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Zeppelins and Blimps

German and Allied Zeppelins and Blimps during World War II.
Latest hand-picked WWII news.

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How Japan was tricked into revealing its plans before Battle of Midway
The Battle of Midway is remembered as one of the greatest naval victories in American history. The big moments — whether it was the heroic sacrifice of Torpedo Squadron 8 or dive bombers catching three Japanese carriers exposed and vulnerable — are well known. But those moments wouldn't have happened without a single undersea cable and a brilliant idea. In the weeks before the Battle of Midway, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz was fighting his own battle — and it wasn't with the Japanese.

US Navy's airship fleet: WWII blimp pilots and crew members enjoy Moffett reunion
"Big is what I remember the most. Unbelievably big. And to imagine that they flew," said Captain Bob Ashford, recalling the majestic military airships - the blimps - that once filled the skies. Moffett Field was the place where it all began for Ashford and many of his WWII comrades who piloted and crewed the US Navy's airship fleet. 100 of the 800 members of Naval Airship Association were in town for a reunion. "Close calls? ... I've had my share of those moments," like the time off Key West, Fla., when the sonar device they were dragging popped out of the water and almost hit the skin of the airship.

Crash site of airship USS Macon (ZRS-5) declared historical site
At the time it went down in 1,500 feet of frigid water 5 miles off the Point Sur coast, the USS Macon was among the largest airships ever built. Now the crash site has been included to the National Register of Historic Places, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed. 785 feet Macon was designed to be a reconnaissance dirigible in the Pacific Theater. The rigid airship carried 4 biplanes, a crew of 83 men, and eight 560-horsepower engines. On Feb. 12, 1935, the Macon was returning to its home base at Moffett Field in Sunnyvale when a massive tailwind hit...

Forgotten Weapon: U.S. Navy Airships and the U-boat War [book review]
Near Gulf Greyhound Park in Galveston County is a road with the name of "Blimp Base Road." Follow it, and you reach a field with strange-looking brick towers. They are the ruins of infrastructure supporting a forgotten weapon of World War Two: anti-submarine airships. The story of the U.S. Navy's airships and their role in the war against Nazi U-boats is revealed in "Forgotten Weapon" by William F. Althoff. While airships played an important role, their contributions have been disregarded. At its height, the U.S. Navy had 15 airship squadrons and over 200 blimps.

Return of the Zeppelin: The doomed past of the largest flying machines ever built
Passengers on the Hindenburg, the pride and joy of Nazi Germany, were more wrapped in luxury than on any airship before or since - it glided through the air so smoothly that wine glasses stood untrembling on tables. The Zeppelin, decorated with Nazi swastikas, lifted off from Frankfurt on May 3, 1937, to cross the Atlantic. The time was 7.25pm: As the Hindenburg put down its mooring lines, there was a flicker of light and muffled bang near the rear fin. Spectators saw a glow, which turned into a great fireball. While regretting the loss of life, there were people in UK who did not regret the fact that the Hindenburg ended up as scorched wreckage...

The Great Los Angeles Air Raid Mystery - What happened over L.A. in 1942
What showed up on military radar screens on Feb. 24, 1942, causing a blackout and an 1-hour anti-aircraft barrage? Could it have been enemy aircraft? Was it a weather balloon, or UFO? "What have we learned? Not much," said Steve Nelson, curator of the Fort MacArthur Museum. --- On Feb. 25, radar picked up an unidentified target 120 miles from L.A. and at 2:15 a.m. anti-aircraft gun batteries were alarmed. The number and type of aircraft seen varied from 0 to 220 and from airplanes to balloons to a blimp. Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson said that 15 aircrafts had flown over LA. Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox said that is was a false alarm.

The military zeppelin USS Macon - Floating aircraft carrier
The military zeppelin USS Macon was meant to be a floating American aircraft carrier, but it crashed and has been lying on the ocean floor for more than 70 years. Now scientists have studied the wreck. The tragedy unfolded unusually slowly for an aviation catastrophe: The crew fought to control the USS Macon for more than an hour. But the Macon, the largest rigid airship ever constructed in the US, sank inexorably downward, the safety of the Moffett Field hangar just within reach. Two years later German airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and strategists lost interest in the use of airships for military purposes.

Blimps At War -- Nonrigid airships to escort convoys
In World War II, some of the Navy’s most important craft were not ships, subs, or planes. Blimps made ideal surveillance platforms. On Dec 11 1941, a flotilla of u-boats set out to spread death along the Eastern seaboard of the US. The offensive had been planned by Admiral Karl Dönitz, commander of the U-boat fleet, to deliver a blow that would be as crushing as Pearl Harbor. The desperate situation called for desperate action: So the Navy revived an idea that had worked in WWI, when the British had countered the U-boat threat by using nonrigid airships to escort convoys.

May 6, 1937: Hindenburg lands in fiery explosion
Even in newsreels it looks gigantic, and 70 years later it is still the largest aircraft ever to fly. Measuring 3 football fields long, it boasted luxurious staterooms and spacious lounge. It could — and did — travel from Germany to America in two days. Deutsche Zeppelin had one problem: It was almost broke. In Germany in 1937 there was only one institution with enough cash — Nazi government. Because of the zeppelin's military potential U.S. refused to sell Helium needed to keep the Hindenburg safely in the air. Deutsche Zeppelin had only one fuel alternative: Highly flammable, extremely volatile hydrogen. You know the rest.