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WW2 Militaria

World War 2 militaria and collectibles - Sales, discoveries and auctions.
Latest hand-picked WWII news. See also: Nazi Militaria, Nazi Daggers, WW2 Helmets, Militaria Collectors and Dealers.

Submarine war relic bought at car boot sale for £90 now worth £10,000
An amateur antiques collector was shocked to discover a WWII relic he snapped up for £90 at a car boot sale is worth at least £10,000. Philip McKeiver couldn't believe his luck after stumbling across the name plate from a submarine at a village fair near Knutsford. The HMS Tally Ho was named by Winston Churchill in 1942 and became famous for sinking scores of Japanese and German battleships. Philip said: "I normally collect medals. But just in the last 12 months I've started collecting antiques as well. ... I was at a stall and this woman said I've not got any medals but I've got this old submarine badge. Instinct just told me to buy it."

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WWII memorabilia of pilot James Ginger Lacey - like flying helmet and goggles - fetched £1,600 at auction
WWII flying gear – including a leather flying helmet, oxygen mask and goggles – once used by a North Yorkshire fighter pilot who shot down a German bomber which had attacked Buckingham Palace has been sold at auction for £1,600. Financial circumstances forced the owner of the items, which belonged to the second highest scoring British RAF fighter pilot of the Battle of Britain James "Ginger" Lacey, to put them up for auction. They formed part of a webcast collectables auction at Arthur Johnson & Sons in Nottingham.

'A book of heroes': Volume of 107 Battle of Britain pilot signatures sold for 33,000£
A book of signatures of RAF pilots who fought in Battle of Britain fetched £33,000 at an auction. The book - described by Winston Churchill as "a book of heroes" - contains 107 signatures which were collected by Norman Phillips, Mess Steward at RAF Marklesham Heath in 1941.

WWII memorabilia up for auction: SS officer's sword, Flying Tigers flying jacket, Japanese flag
A leather flying jacket, a Third Reich enamel street sign entitled "Adolf-Hitler Platz" with 2 bullet holes, an SS officer's sword inscribed "Heinrich Himmler", and a signed WWII Japanese silk flag are among the militaria that is up for auction at Dominic Winter auction house.

PM Neville Chamberlain's 1938 air ticket to Hitler summit for sale
It was the document the PM held as he headed for the 1938 talks he hoped would avert war in Europe. Now the plane ticket on which Neville Chamberlain travelled to Munich for his "Peace for our time" meeting with Adolf Hitler is for sale. The British Airways document shows he flew from West London's Heston aerodrome on Sept 29. The price box is marked "Special Flight". Auctioneer Richard Westwood-Brookes stated: "It's an iconic item, one of the few mementoes from this period on the open market." Chamberlain travelled back to Heston on Sept 30 waving a peace accord. World War II began a year later.

Polish World War II ace Jozef Jeka's memorabilia to be auctioned
Jozef Jeka, a Polish airman who fled to UK after Third Reich invaded Poland, was a WW2 pilot who won the Distinguished Flying. He was twice shot down and credited with 8 kills and 1 V1 flying bomb. After the war he tied the knot with a British woman and they had a daughter who he never met as he died in a Cold War CIA operation in 1958. After his death his logbook, photos, military uniform, and medals were packed into a suitcase. Only recently opened, it also contains pictures of the French resistance family who Jeka stayed with after one of his crashes and 2 silk US cold war escape maps. His daughter has decided to sell the collection.

Italian historic preservation group find an US Army canteen and tracked down it's owner
Memories of a fierce WWII battle have come back to a veteran as Italian historic preservation group have found his Army canteen on the site of the battle. "That's quite a deal. It's hard to believe," said Raymond W. Buchholz - a member of the First Special Service Force, a unit of Canadian and American soldiers known as "The Devil's Brigade," a forerunner of the modern U.S. Army and Canadian special forces. On Dec. 3-9, 1943, they were engaged in a battle for Monte La Defensa, a German-fortified position that needed to be taken to open up the Allied Forces' march to Cassino and Rome. The force endured 77% casualties taking the hill.

A dummy parachutist dropped over Normandy before D-Day to confuse the enemy for sale
A dummy parachutist - one of 500 dropped over Normandy before D-Day to confuse the enemy - will be auctioned off by German auction house Hermann Historica. The "paradummies" (nicknamed Ruperts, 1/3 scale model of human) exploded and burst into flames when they hit the ground to hide their purpose. They were dropped in 4 locations over Normandy at the same time thousands of Allied airmen landed on the night of June 5, 1944. 6 SAS soldiers were dropped with the puppets to play recordings of loud battle noises to divert the Nazi troops from the real invasion. The deception - "Operation Titanic" - was a success, in spite of the fact that 4 SAS men were captured.

