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If you like classic turn-based PC war games and legendary strategy board games make sure to check out the highly rated Conflict-series.

William Patrick Hitler

William Patrick Hitler - Nephew of Adolf Hitler.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Hitler Movies, Paula Hitler, Young Hitler, Childhood, Hitler Paintings.

Why I Hate My Uncle by William Hitler
William Patrick Hitler was born in Liverpool in the UK in 1911. His father was Adolf Hitler`s brother Alois Hitler. William moved to Germany in 1933 in an attempt to benefit from his uncle`s position of power. It appears William, who was familiar with Adolf`s family background, was an embarrassing thorn in Adolf`s side during the 1930s. Moving to the United States in 1939, William served in the US Navy in World War II. After the war, William Hitler changed his last name to Stuart-Houston.

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William Patrick Hitler's diaries reveal how the Fuhrer's nephew went to Berlin to cash in on his connections - only to end up fighting the Nazis
William Patrick Hitler's diaries which reveal how the Fuhrer's British-born nephew went to Berlin to cash in on his connections - only to end up fighting the Nazis. The book was found in a house that once belonged to the family of a man called William Patrick Hitler, the British-born nephew of the Nazi dictator. And three of his four sons survive today, carefully protecting the truth about their family with a new double-barrelled surname.

Hitler's nephew William Patrick Hitler begged to join US Army to fight Nazis
Adolf Hitler's nephew pleaded to enlist in the US army and fight against his uncle's Nazi regime, a letter written in 1942 reveals. "I am the nephew and only descendant of the ill-famed Chancellor and Leader of Germany who today so despotically seeks to enslave the free and Christian peoples of the globe. More than anything else I would like to see active combat as soon as possible and thereby be accepted by my friends and comrades as one of them in this great struggle for liberty," William Patrick Hitler wrote in the letter, which finally reached then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who allowed Hitler to join the Navy in 1944.

Hitler's nephew William Patrick Hitler visited Pittsburgh in March 1940, and talked about his uncle
In March 1940, Adolf Hitler's nephew William Patrick Hitler, who served in the U.S. Navy during the Second World War, visited Pittsburgh as the main speaker for the annual dinner of the Young Men's and Women's Hebrew Association. He also gave interviews to the press:

"He started from the bottom and worked up... [Two sources of his power are] his eloquence as an orator and his ability as a statesman. There is a thin line between genius and insanity. And it is quite possible that sometime in 1938, Hitler completely lost his perspective and overstepped that line."


The Search for the Long Island Hitlers - The Führer's half-brother
In "Little Willy," which Mr. Kassen researched and wrote over the course of six years, he plays William Patrick Hitler, born in 1911 to the Führer's half-brother, Alois, and an Irish woman named Brigid Dowling. Accurate as far as the evidence goes, and astutely imagined when evidence is lacking, "Little Willy" dramatizes the young man's attempts to trade on his family name, first as a salesman in prewar Germany, where he played up his closeness to the chancellor, and then on American lecture tours that advertised "his daring exposé of intrigue among the enslavers of Europe."

Little Willy, a Play About Hitler's playboy Nephew
"little Willy is a humorous production that tells the little-known true story of the devil-may-care playboy William Patrick Hitler – who also happened to be none other than Adolf Hitler’s estranged nephew. The show exposes William’s life as a skirt-chaser, VW Beetle car salesman and United States Naval soldier and reveals publicly for the first time the secrets that he used to bribe his notorious uncle.

The Last of the Hitlers - Hitler's nephew had three sons
Adolf Hitler left no offspring when he died in his bunker in 1945. But he wasn't the last of the Hitler line. He had a nephew, William Patrick Hitler, who grew up in England, moved to America, and had three sons. The story of those Hitlers is told in a new documentary, "The Last of the Hitlers," based on the book of the same name by British journalist David Gardner.

American kin of Hitler made pact not to have children
The American relatives of Adolf Hitler entered into a pact to end the family bloodline by not having children. Investigation of the Hitler clan has revealed that the nephew of the dictator grew up in England and later moved to the US. The nephew, William Patrick Hitler, is long dead but his 3 sons live with their mother in Long Island, according to a report. The publicity-shy sons, who have dropped the Hitler surname, were well aware of the infamy of their bloodline. "They talked among themselves about the burden they've had in the background of their lives, and decided that none of them would marry, none of them would have children," said David Gardner.