Nazi uniforms. The 1940s Wartime Weekend has become one of the biggest events of its type in UK. But last year the Jewish community was left angered when visitors turned up dressed as Nazi officers. Directors of the East Lancs Railway (ELR) have banned the uniforms to prevent causing further offence. There will be no one in the black uniform of the German Schutzstaffel. The SS was established as a personal guard unit for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Yehuda Brodie said: "For people to walk about in this country in the uniform of the SS or anything that symbolises Nazism should be offensive."

Third Reich and the British Royals in Nazi uniforms   (Article no longer available from the original source)
One picture stands out among the many photographs included in this book. A teenage Prince Philip is shown in the front row at the 1937 funeral procession in Germany of his sister and brother-in-law (Nazi Party members both), who had died in an air crash. But what grabs the attention is not just the young man in his dark formal clothes, but the contrast Philip presents with the relatives flanking him, all of whom are in Nazi uniform. They are his 3 remaining brothers-in-law, including Prince Christoph of Hesse in SS regalia, as well as Christoph's brother, Prince Philipp of Hesse, decked out in the garb of the equally sinister SA, the Nazi Party's own army.

Prince Harry's Nazi gaffe sparked anti-Semitism: report   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Prince Harry's much-criticized gaffe of wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party helped to trigger 10 anti-Semitic attacks on Britain's Jews, a report says. The Community Security Trust (CST) also said comments by London mayor Ken Livingstone had contributed to anti-Semitic incidents. Prince Harry, sparked outrage when he was pictured wearing a Nazi uniform at a costume party 2 weeks before Holocaust memorial celebrations. Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, later apologized. "This revelation and the ensuing furor were the trigger for 10 anti-Semitic incidents in which the perpetrators made direct reference to Prince Harry," the report said.

Prince Harry dressed as a member of Rommel's Afrika Korps
Prince Harry was pictured in Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party. The photograph showed the Prince of Wales's youngest son enjoying a drink and a cigarette while dressed as a member of Rommel's Afrika Korps, complete with a prominent swastika armband. Prince Harry's uniform, which included a German Wehrmacht or defence force badge, attracted a lot of notice.