A collection of Nazi daggers for sale at auction in Clevedon
An interesting collection of World War II militaria will be auctioned off at Clevedon Salerooms on September 10th. "A particularly interesting militaria section has created global interest and includes what has been described by Collectors as one of the finest private collections of German daggers to come on the market in the last decade. Online bidders are expected to secure many of the finest pieces bidding from the comfort of their home, bunker or perhaps tanks," joked auctioneer Toby Pinn. Other noteworthy WW2 militaria collectibles include an RAF uniform and a cockpit clock from a Lancaster believed to have taken part in the Dam Busting Raids.

"90 Years of Military Counter-Intelligence" -exhibit showcases WWII memorabilia   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Adolf Hitler's military jacket, Josef Stalin's order that founded SMERSH and secret plans to destroy the Moscow landmarks if the Nazis occupied the city are on display in the "90 Years of Military Counter-Intelligence" -exhibit at Moscow's Central Armed Forces Museum. The highlights include documents on the "Moscow Plan" from 1941, when Nazi forces came within 30km of the Soviet capital: Hundreds of agents (Detachment 3R) were told to stay behind in Moscow to attack Nazi officers, and 1,100 targets were rigged with explosives. One visiting WWII veteran, Leonid Ivanov, recalled how, in 1945, he got a note that said: "Send a car. We have found Goebbels' body."

For Sale: Military uniform of Enola Gay pilot Paul Tibbets
One key piece of American military history, the uniform of Enola Gay pilot Paul Tibbets, is for sale. Slightly worn and adorned with his Distinguished Service Cross, the uniform he wore when bombing Hiroshima could fetch a $250,000. The uniform comes with the provenance it was Tibbets's, says Alexander Autographs President Bill Panagopulos, adding that even in hard economic times, historical relics sell: "There is real money in autographs and historical memorabilia." Mark Schmidt-Fellner adds: "Investors are taking a serious look at autographs, manuscripts and other memorabilia... We are starting to see new types of bidders come to our market."

Collector pays $72,500 for rare 1943 bronze penny made in error
Steve Contursi, owner of Dana Point-based Rare Coin Wholesalers, has acquired the 1943 penny that was mistakenly cast out of a bronze planchet. The coin was originally discovered in 1944 by Kenneth S Wing Jr. while collecting Lincoln pennies. Wing died and his heirs took the coin to Contursi's rare-currency company to be appraised. When he determined it was authentic, he purchased it. The coin was part of an error by the U.S. Mint in 1943 when the mint switched from copper to steel. At the time copper was needed to make bullets for World War II, and the few pennies struck in copper were possibly an employee mistake.

British World War II veteran returns the German banner he 'nicked'
Larry Southgate is returning to Germany to hand back a school banner he looted. "Like all young men of my age at the time I was interested in finding something that I could keep as a souvenir... I eventually came across a banner with the school name written on it, but what was more interesting was the fact that the backing to the banner was made of green baise. Our cap badge at this time was a small welsh dragon which required a small piece of green baise behind it." Larry kept the banner with him throughout his time in the army, but recently decided to give it back. After contacting the school he was invited to present the banner back to the school - all expenses paid.

Returning World War II Japanese swords and flags to their owners
A relic from World War II belonging to a Japanese family may find its way back home thanks to Ken Buckingham. He has had a Japanese flag with messages on it for 60 years, but recently he sent it to Yasuhiko Kaji, who has amassed a huge collection of Japanese militaria from the war to return them to the original owners or their families. Among the items Kaji already has returned are 5 swords, 20 notebooks and 30 flags. He still has over 100 swords and other artifacts that he hopes to return. The flags commonly are signed by family members with messages like "Please take care of yourself. Come back alive."

D-Day collectors' cards makers seek D-Day faces
Makers of a new line of D-Day collectors' cards are hoping to enlist some war heroes to immortalize. Graphic Communications Group is commemorating Canada's role in the June 6, 1944, Normandy landings with a set of 112 cards ranging from the units to weapons to uniforms and events of D-Day. It also features the pics of 7 Canadian veterans who've autographed a bunch of the cards. The cards even focus on Canada's German foes, one of them showing Waffen-SS Panzer officer Kurt Meyer. Colin MacDonald explained cards are just chronicling the history of a violent time by including the commanders of both armies.

Queen Mary's World War II id card goes up for auction
An id card issued to Queen Mary in World War II is to be sold at auction, with the estimated value of £500. The National Registration card, numbered ODPH/180/1 and issued on May 22, 1940, is signed "Mary, Her Majesty Queen". The Queen, the widow of George V, would have had several of the documents, requiring a new one each time she moved, and this one shows she had just moved from Badminton House, Gloucestershire, to Marlborough House, London. The 3-page document exists because an Army officer ordered to shred cards kept it as a WWII memento.

£115,000 for collection of memorabilia of Spitfire fighter ace Douglas Bader
An admirer of the legless fighter ace Douglas Bader had to reach for the sky to get a keepsake of his hero. The anonymous buyer paid £115,000 for an artificial leg and 40 other memorabilia and militaria artefacts belonging to the legendary WW2 Spitfire pilot. As well as the leg, he also got Bader's tunics, coats and flasks, plus parts of aircraft which he flew. The heroic pilot lost both his legs in a flying mishap in 1931 and was discharged from the RAF. He rejoined after the outbreak of war in August 1941. After shooting down 22 Luftwaffe aircrafts, he came down in flames and was taken prisoner and sent to the Colditz castle.

£1200 for album with signatures like Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlain
A woman has spoke of her joy after an autograph album brought in £1,200 at auction. Joyce Thompsett and her sister Chris gave their father, captain William Baker, the autograph book in the 1930s and he kept it onboard the ferries he captained. Over time he filled it with 38 famous signatures, like Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlain, Rudyard Kipling, Prince Albert and Lady Elizabeth Bownes-Lyon, who later became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Joyce only expected the VIP book to get £100, but with much interest from overseas, it sold for £1,200. "I am sad to see it go though. It has a lot of sentimental value."

Who is the owner of a collection of World War II memorabilia
Lost property officers are hoping to find the owner of a World War Two memorabilia collection found behind garages in Prince Charles Avenue, Sittingbourne. The collection includes long-service medals dated 1939-1941, photographs and letters and an article from the East Kent Gazette dated 1941. The items include a soldier's release book in the name of Frank Spice and the article relates to Able Seaman Johnson, who died in action with the Royal Navy. The collection was due to be destroyed because it remained unclaimed after 3 months. "It seemed such a shame, so I decided to find their rightful owners," said Claire Fenn.

WWII relics of Japanese generals at Raleigh County Veterans Museum
62 years ago, Japan surrendered on the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. Several members of the Japanese military were tried. Two of the most infamous were General Tomoyuki Yamashita and Lt. Gen. Masahuru Homma. Japanese troops under Yamashita’s command had slaughtered civilians, and troops under Homma were responsible for the Baatan Death March. At the end of WWII, the two were arrested and taken to Luzon for trial. During their imprisonment, the men were guarded by U.S. Army soldiers. The young soldier who had befriended the 2 generals brought with him collection of relics like Homma’s letter and his fountain pen, Yamashita’s eye glasses.

The mystery of World War II memorabilia found in hidden room solved
The mystery of World War II sailor Vernon Peyron has been solved. After homeowners Sarah and Nicholoas Hofeldt in Pocatello began a remodeling project, they discovered a sealed off-space that contained World War II memorabilia -- photographs, certificates, letters, books -- centered around Peyron. But the trail went cold until the Idaho State Journal did a story, which was noticed by one of Peyron's brothers, Bob Peyron.

Thriving market for World War II collectibles and German militaria
Some say veterans and historic battlefields form a national treasure, that has ignited a boom in WWII collectibles and German militaria. "Renewed interest for WWII memorabilia stems from the fact that 14-year-olds today see WW2 the way my generation viewed the Civil War... We used to collect everything from the Civil War, and now this new generation is determined to own as much WWII stuff as they can find." But some militaria collectors credit the movie industry for creating the demand for vintage WWII memorabilia. Two new WW2 films are firing up the market for memorabilia, from dusty old military medals, helmets and bomber jackets, to vintage aircraft.

Military collection to get its own roof - memorabilia and uniforms   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Did you ever collect so much stuff you thought it might just be easier to build a museum around it? If so, consider Nat Holzer, who amasses military memorabilia. "I'll just show you a couple of things here," is the way Holzer begins a 2-hour tour of just a fraction of the incredible collection, housed near Santa Fe. A German submarine captain's hat. A Russian machine gun. A good luck flag signed by fellow villagers for a Japanese soldier. Maps of the campaign the Germans fought in Russia. Swords. Porcelain beer mugs that belonged to top Nazi officers. More than 100 uniforms.

Antique weapons of historical value will likely be destroyed   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Scott Conley was just doing what his mother told him when he brought two rusty old rifles to the Police Department's gun exchange program. One of the guns was a Japanese rifle used during World War II, replete with the emperor's flowery seal and a stamp from the Tokyo Arsenal. Conley's rifle was one of the several antique guns received during the buyback program. The oldest firearm officers received dated back to 1884. The Springfield model was probably made during the westward expansion. Despite concerns expressed by officers about the historical value of the antique weapons, Bradenton Police Chief said the guns will likely be destroyed.